Our Favorite Photos – A Jacksonville Axe Maiden

This month is our Tenth Anniversary and to celebrate we’re posting some of our all-time favorite photos.

April 23rd
A Jacksonville Axe Maiden at the Atlanta Sheraton, 2011

At the 2011 P-R-O Convention, David Tyau scouted the hotel and suggested the pool area as a possible shooting location. And then the Jacksonville Axe Maidens were kind of enough to get up early on Sunday morning before the convention resumed and we did a little photoshoot in and around the pool.

Photo of the Day – April 23

Kelli of the ROAR of Jacksonville at 2011 Ohana Day

Audition for the NBA Newest Dance Team: The Charlotte HoneyBees

2014 HoneyBees Auditions
Saturday, June 7th
Time Warner Cable Arena
Registration begins at 9 pm
Auditions start at 10pm


Must be at least 18 years of age by June 7th, 2014 (must present valid ID)
Must have graduated from high school or received G.E.D.
Must have proper audition attire and footwear
You must be available every night during the week of boot camp (June 8th-June 15th)

Audition Day Tips:

Come dressed in your Hornets inspired dance gear. Show off your love for the Hornets in purple and teal! Must include a midriff top and shorts and non-marking shoes
Bring a warm up suit or cover up. Restrooms will be available but there will be no formal changing area
Concession stands will NOT be open, bring your own snacks and water

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I do to prepare for Tryouts?
We suggest attending one of our prep classes to prepare you for the audition process

Do I need to have formal dance training?
No, you don’t know need to have any formal dance training. Dance skills are recommended but the judges will be looking for other qualities such as physical fitness, entertainment factor, and personality

Can my friends and family come to auditions?
Yes! Our open audition is open to the public so your friends and family can support you for round 1. Buzz City will be alive and supportive that night to start our new era of HoneyBees.

What do I need to wear to auditions?
Middrif top and shorts with a “Hornets” vibe. Outfit should utilize Hornets colors. Be creative, be sexy, and show your love for Buzz City. Must wear non-marking soled shoes. Tennis shoes or dance shoes recommended.

How should I wear my hair and make up?
Please come with your hair styled and your makeup on.

Will there be compensation?
Yes, HoneyBees are paid for home games, appearances, and rehearsals.

What is the time commitment and is this a full time job?
This is a part-time job, all HoneyBees must either have another full time job or are taking classes. Dancers must be able to commit to a full NBA game schedule as well as 2-3 rehearsals per week from August 2014 – May 2015. If you are unable to commit to rehearsals and games you should not audition

What are some of the perks of being a HoneyBee?
Exciting photo shoots, international travel, team-building events, opportunity to participate in charitable events, tickets to Hornets games, just to name a few!

What other dates should I be prepared for in June?
You should be prepared for the entire 8 days of Bootcamp (June 8-15th). You should also be prepared to attend events on the following dates: June 19th, June 23rd, June 26th, and June 27th-29th

If you have any further questions, please email HoneyBees Coach Brandii McCoy at ladycats@bobcats.com

Follow the Lady Cats on Twitter and Instagram for tips and tricks leading up to tryouts @theladycats

Our Favorite Photos – Lauren of the Philadelphia Fight Vixens Dance Team

This month is our Tenth Anniversary and to celebrate we’re posting some of our all-time favorite photos.

April 22nd
Lauren of the Philadelphia Fight Vixens Dance Team in 2009

Another cheerleader with a great smile, I snapped this shot of Lauren while the team photographer was taking the dancer’s official photos.

Chiefs Cheerleader Poster Shoot

The 2014 squad gathered at Arrowhead Stadium for the Chiefs Cheerleader poster shoot

By Rachel Santschi

The Chiefs Cheerleaders returned from their calendar trip last week and just finished their poster shoot over the weekend at Arrowhead Stadium. The 33 ladies arrived at 7a.m. for an all day photo shoot on Saturday, including individual shots, a group shot, cheer group shots and a shoot with all the captains.

“Poster shoot is a long and tedious process,” Stephanie Judah, Chiefs Cheerleader Director, explained. “You can’t rush and you need to make sure you get the best shot of each girl. It’s fun, but takes a lot of work. Thankfully, we have a huge team to help make this day run smoothly. From our amazing photographer, to Beauty Brands styling hair and doing make-up, to Alumni Cheerleaders helping and guiding poses and positions, it takes all of us to create this amazing piece of history.”

The Chiefs Cheerleader posters are used throughout the year. The girls bring these posters on appearances, to community events, on game days or on military tours; they autograph each one and distribute them to the Chiefs Kingdom.

To kickoff the day, each girl took a headshot and a full body shot in the Chiefs Cheerleader uniform and for some, this was when a dream became a reality.

“Poster shoot is a very exciting time for all of our Cheerleaders,” Judah noted. “It is when the rookies put on that uniform and realize their dreams have come true. For veterans, it is that moment of excitement to be part of history for another year. It is so special to watch all of them come together and become the 2014 team. It is truly a special moment.”

During the poster shoot, it is a chance for the veterans to work closely with the rookies and is the first time they are all able to wear the Chiefs Cheerleader uniform.

“Poster shoot is the moment when it all hits you and you realize that we are the current team, we are the 2014 squad,” Krissy, Chiefs Cheerleader Captain, explained. “For the rookies, poster shoot is their ‘pinch me, I really made the squad’ moment and as a veteran, I love seeing the rookies blossom and their eyes twinkle with excitement. We take so much pride in these posters and it’s an incredible experience with the team.”

Following individual shots is the group shot, which includes all 33 ladies and takes much longer than you would think.

“Most people don’t realize how much goes into shooting that group photo,” Summer, Chiefs Cheerleader Captain, said. “Every detail has to be perfect, including the spacing of the formation, angles of the bodies, uniforms laying the right way, hair and makeup and more. Having 33 people take a great photo all at once is not an easy task, but we want to give this organization the representation that it deserves and we always end up getting an incredible shot.”

There is also the captain photo shoot; these photos will appear on the back of the poster, while the group shot is on the front. The girls also pose with their cheer groups and to end the day, they have their individual athletic shots.

“The last shoot of the day is our rendition of ‘Sporty Chick’,” Krissy said. “It’s our opportunity to show our fashion personalities with a sporty twist and is probably the shot that the girls enjoy the most. I love watching the ladies during these individual shots; I feel I learn so much about their personalities and fashion taste and we all have a lot of fun with these shots.”

It was a long day and a lot of hard work but the girl’s love seeing the final product and being able to hand out those poster to Chiefs fans around the world.

“These posters become a piece of history that lives on forever,” Judah noted. “This 2014 squad did a phenomenal job. I truly appreciate everyone’s hard work and can’t wait to see the finished product.”

North Jersey Audition Opportunity

Auditions for the 2014 Bearfoot Dancers will be held on Sunday, April 27th at ‘All 4 Dance Performing Arts Studio’ 155 Roseland Ave #7 Caldwell, NJ 07006.

Registration begins at 9:30am and the Audition begins at 10:00am.

The Bearfoot Dancers are a Major League Dance Team who performs for the Somerset Bears Football Team. The Bearfoot Dancers also perform for charity and community events throughout NJ.

Please RSVP to bearfootdancers@gmail.com or email with any questions.

Photo of the Day – April 22

Photo of the Day – April 21
A Cincinnati Ben-Gal

Our Favorite Photos – Washington Redskins Cheerleader Amanda

This month is our Tenth Anniversary and to celebrate we’re posting some of our all-time favorite photos.

April 21st
Washington Redskins Cheerleader Amanda in 2011.

In 2011, I took a road trip to D.C. for a Redskins game.  I had long admired James photos of the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders and I wanted to photograph the girls in person at a game day.  So in 2011, I finally made the trek across the country to photograph my dream squad.  One great things about going to FedEx Field is that they have a pregame tailgate party where the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders perform and I got several great photos from their pregame performances, but this one was my favorite.

David Tyau, National Correspondent

Photo of the Day – April 21

Photo of the Day – April 21
Soulmates Rebecca and Lora at the Soul home opener on Saturday

Fruita Grad Makes Broncos Cheer Team

April 19, 2014

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders held tryouts a couple of weeks ago and one of the newest recruits started her career on the Western Slope. Katie Martin was one of 26 girls to make the team.

Martin spent four years on the Fruita Monument High School POMS team. After graduation she went to CSU where she is now a junior studying Fashion Merchandising. She has been on the CSU dance team since her freshman year and a few of her teammates will join her in the Mile High city.

“The girls are so amazing and just seeing how close they are with each other… I’m just so excited to build those relationships with them,” Martin said.

The tryout process she went through was a little over a week long and over 200 dancers tried out. There was a series of routines she had to learn, interviews and tests about football.

“So many people have helped me,” Martin said. “My parents have helped me so much and supported me through everything I have done and I have had so many dance coaches along the way at Fruita and at CSU.”

Her mother, Sheryl Martin, says it was one of the most intense audition experiences she has ever been through. About halfway through tryouts Martin pulled her hamstring, but pushed through and was still able to perform well.

“It was fun going through it with her even though it was nerve wracking and very stressful. It was really a hard audition to go through,” Sheryl said.

Her parents have been there every step of the way and couldn’t be more proud. They plan to attend every home game and even travel to some away games. Her family, including her brother, even went to Denver for the last night of auditions to cheer Martin on.

“I couldn’t be more proud,” Sheryl said. “I have watched her since she was a little girl dancing and wanting to do this so I think it is pretty inspiring to live a dream.”

Katie said the most vital part about tryouts was being physically fit because the routines were so high energy. The team has already started prepping for football season and they will have a training camp during May. Martin won’t be on the CSU team anymore, but she will have to drive to Denver a few times a week for practice.

“I’m most excited for the first game when I get to be in the stadium and on the field and it’s real, because right now it just doesn’t seem like it’s real at all,” Martin said.