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ASU Professor, Science Cheerleaders Break Stereotypes One Cheer at a Time

By Sydney Greene
The State Press

summerBoasting over 250 team members, the Science Cheerleaders have been dominating the world of professional cheerleaders all across the nation. The team is composed of girls who are pursuing science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers.

Darlene Cavalier, ASU professor and Science Cheerleaders founder, started the team after her blog, the “Science Cheerleader,” received attention for her efforts promoting public engagement in science.

It wasn’t long after that when she formed the actual Science Cheerleader team, recruiting STEM cheerleaders across the NFL and NBA teams.

“Each Science Cheerleader brings something unique to the team, and each has her own personal story of how she came to connect with science,” said Cavalier. “It’s always inspiring to hear their stories and watch them combine their passions to empower others.”

ASU alumna and Science Cheerleader Samantha Sanders said she enjoys how she gets to combine her passion for cheerleading and science into her everyday life.

“I really enjoy being able to playfully challenge the different stereotypes,” Sanders said. “I love our (Science Cheerleaders) message.”

While at ASU, Sanders cheered for the Arizona Cardinals while juggling her work as a student at Barrett, The Honors College and her engineering management coursework. Williams now works as an engineering project manager and oversees complex engineering projects.

“As a woman, you’re a minority in this field, which is why I like being involved with the Science Cheerleaders,” Sanders said. “It’s important to show the kids that you can still pursue a STEM career and do sports at the same time.”

Recently, the Science Cheerleaders participated in a Super Bowl event at the Arizona Science Center that included scientists working on cutting-edge helmet technology along with mouth guard concussion sensors. The cheerleaders spent the day at the event sharing their experience in the STEM and cheerleading fields, giving tours of the Arizona Science Center and speaking at a health and fitness talk.

Sanders said she enjoyed participating in the Arizona Science Center events and spreading the Science Cheerleader message.

“Seeing the reaction of over 100 kids when we showed up was just really rewarding,” Sanders said.

Science Cheerleader Summer Wagner, a former Houston Texans cheerleader, currently works as an engineer at NASA – Johnson Space Center in Houston. Wagner said the events she gets to participate in are fun, but it’s the connections she makes with the people at the events that make it all worthwhile.

“There are many youth cheerleaders who may not feel that they can have a STEM-related career one day,” Wagner said. “So we use our pompoms and cheers to bridge the gap and give them a connection to girls just like them — cheerleaders — who are also scientists and engineers.”

The Science Cheerleaders have had much success with getting their message out to youth all across America. The Science Cheerleaders have been featured in many publications, which laud their efforts.

Despite all of their recognition, appearances and awards, Cavalier said she finds the most joy when others see the Science Cheerleaders and hear their important message.

“Watching the youth cheerleaders connect with the Science Cheerleaders and helping to get the Science Cheerleaders involved, as researchers, is great,” Cavalier said.

[The Science Cheerleader]

The Science Cheerleaders at the US Science & Engineering Festival

The Science Cheerleaders are a group of current and former Pro Cheerleaders who have jobs in STEM fields and help promote Science and Technology. Over the weekend the group made an appearance the the Science & Engineering Festival in Washington DC

Wendy cheered for the Atlanta Falcons, Sacramento Kings and Oakland Raiders, and she’s pursuing her PhD in Biomedical Engineering.

[Science Cheerleaders Gallery]

[Science Cheerleaders on Facebook]


Photo of the Day – October 4

Science Cheerleader Stephanie. Stephanie is currently a Washington Redskins Cheerleader

Are You A Science Cheerleader?

Last week the Science Cheerleaders made another national media appearance on the Today Show, featuring women of the Sacramento Kings, Washington Wizards, Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens, St. Louis Rams, Charlotte Bobcats, Cincinnati Bengals, Kansas City Chiefs and other teams. Science Cheerleaders are current and alumni NFL and NBA performers who work in or study science, technology, engineering or math. These women appear in their local communities to “pep up” the science industry, with a special emphasis on influencing young girls to learn more about STEM fields. The Science Cheerleaders are often asked to appear at major science events, make visits to corporations and schools, and most recently formed an alliance with Pop Warner Cheerleaders.

If you are a qualifying Science Cheerleader, please contact info@goingproentertainment.com with your recent headshot photograph, current location, cheer/dance experience and STEM experience. Currently, Science Cheerleaders are in demand in Orlando, Florida for an October 6th event and Tucson, Arizona for a November 10-11 event. Short distance travel, meals and accommodations are compensated or provided when necessary. Current performers should receive permission from your organization to get involved. View photos, cheerleader profiles, and other articles at www.sciencecheerleader.com and become a fan on Facebook.

Goooo Science!


[The Science Cheerleaders on Facebook]

Looking for Science Cheerleaders

The Science Cheerleaders are pairing up with Pop Warner Cheerleading on Wednesday August 1, 2012 to teach cheerleaders about fitness, heart rates and healthy living. How awesome! We are seeking NFL / AFL / NBA and other pro cheer and dance alums or current programs to visit the Pop Warner facilities for about 2 hours to teach a cheer and measure heart rates.

We are working closely with Pop Warner to first identify volunteers available and then select locations. Desired regions are:

– Southern CA/Arizona
– Northern CA
– Chicago/Indiana/Michigan
– North Carolina/Virginia
– Philadelphia/NJ
– New England
– Orlando
– Texas

If you are able to volunteer for this fun project on August 1, please email laura@goingproentertainment.com. Please include:

– Full name
– Recent photograph
– Cheer / dance program and years
– Current career (does NOT have to be STEM-related)
– Current city, state
– How far you are willing to travel such as a nearby major city – travel is not compensated but can be considered tax-exempt
– Times of the day on August 1 you are available
– Indicate if there are others you know in the region who may be available to volunteer as well


Science Cheerleaders Casting for April Event in DC

Join the world famous Science Cheerleaders! Are you an NFL & NBA current or alumni cheerleader working in or studying science, engineering, math and technology? The ladies have been featured by NASA, on CNN, in Discover Magazine and in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Now the Science Cheerleaders will perform the Big Cheer and entertain at the national Science & Engineering Festival in Washington, DC on Friday, April 27-Sunday, April 29, 2012.

Hotel, uniforms, poms, autograph cards are provided. Cheerleaders must fund transportation, meals, and white boots. Cheerleaders must learn four short routines and cheers by video. Current cheerleaders should acquire permission from directors to participate.

Going Pro Entertainment is proud to serve as the choreography and creative production team for the Science Cheerleaders. Costuming is provided by Go Wild! Wear by Angela King Designs.

If you qualify to be named a Science Cheerleader but are not interested in wearing the uniform or performing, there are other opportunities for you! “The Big Cheer” will be led across the United States in various cities on April 27. This is just one way you can serve in the Science Cheerleader role without leaving your hometown.

All qualified cheerleaders should contact THE Science Cheerleader Darlene Cavalier at darlene@sciencecheerleader.com. Learn more about the Science Cheerleaders programs at www.sciencecheerleader.com. Learn more about Going Pro Entertainment at www.goingproentertainment.com.

[Science Cheerleaders at GPE]

Looking for a few Science Cheerleaders for this Weekend in Philadelphia

On Saturday April 16th, the Science Cheerleaders will perform, then sign autographs and do interactive science activities with thousands of festival-goers on the Ben Franklin Parkway during the Philadelphia Science Festival!
Darlene Cavalier, the Science Cheerleader, is looking for a few more pro cheerleaders (current or former) –who are pursuing science/tech/math/engineering studies or careers–to participate.

Interested checkout ScienceCheerleader.com or email Darlene at darlene@sciencecheerleader.com.