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Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness

Our good friends with the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders sent us a head up regarding a recent photo shoot the MVC did to celebrate breast cancer awareness month.  Click here to view the gallery.







Remember, screening saves lives!   And if you would like to support the NFL’s breast cancer awareness efforts, you can purchase special BCA gear at the NFL shop.

Titans Cheerleaders Jena and Clair are Tickled Pink to Honor Their Moms and Promote Awareness

Jena (left) and Clair (right) honor their moms at the October 23rd Titans-Texans game


For Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders Jena and Clair, this past Sunday’s game against the Texans was a special day of recognition and remembrance. Throughout October, the NFL’s “A Crucial Catch” campaign, in partnership with the American Cancer Society, emphasizes the importance of annual screenings, especially for women who are 40 and older. During the game in Nashville, part of that recognition of breast cancer survivors included Jena and Clair’s moms, both named Debbie, who are now cancer free.

Jena is an accountant and graduate of the University of Memphis. She is a three sport dance star, cheering for minor league baseball, the Predators of the NHL, and now in her third season with the Titans Cheerleaders. Clair is also in her third season with the Titans, and also part of the musical trio, Danger Love Saint.

For Jena’s mom, this was going to be a complete surprise, and Jena’s main concern was that Jena would be a blubbering mess on the field. Clair was calm and cool pre-game, but said that she her mom was probably a bit nervous about being on the field. After Titans Cheerleaders performed their routine during the break between the first and second quarters, Jena and Clair’s moms were escorted onto the field, and presented with gifts as the public address system introduced them to the fans. Upon the statement that the two TTC moms were cancer free, the throngs of LP Field cheered with monumental volume.

The recognition of breast cancer survivors actually started during player introductions, as women from the area lined up on the field during the introduction of the Titans players. Then at kickoff, pink ribboned the entire stadium as the Cheerleaders and fans all held up pink cards. Pink was the color of the day, for poms, mascots, and in the jerseys the Titans Cheerleaders wore throughout most of the game.

Jena and her mom Debbie in the tunnel prior to the game

Clair and her mom Debbie during the recognition

The Titans Cheerleaders are joined by breast cancer survivors for player introductions

Jena leads the way as LP Field supports the fight against breast cancer.

From Bri's pink poms to mascots going pink, awareness was in the house

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Satin Stitches Unveils Breast Cancer Awareness Styles at the NFL Directors’ Convention

Halter top and flounce skirt

Satin Stitches, a maker of cheer/dance apparel for over 30 years recently unveiled their first line of Breast Cancer Awareness styles at the recent NFL Cheerleader Directors’ Convention in Miami. Deborah Nelson, Head Designer of Satin Stitches, reports that the styles’ debut drew raves from the Directors. Deborah reports, “They seemed to LOVE them. All vendors are required to give a ‘gift’ to each Director. For our Satin Stitches’ ‘gift,’ we offered one of the tops or bottoms, and they seemed really excited. Many mentioned that they have Christmas costumes, Patriotic costumes, Halloween costumes, et cetera, and thought it was a really good idea to have ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ costumes, as well. They loved the variety of styles that we presented.”

Besides providing garments that can be used to raise awareness of breast cancer, Satin Stitches is also using this opportunity as their own fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Satin Stitches will donate $2 for every garment that is sold, and additionally, $1 for every individual ribbon appliqué that is purchased separately, to this Foundation.

Deborah reports the cause of Breast Cancer Awareness is close to the hearts of the Minnesota-based Satin Stitches family, saying, “Besides being a Women’s issue, one of our dear Satin Stitches’ sewers died from this horrible disease, back in the infancy of our business. She was an enthusiastic fan of our local sports teams, and had two young children who have grown up, without their mother. Maryanne was such a sweetheart; I am privileged to have known her, albeit for way too short of a time.”

Long racer-back and capri

On the design side, are there challenges to designing pink garments that are flattering and work with all skin tones compared to other colors? Deborah says, “Hot Pink (which we chose rather than Pastel Pink) is a great ‘stage color,’ and works well ‘on stage’ with all skin tones. We paired the Hot Pink with black. Pastel Pink does not work on all skin tones, and can fade and blend with lighter/mid skin tones and you end up with a ‘washed out’ look, as with any pink, tan, peach, or yellow pastel.”

With all this talk of Pink, does Deborah have a favorite song by Pink? She replies, “I am more a fan of Purple; I’m from Minnesota, don’cha know! I have loved all of ‘the Purple one’ (Prince’s), songs since 1982. As for Pink, I really have enjoyed her renditions of the songs from the Bluesy (as long as we are talking colors, here!) Janis Joplin! Pink did a really good “Summertime,” as we are longingly looking forward to, here in Minnesota!”

Thanks Deborah for filling us in on Satin Stitches new line and fundraiser! So “Let’s Go Crazy, Let’s Get Nuts” supporting the cause of Breast Cancer Awareness and Research!