Chargers Grab A Tiger By The Tail

In a titanic battle of division leaders, the AFC North leading Cincinnati Bengals came to town to play the AFC West leading San Diego Chargers. The weather was a balmy 73 degrees, perfect Southern California winter weather. The crowd was pumped. The Charger Girls were hot. And the game was…exciting!

The Chargers scored first on a three yard touchdown pass from Philip Rivers to Antonio Gates, but the Bengals would score the next ten points before the Chargers responded with a Rivers to Vincent Jackson TD pass. It was like that all game long, back and forth. And when the Bengals tied the score on a Shayne Graham field goal with less than a minute left in regulation, most everyone in attendance thought that the game would go into overtime. We were wrong.

Philip Rivers calmly drove the Chargers down the field to the Bengal’s 34-yard line in 51 seconds to set up the game winning field goal, a 52-yarder by Nate Kaeding. Chargers win, 27 – 24.

And the most amazing site of all? At the game’s end, the last minute of the Raiders vs Broncos game was shown on the jumbotron. With the Raiders holding on to a slim, one point lead and the Broncos on offense, Charger fans were cheering the Raiders on to victory! And when the time expired, a loud roar was heard inside Qualcomm stadium. Charger fans were celebrating a Raider’s win, one that gave the AFC West Title to the Chargers. Strange times, indeed!

Well, perhaps that was the second most amazing site of the day. Here’s the first.




Yes Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus…because the Charger Girls were wearing their blue velvet Christmas uniforms! And here’s Marisa, Tonya, Ashlie and Marlina, Line Captains one and all.





And season’s greetings to this week’s Charger Girl of the Day…Jacquelyn.


This is Jacquelyn’s second CGOTD award this season. In truth, there were many candidates to choose from this week, Melanie, Marlina, Heather, Lauren, Giselle, Ashley and Nicole M., but this photo of Jacquelyn was the best of the day…okay, it was my favorite photo of the day. It’s the hair…guys dig big, sexy hair.

Now, let’s us turn our attention to the rest of the Charger Girls, a veritable holiday feast for the eyes. And this week, I am going to introduce the Charger Girls in squad order…assuming my memory holds true. If not, I am sure Max, our sometimes Arizona Correspondent will correct me.  He was out west enjoying the Charger Girl goodness for a third time this year,

Here’s Marisa’s line: Victoria, Nicole M., Brittany W., Carly S., Michelle and Natalie.







And let’s take a look at Tonya’s line: Brittany R., Vanesa, Andrea, Kimberly Emily and Ashley.







Next up is Ashlie’s line: Carly N., Casie, Nicole L., Belinda, Heather and Tiffany.







And finally, Marlina’s line: Katie, Lauren, Jacquelyn, Melanie and Giselle.






It’s not often I get to show a group photo of the Charger Girls performing on the field, mainly because there are so many people on the sidelines that it’s virtually impossible to get a clean, unobstructed shot. But here’s one showing the Charger Girls in their holiday best.


And L.T. stopped by after the game to pay his respects. Dude, save something for next week because with a win, we get a first round playoff bye.


It was a game for the ages, a titanic struggle between two top teams in the AFC. Mourning the death of teammate Chris Henry, the Bengals came to play. The Chargers had a tiger by the tail and it took a last second field goal to avoid getting bit by the Bengals. But with the win, the Chargers became the…


Happy Holidays, Charger Girl fans!

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2 comments to Chargers Grab A Tiger By The Tail

  • sara

    They are GREAT!! The girls are beautiful, and the pictures are superb. Thanks so much for sharing them with us, and have a Merry Christmas!

  • David Tyau

    Hey Sara,

    Thanks for the kind comments. The Charger Girls are gorgeous and I always have a great time covering them for the blog. If you ever get out to San Diego, you should check them out in the Bud Light Power Party, where they pose for photos and sign calendars. They’re all very nice and personable.

    Merry Christmas.