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Laura from the Charlotte Checkmates.

Meet Your 2013-14 Charlotte CheckMates

After a week of tryouts and boot camp sessions at Gold’s Gym Elite EpiCentre, the Checkers have chosen 17 members for the 2013-14 CheckMates team.

The CheckMates are a vital part of the Checkers’ community outreach programs and game experience and are a diverse group that includes college students, teachers and other working professionals. Keep an eye for the team throughout the Charlotte community and at Time Warner Cable Arena all season long.

See photos of the new team here.

Choose The Checkmates

Auditions for the 2013-14 CheckMates squad are in full swing and we need you to help pick this year’s team!

Choose up to 10 girls below to form your ideal team and your picks will be given to the judges at final auditions on Thursday evening. In addition to fan voting, prospective CheckMates will be judged on dance ability, showmanship and an interview. Voting ends Thursday, August 22, at 5 p.m. and the 2013-14 CheckMates will be announced later that evening.

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Photo of the Day – August 8

A Charlotte Checkmate

Ice Ice Baby

Step aside Gangnam Style, the Checkers are kickin’ it old school. A few of the guys on the Charlotte Checkers hockey team (AHL) go together with a few of the Checkmates to rock the mic like a vandal.

Photo of the Day – October 9

A Pair of Charlotte Checkers Checkmates

Support Team Dolla Dolla Bills and Team London

The Chatlotte LadyCats and Charlotte CheckMates are teaming up for a huge Pink Carpet Event on September 29th.

The squads are raising money for their Race for the Cure teams, Team Dolla Dolla Bills and Team London.

Fans can attend the Pink Carpet Event on September 29th and donate to the teams or donate online.

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Checkmate Auditions Set For August 14th

2011-12 Checkmate Auditions begin August 14th at Extreme Ice Center in Indian Trail, N.C.

The Charlotte Checkers are looking for highly motivated candidates to become part of their interactive cheer team. Candidates should be at least 18 years of age, must commit to a full year of rehearsals, games, (including preseason and playoffs) and be prepared to support the Checkers in their second American Hockey League season!

The schedule is as follows:

Sunday, August 14th – Preliminary Auditions at Extreme Ice Center, Indian Trial, NC
Registrations at 11 a.m. auditions noon-5 p.m.

Those who advance past Sunday prelims will be asked to continue through “finals week.”

MUST be available Monday, August 15th and Tuesday, August 16th from 7-10 p.m. for finalists rehearsals. MUST be available for a 30 minute business interview at Checkers main office (located in downtown Charlotte) on Monday (8/15) or Tuesday (8/16) afternoon. Final auditions will be held at XIC on Wednesday (8/17) from 6-8 p.m.

All candidates must arrive at auditions wearing midriff top and long, fitted dance pants. If you can ice skate please come with skates to showcase skating ability. If you are not yet a skater, please be prepared to learn skating techniques before the start of the Checkers season.

Please pre-register by sending your name and contact information to checkmates@gocheckers.com.

Come be part of the most exciting sports team in town!

CheckMates New Colors and Uniforms
CheckMate London Profiled

Exciting times for the CheckMates, the Dance Team for the Charlotte Checkers. The team moved up to the AHL this season. The move meant new team colors and new uniforms for the squad. And second-year veteran  London is profiled at GoCheckers.com.


For our second CheckMate feature, we profile second-year team member London. London is from Fort Mill, S.C. and has been busy all summer representing the CheckMates at area events such as Charlotte Race for the Cure, the Fort Mill National Guard Armory carnival and Time Warner Cable BBQ & Blues. She can also be seen at each and every Checkers game.

First name: London
Years on team: 2nd
Nickname by your teammates: I don’t have a nickname, everyone just calls me London!
Hometown: Fort Mill, S.C.
Facebook page: ‘CheckMate London’
Occupation: Business Owner

Craziest thing that ever happened at a Checkers game: Not necessarily “crazy” but by far one of the most shocking moments of my life; Being honored by my teammates and coach during a time out at “Pink In the Rink”. I was unbelievably touched by this and will never forget that moment.

Funniest thing you’ve overheard at a Checkers game: I attended the Pooch Party with my dog Bentley as a Checkers fan instead of a CheckMate. When the CheckMates took the ice, I overheard a group of fans contemplating how it was possible to dance on ice. My favorite theory, “They must have spikes on the bottom of the shoes!”

Most memorable moment at a Checkers appearance: The “CheckMate Auction” at the Checkers’ annual golf tournament!

London (left) poses with Chubby and CheckMates Kristi, Kelly and Sheena

London (left) poses with Chubby and CheckMates Kristi, Kelly and Sheena

Funniest way people respond when they find out you are a “hockey cheerleader”: I get the puzzled response “Hockey has cheerleaders?” most often but once the response was, “Wait, you’re from the South, and you cheer for a hockey team?”

Most proud of the Checkers Organization for: Our organization has built a respected reputation in this city because of the compassion we have for philanthropy and the support we provide to the growth of our community and stability. The loyalty of our amazing fans has been earned through our tenacious attitude and integrity.

London (middle) with Kieara (left) and Kim (right)

London (middle) with Kieara (left) and Kim (right)

If I didn’t have to fit in a midriff CheckMates uniform I would eat: Cold Stone -Banana Caramel Crunch with heath bar and waffle cone mixed in! YUMMY!

Favorite part of the Checkers game: Cheering the team on and getting the fans hyped on the sidelines during the game!

Locker room pre-game ritual: I always take time to myself to remember the advice my mother gave me the day of our first game last year. Remembering how proud she was of me that day and knowing she has a front row seat to all the games motivates me to give 110%.

London (right) poses with CheckMate Lindsey at media day

London (right) poses with CheckMate Lindsey at media day

Pre-practice ritual: While driving to the studio, I make sure I am listening to a “make you wanna dance” type of song!

Favorite charitable appearance you’ve done as a CheckMate: I really enjoy the Golf Tournaments because of the interaction they provide with our amazing fans!

Favorite hockey song to get you pumped up: Thunderstruck AC/DC

Meet all the Checkmates here, and follow the CheckMates on Twitter and Facebook.

Charlotte Checkmates

Part two of my Carolina road trip involved a return Time Warner Cable Arena for the Charlotte Checkers Pink the Rink night. (As you can see the Checkmates were decked out in pink.) It was part of an effort to raise money and awareness in the fight against Breast Cancer.

First a stop by the Checkmates locker room.

And just why does she had a golf club? We’ll find out later.


On the concourse handing out game programs.


Part of the “Pink in the Rink” activites included has 6 breast cancer survivors dance with the Checkmates during the 1st intermission.


Rehearsing in the tunnel.


Dance performance.



But what about that golf club? It was all part of a Checkmates fashion show held during the second intermission.



Next season the Checkers will move up from the ECHL to the AHL and start an affiliation with the Carolina Hurricanes. The Checkers will still be a part of the team, but new uniforms are in order as the teams colors will change to red and black.

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Sheena Geiger: Dancing Her Way to Japan

From DavidsonNews.net

At Davidson Day, she is known as “Madame Geiger” and is one of two French teachers for the school.In two weeks, though, Sheena Geiger of Davidson will set aside her classroom work to fly to Japan and join a team of performers marking the 40th anniversary of the Osaka World Expo.

She will be part of a group organized by World Campus International, a Tokyo-based nonprofit that encourages intercultural exchanges.

Sheena Geiger at her desk in one of the French classrooms at Davidson Day

“Learning about other cultures, that’s my passion,” Sheena said. “I love learning languages and meeting people from around the world and traveling.”

Raised in Nova Scotia, Sheena said she grew up speaking Gaelic and step-dancing in the Scottish style. Her booth at the 40th Anniversary World Expo event will offer information about Canada. She will be able to both sing and dance at the closing ceremonies.

Performing in front of large crowds is nothing new to Sheena. Before coming to Davidson Day, she represented Canada in the professional performing group, Up With People, and spent last summer in Denver helping them choreograph their current world tour show. Now that she is based in Davidson, Sheena continues her interest in dance as a CheckMate, a cheerleader for the Charlotte Checkers.

Sheena Geiger is also a cheerleader for the Charlotte Checkers. Here’s a photo of her singing the Canadian National Anthem at a recent Checkers game.

The Osaka events will take place from March 10-16, and the trip will cost $2,500. Sheena is seeking sponsorships, and hopes to offer presentations about Japan when she returns. You can contact her by email (sgeiger@davidsonday.org).

Besides the thrill of the performances, which will have to be pulled together quickly according to a rigorous schedule, the World Campus International group will be offered opportunities to learn more about their host country.

“They’ll be matching us with families and giving us language lessons,” she said. “I’m so excited!”


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A Sunday of Charlotte Cheerleaders

Carolina Correspondent Rick reports:

This past Sunday in the Queen City was full of sun and 76 degrees. It was a beautiful day for a Panthers game (and a Checkers game later that afternoon). It brought out the TopCats, LadyCats and Checkmates! All that star power helped the Panthers defeat the rival Falcons.

Checkmates Amoura and Jenny

TopCats Kelli, Lisa, Dana and T’fanni

Checkmates Julie and Sheena with a friend

Lady Cats Stephanie and Jessica

TopCats Megan and Ava

Checkmates Amber, Sarah and Kristi

TopCats Michelle and Stacey

[Charlotte Checkmates]

[Carolina TopCats]

[Charlotte Lady Cats]

The Charlotte CheckMates for 2009-10 Have Been Chosen!

Here’s your first look at the 2009-10 ECHL Charlotte Checkmates:

There are 20 ladies on this year’s squad who will cheer on the Checkers hockey team at Time-Warner Arena beginning in October.

A couple of photos from auditions:



On a related note, Checkmates and LadyCats Director Brandii McCoy tells us she had her baby last Friday! (08/07/09).

Her little future pro cheerleader decided that the best time to
come was one week AFTER LadyCats tryouts and one week BEFORE CheckMates. She sandwiched herself right smack in the middle of Brandii’s two biggest days of the summer.

Congratulations Brandii and Congratulations CheckMates!

P-R-O: Sheena of the Arctic

250px-nunavut_canadasvgSheena used to work in a French daycare center in Iqaluit, the capital of Canada’s newest and northernmost territory. One of the more unusual problems that she would encounter was having to keep the children inside because polar bears were roaming around outside. That’s just one stop on the wild (and romantic journey) that brought Sheena to the ice of Charlotte’s Time-Warner Arena as a member of the ECHL Charlotte Checkmates.

Sheena grew up in Canada’s Nova Scotia province and graduated from St. Francis Xavier University with degrees in French, Biology and Education.

She did an internship in the Bahamas working with dolphins, traveled to the frozen Arctic for the aforementioned daycare position, and worked at Sea World in Orlando as a Marine Information officer.


During her last week in Orlando, she was working the beluga whales exhibit, when a father and young daughter stopped to ask some questions. After an hour Sheena rotated to the polar bear exhibit and ran into the same father and daughter. This continued throughout the day with Sheena answering all their questions. At the end of the day he gave Sheena his card.


On her way back home, Sheena was flying out of Orlando and had two layover choices: Atlanta or Charlotte. She chose Charlotte and they met for coffee during her layover. She did the long distance relationship thing for about a year, then moved to Charlotte, got married, and now they’re one happy family.

Sheena now teaches middle school and high school French. And while she loves Charlotte, one day she was homesick for Canada. So she went to a Charlotte Checkers hockey game, where she saw the Checkers Dance Team, The Checkmates. Since she was young she had always enjoyed dancing and performing. So she talked to Director Brandii McCoy and learned more about the organization, attended a prep class and made the team this past August.

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Checkmates Auditions are Saturday, August 15th.