NFL Cheerleader Photos From Week 1


NFL teams that hosted games during week 1 of the regular season have uploaded photos of their cheerleading squads to their team sites.  Click on the links below to go to the team page galleries.

Denver Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs
New Orleans Saints
New York Jets
Philadelphia Eagles
Tennessee Titans
Houston Texans
Baltimore Ravens
Atlanta Falcons
Seattle Seahawks
Dallas Cowboys
Indianapolis Colts
Arizona Cardinals
Washington Redskins
San Francisco 49ers

temp0911_kcsd_cheer_016-nfl_mezz_1280_1024 Best of 2016 Week 1 Cheerleaders has posted a gallery of cheerleader photos from week 1 of the regular season.  Click here to view the gallery.



indianapolis-colts_pg_600 NFL Cheerleaders Week 1 has posted a large gallery of cheerleaders from week 1 of the NFL regular season.  Click here to view’s gallery.


Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders Photos From Preseason

The Atlanta Falcons have posted two galleries of cheerleader photos from preseason.  To view the week 1 gallery, please click on the photo below.


To view the gallery from week 4 of preseason, click on the image below.


Pittsburgh Steelers Cheerleaders Photos From Preseason


Just checking to see if you are paying attention.  Of course the Pittsburgh Steelers don’t have cheerleaders…not anymore.   They did at one time and they were called the Steelerettes…in fact they were the first NFL team to have cheerleaders.  The group only lasted nine years, due mainly to the owner’s traditional values. By the late ’60’s, other NFL teams were using cheerleaders with skimpy outfits, and this didn’t sit well with the family that owned the Steelers, who subsequently discontinued the squad.


And here’s an Associated Press article from 2006 highlighting the history of the Steelerettes that was originally posted on

Steelers first to have cheerleaders, but now don’t see the need

Updated: January 31, 2006, 5:50 PM ET

Associated Press

PITTSBURGH — They wore knee-length skirts, bobby sox and hard hats, and couldn’t fraternize with the players. Their pay? One ticket per game.

The Steelerettes were the first females of the gridiron, long before Seattle’s Sea Gals, Oakland’s Raiderettes and the Buffalo Jills. And get this: Pittsburgh had guy cheerleaders, too — the Ingots.

But the NFL’s first rah-rah squad was far from a group of midriff-bearing dancers that root from the sidelines today, make public appearances and — like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders — star in their own reality TV show.

The Steelerettes of the 1960s also didn’t last long — just nine years.

“Other teams started bringing in cheerleaders and it was very different from the kind of wholesome group that we were,” said Patricia Tanner, 58, of Ohio Township, who was a Steelerette from 1965-68. “It seemed like our era had passed and Pittsburgh’s a very traditional town, so I don’t think we would have gone that direction.”

The Steelerettes were started for the 1961 season, a year after the Pirates won the World Series.

The Steelers were having a hard time giving away tickets at Forbes Field. William V. Day, the Steelers’ entertainment coordinator, thought adding cheerleaders to the sidelines might change that. Day, who at the time was vice president of Robert Morris Junior College, also thought it could help the school, which didn’t have a football team of its own.

So he spoke to his good friend and team owner Dan Rooney.

“I said to him one day, ‘You got a team without cheerleaders and I’ve got a college without a team,” Day said.

Day came up with the name Steelerettes, who were all Robert Morris students.

Dianne Rossini, of Uniontown, cheered for the Steelers in 1963 and maintains a Web site dedicated to the group. She said the women were chosen based on their looks, personality, coordination and gymnastic ability.

They also had to maintain a 2.0 grade-point average and take a football test — mostly showing they knew enough about the game to know when to cheer.

Norreen Modery, 61, of Bethel Park, saw the tryouts advertised in the school newspaper and made the team in 1964.

“There were a lot of empty seats but we were out there having a good ol’ time,” said Modery, who remembers the cheerleaders were always positioned on the visitor’s side and occasionally got run over by players who were knocked out-of-bounds.

She left the squad after a year to get married; only single women were allowed to be Steelerettes.

The women performed to live music, and a baton twirler was added in 1962. The team also briefly added male cheerleaders, called the Ingots in homage to the steel mills that were the lifeblood of the city.

But in the late 1960s, the Steelers started talking about plans to build Three Rivers Stadium and changing the direction of the team. Other NFL teams had started using cheerleaders and the skimpy outfits didn’t fit in with the Rooney family’s traditional values, Day said.

“The thinking … was we wanted the emphasis to be on the team — and that doesn’t sound like a momentous decision, but that was what the idea was for all the times that I was with the Steelers,” said Day, who worked with the team for 25 years.

So the Steelerettes did their last pyramid for the 1969 season. The Steelers went on to win four Super Bowls over the next decade, and have sold out every home game since 1972.

Numbering about 60 in all, the Steelerettes had a reunion in 2001 at Heinz Field, and since then regularly meet every few months. Steelerettes memorabilia, including Tanner’s old uniform, are on display at the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum.

Modery said she’s flattered to be a part of NFL history, though that wasn’t her motivation at the time.

“Back then you never thought of anything instead of just enjoying what you were doing,” Modery said.

Tanner said she learned a lot about exercise and discipline from the experience and made lifelong friendships from her days as a Steelerette. She also said she understood why the team scrapped the Steelerettes.

“All you have to do is look at a Steelers pep rally,” Tanner said. “They don’t seem to need any coaching and encouragement.”

Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders Photos From Preseason

The Tennessee Titans have posted a couple of galleries of the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders from preseason.  Click on the image below to see the gallery from week 1.


And to view the Titan’s gallery from week 2 of the preseason, click on the image below.


Houston Texans Cheerleaders Photos From Preseason

The Houston Texans posted two galleries of their cheerleaders from preseason.  Click on the image below to view the gallery from week 2 of preseason.


And click on the image below to view the gallery from week 3.


The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders New “Ice” Uniform

Our good friends from the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders sent us a copy of a blog post from one our sponsors, The Line Up, regarding their new “ice” uniform.  Check it out.

Team Spotlight: The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders’ Icy New Look
From The Line Up Blog
Posted by Trista on Sep 13, 2016

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders in front of US Bank Stadium

After three years of anticipation for the Minnesota Vikings organization and local fans in Minnesota, the football team’s new US Bank Stadium is finally here!  The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders (MVC) celebrated the stadium’s inaugural season with some new digs of their own: a stunning new signature uniform!  

The team revealed their new look yesterday with a fabulous photo gallery on their website.  Excitement has been running high at The Line Up – we’ve waited months to share MVC’s custom cheer uniform with you!  Read on for a sneak peek behind the scenes of the team’s makeover!

Finding Inspiration

The design for the custom cheer uniform began last winter, well before the stadium was finished.  Inspiration was drawn from the Vikings organization’s new branding strategy, as well as the design of the stadium itself.  MVC director Tami met with costume designers Michelle and Deb and account manager Megan at The Line Up, and gave them the download on some of the prevalent themes:

  • Modern and structured cuts, a lot of angles, and V’s in everything (ex, concession fronts, the building’s exterior shape)
  • Texture and mixed metals: gold accents, steel, brushed aluminum (ex, half the stadium way finding is gold, the other half is purple)
  • Elegant finishes (ex, white halo lighting)
  • Height (ex, world’s tallest glass pivot doors at 95′ tall, 270′ exterior west prow)
  • Shields, as opposed to swords (ex, Legacy Ship and art collection)
  • Nordic theme, highlighting a cold and snowy Minnesota winter (ex, “Defend The North” marketing campaign)

The final request was that the uniform be white, in order to pop on the field, pay compliment to the rest of the team’s purple uniforms, and embrace the wintery concept behind the branding.

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders costume inspiration

US Bank Stadium rendering

Inspiration images from the Vikings brand platform (top) , and a rendering of the stadium by HKS Architects (bottom). 

Five Sketches and Two Prototypes Later …

With these themes in mind, designers Michelle and Deb got to work. The team went through five rounds of design sketches before landing on two options.  Sample prototypes of each option were created so Tami and the Vikings team could better visualize the final result.

In the end, the team settled on the design on the right (below)!   “Overall, the theme was very Nordic – that was a word that came up a lot during design,” Michelle stated.  “A lot of white and silver, points, and fringe to represent icicles.”  Some features of the uniform included:

  • Deep V neckline, inspired by the structured angles of the stadium and use of v’s in the branding graphics.
  • Beaded fringe, inspired by the “capture the north” branding and icicles of a true Minnesota winter.
  • Lots and lots of sparkle, this uniform has 2,400 heat transferred sequins and 1,500 rhinestones!!!
  • White and silver dominate, with minimal purple and gold, to again  ice and snow.
  • Jagged skirt hem and “shield” dangles, referencing the Vikings shield and icicles.

“[The uniform] was something different than they have normally done, but still went with the Vikings look,” said Megan, account manager.  “The white was a fresh new look, but the jagged skirt still fit with their other costumes.”


Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders custom uniform designs

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders custom uniforms

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders uniform by The Line UpMinnesota Vikings Cheerleaders uniform by The Line Up

The Making of the Uniform

Before production could start, Deb and account manager Megan went over to the Vikings practice facility to fit the dancers.  With over 40 uniforms, it was a big order!  With so many different embellishments, Megan made sure the specialty fringe, fabric, and rhinestones were ordered well in advance to meet their August deadline.

So much sparkle and detail meant a labor intensive production process.  Each uniform took 5 hours to produce (that’s 5 times longer than our average project!).  The Vikings lettering was embroidered on the back.  The sequins had to be heat transferred onto each pattern piece.  Careful attention was paid to the delicate bead fringe during the sewing process.  The purple rhinestones were both machine and hand applied for the final touch.  All this added up to be one of our most expensive costumes to date!

Vikings cheeleaders ICE costume in production

Rhinestones were placed on transfer sheets by machine (right), before being hand placed and pressed on to the skirt piece (left)

Vikings cheeleaders ICE costume in production

The top before all of the purple rhinestones were applied (above).

Vikings cheeleaders ICE costume in production

The top in sewing (left), and in rhinestoning (right).

A Dazzling Debut

The final result is an innovative uniform with one very strong theme: ICE!   “The fun part about working with Tami and the Vikings is that we get to be creative and expand upon their look,” said Deb, creative director at The Line Up.  “They are always willing to try something new!”

Throughout the process, Megan worked diligently to make sure the project was on track, so the uniforms could be delivered in time for their photo shoot.   The stunning pictures from the shoot were debuted on their website yesterday, and featured the dancers in their new stadium.  MVC likes to name each of their uniforms, and no one had to think twice about the name for this uniform – ICE, of course!

Congratulations Vikings on your new home – we hope to see you dancing in style for years to come!

Vikings cheerleaders receive new white Ice uniform

Vikings cheerleaders at practice

MVCs at practice, on the day they received their new uniforms (above)!

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform Ice

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform Ice   Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform Ice

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform Ice

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform Ice

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform Ice

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform in front of US Bank stadium

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders Photos From Preseason

The Baltimore Ravens have posted some photos of the Ravens Cheerleaders from preseason on their web site.  Click on the image below to view the gallery from week 1 of the preseason.


To view the gallery from week 4 of the preseason, click on the image below.


Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders Photos From Preseason

The Arizona Cardinals have posted a couple of galleries of cheerleader photos from preseason.  Click on the image below to view the gallery from week 1 of preseason.


To view the gallery from week 4 of preseason, click on the image below.



Jets Flight Crew Photos From Preseason

The New York Jets have posted some snapshots from the preseason opener in MetLife Stadium.  Click here to view the gallery.







Dallas Elite Dolls Announce Dance Team Auditions

The Dallas Elite Dolls have announced open call auditions for their 2016-2017 squad:

Sunday, October 2, 2016
1:00 p.m. Registration – 2:00 p.m. Audition
Alpha Midway Dance Studio
13740 Midway RD #714
Dallas, TX 75244

Registration to be an Elite Doll for 2016-2017 is now open! Simply text DOLLS17 to 31996 to sign-up or click on the image below to register:


For more information go to

Former NFL Cheerleader Finds Life After Cheerleading as ExxonMobile Chemical Engineer


Carolina TopCats Photos From Preseason

More NFL cheerleader photos from preseason.  This time, we focus our attention on the Carolina TopCats.  Click on the image below to see photos from week 3 of the preseason.


Click on the image below to view the gallery from week 4 of the preseason.


Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Photos From Preseason

The Denver Broncos have posted galleries of their cheerleading squad to their web site.  Click on the image below to see the gallery from week 2 of the preseason.


To see the gallery from week 3 of preseason, click on the image below.