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Omaha Nighthawks Cheerleader Auditions Are This Saturday

Omaha Nighthawks Invite Fans to Attend Cheerleader Finals at the Nebraska Furniture Mart

They are the year-round face of the franchise and favorites of the fans of the United Football League and this coming weekend the search for the Omaha Nighthawks cheerleading class of 2011 reaches its climax.

The Nighthawks will hold the team’s cheerleading tryouts final at the Nebraska Furniture Mart at 11am on Saturday, April 23 as a group 34 finalists compete for a spot on the 2011 Omaha Nighthawks Cheer squad. The tryouts will be held center stage in the Mega Mart Building.

The road to the finals kicked off back in early March when prep classes and a three-day preliminary tryouts put the cheerleader hopefuls through their paces and the group was narrowed down to the finalists – nineteen of which were on the 2010 Nighthawks squad.

“I can’t describe how good these girls are,” Shan Stavropoulous, the Omaha Nighthawks cheerleading / dance Director said of the finalists. “They were not only super-talented, but all of them are beautiful and were sweet to each other. Everybody gelled and clicked. All 34 are phenomenal. I wish I could to take them all for the team.”

The final tryouts will feature the finalists split up into groups of four for dance “A” and another group of two for dance “B” which they can rehearse, manipulate and choreograph to increase skill difficulty and get creative with group costuming. The candidates will also learn an opening number and perform altogether.

Media and fans are welcome to attend the final tryouts at the Nebraska Furniture Mart. Fans will not only get the opportunity to meet the 2011 Omaha Nighthawks cheerleaders, but can also participate in trivia contests and receive gift cards and Nighthawks gifts.

Two people among the judging panel are Andrea Leesley and Ali Schwalb. Lessley is a native of Omaha and has many years of dance experience including the Regina Williams Dance Company and on the television shows “The Parkers” and “The Tracy Morgan Show.” She currently is head coach of Papillion La Vista South Dance Team. Schwalb is a recent Saint Louis University graduate and is currently the Millard West Varsity Dance Team Assistant Coach and Omaha Nighthawks Assistant Dance Coach.

Each of the five UFL franchises in Hartford, Las Vegas, Omaha, Sacramento and Virginia are building dance teams who will take part in community appearances, represent their teams during the offseason, and of course wow fans in the stadium on game day.

Omaha Nighthawks Cheerleader Angie Featured in New Fila Ad

The original video has been pulled down, but you can see Angie in the same video here:
and here’s another one:

[Omaha Nighthawks Cheerleaders]

Nighthawks Cheerleading Talent Search Completed


by Kat Welch, Public Relations Manager
United Football League
July 1, 2010

In front of a crowd of more than 500 Omaha Nighthawks UFL fans at the Westroads Mall, 32 talented, passionate and energetic local young women were selected as the new Omaha cheerleading squad.

Becoming a Ladyhawk was no easy feat as 75 eager women arrived at the first round of auditions on June 12. Round one narrowed the large group down to 45 potential members of the new dance team, which will be one of the off-field highlights of the new 2010 season when the Nighthawks play at Rosenblatt Stadium. Round two put the girls on the spot and opened the event for all of Omaha to attend.

“This was a real test for the girls,” said Omaha Cheer director Shan Stavroupolous. “Being a Nighthawk cheerleader means dancing and presenting yourself in front of a packed Rosenblatt Stadium, so it was good to see the ladies perform in front of a crowd right away.”

The atmosphere at the final audition was electric. While the judges focused on the task at hand, Omaha fans showed their support for the team, signed up for the Nighthawks Fan Club and participated in contests for Omaha team merchandise and tickets for the 2010 season.

The expert panel of judges, along with radio personality Scott Vorhees of 1110 KFAB Radio, Mary Nelson, co-host for the Morning Blend Show and Shawn Bainbridge from OBI Creative, selected the final 32 women based on their technical skills, stage presence, and personality. The Nighthawks cheerleading squad will act as ambassadors to the League, representing the Omaha Nighthawks and the UFL in all their endeavors.

2010 Nighthawks Cheer Roster
Abby Butera
Amanda Blessing
Angela Albers
April Jankevicius
Callie Peacock
Cassie Gruidel
Chelsea Blaser
Chelsey Batenhorst
Colleen Waring
Haley Ryan
Jacque Albertson
Jamie Grinstead
Jamie Hamsa
Jamie Schocke
Janelle DeBoer
Kristen Johnson
Laura Jaros
Laura Reinsch
Leslee Bothof
Lindsay Schaible
Maddie Howard
Megan Bohn
Melissa Mullin
Michaela Black
Michelle Horn
Morgan Badders
Morgan Gradoville
Paige Kirlin
Rachel Busse
Sam Korpela
Steffanie Baker
Trish Ryan

YHS grad selected for Omaha Nighthawks cheer squad

By Candace Blomendahl
York News-Times
July 13, 2010

OMAHA — Janelle DeBoer, a 2004 York High School graduate, was recently selected as one of the 32 new Omaha Nighthawks cheerleaders.

The squad will be cheering for the new Omaha Nighthawks UFL football team this fall at Rosenblatt Stadium.

Seventy-five women took part in the first round of cheer squad auditions on June 12. After round one narrowed the group down to 45, the remaining hopefuls performed for the public in the second round of auditions. The final squad of 32 women was chosen based on technical skill, stage presence and personality. The cheer team will be ambassadors to the UFL while also serving as representatives for the Omaha Nighthawks team.

As one of the final 32, DeBoer has extensive experience with cheer and dance. DeBoer was a YHS cheerleader her freshman and sophomore years of high school. During her junior and senior years, she was part of the YHS Dukettes Dance Team. She was also involved in the YHS Dukes and Duchesses Song and Dance Group all four years of high school.

DeBoer has eight years of dance school experience under her belt and has studied tap, jazz, ballet and clogging. In 2000, she was named a national champion clogger in Florida. From 2001 to 2004, she participated in gymnastics. DeBoer also served as a 4-H club dance leader from 1999 to 2004 and choreographed and instructed the group.

DeBoer received a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from the Creative Center in 2007. She was certified as a Zumba instructor in 2008. In 2009, DeBoer obtained a Masters of Arts degree in Leadership from Bellevue University.


Shan Stavropoulos & The Omaha Nighthawks Cheerleaders Auditions

nighthwaksShan  Stavropoulos, the Director of the UFL  Omaha Nighthawks Cheerleaders, started dancing when she was 4 years old in Walnut Creek, California prior to moving to Omaha, NE. She then became a member of her high school’s cheer team, and dance team. Shan accumulated several dance team awards with her Ralston Ram High School Pom Squad and was named NDA All-American, voted a NDA Superstar and was recruited to teach summer dance camps as a NDA Instructor.

She was also selected to perform in the Aloha Bowl in Hawaii. Shan then moved on to become part of the UNK Dance Team, where she was one of the main choreographers. She has judged many tryouts and competitions along the way, as well as choreographed for various events, schools and programs such as the UNO Dance Team, Nebraska All-Star Tigers, Skutt Dance Team, Marian Cheer Team, KWAA Panthers (just to name a few).

Recently, she was the Director of Tryouts for the NebraskaWesleyan University Dance Team, and a hip hop instructor for Kitty Lee Dance Studio. Currently, Shan is the Coach and Choreographer for the UDA National Champion Millard West Dance Team, where she has coached and choreographed for the past 7 years. She has accumulated 18 Best Choreography Awards, 10 Best Costume Awards, 4 UDA Coaches Leadership Awards, as well as the team placing in the top 10 at UDA Nationals since 2003.

Saturday, June 12
Registration: 8:30am
Auditions: 10:30am
I Think Fit Gym

2424 South 156th Circle, Omaha, NE 68130

Watch a video of Shan discussion the tryouts here.

[Omaha Nighthawks Cheerleaders Auditions]