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Estefania Of The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

This article was originally published in Spanish so the translation is a bit choppy:

To be able to make one of the NFL Cheerleading squads, it is necessary to go through a rigorous selection process to which thousands of candidates attend each year. The Miami Dolphins were the first to open call for foreign participants and Mexican native Estefanía Fabregat was one of the chosen few.

Cheerleaders are an important part of football games, as they are in charge of giving shows in which dance and elaborate choreography grab the attention of fans.

Estefanía was born and raised in Mexico City. Since she was a child she showed her dance skills, although at first she focused on classical ballet, she soon learned jazz, contemporary dance and even hip hop.

At the age of 16 she moved with her mother to the United States and that was when she began to have an interest in the American Football, but she did not leave her studies and graduated in Marketing and Communication at Villanova University, where for the first time she was part of a cheer team.

When she finished college, she auditioned for the Miami Dolphins team, but failed on her first attempt, so she prepared for more than a year and landed a spot the following year.

With the team, third season Estefanía performs between 30 and 40 different short routines, on several occasions she has reported that they are in action for about four hours and have very little rest time. She also participates in activities with fans such as autograph signings and community initiatives.

The Mexican native has always shown how proud she is of her roots and proof of this was the message she shared on the official website of the Dolphins.

“My Mexican heritage means unconditional love, family, home, friends, food and traditional values, they are the traditions of my people. It is my roots and where I come from that made me what I am today. Celebrating my Mexican culture means remembering and honoring these values ​​that are treasures of my country, ”she said.


Cardinals Cheerleaders From Sunday Night Football Game Versus Seahawks

The Arizona Cardinals knocked off the the Seattle Seahawks in an overtime thriller on Sunday Night Football 37-34.

Enjoy some photos of the “masked up” Cheers, courtesy of the team’s website HERE:





It Is Worth Repeating. Please Follow The Advice Of The Cheers!!!!



Kayla B.

The ROAR Of The Jaguars, Crucial Catch Initiative

Crucial Catch is a partnership between the NFL and the American Cancer Society that started back in 2009 and focuses on efforts to catch all cancers early by advocating and raising awareness about the importance of regular cancer screenings.
The NFL quietly but dramatically has shifted the traditional breast cancer awareness focus to a broader cancer-awareness effort. This has resulted in the replacement of pink with a broader array of colors, as reflected in the league’s “Crucial Catch” logo.
The NFL’s Crucial Catch initiative emphasizes the importance of early detection and risk deduction of cancer and the ROAR of the Jaguars embraced this wonderful initiative at their last home game.
Below please find photos from this year (masked up) and from the 2019 season. Enjoy:






Belinda Sara Abby Kaylee


Dominick and Nijah



Hailee and Eden


Sara Belinda Abby


The ROAR website is HERE



Buccaneers Win Big In Las Vegas

The photos of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders tells the story:


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Cheerleader Photos From The Buccaneers Victory Over The Packers

The Buccaneers beat up on the Packers last Sunday 38-10.

A nice Cheer album is posted on the Bucs website: HERE

Below are some sample images of the ladies, enjoy.

Stephanie, line captain




Kayla A.






A Public Service Message From Your Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders



ROAR Of The Jags, Cheerleader Of The Game

Buccaneers Cheerleader’s Practice Session For Packers Game

Below is a sample of a nice album the Buccaneers have posted on their website. The smiles may be hidden but check out those Mask Eyes!!

Link to albums is HERE.

Kayla T.


Kayla A.




Kayla T.

Kayla T.


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Tampa Bay’s Anastasia, Lightning Girl To Buccaneer Cheerleader

Reprinted from the Daily Hampshire Gazette:

Anastasia “Anna” Lusnia grew up in Easthampton, Massachusetts rooting for the New England Patriots.

As a youth, she watched two of her favorite players, quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski, lead the Patriots to multiple Super Bowls. Unfortunately, she never got to attend a game. Her sister had that opportunity.

But everything has worked out.

After graduating from Easthampton High in 2015, Lusnia moved to Tampa, Florida. In the five years she has lived in the Sunshine State, she graduated from college, became a full-time nurse and cheered for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Lusnia left the Lightning after the 2018-2019 season for a shot with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. She landed the job, and now finds herself cheering for Brady and Gronk from the sidelines.

“It’s wild,” she said. “I never would have imagined I would be cheering in Tampa and they would be here with me. … It’s pretty surreal.”

A friend cheered for the Lightning, which was how Lusnia got involved with the NHL franchise that recently won the Stanley Cup.

A dancer her whole life, she thought cheering for the Lightning would be a fun way to continue performing. It turned out to be more than just that.

“I think representing an organization so large as the Tampa Bay Lightning provided so many experiences that I never knew existed,” she said. “Just meeting the fans, the season-ticket holder members; I even got to link up with a surgeon who was a season-ticket holder member and I’m a nurse so I got to shadow him; do all sorts of things I never would have imagined I could do by being a cheerleader for the Lightning.”

Lusnia, 23, pursued the opportunity with the Bucs earlier this year.

“After my experience (with the Lightning) I kind of thought maybe I’ll take it to the NFL,” she said. “To me that’s the ultimate in terms of the professional cheer world.”

The COVID-19 pandemic made tryouts interesting. Lusnia started training in February in both a gym and dance studio, then auditioned virtually in early May. Over the course of a couple weeks she had Zoom meetings and sent more videos.

Prior to the audition the Bucs landed two of the most prominent Patriots. Brady signed in March and Gronkowski was traded to Tampa Bay in April. By mid-May, Lusnia received a phone call that only added to the excitement.

“I was in full scrubs, not expecting it all,” she said of the phone call. “It was a video call and they recorded my reaction, which I did not know at the time. They caught me off guard, but it was an amazing day for sure.”

As an intensive care nurse at Tampa General Hospital, Lusnia is well aware of the pandemic and the issues the coronavirus can cause. Prior the start of the NFL season, there was a lot of uncertainty as to whether she would cheer or not.

“It’s been a roller coaster of a ride,” she said. “We’ve been just kind of living day by day. We never really knew if we were going to be able to cheer or if there were ever going to be fans. We’ve been practicing and training since June with the goal and hope that we will cheer, and dance and perform at some point in the season, whether it was the first game or midway through (the season). We’ve certainly been living on the edge. Just have to be super fluid with everything going on.”

Cheering has been an outlet from her full-time job.

“Dance has always been a No. 1 passion for me and it’s certainly a lot different than my work in the hospital, even just the physical exercise,” she said. “I’ve always loved to work for something and the drive and the determination to get to where I want to be physically and performance wise. It’s definitely a great outlet.”

Lusnia has a deep background in dance. She trained for 15 years at the Hackworth School of Performing Arts in Easthampton, as well as the Massachusetts Academy of Ballet in Holyoke.

She has also been involved with the Miss America Organization, holding the titles of Miss Pioneer Valley, Miss Baystate and Miss Kissimmee in Florida. She competed in Miss Massachusetts pageants in 2015 and 2016, as well as the Miss Florida pageant in 2017.

She moved to Tampa to attend the University of South Florida.

“That’s one of the things when discovering this whole professional cheerleading world is you can have a full-time job and cheer for a professional sports team,” Lusnia said. “Both with the Lightning and Buccaneers we don’t travel to away games so that’s my saving grace. I don’t think I could do both, nursing and cheering if we did. It’s an amazing way to continue (dancing). I never really imagined after college I could still be dancing at this level so intensely and frequently.”

Lusnia’s first NFL game was Sunday when the Bucs hosted the Los Angeles Chargers. Brady threw for five touchdowns as the Bucs rallied for a 38-31 win.

“It was an incredible experience,” she said. “I think the adrenalin of the pregame, watching the players warm up, being right outside that home tunnel, our locker room is kind of right behind it; taking it all in was just incredible.”

A bonus that comes with cheering for the Bucs this year is that no matter what happens with Tampa Bay, the Super Bowl will be played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. So whether Brady, Gronk and the Bucs are playing in the game or not, Lusnia will be participating.

“We will be at a ton of events in Tampa for the Super Bowl, regardless if we are in it,” she said. “I am very, very excited for really any outcome because it’s here in our city at our stadium. We’ll get to be a part of it.”

Writer Mike Moran can be reached at mmoran@gazettenet.com. Follow on Twitter @mikemoranDHG.





Anastasia and Lightning teammates Kaley Alyssa and Morgan

2020-21 Sirens Dance Team Auditions

We are now accepting applications for the 2020-21 Sirens Dance Team!

Looking to be part of San Diego’s premier professional dance team? Apply to be a Sirens Dancer today! Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Sirens auditions are going virtual! Fill out your application today to begin the audition process. Please direct all questions to danceteam@sealslax.com or on Instagram or Facebook.

The deadline to apply is Saturday, October 10, 2020.

REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must be 18 years of age on or before the date of the open call audition. Team members must have flexible schedules for weekly rehearsals, all Seals home games, photo shoots and appearances during and prior to the season. Team members must have a reliable means of transportation.

APPLICATION: The San Diego Seals are an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital or veteran status. The Sirens don’t discriminate against candidates with the presence of a disability or handicap. Provided that the candidate can, with or without reasonable accommodations can perform the essential functions of the position for which he/she is applying.

Buccaneers To Visit Bears For Thursday Night Football

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will travel to play the Chicago Bears on this week’s Thursday Night Football. Both teams have 3 & 1 records.



Kayla A.



Link to TBBC roster is HERE

Dolphins At Jaguars—Thursday Night Football

Tune in tonight for clash of NFL Florida titans on Thursday Night Football: