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Galactic Dancers at the Battle of Cologne XV

Michael Fischer, our European Correspondent, has sent us some news and photos regarding the state of German Cheerleading.
This season, the Galactic Dancers (headed by Tamara Kurti) have gotten support from former U.S. pro cheerleader and model Christine Lynn C. from Honolulu.

Christine studied Fine Arts at the California State University at Los Angeles and has lived in Chicago.  She danced with the NBA Chicago Luvabulls Dancers and she was selected as Mrs Waikiki 2016 and 2017.  Christine lives with her family in Heidelberg Germany, near the U.S Army Base and she drives to the Galactic Dancers training session from Heidelberg to Frankfurt Main, a long drive, every week.
This month Christine and the Galactic girls visited Düsseldorf for cheerleader performances on a big party ship along the Rhein River.  These performances were the highlight of the NFL Europa Fans memorial weekend – Battle of Cologne XV.  Tickets were sold out some months ago and some American Football Fans disguised themselves as pirates.
The ship sailed from Düsseldorf to Cologne and back, 9 hours of non-stop partying on deck.  In the middle of the crowd the cheerleaders. During the breaks between performances, the Galactic Dancers took some selfies and posed with some of the fans for a group shot.
For the latest information regarding the German cheerleader scene, check out Michael’s facebook page, “Don´t call it Puschel

Photo of the Day – April 12

A Galactic Dancer

Galactic Dancers Auditions


On Sunday, the 2010/2011 Galactic Dancers Audition came to a successful end. From over 50 participants 30 cheerleaders were chosen for the Galactic Dance Team. The auditions took place in the winter sports hall near the Commerzbank arena in Frankfurt.

Coach Jasmin Felsenheim

Coach Jasmin Felsenheim

Some candidates had already participated in the run-up to two clinics. Coach Jasmin Felsenheim was very happy and relieved, she must make fit a lot of cheerleaders in short time for the autumn/winter season and for the appearances and schedule.

Erin Drennan, a hip hop dancer over 20 years

Erin Drennan, a hip hop dancer over 20 years

After a warm-up, the choreography was rehearsed. A television team from the broadcast RTL accompanied and interviewed the coach, captain and some candidates from the field of participants. English speaking in the galactic Dance Team no problem, the Galactics already had English speaking coaches Marina Ortega (NBA Celtics), Kimberly Cole (former NBA L.A. Clippers) and Cheerleaders like Shatera (former Dallas Cowboys) since the early 90s. New additions were two cheerleaders from the US: Tiffany Ligon and Erin Drennan who lived for two years in Germany.

Former Washington Redskins Cheerleader Tiffany Ligon

Former Washington Redskins Cheerleader Tiffany Ligon

We are looking forward to see the new team at the German Bowl next October.

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