NFL Cheerleaders (Week 11)

Oops, I forgot to post last weeks’ photos, so this week is a two-fer. The latest cheerleader gallery on centers mostly on the Falcons, Vikings, and Broncos Cheerleaders, with a few photos from other teams for a little variety. Click here to go there now. NFL Cheerleaders (Week 10)

Click here to check out this week’s Sports Illustrated NFL Cheerleader gallery. This week includes loads of photos of the Colts and Bucs Cheerleaders, and also some from the Falcons, Chiefs, 49ers, Cowboys, Jets, and Bengals.

Lady Raiders Announce 2012 Calendar Release Party

The Lady Raiders dance and cheer squad of the Richmond Raiders professional indoor football team will unveil and sign their 2012 swimsuit calendar, the team’s first, at Fleming’s Steakhouse and Wine Bar located at Stony Point Shopping Center, 9200 Stony Point Parkway, Richmond, Va, from 6 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, November 29.

The event is open to the public and includes a performance by the Lady Raiders, complimentary hors de’ouvres and a cash bar. This will be the first opportunity to purchase a calendar at $14.99 each. The 12-month calendar will also be available at, at all home Raiders games and at local calendar signing appearances. For information on how to stock your shelves with the Lady Raiders Swimsuit Calendar or schedule a signing appearance, contact

The calendar is produced by team owner Elizabeth Fraizer, dance team coordinator Laura Eilers, and award-winning Richmond photographer Guy Crittenden. Hair is styled by Blair Warren of Carytown Instyle Salon and Jessica Penn of Styles of Grandeur, and makeup provided by DeShay Dillard.

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Where Are They Now? 2010 Charger Girl Kylie A.

A couple of days ago, I received an email from the grandmother of former Charger Girl Kylie to let us know what she was up to.  If you read her bio on, you know that Kylie, like many Charger Girls, was an accomplished college student and this year she had the opportunity to study abroad.

I met Kylie’s grandmother, Mary Lou Kitchen, and her father in the Bud Light Power Party last year and she wanted me to try to convince Kylie to stay home and continue her career with the Charger Girls.  Both she and I know that a Charger Girl’s time on the squad is a short one and it is truly a rare opportunity to be an NFL cheerleader.  I have seen a few girls leave the squad and tryout again, only to fail. So staying with the squad for as long as you can is something that one would encourage, since their time on the team is shorter than a NFL player’s career.

But I am also a believer in education, holding two undergraduate degrees from UCLA and a MBA from Pepperdine University.  And I believe that if you have the opportunity to travel abroad and study in a foreign country, that is an opportunity too good to pass up.  And I guess that’s what Kylie did.

So here are a few photos of Kylie taking a break (skydiving) in Switzerland, one of the countries I have always wanted to visit…being a European History major in college.  I guess she found some free time in between studies…life is short and it should be lived to the fullest.

You know I’m sure Kylie must have studied physics in college and the rate of falling due to gravity…it’s 9.8 meters per second squared…or for you and I…mighty fast, if your parachute fails to open.  Gutsy move…kind of like trying out for an NFL cheerleading squad.

And for you Charger Girl fans who may have forgotten what Kylie looked like in the uniform, here are a few photos to refresh your memory.

Kylie if you are reading this, when you get back to the States, I hope you try out for the Charger Girls again. I need to snap a few more photos of you in the uniform to make my collection complete! ;-)

And a big thanks to Mary Lou Kitchen for the update.

Two Great Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Videos

The folks at two great videos on the DCC. One from the recent swimsuit calendar release and another with Kelsi Reich.

Art, Design, and Dance Drive TopCat Captain Myra

Myra on the sidelines during the Panthers October 30th game against the Vikings

Even cheerleaders need cheerleaders. For Myra of the TopCats, the dance squad that cheers on the Carolina Panthers, her parents are her own personal cheerleaders. Not only have they been amazingly supportive, but Myra’s parents have a wide variety of interests, including ballroom dancing. Not only does Myra dance, but she is a lifelong artist and currently a graphic designer. Myra is one of the TopCat Captains this season, but she also was a four-year member of the NBA’s Washington Wizards dance team prior to her move to Charlotte. UltimateCheerleaders learned Myra’s path in art, dance, and design, and how her parents, culture, and ice skating brought her to NFL and NBA sidelines, even performing for the most “VI” VIP in the USA.

Being part of pro cheer and dance for two pro leagues started innocuously enough for Myra, during a conversation catching up with friends. “I was actually sitting around two girls I danced with in high school,” explains Myra. “We had all graduated from college were just catching up, and my friend said, ‘I heard on the radio they were having auditions for the Wizards; do it.’ My response was ‘CHA, right. No, I won’t make that. That’s not gonna happen.’ A week later, I went to a prep class and fell in love. I walked in thinking, ‘I have no idea why I’m here,’ to, ‘I belong nowhere else BUT here.’”

Of her time dancing for the Wizards, Myra recalls, “My favorite memories would have to be the awesome friends I made there, from my fellow dancers, to the people I was able to meet, and…dancing for Obama! That was the game of a lifetime.”

Myra lived in Arlington with her best girlfriends until 2010, but a change was in store, as Myra explains, “Then I moved to Charlotte with my wonderful boyfriend.”

Myra’s days with the Wizards ended, but not her love of dance. “I knew that even after the NBA, I did not want to stop dancing,” Myra says. “Whether it was find a company to perform for (which I had made one in DC, then sadly had to decline because of the move), or try out for the NFL somewhere, I knew the poms weren’t hung up yet.”

Plus, finding a new dance outlet also filled in other pieces of life when Myra moved to a new city. “Moving to a new town was different and a bit of an adjustment, to say the least,” recalls Myra. “Being part of a professional dance team adds so much to my life. Being new, it gave me an instant family, which was incredibly important. I loved and still love having pride in my city and being able to say that I help bring something big or small to a big organization such as the Panthers. The opportunities and people you get to meet have no limit.”

In her NFL career, what are Myra’s most memorable moments? Myra replies, “My favorite memories are all encompassing! From auditions my rookie year, to the TopCat Retreat, which is where I think a lot of our bonding begins. There is no feeling like the first time your boot hits that field though. It is like no other rush hearing the roar of the fans and feeling the energy ricocheting in the stadium. One of my favorite memories is performing our TopCat intros (both this and last year). Getting to hear your name over the speakers in the Bank of America Stadium is a little unreal. As a TopCat legend, Laura Ruble, told me ‘There is no feeling like standing in the end zone, heart racing, knuckles white from gripping your poms, and then the music comes on.’ The entire experience is like nothing else.”

“This season has been incredibly exciting!” describes Myra about the buzz of new QB Cam Newton. “I think you hold your rookie year close to your heart, and there is no one and nothing that can replace that, but this year has been awesome as well! The excitement on the field has been so high-charged, it’s amazing. I was just telling my best friend who came in to town to watch her first Panthers game, you sort of forget how big of a deal things can be when you are down there, because you are so focused on getting all the moves right. But if you think about looking down onto the field, it’s a little astounding. This season Cam has brought an energy to the stadium that has made our jobs more exciting!”

In addition to the excitement being generated by the Panthers, Myra also stepped into the role of TopCat Captain. “Being asked to be a Captain was beyond thrilling, and an honor I did not think was in the realm of my TopCat career.”

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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 2012 Swimsuit Calendar Release Party

Nov. 19, 2011

[Photo Gallery]

America’s Sweethearts — aka the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders –officially released their 2012 swimsuit calendar at an exclusive gathering inside the Glass Cactus nightclub at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine. The calendar was shot on location in Nayarit, Mexico amid some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

“We could not be more proud of this opportunity to ‘show off’ the final product of the annual DCC Swimsuit calendar and the associated television show to all of the partners who made it possible,” said Kelli Finglass, Director, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. “The Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitor’s Bureau offered critical guidance and daily assistance in finding and accessing amazing areas from jungles to beaches to ocean view mansions.”

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Calendar Release Party was a scene unto itself as the calendar photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, television crew members and the cheerleaders joined VIPs and sponsors on the upper level inside the massive Glass Cactus featuring beautiful vistas overlooking Lake Grapevine. Upon arrival, we were ushered past the velvet rope and greeted at the top of the staircase by the 17 DCC rookies with their welcoming smiles and pom poms. The calendar’s featured cheerleaders were lined up and posed with their “month,” with large photos on display behind the cheerleaders.

As luck would have it, I was literally the first person to enter party by virtue of the perfect proximity to the entry when they began to allow people inside. I’m not gonna lie, it was certainly one of those amazing moments when you have to pause and ask yourself if this is really happening!

Within minutes of the doors opening, people were lined up to get autographs and pictures while chatting with the cheerleaders. Since this was my inaugural DCC party, I quickly found my old friend, Kelsi Reich, to get the scoop on what this night was all about. After all, Reich is a four-year veteran of the squad.

“This is such a great night,” Reich said. “It is similar to a reunion as it brings together everybody behind the scenes who put the calendar together.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there were 17 rookies who were experiencing this amazing evening for the first time, including Holly Arielle. Arielle was among the rookies who mingled with the crowd and posed for pictures.

“This entire year has been so amazing,” Arielle said. “It has been a great experience and I have made so many new friends.”

A cool aspect of the evening occurred at 9 p.m., when I glanced up and realized that the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team was currently airing on CMT. This was the perfect occasion to enjoy the buffet and catch a glimpse of the show.

After a quick break, we chatted with rookie Mackenzie Lee. “It’s great to see the veterans who are featured in the calendar,” Lee said. “I feel so happy for the veterans who are getting to experience this for the first time.”

As we worked our way around the room, we stopped by for a visit with third-year veteran Ashton Torres. She said her favorite part of this annual event is “that it is so much fun to meet new people and see her friends (from the calendar shoot) again.”

Video: Denver Broncos Cheerleaders All-Access

Video: Warrior Girls 2012 Swimsuit Calendar Preview

Baltimore Blast Cheerleaders

Last Saturday the Baltimore Blast Cheerleaders took to the field at 1st Mariner Arena for the Blast home opener:

Blast Cheerleaders perform at the end of the 3rd Quarter last Saturday Night

Blast Cheerleaders perform at the end of the 3rd Quarter last Saturday Night

Blast Cheerleaders with Director Elizabeth "Liz" Guardalo. This is Liz's fifth season in charge of the Blast Cheerleaders.

Blast Cheerleaders with Director Elizabeth "Liz" Guardalo. This is Liz's fifth season in charge of the Blast Cheerleaders.

Calendar Cover Model Jessica

Calendar Cover Model Jessica

This is Karyn's 4th year on the squad.

This is Karyn's 4th year on the squad.

Carrying the big die

Carrying the big die

[Blast Cheerleaders Gallery]

[Baltimore Blast Cheerleaders]