Photo of the Day – September 18

A Phoenix Suns Dancer

Baltimore Ravens Cheereladers on Purple Friday

The Ravens Cheerleaders were out and about Baltimore on the the first Friday of the NFL season.

[Ravens Cheerleaders Official Website]

Cheerleader Leigha Marie Makes a Splash with One-of-a-kind Bikinis

By Briana Palma

Last week, the Patriots Cheerleaders launched their 2015 Swimsuit Calendar and for Leigha Marie, there were plenty of reasons to celebrate. Fourteen to be exact.

A year ago, the second-season cheerleader, who designs custom bikinis, set the goal of getting five of her swimsuits in the calendar. Thanks, though, to hard work, determination and even a little intuition, she exceeded her own expectations, with 14 of her suits making the cut for 2015.

“It feels like a dream,” she says. “I’ve been a New England Patriots Cheerleader fan since I was a little girl. I would go to the games and be mesmerized by the cheerleaders. Now I open up the calendar and see my bikinis in there, and it’s even better with my friends wearing them.”

Leigha Marie started designing swimwear in 2010, making custom suits for women in fitness competitions. As the business took off, friends started asking for handmade bikinis to wear to the beach and soon after, Leigha Marie’s brand Tush Bikinis was born.

So last year, when the cheerleaders got together to select their swimwear for the calendar shoot, she brought some of her designs along. In the end, three were chosen. But when it came to the 2015 edition, Leigha Marie left nothing up to chance. She started researching ideas and sketching designs a year before the photo shoot, and continually checked in with her fellow cheerleaders for feedback.

“It’s fun, because when I make something they’re so supportive,” she explains. “They’re like my sisters –they’re so proud of me.”

In her 27 “sisters,” Leigha Marie found inspiration for some of the swimsuits that appear in the new calendar. For example, when she decided to make a pink bikini, she immediately thought of Karen.

“I knew it was going to be Karen’s suit,” she says. “She’s a rookie, so I really didn’t even know her then, but I’ll just have a vision and think it’ll be perfect for someone.”

She adds, laughing, “I can tell what color would look good on you just by talking to you.”

Not only has Leigha Marie’s role as a cheerleader provided a platform for her designs, but it also led her to pursue her dream of being a designer full time.

When the squad traveled to China last year, they participated in an event with female cancer survivors who encouraged them to spend every day doing what they love. That message stayed with Leigha Marie long after the trip ended.

“I literally got home from China and quit my job [working in retail],” she recalls. “I didn’t know what I was going to do or how I was going to pay my bills, but I just needed to do it.”

These days, she continues to build Tush Bikinis, with her designs showing up in many new places, ranging from the Celtics Dancers Swimsuit Calendar to fitness competitions around the world. She’s even busy working on special Halloween costumes for some of the cheerleaders, so be sure to keep one eye on the sidelines when the Patriots play the Bears on October 26.

See a gallery of Leigha Marie’s work here.

Hot and Bothered in San Diego: The Seahawks vs The Chargers

It was hot in San Diego. Unseasonably hot.  Blazing hot. This game, which on paper seemed to overwhelmingly favor the defending Super Bowl Champions, was really not all that competitive. I mean as the game progressed, it appeared that the Seahawks were being outplayed, out-muscled and out-executed, if that is a word.  They just weren’t really in it after the second quarter and I think it was due to the heat because the Seahawks played like I felt…lifeless.

[Update: Per ESPN it was 118 degrees on the field.]

Final Score: Chargers – 30, Seahawks – 21.

Hot and bothered. I mentioned the heat. Now the “bother”. I was looking forward to this game. It was a day game. It was against the defending Super Bowl Champions and I was hoping to get some great shots of the Charger Girls in a mid afternoon game setting. When I arrived at my seats, my old nemesis was there again…the big, black mobile stage. The stage that I wrote about in the past. Anyway, not to rehash this issue, which you can read about it here, this was a bad thing. Essentially, preventing our section from seeing half of the game. Thus, the “bothered” portion of the title.

My apologies to the first two lines (Angela’s and Natalie’s ) as I did not get the type of images that I would have liked, but I did my best and managed to get a few keepers during the day.







I guess that’s how it’s gonna be sometimes. If there’s going to be a field performance with a stage, it’s going to be located in my section.

We begin our regular coverage of the Charger Girls with the Captains: Angela M., Natalie, Katelyn and Clarisse.





Our Charger Girl of the Day is one of the more popular Charger Girls and has developed a loyal fan following. And I count myself as one of them…introducing Shelbi.









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Photo of the Day – September 17


A Dallas Stars Ice Girl

Galactic Dancers Reloading 2.0 – European Basketball Championship 2014 & New Uniforms

I have seen a lot of changes at my friend and Galactic Dancers Coach Jasmin Felsenheim. The biggest change of all was Jasmin quit her job, in order to focus full-time on the Galactic Dancers. She is really brave, I thought. She has big plans in the future and her old office job didn’t fulfill her expectations. More about her plans next time.

Another change was the squad’s new uniforms. They made their debut at the European Basketball games in Leipzig and on the Supercup in Bamberg.

I hope you enjoy the photos.


[Galactic Dancers Gallery]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders

The long wait is over: the Bucs Cheerleaders debuted their new uniforms at the home opener against the Carolina Panthers.



Ingrid, Crystale, Brittany







[Bucs Cheerleaders Gallery]

[Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders]

Philadelphia Soulmates Audition Prep Class

For more info: or

Photo of the Day – September 16


A Houston Texans Cheerleader

2014 Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders

The Titans have posted individual profiles for this year’s team of cheerleaders. Click here to learn more about the ladies on the team!