Dolphins Unveil 2010 Calendar


Dolfans get quite the show
Madeleine Marr
Miami Herald
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The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders unveiled their 2010 calendar in grand Miami Beach style Friday night at Casa Casuarina, the ornate former home of murdered designer Gianni Versace.

The emcee/DJ — T-Pain – arrived in a red hearse, complete with (yes) sliding coffin. Ocean Drive passersby craned their necks and snapped cellphone cameras. Infuriated cops yelled at members of the Florida rapper’s caravan — causing major traffic on the already congested avenue — to move on out. Classic.

To the dismay of some hard-core fans, T-Pain — a big Dolfan — has been enlisted to do a hip-hop version of the Fins’ fight song. Let’s hope he improves our luck. (Some original lyrics: “Miami has the Dolphins, the greatest football team. We take the ball from goal to goal like no one’s ever seen. We’re in the air, we’re on the ground, we’re always in control. And when you say Miami, you’re talking Super Bowl!”)

In the steamy courtyard, Fins execs announced that Land Shark Stadium will see some more changes: Pop artist Romero Britto — looking fit and slim — will put his colorful stamp on some areas. Also in the works: a private club with cabanas, fine dining, a separate entrance and other fancier-than-thou features.

Last but certainly not least, the squad hotties commenced a fashion show, each in a skimpy bikini with their month written across the chest. Then the calendar — shot in St. Martin — was unveiled.

Want to make your year? It’s available for $14.99 at

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The Science Cheerleader

By DeliaTheArtist


In 1991, Darlene Cavalier was a professional cheerleader for the 76ers. Today however, she’s cheering for a different team – Citizen Science!

“Citizen Scientists aren’t waiting for an invitation to get involved. They are literally changing the way science gets done,” Darlene says. Her website,, is a wealth of information as well as THE resource for anyone who wants to get more involved with science efforts in their communities. “It’s important that the citizen scientists get something out of the project and for that to happen researchers must believe that the public is capable of more than just data entry. Volunteers should be given the opportunity to ask questions and draw upon the data. In its most successful forms, citizen scientists even help shape science policy.”’s Project Finder helps connect people with scientific projects in their area of interest. What are some examples of things people can do? “Tag butterflies to help track their migratory habits, count fireflies to help researchers better understand why they appear to be diminishing in some places but not others (talk about a fun family project; my kids and I learned how to differentiate between males, females and stealth predators!), sort through galaxies, help meteorologists predict weather patterns, record earthquakes, help project flu outbreaks, you name it!”

Darlene is also working on having more user generated content on her site as well as “a full-functioning Mother-of-all-Citizen-Science websites” – read my entire interview with Darlene Cavalier, The Science Cheerleader, in this awesome 4th installment of Science is Speaking! [Click here]

Former Laker Girl Stars in Terminator Salvation

Laker Girl, check! Back up dancer for Prince, check! Ass-kicking female in a post-Judgment Day world? After this weekend, star-on-the-rise Moon Bloodgood can cross that one off her list too.
By Harrison Pierce


Actress Moon Bloodgood is having a moment. The striking Korean, Dutch and Irish beauty has her first big starring role in Terminator Salvation, which opened Thursday in over 3,500 theatres. The feverishly anticipated continuation of the blockbuster Terminator series takes place in the post-Judgment Day, machine-ruled future only glimpsed at in the previous Terminator films. Moon’s character emerges from this dystopia as an ass-kicking babe in the grand tradition of Linda Hamilton in T2 and Sigourney Weaver in Aliens. After this weekend, moviegoers previously unfamiliar with the actress might make the mistake of labeling her an overnight success, but as she’ll attest, hard work over time is the more common route to any kind of success in Hollywood.

In fact, since her late teens, Moon’s been paying her dues as everything from a Laker Girl, to a backup dancer for music stars like Prince and Brandy, and as an aspiring actress humbly willing to accept parts with non-names like “Stripper” and “Gorgeous Woman.” Recently, she’s managed to win bigger and better roles, including one opposite Paul Walker in the hit adventure film Eight Below, and another in last year’s Hollywood satire What Just Happened?, starring Robert De Niro. For Moon, it feels like it’s all been leading up to this moment, and naturally, she’s an expectant mix of excitement and fear. recently chatted with Moon on the eve of her big break to discuss everything from her role in the new Terminator film, to her days in purple and gold as a Laker Girl, to her feelings about the imminent Judgment Day decision by the California courts regarding marriage equality. Tell us about a little about your uniquely cool name, because, after this weekend, I think it’s one a lot more people are going to know…
Moon Bloodgood: [Laughs]. Thank you! Well, my real name is actually Korinna Moon Bloodgood. Moon is my middle name and my Mom gave it to me, because I’m half Korean. My last name, Bloodgood, is Dutch.

Before being cast in the new Terminator, were you a fan of the series?
Oh, huge, huge fan, especially of the first and second ones.

So, how’d you feel when you found out you got the part?

I think it’s one of those moments you wait your whole life for as an artist. I mean, you love the process, but you just get so excited because you get to be a part of something you grew up loving!

In the film you play a tough, post-Judgment Day survivalist named “Blair Williams.” Did you feel pressure to get Linda Hamilton-ripped?

I had a personal trainer and he did a lot of weight training with me. But I didn’t want to get too big. I just wanted to get a little stronger. Anyway, I’ve gotten some comparisons [to Hamilton] and it’s always flattering because — like her and “Ripley” in Aliens you love those female characters that are strong and likeable.

You have a relationship in the film with sexy Australian newcomer Sam Worthington’s half human, half robot character “Marcus Wright.” Ever dated someone you suspected was part robot?
I’ve definitely met guys that made me think Why can’t you feel anything? I don’t understand you! [laughs]. Interestingly enough, in the movie, I sense that the Marcus character has a lot of emotion and I’m surprised to find out he’s half robot.

On set, did you call your director “McG” [real name Joseph McGinty Nichol] or something a little more formal?
Well, he’s called that because his father’s name is Joseph, so it just became his nickname a long time ago. I actually have known him for a while, so he’s just McG to me. I mean, my name’s Moon so, between [co-stars] Common and Anton [Yelchin] and Bryce [Dallas Howard] — we all had crazy names on that set.

McG previously directed the Charlie’s Angels films — do you think your character could take those girls?

I definitely don’t think my character is as fun as them, but, yeah — I’d like to think I could take them. My character, I mean. I don’t think Moon could…I wouldn’t go that far.

In the machine-ruled world of Terminator Salvation, things are a bit drab — where are the gay robots to glamorize things up?
I know, where are the gay robots? Actually, you don’t know what those robots are into.

It seems like no one has time for sex in Terminator world…

Who has time to think about it when you’re just trying to fucking survive? [Laughs] Even my character doesn’t have time for sex and, believe me; I’m thinking Blair hasn’t gotten any in a while.

You know, gay audiences love hot, ass-kicking women on the big screen — are you ready for your big gay fan base?
I would love to have a gay fan base because, you know, I grew up as a dancer, so a lot of my friends were gay. When you grow up and you’re into musicals and stuff — I love that artistic world — you find a lot of gay men and women love that world too, so I hope I get a lot of new fans. I’m down…I feel it, I want it.

What was it like being a Laker Girl?
Being a Laker Girl was a dream of mine since I was a kid. But there was a time when they would warn us not to hang out with the players and it just sometimes felt, like, even though it was a job, they were telling us what to do with our private time. That felt a little restricting. I was 18 and thinking, What I do with my personal time is my business! I was a little rebellious [laughs].

Did the Laker girls get along or was it catfight city?

Ninety nine percent of the time everyone got along, but any time you get a group of girls together there’s gonna be some drama. There were never any physical fights but there’s always gossip and a couple girls who don’t get along.

Did that gig prepare you for the acting world?
Yeah, it did. In some ways it’s a similar medium and in other ways it’s very different. But it helped me develop my physicality, which later helped me with stunts. [Doing Terminator] I wasn’t afraid to run, jump or hang from harnesses. I wasn’t fearful of executing those stunts because I have that center of gravity from dance.

What was it like backup dancing for the Purple One?
I had a show at his club and I worked on some of his CD Roms — I did a lot of different things for Prince. I worked with a lot of different artists as a dancer, like The Offspring, Deborah Cox and Brandy. So yeah, I was a backup dancer for a while and wanted to do music, but five years ago, I segued into acting, which I’ve fallen in love with.

Early in your acting career you played characters billed as “Stripper” on TV’s CSI and “Gorgeous Woman” in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton — did you ever ask if your characters could have a name?
At that point, I was just happy to be working. I was like, “Fuck it, if I’m a stripper, that’s what I am.” Like, what am I gonna say? I was so used to being treated like shit as a dancer, where they saw us as a group and not as individuals. Now, I wouldn’t want to be just called “Stripper;” I have a little more of an ego, I have to admit.

When you work with a hottie like Paul Walker in Eight Below, how do you control yourself from jumping his bones?
You know, I was with somebody at the time — being in a relationship usually helps with monogamy, you know [laughs]. I recommend it. But Paul, in person, is quite stunning and, believe me, it definitely helps with onscreen chemistry. I’m lucky I got to do a kiss with him.

Speaking of jumping bones, you played a film executive trying to seduce Robert De Niro in What Just Happened? Who was more nervous filming that scene?
I think people would be surprised at how shy Bob was — well, people call him Bob, I’ll call him Robert De Niro. I think he was more embarrassed than I was and when I had to flash him some good ole’ titty, he was looking away. I think it was a courtesy to me, because he didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable. He’s quite the gentleman. You think he’s this badass actor who’s fearless, but he’s quite shy in person.

Have you had a chance to meet the original Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger?
I haven’t met him, no, but I did meet his kids at the premiere. They’re beautiful.

Do they look more like him or the Shrivers?

I gotta say, they’re like a really good hybrid.

I remember seeing his son somewhere and wondering how much pressure that poor kid must feel to be a body builder…
Or a politician. He’s like, “I’m fucked either way” [laughs]. I think they should just go into psychology or something.

For the gay community, the imminent decision by the state courts about Prop 8 is a bit like Judgment Day — what are your feelings on the issue of marriage equality?

I’ve always believed that people who are against gays getting married are people who don’t have gay friends. If you had a gay friend, you’d support it because you’d want him or her to get married because, you know, nobody chooses to have a life that people have prejudices against. It’s always baffled me, because my cousin was gay growing up and I was always around it.

Do you think there’s really such a thing as overnight success in this town?
I rarely see it. Everything I’ve seen — nine out of ten times —is people working really hard and taking little baby steps toward it. Once in a while somebody pops off and they’re an overnight success, but they’re very few and far between. I think all of us worked really hard to get where we are.

Was there ever a time you wanted to throw in the towel?
Are you kidding me? Almost every other day [laughs]. There are moments that I’m so happy and can’t think of doing anything else and other moments where you get why people marry and move to Montana and raise cattle. I remember being at the premiere [for Terminator] and thinking, ‘I am so overwhelmed by all this.’ You wonder, ‘Do people really like me for me?’ or ‘What game do I have to play?’ and ‘How much is this about my talent?’ It’s a really tough business and there’s a reason people crumble and have a hard time. Yeah, there are times I’m like, “Fuck it, throw in the towel? I’m gonna throw in my whole career, my car, my everything” and I’m just gonna get up and go away.

Will there be another Terminator sequel after this one and will you be involved?

At this point, and I’m being totally honest, no one knows. We’re kind of waiting to see how the movie does and how people respond to it, but hopefully they will and I’d love to be in it.

The Terminator billboards are everywhere in Los Angeles — do you love it?
I do love it, but this is my first thing of this caliber so I’m nervous and I hope people like the movie. I have a lot of emotions running through me right now.

Titans Cheerleaders Arrive at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort


By Lindsey R.
Titans Online
May 25, 2009

Hello Titans fans from Destin, Florida!

We arrived at the fabulous Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort today at around five o’clock after a long, but fun bus trip. We all met early this morning excited and ready to go, but the rookies had a few things they had to do before getting on the bus.

This year we have eight amazing women who are new to our team and just for fun, they each had to perform one of the short routines we perform on the field in order to get on the bus. And once they got on the bus, they each had to tell one interesting fact about a veteran to receive their rookie sign. Now their rookie sign is not anything terrible. It’s a small sign they wear around their neck throughout the first month of training until they earn 10 stickers. The 10 stickers are given by the captains and the veterans when they see a rookie giving 110% and going above and beyond. It’s our way of letting them know we have noticed their hard work and to keep it up.

With such a long bus ride, the captains came up with several games to keep us entertained. One of the funniest activities we did was having each girl write down their most embarrassing moment. We then read them aloud and had to guess who it was. Needless to say, we learned a lot about each other! We also gave the rookies crayons and a piece of paper and they each had a few minutes to draw a picture of themselves. We then tried to guess who had drawn each picture and voted on who had the best artistic skills. And lets just say none of us are artists for a reason!

Throughout the drive, we also began giving hints to the rookies as to who their big sister would be during the season. Each rookie is paired with a second year member to guide her through the year. They will find out their big sister on Wednesday night, but we wanted to keep teasing them with clues until then.

Once we arrived at the resort, we all had about two hours to freshen up before meeting back up for dinner at the Marlin Grill. It was so nice to see everyone all dressed up because we normally see each other in practice clothes and tennis shoes. The dinner was amazing, complete with appetizers, a salad, and fabulous entrees. Our Director, Stacie Kinder, gave a great toast thanking all of our sponsors who traveled with us to Destin to help make our swimsuit calendar a success. And she also wished all of us good luck for when we step in front of the camera in the next few days.


The night ended with a surprise from our Director and the resort. They took us outside for a picture and then announced they had a special fireworks display for us. The sky was lit up with fireworks choreographed to go along with some of the songs we performed to last year and during tryouts. It was such a nice treat and bigger than anything we could have imagined.

Tomorrow, women will have call times as early as 4 a.m. to get hair and makeup done before heading to the beach for a sunrise photo shoot. Other women will head to the marina to take picture on a yacht and there will also be a photo session at a waterfall. It will take a lot of hard work to make sure every picture looks its best, but it will also be a lot of fun.

Well, I’m off to bed. Check back everyday for a new blog as the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders continue their trip in Destin creating the 2009 Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Swimsuit Calendar!

Lindsey R.

Behind the Scenes at the ChivaGirl Photo Shoot

The Sunday before last, the ChivaGirls (dance team for the MLS Chivas USA ) reported to the Home Depot Center in Carson , CA for their very first team photo shoot. The plan for the day was to photograph the girls individually for their team photo and profiles on the Chivas USA website. With almost 20 women to beautify, outfit, style, and photograph in a single day, they certainly had their work cut out for them.

When I arrived around 8:30 in the morning, things were in full swing, but you could tell that the switch to Daylight Savings Time had hit everyone pretty hard. It was a bit chilly in the room, though and that helped wake everyone up. I checked the digital thermometer on the wall. 54 degrees. Woo! This was going to be fun! As always, I took tons of photos for you guys. Check them out here.

The previous day, ChivaGirls Director Aimee Edmundson had clued me in on the plans for the photo shoot. There would be a new approach to the team photo this year. The team shot is their signature photo and will be posted on the Chivas USA website and will be autographed and handed out by the dancers at numerous game day and community events.

A lot of people will see this photo, so it has to be perfect.

Instead of a standard dance team photo, with the ladies lined up in rows, Aimee was going to try something entirely different. A little elbow grease was called for, as this project involved props.

Aimee’s husband Gavin had been put to work constructing a collection of giant letters to spell “ChivaGirls.” The plan was to position the girls in and around the letters. They’d shoot each letter individually, and then Photoshop them together for the team photo. Photographer Mike Nowak (who also shot the team’s swimsuit calendar) was going to jazz it up a little in post-production, so the finished product would be really slick. I couldn’t wait to see it all come together.

Aimee was the first person I saw when I walked in the door. She showed me all of the letters set up in the corner of the room. Each letter one was about five feet tall and made of half-inch foam board and plywood. A few of the letters had 2x4s built in for the girls to sit or stand on. Gavin swore up and down that the boards were sturdy enough to support a dancers’ weight, but I was a bit doubtful. A 2×4 is pretty narrow. I kept thinking how funny it would be if someone jumped up on that letter H and the whole thing crashed to the ground. Crash! Bang! Boom! I mean, it would be bad of course. It would kind of ruin the photo shoot, and someone could get badly bruised. But imagine watching that video over and over. It would never get old.

(Does that make me a bad person?)

I was particularly interested to find out which girl would have to perch on the center bar of the letter H. Somebody’s hindquarters would be extremely sore by the end of the day. I wonder if the ChivaGirls get hazard pay?

Most of the girls had arrived before I did and a few of them were already in hair and makeup. Big curlers. Fuzzy slippers. Uggs. It was all glamour.

There was a lot of ChivaWear laying around the room. Some of the girls were trying on their uniforms and warm-ups for the first time. All of the girls got new boots. There was a cardboard box off to the side, where the veterans had tossed their old boots. Poor, sad go-go boots. They had obviously seen some rough times.

Looking around, I immediately noticed someone I didn’t expect to see there. She looked an awful lot like the a red pailette girl I mentioned in my earlier post. (FYI: her name is Erica. Thank you Amanda, for the scoop on that.) I mentally ran through the photos of girls who had made the team. As far as I knew, the only blondes were Laura and Mandi. Yet here was a third. After about 5 minutes of peeking at her from the corner of my eye, I was 100% sure it was Erica.

What was she doing there? I’d seen the list of girls who made the team, and her name wasn’t on it. I did a quick headcount. She can’t have replaced someone. All 17 members were accounted for. Had she shown up at mini-camp and everyone was too chicken to take her aside and say “Look honey, you didn’t make the team. This nice man right here is going to escort you from the building.”

(Just to clarify, I’m not saying Erica hadn’t been selected because she is a bad dancer. She’s a great dancer and a beautiful girl, and I was surprised when she didn’t make the team. But what was going on here? Somebody had some ‘splainin to do.)

I casually sidled up to Kelley and Marie. “So, uh….what’s with blondie over there?”

The scoop is there are actually 19 ChivaGirls, not 17 as I believed. Two of them had been left off of the Chivas website for various reasons. Erica is one. Liz is the other.

Erica and Monique
(Meanwhile, I really need to talk to Aimee about this thing with the odd numbers. What is up with that? 17 and 19 aren’t even divisible by anything! Why not 16? Why not 20? Who picks 19 girls for a team? I am sorry, but that is just weird.)

I did another headcount. This time I came up with 18 ChivaGirls. Sandra was absent because she had to be out of town for a prior commitment. Whatever it was must’ve been pretty important for her to miss the photo shoot. The group photo is kind of a big deal. Now she’s going to spend the entire season autographing that photo and she’s not even in it! Bummer. Surely there’s some way to include her. Can’t they photoshop her head in there somewhere? Or maybe draw a stick figure in a red and white vest, with an arrow that says “Sandra.”

I mentally tucked that away to ponder later, and went looking for Jebbel and Alheli. Somebody needed to tell me how to say Jebbel and Alheli.

ChivaGirls Pronunciation Guide:
Alheli. Pronounced All-hey-LEE. Alheli is a type of flower (similar to an oleander). FYI: the whole plant is poisonous. If you ingest it, you’ll get really really sick. Like “barfing up a lung” sick. If you burn the plant and breathe the smoke, you’ll be dead. Keep that in mind before you mess with Alheli.
Jebbel. Rhymes with Dave Chapelle’s last name. The J is a soft J like “Elijah.” Not a hard J like “Jerry.” Jebel (slightly different spelling) means “mountain” in Arabic. There are a lot of mountains called Jebel this or Jebel that in the UAE and that area of the world. I don’t know if that’s what her parents were going for.

(Yeah I looked it up. You got a problem with that???)

The actual photography was scheduled to start at 10. In the meantime, there were various activities going on: sleeping, reading, writing, working, playing “The Price is Right” on the I-phone, br

It’s so interesting. During auditions, everyone has their game face on. It’s only after you make the team, and that you start to see what you’re working with. They’re a bunch of goofballs and troublemakers, if you ask me. It’s just that some are quieter about it than others.

The other person on hand was Aimee’s son, aka Hurricane Keiran. He is two and a half, and like most kids his age, has an insane amount of energy. He’s the kind of kid you have to tag-team to keep an eye on. Aimee had him. Then Gavin had him. Then Megan, then Marie, then Kelley. Keiran has a monster crush on Marie. He luuuuuuvs Marie. He went outside and picked a flower for her. Soon after that, he passed out, dead asleep. Oh man, I miss being two years old. Was that the life, or what?

I helped Aimee move the letters to an open area so she could figure out everyone’s individual pose and how they would all look together. They did “Chiva” first and Mandi was the lucky girl who got the “H” (snicker). Aimee told her to hop up there and Mandi’s eyes got big like “I thought you were joking about that part.” But she climbed up there. A few minutes later, she was looking mighty relieved when Aimee had her switch places with Alheli.

Meanwhile, Marie was cute as a bug in a rug, tucked into the letter C like that.


All of this was a bit more challenging than it looks. Remember, those letters are made of foam board, which isn’t sturdy enough to support anyone’s weight. So everyone appearing to lean or rest on the letters had to fake it a little. Those who were sitting on the 2x4s didn’t have a much better /br /Alheli was next. I have to give her credit. She rolled with it like it was no big deal, but she had to be in some of the most awkward, uncomfortable positions ever. She was sitting there with one leg in front of the H. Aimee and Mike couldn’t decide if they wanted the other leg in front of the H or behind the H, so she had to keep moving it. Keep in mind that she was sitting on a 5inch wide board, 3 or 4 feet above the ground. Every time they wanted her to move that leg, she had to balance on one side of her tush and lift the other foot way up in the air and over the H to get it to the other side. After watching the first couple of attempts, Emi stepped in to keep her from toppling over. (I wanted to take a photo of it, but I was too busy laughing. Come on, it was funny!) Then they told her to take one boot off while she was balanced up there, and I just about lost it. But Alheli did all of it without batting an eye. That’s what I call a team player!

Emi gives Alheli a hand

Monique and Mandi were next. I don’t know whose idea it was for Monique to have her foot up in the air like that. I warned her she was going to be in serious pain afterward. She didn’t believe me. “I only have to hold it for a few seconds” were, I believe, her exact words.

Monique and Mandi
br /I hate to say “I told you so.”
(But I did tell you so.)

Methinks it’ll be a while before Monique does another heel stretch.

On the other hand, some of the girls had it easy. Megan, Emi, and Amy were all sitting on the floor, so they had it made. Nicole had the G, which is the easiest letter ever.




(Serena, on the other hand, I’m sure had board marks on her posterior long after the shoot was over.)



Tiffany’s pose looked a little painful. She had to squat down and balance on one foot with the other leg stretched out to the side. I bet she really felt it when she stood up afterward. That whole crouching thing was not working. A little voice in my head was sing-songing “I see London. I see France…” Somebody put this girl in a different pose already.

Aimee called in Lindsay for reinforcements on this one. Lindsay is a former Clippers dancer and now works a steady stream of dance gigs. It took a minute, but Lindsay was able to come up with a pose that put Tiffany on the ground in a position that didn’t require squatting. It was sort of a halfway kneeling thing, and I know Tiffany was grateful. (Although I bet that one hurt too.)


Speaking of Tiffany, check out her new hairstyle. The stylist took a few inches off and created a graduated bob that’s a bit longer in the front than the back. That hair gives her a lot more “oomphf.” And who knew she was so adorable?

Liz had a tough one too, leaning against the A like that. I think they put Ashley on the other side to keep the A from wobbling.

Ashley and Liz

Can we talk about Ashley’s hair for a minute? She’s got this gorgeous, curly hair and it is huge. She is not a big person so when she sits down, it’s like a big pile of hair with some legs and feet sticking out underneath. I’d love to have that hair. I’d trade with her in a heartbeat. I’m serious.

Watching everyone transform from “regular girl” to “ChivaGirl” was fascinating. It was like watching Bruce Wayne turn into Batman. (But with chicks in short skirts.) Hey, they both wear tights, right? And boots. ChivaGirls may not have a utility belt like Batman, but at least they don’t wear their underwear on the outside.

Kelley was doing double duty as one of the two makeup artists for the day. She used to work for MAC. Now she freelances for special occasions (weddings and such.) That really says something about Kelley, because a bride on her wedding day is one of the scariest creatures alive. Wound up. Hysterical. Tearful. Crazed. Drunk. And that was just MY sister on her wedding day. (Well, except for the drunk part.)

Jebbel and Marie were the first to get dolled up and ready to

Jebbel and Marie

After their turn, they wanted to look at photos. Aimee had to put an end to that because they were getting hypercritical and picking themselves apart. It’s not that they were all having a Jan Brady moment (I’m ugly! UGLY!), but each found at least one body part to be horrified about. They were making themselves mental over it, so Aimee cut them off. (Access to the photos, I mean. Not their body parts.)

Marie, you look fine

I don’t know if that helped or not. Sometimes the unknown is scarier than the known. Clearly some of them were sitting around, convinced that they would look like drooling, cross-eyed lizard-women in their photos.

On the other hand, I guess it could’ve been worse. They could have been stomping around the place like “I cannot believe you are unable to capture my innate hotness with your camera.”

It’s not that they’re shallow. I mean, I get it. If someone was taking a photo of me and I knew
(A) hundreds, if not thousands of people would see it
(B) I would be surrounded on both sides by good looking women,
(C) looking good is part of the job, and/or
(D) there are no do-overs,

I guess I’d be a little paranoid too.

I don’t like people taking my picture, and nobody ever even sees those!

Mostly, they just got this pained expression on their faces.

I was sympathetic at first. I started out the morning, like “What are you talking about; you look totally cute in this picture.” But that wore off a couple hours into it and I found myself torturing them instead.

ChivaGirl: Ugh. My thighs are huge.
That is not true. The one on the left looks perfectly fine

ChivaGirl: I think one of my eyes is bigger than the other.
Me: You noticed that too, huh?

ChivaGirl: Why does my face look like that?
Me: Genetics. We all have our crosses to bear.

Hey, I kid because I love.

Honestly, they all looked great. Better than great. I wished they would realize that and stop fussing about it. I really wanted to stand up on a chair and say “Listen up, ChivaGirls. Knock it off!”

A few letters into the shoot – somwhere around V or A, it all started to come together. I could visualize the end result in my head. This photo is going to be so cool.

The girls shooting in pairs (letters C-I-A-R-S) were interesting to watch. Inevitably, one girl’s pose was way easier than the other girl’s pose. Take Amy and Laura, for instance. Amy sat down, and she was good to go. Meanwhile, it was “turn this way Laura, turn that way Laura, take a step towards me, turn to the side, nevermind, go back to where you were, can you do something different with your arms?”

Everyone’s trying to figure out where to put Laura and Amy’s just chillin like “Whatever. Take your time; I know what I’m doing.”

Yeah, except where’s the rest of your uniform, Amy?
D’oh. So easy to forget about that vest.

Amy and Laura

Once they were into the letters G-I-R-L-S things started to speed up. The girls at the end of the word were thinking they still had a lot of time, and then all of a sudden, it was “Get it together girls. I need bodies over here!” Then there was a big red and white flurry as everyone hurried to get ready.

Kelley and Dalila were the last pair. Earlier in the day, the news that they were going at the end, was a real downer. What none of us realized though, was the girls with the last letter would have the first individual shoots. So in the end, they actually wound up finished before everyone else. Nice!

Kelley and Dalila

Dalila stepped up to go first for the individuals. Dalila is a baseball-hat-and-sweats kind of gal, and she looked more than ready to be done with the shoot and jump back into her comfy clothes.

The other girls were off to the side, trying to figure out poses that were flattering and not weird-looking. Each girl did a few photos with the soccer ball and a few without. Believe it or not, there aren’t that many things you can do with a soccer ball. Especially if it’s a ¾ standing shot. You can’t kneel or sit or rest your foot on the ball. You can’t hold it over your head, because you’ll look like a lunatic. It’s pretty much “do I want to hold this thing on my right side or my left side?” Given the limitations, I thought they came up with some good ideas.






The individual shots went faster than fast. They kept it moving like an assembly line, and the next thing I knew, it was over. That was around 3-ish, I think.

I wondered what a ChivaGirl does when the photo shoot is over and she’s standing there in sweats with a face full of makeup. There’s still plenty of daylight left. Do you take that face and that hair rollerblading? Do you go see a movie? Go home and defrost the freezer? Do you find your boyfriend and make him watch while you peel off your lashes, because you know that freaks him out?br /br /Or am I the only one who thinks like an 8 year old?

Tips for hopeful 2009 Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader contestants

Get Your Eagle on: Beauty Tips for hopeful 2009 Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader contestants

By Alyssa D’Egidio
NBC Philadelphia
Mar 2, 2009

Former Philadelphia Eagles’ cheerleader Alyssa D’Egidio gives tips on how to nail this year’s audition.

Astounding dance ability and physical fitness will separate the good from the bad at the 2009 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleading Open-Call Auditions but there are other elements that are often overlooked by many aspiring cheerleaders.

A contestant can have years of dance experience and six-pack abs but something that usually lowers contestants’ scores is their appearance.

When envisioning a professional cheerleader, there are a few key things that come to mind—polished hair and flawless make-up. Contestants may be able to dance like a “Pussycat Doll” or have a body like Giselle but if their hair is not up to superstar standards, scores are going to drop.

There are some simple things an aspiring cheerleader can do for her appearance that will wow that judges.

Put The Scissors Away: If your hair is long don’t cut it. Most cheerleaders have shoulder length or longer hair, which judges tend to admire. Melvin Silverman owns Salon De L’Etoile– the official salon of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders. “In the last two years, none of the cheerleaders have had short hair,” he says. If your hair is short, don’t fret because there are options. Some women feel they look better with short hair and if you’re one of them then go with what feels and looks best on you. If you want to quickly change your look then try some of these options:

Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions: This easy fix to lengthening hair is inexpensive and results are instantly drastic. They can be ordered on the Internet in various colors, lengths and styles. All you have to do it clip them in securely and the extensions will blend in your natural hair.

Salon Hair Extensions: If you want something a little more permanent, many girls pay for hair extensions done at salons. Lauren Gerner, a stylist at Giovanni and Pileggi Salon in Philadelphia, highly suggests that cheerleader hopefuls get extensions if they have short hair. “The only requirement is that hair has to be at least four inches long,” she says. “The extensions should last about four to six months depending on how fast hair grows.” Great Lengths hair extensions will cost in the range of $1,000-$4,000. One of the advantages is that treatment for the extensions is almost the same as normal hair except products with silicone and sulfate cannot be used. Flat irons, curlers, etc. are all usable on these extensions. Salon De L’Etoile also offers services for hair extensions.

Color, Color, color: Whatever your natural hair color is…amplify it. If you have dirty blonde hair, go blonder. If it’s mousy brown, put in an allover dye to make it shiny and really powerful. Whatever the color, make it stand out. Eagles fans that sit higher at the stadium have a hard time seeing the cheerleaders and by having a really great color is helpful for them to distinguish between cheerleaders. This said, avoid odd hair colors or too many different shades. “When they color their hair, with the right conditioner, the hair will shine more,” says Melvin. “ Hair colors add a lot of excitement and makes the girls look a little more attractive.” He suggests brunettes sticking to brown shades while blondes should be very light or bleached.

Style: On the day of the audition, don’t style your hair like you would for everyday things. Hot rollers, curling irons and flat irons are your friends. Although you will be flipping your hair around during the audition, judges take a minute to look at your overall appearance. At this point your hair should look polished. Melvin Silverman suggests, “Moroccan oil or high sheen spray will help it from tangling.” He also adds that there are distinct ways the cheerleaders like to style their hair.

“Seventy percent of the girls wear their hair flat or straight ironed which helps it last throughout the game while 30% of girls will want their hair curled.”

Tease Please: Have a straight part in the front of the head and tease the back. Teasing will add a lot of volume.

“Take a section of hair around the crown of your head and hold it in the air with one hand,” Melvin said. “With the other hand, use a comb to tease the root up and down.” This will add a little lift and dynamic to your do.

Caution: Melvin Silverman cautions cheerleader hopefuls from showing up with their hair anything but down.

“The cheerleaders can’t wear their hair in pony tails or half up,” he said. “ It should be down and flowing so they can swing it around when dancing.”


Natural Foundation: Salon De L’Etoile also provides make-up artists to the cheerleaders. Professional cheerleaders shouldn’t look like they have caked on foundation, but on the other hand they shouldn’t appear as if they are going to the gym. Make-up is a must. It enhances the eyes, lips and cheeks in order for the judges to notice. Foundation should look natural and blend nicely into the skin.

Glamorous Eyes: Melvin Silverman says that dramatic eyes are a must Contestants should spend the most time on their eye make-up.

“Fake eyelashes to are worn by most of the cheerleaders,” said Melvin. “Use natural colors like browns, blacks, smoky grays and lots of black eye liner.”

Luscious Lips: Lips should be very subtle but still evident.

“Pinks are commonly used and subtle,” Melvin said. “Lip liner two shades darker than the lipstick should be used to blend the lips.”

Caution: Sparkles are a no-no. No blue eye shadows and bright red lipsticks either.

Make-up and hair are essential parts of a contestant’s appearances and will either help or hinder a contestant’s chance of getting through the auditions. Use these simple beauty tips to polish your appearance and impress the judges. Check back for more tips on what to wear for the audition.

Clarkston grad takes dance career to California

Phil Custodio
The Clarkston News
February 25, 2009

With seven years of NBA dance team experience and a huge photo spread in Muscle and Fitness magazine, Clarkston graduate Harmony Hunt’s years of hard work is paying off.

“I’m not looking to get famous, but I want to do these things when I’m young and able,” said Hunt, Clarkston High School class of 1996. “I’m blessed to have these opportunities.”

“I think it’s fabulous, a Clarkston girl goes out there to California and does good,” said Rick Hunt of Independence Township, her father.

Growing up in Independence Township with her parents, Rick and Theresa, brother, Rudy, and sister, Jessie, she started dancing when she was 3-4 years old at Roxana’s Dance Expressions studio.

“My mom started me out young,” Harmony said. “I loved it. I’ve stuck with it all my life. It’s a passion of mine.”

“She really enjoyed performing, ever since she was little,” Rick said. “She’s excelled in it ever since.”

She was recruited by Clarkston pom-pon coaches Mary Jean Cox and Gina Cox to teach dance at Clarkston High School, and coached junior varsity and varsity pom pon for about four years.

“I really enjoyed teaching the girls,” she said. “We were very competitive, always placing in the top three at competitions. It was a good opportunity to learn leadership and teach girls to do their best.”

In 1998, she tried out for the Detroit Piston Dance Team Automotion at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

“It was an open audition,” she said. “Out of more than 200 girls, they picked 13.”

She danced with Automotion for three years.

“I’ve always loved NBA basketball,” she said. “It was really exciting, dancing for thousands of people, seeing the game up close.”

“It was pretty overwhelming to see her out there performing,” Rick said.

She was visiting friends in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles County, when she got the urge to head west.

“I fell in love with the ocean and everything around it,” she said. “I was working as a cosmetologist, and I thought, if I can do that in Michigan, I can do it here.”

She moved to Los Angeles in 2005, joined Hush Hush Hair Salon on Manhattan Beach, and auditioned for the NBA’s LA Clippers Spirit Dance Team.

“The Clippers also had open auditions, and I got through,” she said. “We dance a lot more. I didn’t know anybody when I got here, and it helped me meet people all over the place.”

In addition to her salon and dance jobs, she also works as a model. She is representing herself to start, but already landed a photo feature in the national fitness magazine Muscle and Fitness’ April edition, sharing the cover with martial artist Bruce Lee.

“I’m always dancing. I’m in good, healthy shape, so I thought I’d try fitness modeling,” she said. “I’ve been getting really good feedback from it.”

She doesn’t miss Michigan’s cold winters – “one of my main reasons for moving to California,” she said – but does enjoy seeing downtown Clarkston when she visits.

“I enjoy Clarkston sporting events and downtown parades. I enjoy going back, and visiting friends and going to the local restaurants,” she said. “I want to thank my friends and family in Clarkston for their support and love. I never could have made it out here without them.”

This Laker Girl is a reel artist

By Phil Friedman, Correspondent
The Daily Breeze

As you look out on the court at Staples Center Friday night, you will see Laker Girl Stefanie. She embodies what Laker Girls director Lisa Estrada and the Laker Girls are all about. Beautiful young ladies, who put in endless hours on their routines to entertain throngs of Laker fans.

The Laker Girls are dedicated to making a difference in their communities, participating in everything from events encouraging youngsters to read to Christmas fishing trips for homeless children. The Laker Girls are smart, beautiful, hard-working and civic-minded ladies.

It’s hard to believe when you watch Stefanie perform her routines or help a child to read that deep down she is also a hard-core angler.

Stefanie grew up in Alaska, where fishing is second nature.

“Everyone, men and women, fish and hunt in Alaska,” Stefanie said.

Her father, Lewis, loved fishing more than anything and the fact he could do it with his daughter made these angling excursions even more special. Lewis had a plane that transported them to some of the most remote and beautiful parts of our 49th state.

Stefanie was 6 months old when her father took her on her first fishing trip. With that first trip with her father, she was hooked. Fishing became the activity the two could do together. Sometimes they would make a day of it and other times the adventure would last several days camping out in the breathtaking Alaskan wilderness.

“My dad would fish all night long,” she said. “It’s as if he just couldn’t get enough.”

Stefanie even had a favorite spot.

“I don’t even remember exactly where it was but it was like an enchanted garden with clear water with beautiful boulders,” she said. “I just loved being there, and my dad knew it.

“If I didn’t feel like going fishing, all my dad would have to say is, `I’ll take you to your favorite spot.’ The next thing I knew, we were in the plane.”

She has compiled a great list catches that include numerous king salmon to 30 pounds, halibut to 70 pounds, a 30-pound lingcod, trout, even a shark.

“I just love to be on the water,” she said. “There is nothing more beautiful and peaceful than a day on the water,” the Laker Girl said.

But for the 23-year-old beauty , the best thing about fishing is the time she spent with her father.

“It (fishing) gave us something to do together,” she said. “Fishing made us and has kept us close through today and beyond.”

Although Stefanie says her heart is still in Alaska, it’s only there for the summer.

“It’s just too cold for me now,” she said. “My dad said I was made for Southern California.”

Fish talk: “Sportfishing Saturday” with Philip Friedman airs at 9 a.m. on KLAC (570 AM) and will have Bart Hall and Mike Lum as guests from the Fred Hall Fishing, Tackle and Boat Show this week. They will be discussing all the great sights and sounds of what many call the greatest fishing show on earth, set to open March 4 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Matt Simmons also will be part of the show to talk about a memorial fishing trip for his father, SWAT officer Randall Simmons. The trip is scheduled for Feb.28 out of Pierpoint Landing in Long Beach.