UFL Kickoff: The Hartford Colonials Cheerleaders


The UFL’s second season kicked off last Saturday afternoon as the Hartford Colonials hosted the Sacramento Mountain Lions. The day also the marked the gameday debut of the Hartford Colonial Cheerleaders.


The details aren’t important, but suffice to say, that the Colonials Cheerleader had some real challenges to overcome in preparation for Saturday’s game. But they rose to the occasion and dazzled and delighted the UFL record crowd of nearly 15,000 fans.

Left to right: Billie O’Hara, Director of UFL Cheerleaders and the Florida Tuskers Cheerleaders and former Orlando Magic Dancer; Elizabeth Morgan, Director of the Colonial Cheerleaders and former NFL and CFL Cheerleader, Peggy Williams, Assistant Director of the Colonial Cheerleaders and former member of the Jacksonville ROAR, Donna a former member and coach of the Jacksonville ROAR.

These four ladies worked just as hard as the Cheerleaders to prepare for the big debut.

Prior to the game the Cheerleaders posed for photos.

In the tunnel, prior to the game.


Group photo after a big 27-10 win for the Colonials.

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[Hartford Colonials Cheerleaders]

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  • wow!
    absolutely gorgeous women and outstanding uniforms – very clean and colorful. the photos sure tell the story! that darn sun though. i bet you had a few choice words for it such as “you going to shine on us or not?”