Scenes from Pats Finals

Final auditions for the 2014 New England Patriots Cheerleaders took place yesterday. Click here for photos from the event.

Our Favorite Photos – Bucs Cheerleader Tiffany and Her Million Dollar Smile

This month is our Tenth Anniversary and to celebrate we’re posting some of our all-time favorite photos.

Tiffany at the 2008 P-R-O Convention

No one ever had bigger and more dazzling smile than Tiffany.

Congratulations 2014 GoldRush!

Auditions are over and the San Francisco 49ers have announced there new dance team for 2014. Click here to see head shots for those who made the team. Congrats ladies!

Philadelphia Wings Angels Go To The Dogs

For Phialdelphia Wings Mascot Mad Dog’s birthday, fans and rescue organizations were invited to bring their dogs to the game. And the Wings Angels just couldn’t resist these cute critters.

[Wings Angels Gallery for Home Games 7 & 8]

Our Favorite Photos – New England Patriots Cheerleaders Perform “The Cheer Crab”

This month is our Tenth Anniversary and to celebrate we’re posting some of our all-time favorite photos.

I’ve posted this photo before, so I guess that proves it;s one of my favorites.

At last years P-R-O Convention New England Patriots Cheerleader Captains Heather and Stephanie demonstrate the “Cheer Crab”, a staple of the Patriots Cheerleaders fitness regimen. I took multiple photos of the “crab” to get the best shot. While I was snapping away, I asked the cheerleaders if they could continue to hold the pose. Their confident reply: “Oh, don’t worry, we can hold it.”

Our Favorite Photos – An Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader

This month is our Tenth Anniversary and to celebrate we’re posting some of our all-time favorite photos.

April 18th
An Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader in 2010.

Through my association with this blog, I received an email from a “fan” who liked my photos and that fan turned out to be Mad Max our former Arizona Correspondent.  He was a Cardinals season ticket holder and he invited me to a game in Phoenix, where I photographed the ACC from his seats.  And this was one of the photos I got.  It resonated with me because the girl is gorgeous and I just like the movement that was captured in the image.  I’m big on hair flips!

David Tyau, National Correspondent

Phoenix Reborn: The 2014 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Auditions

Spring time is the season of renewal and like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, each year hundreds of hopefuls tryout out for NFL cheerleading teams that hope to renew their squads.  For the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders, it is a new era.  Under the leadership of incoming director Erin La Grassa, the 2014 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders look to build upon the past and add to the tradition of excellence established by former director Heather Karberg.

This past weekend, over a hundred young women tried out for the 2014 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders in a season where the local team will host the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl.  Held over the course of several days, the auditions include three rounds of dancing, an interview portion, and a physical fitness/agility test.

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All In The Family For Tampa Cheerleaders

It’s all in the family for these attractive Tampa cheerleaders. Karen Bittinger of the Buccaneers and her younger sister Alyssa, a first year Hockey Lightning Girl, are both energizing the Tampa Bay fans into rooting for their respective teams.

Karen has been dancing on the Buc’s sideline for the last 3 years and prior to that was skating and performing as a Lightning Girl over 4 seasons and also did a stint as a member of the Rays cheer squad at Tropicana Field. A line co-captain the last two years, Karen narrated the Buccaneer’s nutritional and fitness education presentations on the team’s web site. Karen is a certified fitness professional who teaches group BodyAttack, a high intensity cross fit cardio exercise program. She proudly admits to being a passionate gym rat so look her up if you’re ready to tackle your overdue new year resolution to get into shape.

Sweet baby sister Alyssa also exhibits great athleticism as she won Summit, held at Disney World, the largest national (maybe world?) cheerleading competition. Alyssa maintains a very busy schedule between cheering, coaching, work and college classes. Along with Karen, Alyssa enjoys training and mentoring youth for the nationally acclaimed Florida Top Dog All Stars (cheer performers). Alyssa is getting to experience the added excitement of NHL Playoffs this year and Karen will be cheering on the cheerleaders.

These two women are intense and competitive so of course I had to ask some tough questions–who’s abs are tighter, who’s prettier? They both got one vote each. Haha. Two classy, talented young ladies–they represent Tampa Bay well. Their photogenic features make my job easy.

Karen & Alyssa representing their teams at Tampa’s Gasparilla Parade

Karen & Alyssa coaching at cheerleader tournament

Karen at last year’s draft day party

Thank goodness Karen doesn’t know when to come out of the rain

Karen during 2013 season

Alyssa at opening game of playoffs

Alyssa pregame on the Thunder Plaza

Alyssa with teammate Isabella

[Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders]

[Tampa Bay Lightning Girls]

Photo of the Day – April 18

A member of the San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush

Our Favorite Photos – Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Finals

This month is our Tenth Anniversary and to celebrate we’re posting some of our all-time favorite photos.

Tatiana at 2012 Finals

The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders put on quite a production for their Final Auditions. They open the show to the fans on Draft day. The Finalists do a solo performance, group performances, kicklines, you name it. And no waiting to find out who made the squad. The new team is announced at the end of the day. This year the Finals are May 10th at Sun Life Stadium