Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Cover Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”

2013 Dolphins Cheerleader Calendar Release Party

Lots of photos from the event!

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Meet Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar model Lauren Jones

Fins cheerleader, an ex-Texan, decided she could (shhh…) do better than the Dallas Cowboys squad.
By Ben Crandell
September 4, 2013

As a Miami Dolphins cheerleader, Lauren Jones is quick on her feet, and knows how to tip-toe around an indelicate question.

The Plantation resident — direct from cheerleader central casting: statuesque, blonde, smile like a 200-lumen flashlight — was raised deep in the heart of Texas. Dallas Cowboys country. But when she decided to pursue an NFL cheerleading job, her No. 1 choice, she says, was the Miami Dolphins’ squad.

Because the Cowboy cheerleader mystique is so old school, right, Lauren? Plus, the owner’s an idiot. And, c’mon, can you win with Tony Ro…

PHOTOS: Miami Dolphins cheerleading practice

“No, no, they’re great. The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are great,” she says, her voice lowering with each word. “That’s all I can say,” she says, with a laugh. “Emily was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.”

“Emily” would be Emily Snow, who has been coming in and out of the room during a cheerleader practice session this week at Sun Life Stadium. Snow is the director of the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders, Lauren’s boss.

Both have been plenty busy lately, with the squad practicing for the upcoming football season and for Thursday night’s unveiling party for the 2014 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar, a runway show at Liv nightclub in the Fontainebleau hotel. A limited number of tickets ($25) are available for the event, a fundraiser for Miami Dolphins Foundation community-service efforts.

The Dolphins cheerleader “style” is among the reasons Lauren, a.k.a. Miss September, moved from Austin three years ago to try out for the squad. She prepared by watching all the NFL cheerleader teams online, and the Dolphins stood out.

“I loved the style. I thought that it was glamorous and it was fun. And they were still very athletic,” she says.

Lauren just graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a B.S. in exercise-sports science and wants to continue her studies and become a physical therapist. Or she could open a bakery.

Last month, the AOL online foodie travel series “Anthony Eats America,” featuring actor and comedian Anthony Anderson (“Law & Order,” “Guys With Kids”), posted a segment with the host and Lauren preparing her mom’s carrot cake recipe in a suite at Sun Life Stadium. (AOL’s story, she says, is that they wanted to do a baking story in Miami and Googled “Miami” and “bake” — and happened to stumble across her cheerleader profile reference to her mom’s cake. Uh, OK…)

The five-minute show (See: reveals that the name of the decadent recipe is Get a Man Carrot Cake. Sorry, fellas, it works. She’s engaged.

The 2014 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar will be unveiled at 8 p.m. Thursday at Liv nightclub in the Fontainbleau Hotel, 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. Tickets: $25 donation at, where you also can order the calendar ($14.99, plus shipping).

Uniform Poll: Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

Here’s a reminder of what the uniforms look like.

And here are the results:

MDC Swimsuit Calendar – Miss December

Photo credit: Miami Dolphins

2nd-year veteran Macy is Miss December in the Dolphins Cheerleaders 2014 Swimsuit Calendar.

Pre-order the calendar here.

Tickets to the unveiling can be purchased here.


Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Shine In Pre-season Debut

The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders had to show patience by waiting until the fourth pre-season game to appear on their home field. They certainly proved to their fans that the old axiom remains true: “Good Things Are Worth Waiting For”. The 2013 pre-season debut for the 41 member squad was very majestic in their new uniforms. Starting with the introductory routine choreographed with the junior cheerleaders, the squad received standing appreciation from the crowd all night long. Performances at quarter end and the two minute breaks were equally well synchronized and entertaining. Even when the MDC move around the stadium you can’t take your eyes off of them, they strut so gracefully with their famous prancing gait.

I find it amazing that on a hot, humid, drizzly South Florida night that the ladies are able to maintain their cool look, with no sign of energy loss, in such draining conditions. I’m sure it’s a testament to the rigid training and practice schedule they have followed since auditions. As impressive that the on-field performances are, these young professional women are also very generous with “give back” time on charitable work in the community. As a collective group they make some 400 appearances during the year.

Team captains for 2013-14 are multi-year veterans Kiley, Elizabeth, Melissa and Natalie for her second year.

The swimsuit fashion show and calendar unveiling party benefiting the Miami Dolphin Foundation will be on September 5th (here).

Our thanks go out to Emily Snow, Cheerleader Director & Coordinator, and her staff for the hospitality which allows us to cover these fine talented women. The Dolphins organization runs a very high class operation at beautiful Sun Life Stadium. The Miami Dolphin Football Operation is well known internationally and the Cheerleaders represent this global brand very well. Come on out to opening day and enjoy the scenery and of course see a good football game.

Oh yea—Bucs 17 Fins 16

Lily and Lauren C greeting fans pregame.

Rochelle and Jennifer ready to pose with field pass fans.

Brianne who has seniority (4th year) on the squad always seems to be included on all the latest NFL Cheerleaders “Top” lists being published.

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MDC 2014 Swimsuit Calendar – Miss November

Photo Credit: Miami Dolphins

Four-year veteran Natalie is Miss November in the Dolphins Cheerleaders 2014 Swimsuit Calendar.

Familiar Faces in New Places

This is more of a Sasha thing, but I’ve noticed a few ladies who switched teams earlier this year, and thought I’d give them a little acknowledgment.


Philadelphia Wings Angel Kacey is now on the New York Jets Flight Crew


Baltimore Blast Cheerleader Kate is now a Gotham City Cheerleader


Miami Dolphins Cheerleader (and Miss Pennsylvania USA) LauRen is now a Charlotte Lady Cat

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Demi is now on a Minnesota Timberwolves Dancer


Baltimore Blast Cheerleader Jonique is now a Washington Wizards Girl


Philadelphia Soulmate Kristina is now a member of the Gotham City Cheerleaders Ref Squad

If you know someone else who switched teams, let us know.

MDC 2014 Swimsuit Calendar – Miss October

Photo Credit: Miami Dolphins

2nd-year veteran Nicole is Miss October in the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders new swimsuit calendar.

Poll: Which is Your Favorite Dolphins Cheerleader Uniform

It’s been a while since we had a uniform poll. So let’s try one with the MDC.

Here’s Lauren J. in the “White” and then the “Aqua”.

Here’s another look at the uniforms. This time with Kelly.

The finally tally is in:

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