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Random Cheerleader Pic of the Day


Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders Photos from Week 13

Last week, the Kansas City Chiefs put a vicious beat down on their arch rivals, the Oakland Raiders, defeating them by a score of 40 – 9.  And it wasn’t event that closes as the Raiders scored their measly nine points in the fourth quarter, well after the outcome of the game was decided.  It was perhaps, the most lopsided game of the day.  Good for the Chiefs.

So let us change gears and let us pay homage to the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders.  Click here to view the Chiefs latest gallery of images of the lovely Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders.

Random Cheerleader Pic of the Day


Cincinnati Ben-Gals Photos from Week 13

In Week 13 of the NFL regular season, the Cincinnati Bengals got their first win of the season by defeating the Jets.  If it is one thing we have learned this years, is that there are a handful of very good teams and more than a handful of really, really bad teams…rather strange at the disproportional bottom portion of a standard deviation bell curve of anticipated team wins and losses.

Well, any win is a good win, even if it comes at the expense of the lowly New York Jets.  And that good news is something to celebrate, so let us take a look at the latest photos of the Cincinnati Ben-Gals.  Click here to view the Bengals gallery of images from last week.

Carolina TopCats Photos from Week 13

Last Sunday, the Carolina Panthers lost a game to the Washington Redskins and for most of us fans, this was an unexpected outcome.  A few days later, new owner David Tepper announced the firing of longtime head coach Ron Rivera.  The Panthers are in the midst of a four-game losing streak with four games remaining and the owner felt that a change was needed. 

Such is the life of a coach in professional football…take a team to the Super Bowl and a couple of seasons later, you are gone.  I guess the new owner wanted to put his own people in place and this might be the first of many managerial moves to come.

We try to focus on the positive here at the blog and that means another look at the Carolina TopCats.  Click here to view the Panthers gallery of images from Week 13.

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders Photos from Week 13

We continue our coverage of Week 13 of the NFL regular season with another look at the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders.  Click here to view the Ravens gallery of images from last Sunday.


Random Cheerleader Pic of the Day


The ROAR Of The Jaguars, “Salute To Service” Game

The Jacksonville Jaguars honored our military service personnel, past and present, at Sunday’s contest versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Performing the Anthem was a vocal quartet from the U. S. Air Force Singing Sergeants. Interpreting the National Anthem for the hearing impaired was ROAR Cheerleader Brooke.
At halftime, a large ceremony involving over 250 recruits from all branches took place.The Oath of Enlistment was conducted by Brigadier General Vincent Buggs. The General has three combat deployments to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The Bucs defeated the Jags 28-11 in a game not quite as close as the score would indicate. Nick Foles had a bad first half and was replaced by Gardner Minshew II after intermission. The sparks Minshew brought were quickly diminished with a goal line interception by the Buccaneer secondary. Quarterback controversy is in full discussion among the disappointed fan base. Rough stretch right now! 
Everyone is on the same love page when it comes to the talented and beautiful ROAR cheerleaders. No controversy here, especially for Meredith who was selected by her peers as Cheerleader of the Game.
Enjoy our game photos:

Meredith, Cheerleaders of the Game

Brooke, interpreted the Anthem for hearing impaired.

Taylor B.

Belinda and Rachel

Jaxson and Amy



Salute to Service






Allison Photobomb


Teresa and Jada

Taylor and Nijah

Start of our game album is HERE

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Photos from Week 13

For the football fan, one of the biggest Thanksgiving day traditions is to watch the Dallas Cowboys play a visiting team on Turkey Day.  This year, the Dallas Cowboys hosted the Buffalo Bills and this game featured two teams in hot pursuit of a playoff berth.  Unfortunately for the home team, the Buffalo Bill prevailed and sent the Cowboys playoff prospects into question.

Final score: Bills – 26, Cowboys – 15.

Let’s check out the latest images of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders from Thanksgiving.  Click here to view the Cowboys gallery of images from Turkey Day.

Detroit Lions Cheerleaders Photos from Week 13

One of three games that were on Thanksgiving featured the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears nd that game was a close one.  Mitchell Trubisky three three touchdown on the day and his third one was the game winner. 

Final score: Bears – 24, Lions – 20.

Disappointed Lions fans were at least treated to another nice performance by the Detroit Lions Cheerleaders.  Click here to view the Lions gallery of images from Thanksgiving.

Random Cheerleader Pic of the Day


New Orleans Saintsations Photos from Week 12

We conclude our coverage of Week 12 with the New Orleans Saintsations.  Click here to view the Saints gallery of images from Week 12.


Random Cheerleader Pic of the Day

TTC Haley 2015 09

Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders Photos from Week 12

The regular season match up between the Atlanta Falcons and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was special because it was the Salute to Service game and the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders were wearing special military themed uniforms designed by one of our longtime sponsors, Satin Stitches.  I think you’ll agree that these uniforms were a lovely addition to the uniforms worn by the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders.  Click here to view the Falcons gallery of images from last Sunday.


Random Cheerleader Pic of the Day