Charger Girls Photos from Preseason Week 1

The Los Angeles Chargers have uploaded a gallery of cheerleader images from preseason week 1.  Click here to view the gallery.

2 comments to Charger Girls Photos from Preseason Week 1

  • Edward

    to David Tyau:

    Just went to your blog site and found out about the new Charger camera policy and it’s a crying shame(there are other words that I could use for “crying”; but thought it would be cause the reply to be rejected.

    As good as the official team photos are; I found yours to be a whole lot better and after each Charger home game; I waited to that time when your pictures came out. After the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders (I live in Texas); the Charger Girls became my favorite squad because of your work.

    I hope that they do change the policy and allow you to take photos once again…look forward to any camera shoots that you do and wish you luck in your photographic endeavors!

  • Edward, thank you for your kind words. I was expecting the worst with the announcement of the move to Los Angeles. You know, when I first became a Chargers season ticket holder 17 years ago, you could bring in pretty much anything and up until 6 years ago, the Chargers had the most liberal camera policy in the NFL…now they have the worst.

    The bigger the media market, the worse the camera policy.