Atlanta Hawks Cheerleader Slips, Hits Head in Scary Fall During Dance Routine

By Jay Busbee
Yahoo! Sports

Scary moment at Monday night’s Atlanta Hawks-Dallas Mavericks game in Atlanta, as a Hawks cheerleader slipped on the Philips Arena floor during the break between the third and fourth quarters, and hit her head hard enough to briefly delay play.

Nathan Bolster/Atlanta HawksParamedics attended to “Kristen” (the Hawks do not release cheerleaders’ last names, for reasons you can probably guess) and removed her from the arena on a stretcher.

Kristen was treated at Atlanta Medical Center and released later Monday night. Hopefully she was, as her bio notes, wearing her lucky socks, or this could’ve been much worse.

“Our best wishes are with the cheerleader who had the incident on the court,” Hawks coach Larry Drew said after the game, which the Hawks lost 127-113, dropping them two games behind the Brooklyn Nets for the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference. “She is doing well, from what I’m told. We are hoping that she is OK and are keeping things in perspective.”

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