Laker Girls Serve Early Thanksgiving Dinner

The L.A. Lakers bring their ‘Season of Giving’ to Long Beach Senior Center with Thanksgiving dinner.
By Nancy Wride
The Belmont Shore Patch
November 18, 2011

As much as they are missing the NBA action, Long Beach seniors got one fantastic benefit from the ongoing pro basketball lockout: a visit Thursday from L.A. Lakers coach Mike Brown, former star player A.C. Green and the Laker Girls. [Article continued…]

Dara and Teresa

Jenn and Jacquelyn

Brilane and Anncell


Jacquelyn and Kelsey

Kelsey, Ancell, and Brilane


TopCat Captain Cynthia’s Emphasis on Education and Service Would Make Queen Charlotte Proud

Cynthia during the Panthers-Vikings game on October 30th

TopCat Captain Cynthia reigns supreme on the sidelines during Carolina Panthers games, and in fact, she shares some important interests with a certain queen of days gone by. The growing metropolis of Charlotte, North Carolina, is named for Queen Charlotte, wife of British King George III, who knew all about tea parties back during the American Revolution. Queen Charlotte, when she was not dealing with King George’s madness, founded orphanages and a hospital for expectant mothers, and emphasized importance of the education of women. In her own 21st century life, Cynthia is finishing graduate school, but her commitment to education will not end there, as she is on her way to being a teacher of the sciences. Plus, Cynthia’s devotion to causes that are part of the TopCat’s mission covers many charities. Cynthia even helped make a deserving little girl’s dream come true to be a TopCat for a day. Cynthia is certainly using the powers of her position for good. All hail Cynthia! In her third season on the TopCats, Cynthia shares her experiences, from shy girl to student teacher, and everything else along the way, with

Born in Maryland, Cynthia’s parents knew they could not improve upon their first born. “I was born at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, Maryland,” explains Cynthia. “As a young toddler, I lived in Baltimore, but spent most of my childhood growing in Laurel, Maryland. I am an only child. My parents like to tease me by saying that they ‘stopped at perfection.’”

Asked about best recollections during her early years, Cynthia recalls, “My favorite childhood memories are those that I spent with my grandparents and family. My Gommy taught me how to cook, sew and be crafty, and my PopPop taught me his southern charm which has come in handy now that I live in the South. Because I was only child, I used to love family get-togethers and playing with my cousins.”

Dancing opened up a world of expression and friendships for Cynthia, as she was not an extroverted child. “I started dancing at a young age, around three, like most little girls do,” Cynthia shares. “But as soon as I started I fell in love. The older I became, the more I wanted to dance and perform. My Mom tried to get me to try sports but I knew dancing was my true passion. I was definitely VERY shy as a child. I wouldn’t even speak to my aunt until I was five or six years old. But on stage was the one place where I did not feel shy. And as grew older, performing and being on stage helped me come out of my shell so now I can perform in front of 73,000 with no problem. I met Arthur Mitchell and Debbie Mitchell as a child when I was a part of the Dance Theater of Harlem. I was in awe of these two amazing artists and they helped me strive to become a better dancer. Dancing was also a great social outlet for me and I have met many of my closest friends through dance.”

Asked if she has any memories of her first public dance performance ever, Cynthia responds, “This is a toughie, it was so long ago. I believe my first performance was a dance recital. I was one of those precious little girls in a tutu and a big bow in my hair and lip-syncing to the song. I remember practicing all the time for that recital, and I still remember some of the moves and words of the song. ‘Oh yes I am a beautiful baby, I really am a wonderful child. Before I even started, to go to kindergarten, I drove all the little boys wild!’” This early performance was the start of what would grow to bigger and bigger venues, as Cynthia explains, “Being on the stage with the lights and the costumes was a little scary at first, but I remember having so much fun dancing that eventually you forget all about the people watching you. Now I live to perform for people, and seeing smiles on the fans’ faces and enjoying our routines is what makes my heart smile at each game.”

But Cynthia is not just using artistic talents, as she pursues science as her field of study, and soon will be teaching science to others. After high school, Cynthia moved from Maryland to Rock Hill, South Carolina to attend college. “I am in my last year of graduate school at Winthrop University studying secondary education,” as Cynthia throws in a ‘woo hoo!’ that her own school days are winding down. “I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with a minor in Biology, also from Winthrop University. I will be doing my student teaching in the spring and I once I graduate, I will be certified to teach in South Carolina. I am hoping to get a job in a great school district where I can teach either Biology or Chemistry. I want to share my passion of science with students and inspire them to strive for success.”

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Bucs Cheerleader Spotlight – Cynthia Bastos

Cynthia is enjoying her 3rd season as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleader. Cynthia was born in Rhode Island but now professes to be “fully converted over to a Southern”.

Graduated from University of South Florida with a Bachelors in Business Management.

Graduated from University of South Florida with a Bachelors in Business Management.

Works as a Project Manager for a large Electrical Contractor.

Works as a Project Manager for a large Electrical Contractor.

Cynthia's favorite charity is Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Cynthia's favorite charity is Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Quote: "I am extremely ambitious and hope to be the CEO of my own company someday".

Quote: "I am extremely ambitious and hope to be the CEO of my own company someday".

Cynthia loves running and boot camp style work outs.

Cynthia loves running and boot camp style work outs.

Favorite Buccaneer memory is the amazing London 2009 trip.  All-Time favorite Buc----Lee Roy Selmon

Favorite Buccaneer memory is the amazing London 2009 trip. All-Time favorite Buc----Lee Roy Selmon

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DFW-Area Audition – Try out for the Arlington Lady Bulldogs

[Arlington Lady Bulldogs]

Dallas Stars Ice Girls Calendar Release Party

Come out for the 1st ever Dallas Stars Ice Girls Calendar unveiling & Watching Party this Friday, Nov. 18 at Hard Rock Café at 7:30 pm. Watch the Stars take on the Avs at 8:00 PM and get your calendar autographed by the Ice Girls during intermission!

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2011-12 Allen American Ice Angels

The Americans have updated their website with a new team photo of the Ice Angels and bios for each dancer.

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Anaheim Bolts Dance Team

Click here to check out individual photos and bios on one of the PASL’s newest dance teams!

Heather, Alex, and Stephanie

Former Titans cheerleader Melissa Hodges named Director of Hawks Dance Team

Knoxville Knighthawks

Melissa Hodges is proud to join the Knoxville Nighthawks as the dance team director. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Hodges received a bachelor of science in neuroscience from Vanderbilt University. After serving as captain and dancing competitively in both high school and college, Hodges spent three years as an NFL Tennessee Titans Cheerleader. With the Titans, Hodges served as president of the Spirit Committee, spoke at various youth leadership conferences, and traveled throughout the country to support the U.S. military. She has choreographed for several dance teams throughout Tennessee, including the Vanderbilt Dance Team and Franklin Cowgirls. She is a dance and cheer consultant for Going Pro Entertainment and teaches dance at Angela Floyd Schools. Hodges also judges dance and cheer competitions and auditions throughout Tennessee as a Spirit Events Coordinators judge.

Video: Working Out With The Charger Girls

NFL Week 9 Cheerleader Gallery

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Titans Cheerleader Performs at CMA Awards

By Stacie Kinder
Titans Online

NASHVILLE, Tenn — Third-year Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Jessi took to the stage last week at the Country Music Association’s Awards show at the Bridgestone Arena. She performed front and center in the opening act with Blake Shelton and Kenny Loggins, and then later, she danced in the “Country Girl Shake it for Me” number with Luke Bryan.

Jessi auditioned with nearly 300 other hopefuls, finally being one of six women and six men chosen to dance in the show. The group spent more than fifty hours over eight days in rehearsals to learn the choreography to perfection. The show was choreographed by famed choreographer, Barry Lather out of Los Angeles who has choreographed for the American Music Awards, the Grammys, and the Academy Awards, working with artists such as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Usher, The Pussycat Dolls, and many others.

Jessi (left) dances in the 'Country Girl Shake it for Me' number with Luke Bryan.

Previously, Jessi danced with Christina Aguilera in both the American Music Awards and the Video Music Awards in Los Angeles. In comparing those experiences to the CMAs last week, she said, “I was definitely more nervous with Christina; I feel much more at home in Nashville performing for my friends.” Jessi indicated that while she was dancing on stage during the show, she could see many people she knew in the audience, including award-winning producer, Michael Knox who has worked with Jessi in her musical aspirations with her TTC band, Danger Love Saint. Further, Jessi described both Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan as, “Friendly and personable; they were cool and relaxed and just really fun to work with.”

Jessi called the CMAs one of the top 5 experiences of her performance career, a dance and performance career that includes the Fox hit show, “So You Think You Can Dance,” MTV’s “World of Jenks,” and numerous music videos and commercials.

“It was great to have the other women on the team so excited for me and cheering me on,” Jessi said, “The CMA Awards performance was definitely an experience I’ll treasure.”

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Miami Dolphins cheerleaders share their secrets

By Michele Wright

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The life of a Miami Dolphins cheerleader may seem glamorous, with all the adoring fans and being in the spotlight for some of the biggest football games and events in the world.

However being a professional cheerleader is more than just a pretty face. CBS 12’s Michele Wright reveals the secrets of the sideline.

The Sun Life Stadium is quiet now, but it’s the home of the Miami Dolphins football team. Sunday fun day with football, food, fun and the ladies on the sidelines cheering everyone on…the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders.

As a former NFL Cheerleader (Jacksonville Jaguars ROAR), I got the exclusive CBS 12 interview, and sat down with two local Phins cheerleaders. They stopped by the CBS 12 studios, giving us a rare look into the life of a NFL cheerleader. Brianne Herndon is a veteran cheerleader from Port St. Lucie. And Kylee Rodgers is a rookie living in West Palm Beach.

“I love being on field, it’s the most amazing experience. fans screaming…best seat in the house,” Herndon said. “I’ve always done dancing my entire life every since I was 2. Dad grew up in Ft. Lauderdale born & raised. Grew up watching Miami Dolphins. I grew up around the Dolphins. We always had season tickets and I would always go to the game & when I saw the cheerleaders. I fell in love. I knew when I turned 18. I wanted to tryout for Miami Dolphins.”

“I love it here…being a part of Dolphins icing on the cake,” Rodgers said. “I’ve been an athlete my entire life. Really inspired to try-out for the NFL squad because I enjoy performing and working out and being a part of a team with 41 other beautiful women to support me and work hard with is a dream opportunity.

The pay range is $20-$50 per home game. With over 500 appearances with the Miami Dolphins organizatio, the unveiling of their new 2010 swimsuit calendar, full-time jobs and school, these ladies stay busy on and off the field.

“My entire day can be demanding at times,” Rodgers said. “I definitely get up bright and early work all the way to 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

“The hard work together, the sweat, moments, calendar unveiling, excitement can’t describe it, I live for it.”

What are the myths about being an NFL cheerleader?

“I think the biggest one is that we don’t work hard,” Rodgers said. “You should see us after practice. We really work hard, learn routines, look beautiful on the field.”

“Everyone thinks that we’re always glamorous,” Herndon said. “No, we have practice 3 times a week from 6-10 & its hard work to cheer on our favorite team. We’re dancing the whole time.”

What do the fans think of the cheerleaders?

“They’re always excited to see us,” Herndon said. “It puts a smile on our face, how excited they are to get our autograph. Just to see their faces.”

“If we wave at a young child or a really excited fan,” Rodgers said, “it brings a smile and a feeling I can’t describe.”

How do the cheerleaders inspire others?

“You do the best you can, it’s that sparkle,” Herndon said.

“Believe in yourself. It’s about being a role model to young women, know how to present yourself, care about community, get involved, doing the right thing,” Rodgers said.

The ladies tell me that they LOVE performing in front of the fans, but they are most proud of their work in the community.

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Philadelphia Soulmates 2nd Open Call Audition

[Soulmate Audition Registration] gallery: Week 10

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