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NBA lockout: Owners, players reach tentative agreement to start season on Christmas

Woohoo! Read on…

Another DCC catches the spotlight on game day

This time it was 4 year veteran Melissa Kellerman. She never saw Cowboys TE Jason Witten coming at her like a locomotive. Thankfully, Melissa wasn’t hurt. Lucky girl. She could’ve been flattened like Wile E. Coyote under a falling anvil.

And because Melissa is perfectly fine, it is completely acceptable to watch the video over and over and howl with laughter as he grabs her around the waist and slams her down like this is the WWE. It looks like he was trying to tackle her, but I think that was actually a protective move to control where she fell. And it looks like he apologized, so Jason, you’re alright with me.

DCC Turkey Day Gallery

Click here to see what else went on, besides women screaming and bodies flying.

Video: Behind the Scenes at the Warrior Girls Calendar Shoot

Congrats to new Director Sabrina Ellison (formerly of the Sonics and Thunder)

San Jose SaberKittens Auditions Are Set

Want to join the Bay Area’s hottest dance team? The three-time AFL champion San Jose SaberCats are holding auditions for a chance to earn a spot on the 2011 San Jose SaberKittens dance team. Auditions will be held on January 7th & 8th, 2012 at the Fry’s Electronics Gym in Palo Alto.

WHAT: 2011 San Jose SaberKittens Auditions
WHEN: Saturday, January 7, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. Callbacks are Sunday, January 8, 2012.
WHERE: Gym at Fry’s Electronics in Palo Alto. Address is 380 Portage Avenue, Palo Alto, CA, 94306.

[SaberKittens Auditions Registration]

2011 Mavs Dancers

Individual profiles for the 2011-12 Dallas Mavericks Dancers have been posted online. Click here to go there now.

New Ben-Gals photo

A new photo of the 2011-12 Cincinnati Ben-Gals cheerleaders has been posted on the Bengals website. Click here to see the full size version. Although individual profiles have been posted, there are no individual uniform shots as of yet. Hopefully those will come soon.

(For those keeping track, it’s a contest to see which team will be the very last in the league to post their roster and uniform photos, the Bengals or the Bills.)

Energee! 2011-12 Photoshoot: Night on the Town

The Milwaukee Bucks Energee!’s latest photoshoot has the ladies of the squad in their best out-on-the-wardrobes.


[Energee! Night on the Town Gallery]

Photos: Laker Girls Help Foothill Unity Feed Needy Families

Veteran Laker Girl Jessica

Nathan McIntire
Monrovia Patch
Nov 22, 2011

The Laker Girls and the Tournament of Roses Rose Queen and Rose Court joined volunteers Tuesday at Foothill Unity Center’s annual holiday food distribution event to pass out the makings of a Thanksgiving feast to needly local families.

Held at the Arboretum in Arcadia, the center expected to give away boxes that included meat and all the trimmings to more than 1,500 families who registered for the drive.

Joan Whitenack, Foothill Unity’s executive director, said the number of families fed by the center has doubled since 2007 as the continued slumping of the economy has forced more people to turn to charity to get through the holidays.

“A lot of people who never needed help before are here,” she said.

Police Chief Jim Hunt and several other members of the Monrovia Police Department were also on hand to help Tuesday. He said his job was easier this year because school was out and more students were volunteering their time.

“We got all these students out helping us. Usually it’s just us old guys,” Hunt said.

Four Laker Girls joined the effort as part of the annual “Season of Giving” program sponsored by East West Bank. The girls helped hand out turkeys and gave away autographed calendars.

Emily Wang, the bank’s director of marketing, said she was impressed with how the distribution drive was organized. She said she plans on bringing the Laker Girls back next year and possibly some members of the team.

“Next year, if there’s no lockout, we may have some players!,” she said, laughing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our cheerleader friends and their families, particularly those who are performing on this day.

UD skater works for Philadelphia Flyers as Ice Girl

By Diane Kukich, University of Delaware
Newark Post
November 23, 2011

Brittany Sullivan’s skating ability and fan-friendliness got her a job as a Philadelphia Flyers Ice Girl in September. But it was her pretzel-shaping skills that got her through the first day on the job early in October. Forming dough into the shape of the Flyers logo at the Philly Pretzel Factory was all part of the season kick-off for the NHL team and the 10 young women who support them on the ice and off.

Sullivan, a junior majoring in health behavior science at the University of Delaware, has been skating since she was six years old. She also loves sports, so she saw the opportunity to try out for the team as a perfect fit.

During the one-day audition, the field of applicants was narrowed from about 100 to 20 after an on-ice test and then to 10 following a personal interview. Sullivan, who is also a member of the UD collegiate figure skating team, made the cut and just days later donned the team’s black and orange gear.

The Ice Girls perform at all of the Flyers home games, pose for photos with fans and represent the team by making appearances at community events throughout the season. They also clean the ice in the front of the goals three times during each of a hockey game’s three periods—an NHL requirement that results in a fine if not done properly.

As a native of Fredericksburg, Va., Sullivan grew up skating at the training facilities of another NHL team, the Washington Capitals, and she was a staunch Capitals fan. So her new affiliation with the Flyers has drawn some disapproval from her hometown friends.

But Sullivan herself has no qualms about the divided loyalty. “This job is a lot of fun,” she says, “and it’s a great opportunity to make connections and gain experience in the sports world.”

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Ally Traylor on Pre-Game Meals and Favorite Dallas Restaurants

By Lauren Drewes Daniels
The Dallas Observer
Nov. 23 2011

Occasionally we identify interesting local folks who are as obsessed with food and restaurants as we are, and share some of their thoughts on Dallas’ dining scene and food in general. This is one of those occasions.

What food reminds you of your childhood?
Soft pretzels! I’m originally from St. Louis, and THE place for the best soft pretzels is Gus’ Pretzels. As a child, I could never get enough of Gus’, so now, even as an adult, every time I eat a soft pretzel I fondly remember my childhood obsession, and naturally compare it to my favorite, Gus’ Pretzels.

What are some of your favorite restaurants in Dallas?
I totally can’t pick just ONE! It would only be right for me to narrow down my list of favorites by category:

Burgers — Twisted Root
Brunch — La Duni
Tex-Mex Restaurant — MIA’S (Made famous because it was Tom Landry’s favorite restaurant!)
Italian — Campisi’s
Favorite Restaurant Atmosphere — Nick & Sam’s Grill
Pizza — Cane Rosso
Steak — Del Frisco’s

What food is your favorite guilty indulgence?
Tex Mex! I LOVE brisket tacos with chips and queso, fresh pico — I can never get enough. Throw in a margarita and I’m in heaven.

In your travels, what are some of the best (or most memorable) meals you’ve had?
Throughout my five-season career as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, I’ve been given the opportunity to travel across the world to South Korea on USO tours, to China and Japan while on an American Airlines One World Alliance Ambassadors Tour, and have been to Mexico and the Bahamas several times for our annual swimsuit calendar project.

As my teammates can attest, I’m a “picky eater,” but while in China I felt adventurous and explored several different traditional Chinese foods. My least favorite was the jellyfish, but my absolute favorite was the Peking duck skin, wrapped inside a thin, almost crepe-like casing. It was amazing! I ate so many of them that I definitely was not up for much dancing after the meal.

Another fond memory involving international cuisine involves our trip to Japan. We had the opportunity to be tourists for a day and walk around Narita, learning about the local culture. While walking and shopping, we came across a street vendor that happened to be selling food. Hungry, as we cheerleaders always are, we decided to order a few items and be spontaneous. Feeling adventurous, I decided to try the dried, teriyaki minnow … my face was priceless! Though it wasn’t on my bucket list, and isn’t on any to-do list for the future, it was definitely a fun, funny and memorable experience.

What food or beverage items do you always keep stocked in your fridge at home?
Beverages — Bottled water, Dr Pepper, fat-free milk and orange juice are always fully stocked.
Fruit — I always have apples and green grapes.
Vegetables — Cucumbers and baby carrots
Junk Food — Those little pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! They are great for when I’m on the go and don’t feel like being healthy.

Favorite late-night snack?
Popcorn … ALL flavors!

Do you have a favorite hole-in-the-wall or off-the-beaten-path restaurant in Dallas?
Alligator Café in Dallas! It has the best authentic Cajun food in the city: shrimp po-boys, crawfish etouffee, jambalaya and yes, even real GATOR. Yum!

What kind of restaurants would you like to see more of in Dallas?
Great BBQ! I’ve lived in Dallas for about five years and I have yet to find a truly amazing BBQ restaurant. Any suggestions?

What is an essential MUST HAVE dish at your Thanksgiving dinner?
My mom’s sweet potato pie. Wow! I think I could eat an entire meal of just that pie. It’s amazing and I crave it all year long.

Games are a major workout for you. What is you pregame meal or drink that helps you stay energized and hydrated?
After five seasons as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, I’ve figured out that I am definitely a creature of habit on game day. Some would even say that I’m superstitious when it comes to my pregame meal.
Chocolate chip pancakes or apple pancakes (no syrup)
Turkey bacon (two slices)
One apple
One full cup of coffee with French vanilla creamer

As far as what I eat just before a game, it really depends on what our catering service at Cowboys Stadium has for our buffet line. Contrary to popular belief, we actually DO eat, and on game day, we eat a lot! Every game day we have several different options for our pregame meal — healthy options and tasty treats. The best part of game day is that we always eat our meals together as a team in our locker room, laughing, relaxing and having fun before we dance for four straight hours.

For a noon game, we typically arrive at the stadium around 6:30 a.m., so we will have a full breakfast spread complete with eggs, bacon, breakfast sandwiches, Danishes, coffee, juices, fruit and more. If it is an afternoon or evening game, we have items like grilled chicken, steamed veggies, BBQ, chicken fingers, fajitas, etc. Needless to say, our favorite meal and game is the Thanksgiving game. We have a traditional Thanksgiving feast complete with all the fixin’s: turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, pies and casseroles galore!

Again, a creature of habit or superstition, during halftime I always stop by our fully stocked fridge and drink one Dr Pepper and one Gatorade. … Weird, I know!

NFL.com gallery: Week 11

Click here for the week 11 photos. Last weekend the Vikings Cheerleaders took their turn in military inspired costumes. Other teams featured this week include the 49ers GoldRush, Redskins, Ravens, Broncos, Rams, and Falcons Cheerleaders.

Queens College Dance Team Alumna, Claudette Torres Performing for Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

Queens College
November 22, 2011

The following is an excerpt from Queens College dance team alumna, Claudette Torres – who details the tryout process and her successful naming to the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleading squad.

After my first year out of college, I thought this would be my opportunity to really think about my life and what I would want to make out of it. I have been dancing for as long as I could remember and one of my biggest goals throughout my life was to dance for a professional team after college. I saw the Eagles Cheerleaders perform during an Eagles game and I knew I wanted to audition for (the 2011) team.

The open call audition took place back in March at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. Roughly 400 dancers came to audition for a spot on a team of 38 cheerleaders. The audition was a very long process, consisting of open call, semifinals, and finals. After the open call audition, the dancers must audition along with the cheerleaders from the previous year; each cheerleader must audition every year if they wish to remain on the squad. After the semifinals round, only 60 dancers were left to go off to the final audition. The final audition judged us in the categories of: physical fitness, dance, and public speaking.

The morning after the final audition, the email was sent out of the names of the new 2011-12 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders. I was speechless when I read my name! It has been such an exciting and incredible experience since then!

Even though the NFL was having a lockout, the Eagles Cheerleaders still continued preparing for the possible football season. Once the lockout was over, the Eagles Cheerleaders were back in full force, appearing at different fundraisers, events, interviews, rehearsing twice every week, and photo shoots for different projects for the year. My first time performing on the field was on Aug. 11, during the Eagles’ first preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens. It was such an exhilarating experience to dance on an actual NFL football field and perform for 78,000 fans!

Without the support and motivation from all my family and friends, I probably would not have had the courage to audition. The Queens College Dance Team was instrumental in preparing me for such a highly recognized position on a professional cheer and dance team. I am so happy that I have the opportunity to be a part of the Eagles organization, and so thankful for my family and friends for being there every step of the way. I feel very blessed to have a full-time teaching job as a physical education teacher, and to be one of the newest members of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders. Everything has been such a new and exciting experience and I am enjoying every moment.

2011-12 Red Rockers

The Red Rockers page has been updated on the Washington Capitals website. They’ve got new profile info and tons of new photos, so click here to check out the crew!

Ashley, Caitlin, and Laura