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Audition Alert for Vancouver Dancers

The National Lacrosse League’s Washington Stealth has pulled up stakes and moved about 100 miles north, to Vancouver, BC. Now they need an all-new group of dancers to liven up game days and represent the team!

Stealth Bombshells Auditions Video

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Washington Stealth Name Boprey Bombshells Director; Auditions Set for August 28

jillianThe Stealth Bombshells, dance team of the 2010 National Lacrosse League Champion Washington Stealth, announced today that auditions for the 2011 squad will take place on August 28 at the Comcast Arena at Everett. The Stealth has also announced that Jillian Boprey will take the reigns as the director of the premiere dance team in professional lacrosse.

Boprey takes over the Bombshells director duties after spending last season as a member and co-choreographer of the dance team. For three seasons, Boprey was a member of the NBA’s Seattle Supersonics Dance Team. She also danced in the NBA Madness Tour in Japan and worked as Motion Capture Talent for EA Sports NBA Live 2009. She continues to work as a choreographer and instructor for Elite Performance Dance Camps and Kirkland Dance Center. Boprey assumes the director role following the departure of Sheena Shive, who was instrumental in developing the Bombshells into one of the NLL’s top dance teams in just its first year in Washington.

“The Stealth organization is indebted to Sheena for her hard work and professionalism in making the Bombshells a showcase dance team in the NLL,” said Stealth President David Takata. “From auditions through uniform design, choreography and game performances, Sheena has excelled at every opportunity and our fans noticed. We wish her well in her future endeavors.”

“Jillian has worked closely with Sheena and has a pedigree of professional experience that makes her the logical choice to direct the Bombshells for the 2011 season,” added Takata. “I have the greatest confidence that Jillian will prove her leadership and talent are worthy of the standards set by Sheena.”

The Bombshells auditions will be held at the Comcast Arena at Everett on August 28. Registration will begin at 11am with the auditions starting at 12pm. The Bombshells will also be holding a pre-audition workshop for interested women on August 18 from 7pm-9pm at the Seattle Epicenter.

“We had such a strong team last year and we are striving for the Stealth to continue its reputation as not only the best lacrosse team in the league, but also the best dance team,” said Boprey. “With Bombshell auditions right around the corner, I am so excited to see the talent and potential at the Comcast Arena on August 28th. We had such a positive response from the community in our inaugural season and our second time around is going to be even better.”
For more information on the Bombshells workshop and auditions, visit www.stealthlax.com or email Bombshells Director Jillian Boprey at jboprey@stealthlax.com.

Seven Questions with Sheena Shive

sheena06_4Growing up Sheena Shive was a soccer player. A one year detour into cheerleading led her to discover she preferred the dance aspect of cheerleadering rather than cheer.

In high school she continued to play soccer and was certain she would continue in college. But when she could find, she would take hip hop classes at the local studio. In her senior year of high school, the studio asked her to start teaching hip hop classes. That’s when she started to decided she was looking forward to a future in dance, rather than playing soccer.

During Sheena’s freshmen year of college at Arizona State University, she danced for the ASU Hip Hop Coalition. The HHC would perform at various ASU events, basketball games, etc. She then decided to move back to Seattle to be closer to her family and transferred to Seattle University.

That spring Sheena auditioned for an adult hip hop group that performed at the WNBA Storm games. Susan Hovey, the Dance Director for the Storm and Sonics (and now director of the Golden State Warrior Girls), cut her. Susan told her that she would prefer to have Sheena come back and try out for the Sonics Dance Team.

Sheena had never been to a Sonics game before, but decided she wanted to try out. And Sheena was a bit nervous, because she had no formal training in jazz, only hip hop. But she made the squad the first year she auditioned, and danced for the Sonics her sophomore, junior and senior years of college.

The Sonics was a place where Sheena could dance, learn, and perform all in one. She also secretly hoped to one day work for the team, possibly with their PR team or in Events and Entertainment, or perhaps Gameday Operations. She ended up doing her Senior Project in college on the Sonics and graduated in the Spring of 2008 from SU with a degree in Mass Communications and Journalism.

While dancing for the Sonics, Sheena began assisting the Sonics/Storm Director Sabrina Ellison with the Storm Dance Troupe (a kids hip hop dance team). She would choreograph and help out at auditions, practices, events and games. When Sabrina left with the Sonics for Oklahoma, Sheena was offered the director’s position.

Last year the National Lacrosse League San Jose Stealth moved to Washington state. Sheena received an email from the Audrea Harris, Director of the NBA Clippers Spirit Squad and former Sonics Dance Team Coach. She was trying to help her friend and former Stealth Bombshells Director, Teri Schafer, recruit for a new director for the Stealth’s Dance Team. Audrea had heard Sheena had danced in the NBA and was the current director for the Storm Dance Troupe. An e-mailed resume led to an interview, and eventually Sheena became the Bombshells’ new Director.

When she’s not directing the Stealth Bombshells or the Storm Troupe, Sheena works  for an internet advertising agency with demanding travel requirements.


1. What’s your fondest memory from the Sonics?

I have so many memories dancing for the Sonics. I think the one that sticks out the most for me is stepping onto the court for the first time on opening night, where the lights were out, and we were waiting for our music to turn on for intros and perform for the first time! To stare into a crowd of 17,000 people, was amazing. I think it hit me that night that I was dancing in the NBA. My other favorite memory is the girls I have met. A couple of the girls I have met from the Sonics are my best friends, without that experience I would be missing some amazing people in my life.

Sheena danced for the Seattle Sonics three seasons and has directed the Storm Troupe for 2 years and was the Assistant Director the prior 2 years. She is directing the Stealth Bombshells in their inaugural season.

2. How much do you miss dancing for the Sonics?

Oh man, you have no idea. I don’t really think you realize how much you loved something until its gone. Or how lucky you are to of had that opportunity. I miss practicing 3 times a week, I miss getting to the arena early to eat dinner with the girls, I miss getting ready in the locker room and singing along to our favorite pre-game music and most of all performing. I also miss interacting with our fans, the good people who worked within the organization and entertaining the crowds at Key Arena. I could go on forever….

3. What’s it like working with young dancers?

I love it! My kids teach me something new everyday. I have never met so many young, motivated and talented dancers. Most of my kids are studio trained, and dance the same or better as your average 18 year old.  I have been working with some of them for over 4 years, I just wrote one of them a letter of recommendation to a prestigious dance college program, to have the opportunity to teach these kids not only dance, but to help them mature into young adults has been an amazing experience.

4. What’s the toughest part of your job with the Stealth?

I don’t know if there is necessarily a tough part about my job with the Stealth. The owner and staff of the Stealth have been so amazing to work for. But if I had to choose I think the toughest part was marketing the new dance team for auditions. Its tough for talented dancers to take a chance on a new team. There were only 2 professional teams to dance for in the Seattle area, the Sonics and the Seahawks, so I had to make sure the Stealth would be put on that same level of professionalism. But fortunately for me, coming from the Sonics I was able to recruit many of the girls who were former Sonic’s dancers. Eventually after the word did get out, I had some great talent show at auditions. I have 2 former Sea Gals, 1 former Spokane Shock Dancer and 8 former Sonics Dancers! We have a pretty talented team.

5. What was it like putting together a team from scratch?

It was so much fun! I have developed some great relationships through out the industry and was able to get a lot of them involved with the new team. I was able to develop a hair sponsor, gym/practice facility sponsor in a fairly quick amount of time. Dancing for the Sonics and coaching the Storm, I finally had the chance to take all the things I have learned, experienced and wanted and put them all into building this team. I think designing the uniforms was my favorite! My captain, Jillian, and I also flew down to the NBA Warriors Dance Clinic, to learn some fresh new choreography from our old director Susan Hovey and some choreographers we used to work with for the Sonics. I have learned from some amazing women, who have taught me how to become a great coach.

Washington Stealth Bombshells Auditions

6. Your career requires you to travel. How does that affect your job as Director?

It’s been hard on me in the sense, that I am not able to be at the games to see all the hard work we have put into the team, as well as all the hard work my dancers have put into their performances. Luckily for me, one of my dearest friend dances for the Stealth. She and I made Sonics together as rookies and continued 3 seasons together. She has taken on the assistant director role for me on the Stealth. She is an amazing leader and talented dancer and choreographer. She has been great working with me and helping with practice and games.

Jillian and Sheena

7. What’s one thing you’d like fans to know about your squad?

That they are an extremely talented group of women and I am so thankful they took a chance with the Stealth Organization. They work so hard and everyone of them is special and unique. Not only are they talented dancers, but many are working professionals, college students and MBA students. I definitely think the Washington Stealth Bombshells are making a lasting impression in the NLL and professional dance community.

Bonus. Do you hope the NBA puts another team in Seattle?

I do hope the NBA puts another team in Seattle, but then I would face the challenge of deciding if I would want to dance for the team or go out for the director position. But I can tell you there is a very talented group of women just waiting for this to happen.

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Washington Stealth Junior Bombshells


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Washington Stealth Bombshells Auditions


Download a pdf of the flier here.

[Washington Stealth Bombshells Auditions]

Washington Stealth Announce New Director of the Stealth Bombshells

sheena1The Washington Stealth have announced that Sheena Shive has been hired as the Director of the Stealth Bombshells, the dance team for the National Lacrosse League franchise. Shive brings with her a wealth of dance and choreography experience, including multiple seasons with the Seattle Supersonics.

Shive is currently the Dance Troupe Manager and Choreographer for the WNBA’s Seattle Storm, a position she has held since 2005. She spent three seasons as a member of the Supersonics Dance Team, where she was honored as one of six dancers to represent the NBA in Tokyo, Japan during the NBA Madness Tour.

Aside from her experience as a professional dancer and choreographer, Shive spent five years as a hip-hop and jazz dance instructor for The Performance Place and is in her third year as a choreographer and judge for High School Competition Routines. She was the choreographer for the Redmond High School Dance Team that finished sixth in Washington State last year. She also spent the 2007-08 Seahawks season as a Gameday Live host for FOX Q-13 in Seattle.

Shive grew up in Gig Harbor, Wash., and understands the impact a new professional sports franchise can have on the local community. “Having the Stealth here is an incredible opportunity for the greater Seattle area and its dancers,” said the Peninsula High School and Seattle University graduate. “I look forward to us being a presence in the community. I’m really excited to be a part of a new organization in our area.”

Shive’s new position as the Stealth Bombshells Director will begin immediately, with the auditions for the dance team taking place on September 12 at the Comcast Arena at Everett Events Center. Registration will start at 9am with auditions taking place from 10am to 4pm. For more information on the Stealth Bombshells tryouts, go to www.stealthlax.com or email Sheena Shive at sshive@stealthlax.com.

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2009-10 Golden State Warrior Girls

The 2009-10 Golden State Warrior Girls have been announced. The squad is made up of 10 vets and 8 rookies. Although you may recognize one of the rookies:

Karlee was a co-captain and three-year veteran of the NLL San Jose Stealth Bombshells

New team here.