Monica Starting Third Year On The MDC

The Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders will host their annual Swimsuit Calendar Unveiling and Fashion Show on Friday September 18th. Today we had the pleasure to interviewed 3rd year veteran Monica, Miss February 2016. Get your tickets here.


Monica in 2014 versus San Diego

UC – Monica, tell us about being chosen as swimsuit cover model last year.

Becoming the 2015 swimsuit cover model last year was an unforgettable moment. That night was by far the best moment of my life. It was an experience like no other to share with my teammates on stage, friends and family in the audience, and our amazing fans. A wave of different emotions ran through me; shocked seeing my picture on the big screen but overall, pure happiness. It was such an honor to be chosen to represent this incredible organization, I am truly blessed.

UC – What was the logistics of shooting the current year on an active Norwegian Getaway cruise trip?

Shooting on board the Norwegian Getaway was a blast! We sailed for 7 days to 3 breathtaking islands: St. Thomas, St. Maarten, and The Bahamas. My photo shoot took place on a beautiful beach in St. Thomas. So many steps come into play for our photo shoots. We start in hair and makeup at 5AM, and get off the ship as soon as it is docked at port. We then drive to the beach with our camera/video crew and Dolphins staff. While productions is setting up, we have a makeup artist and hair stylist to do some finishing touches and prepare us to look flawless on camera. Then it’s time to shoot! A really cool part about this year’s calendar trip was how we were on an active ship with passengers. During our shoots guests had a little sneak peek of what our shoots consisted of.

UC – This will be your second MDC Fashion Show, tell us about that excitement.

Going into my second MDC Fashion Show, the excitement just keeps getting better and better. I’ve noticed that even though it’s going to be my second show, I’m still nervous yet more prepared. Nervous because walking the runway in a bikini surrounded by so many fans is very nerve-wracking. Prepared because I have walked the runway and know it’s going to be such a powerful feeling on stage. I’m pushing myself harder than ever to be in the best shape and rock it on September 18th!

UC – We always enjoy promoting the charity/community work of the MDC–your favorite?

My favorite community work as an MDC is the Toys for Tots. The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders donate toys to the charity and we collect a certain amount of toys per cheerleader. I consider it to be my favorite charity because kids love toys and there’s so many families out there who can’t give their children toys on Christmas. We get to physically give the children their toys and let me tell you, those kids have the biggest smiles from ear to ear. I always finish that event feeling so happy inside knowing that little boys and girls will be having a joyful Christmas and holiday season.

Monica 2

Photo: Courtesy of The Miami Dolphins

Monica 3

Photo: Courtesy of The Miami Dolphins

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Dolphins Allison Will Appear As Miss January

We were very lucky to corner 2nd-year veteran Allison for a chat regarding the 2016 MDC Swimsuit Calendar. The unveiling and fashion show will be Friday, September 18th at the North Club, Sun Life Stadium. Get your tickets and/or order your calendar at

UC–A swimsuit gig seems to be easy–describe the “behind the photo reality”.

Allison – It’s easy to have fun during a photo shoot but there is definitely a lot going on behind the scenes in order to get the perfect shot! We spend multiple hours getting our hair and makeup done. I also make sure that I always eat a healthy breakfast and complete a short ab workout just to get my blood flowing. When the photo shoot begins, I am always a little bit nervous at first, but I just have to shake it off and find my confidence. I have to be very aware of my body and what poses work best for me. It seems like you’re thinking about 100 things at once such as what face you are making in the photos, the way your hair is blowing in the wind, the way your swimsuit is fitting and all of the helpful directions that we get from our Miami Dolphins photographers and directors. Above all, it’s so much fun to be comfortable in your own skin and I always look forward to seeing the finished product!

UC–Regarding your military tour trip last year–what were your take-a-ways?

Allison – It was the most amazing experience of my entire life! I have such a better understanding for what our men and women in the military are going through every day. Having the chance to walk alongside them as they go through their daily activities was so interesting and informative. I also truly enjoyed getting to know them on a personal basis as well! We also had a lot of fun participating in different events such as ping pong tournaments and singing karaoke! Knowing that I was able to make an impact on their lives was definitely the most rewarding experience of the entire trip!

UC–Have you developed a favorite community initiative or charity with the Dolphins?

Allison – I absolutely love participating in Toys for Tots with the Dolphins! Last Christmas, we brought in enough toys to fill an entire U-haul truck! Being able to give back to the children in need in our South Florida community is such an amazing feeling. I’m already looking forward to giving gifts this year!

UC–Describe game day preparations.

Allison – Game day is something that we prepare for weeks in advance! We arrive to the stadium about 4 hours before the game begins so that we are able to stretch, touch up our hair and makeup and dress in our uniforms. We also participate in a number of appearances before the game begins, such as small group performances and autograph signings! After the appearances are complete, we head back into our studio to do a full run through of our routines for the game. Our adrenaline is pumping and we are all so excited to take the field!

UC–One thing fans would be surprised to learn about is . . .?

Allison – I used to be a ballerina! I danced at a studio for 15 years in South Florida. Sometimes we are able to take time to practice our dance technique by learning unique combinations that are very different from the routines that you see on the field!


Allison is FAU graduate with a degree in Business and Hospitality


Allison in 2014 preseason game versus Dallas


Allison visited our military in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Djibouti in her rookie year

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Roll Call: 2015 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

The Dolphins Cheerleaders, the only team in the league with their own website, have added individual profile pages to their site, chock full of photos, video, and all kinds of information on this year’s squad. Click here for all sorts of MDC goodness!

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders 2015

Photo of the Day – July 21


A Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

Photo of the Day – June 11

MDC 2015 321

Paige, a Florida Panthers Dancers Alum, at Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Finals

Photo of the Day – June 2


A Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

From NFL Cheerleader to Nat Geo Explorer, Mireya Mayor Takes Viewers to the World’s Wildest Places in Order to Save Them.

by David Schmalz
Monterrey County Weekly

Mireya Mayor is an unlikely adventurer. Raised in Miami by Cuban immigrant parents, she had a “girly girly” upbringing of ballet, dance classes and little contact with nature. The small hills outside of Orlando she thought were mountains were actually landfill. When she asked her mother if she could join the Girl Scouts, she was told it was too dangerous. But Mayor always had a passion for animals, and as a child kept dogs, cats, birds and fish. She carried that love with her to the University of Miami, where an anthropology class that introduced her to the work of Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey planted the seeds of a dream. “It changed the course of my entire life,” she says. “I realized that I could turn that passion into a career, and make a difference in the animal world.” Mayor got a grant at the end of her senior year to study monkeys in South America for five months, launching a decorated career that includes discovering a rare and critically endangered mouse lemur in Madagascar. A chance meeting with National Geographic producers followed, and ultimately led to her becoming a Nat Geo TV host and celebrity that earned her the nickname “female Indiana Jones.” But before all that, as a college student, she became a Miami Dolphins cheerleader. “It wasn’t a very straight line into this career,” she says.


Weekly: Were you at all prepared for what was in store on that first trip to South America?

Mayor: I went to South America with a brand new passport, and I had never been camping. I had a designer Calvin Klein field vest that was dry clean-only. It was a comedy of errors, but I threw myself in heart first, and it was a steep learning curve, but it was amazing.

Were there moments you were afraid?

There were definite moments of discomfort, if not straight-up fear. There were times I’d wake up to being bitten by a vampire bat. Or I’d find a spider the size of a dinner plate in my tent. Those were moments where I was thinking, “Shit, what am I doing here?” But those moments are fewer than waking up to howling monkeys, or seeing river otters playing around your canoe. Or discovering a species new to science.

What changed that first trip?

I went out on the initial expedition with a specific scientific-minded goal, and I came out of it a passionate conservationist. It became more important to me to protect these animals than to document their behavior. If they were to go extinct, they’d become the stuff of history books, not science books.

What are some of the most incredible things you’ve seen?

Coming face to face with a silverback gorilla in the wild. There are moments it can be scary; it is a 450-pound silverback gorilla. They’re not aggressive, but you know their strength and potential to harm you if they wanted. There were some moments when I was charged, like when one of the male silverbacks was getting blown off by the females all day, and I was getting the brunt of it. But it’s almost like peering through your neighbor’s window, seeing their daily ins and outs and arguments. It’s real life, but it’s the world of gorillas. To be able to catch even a glimpse of that is really special. I still pinch myself.

Scariest moment?

I was in the Congo on a flight that went down. It started to go down over a forest, and I looked out the window and suddenly we’re skimming trees, and we were going downward rather quickly, but they managed to maneuver the plane into a clearing, and luckily everyone walked off unharmed.

What’s the most important message to tell people about conservation?

Every single creature on the planet serves a role. Without the lemurs, the forests of Madagascar are certainly doomed. We’re learning more and more about the symbiotic relationship they have with the forest. Most immediately it affects the people locally, but globally, extinctions will start to have a domino effect of biodiversity and the sustainability of life everywhere on the planet. They’re just a drop in the bucket, but even if you don’t want to like lemurs, you sort of have to. Roundup

Lots of great stuff on Sports Illustrated!

Cheerleader of the Week: Charo

SI 2015 MDC audition
Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Auditions

SI 2014 blackhawks
Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew Girls

SI 2015 AZC audition
Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Auditions

SI 2015 Viz
Washington Wizard Girls

SI 2014 Bucs Cassie
Cheerleader of the Week: Cassie

SI 2015 Jags Sam
Cheerleader of the Week: Samantha

SI 2014 Grizz
Memphis Grizzlies Grizz Girls

Additional Coverage Of The Dolphins 2015 Auditions

My co-conspirator David Tyau and I both traveled to Miami to cover the final day of the Dolphins grueling and dueling 2015 MDC audition selection process. Yes it takes two of us to cover that many beautiful and talented candidates in South Florida. Hopefully you saw David’s articulate write up and album on Friday, now it’s my turn to highlight these impressive young ladies as they join a very select sorority club.

The pyramid was extra tight this year as the squad is now 36 women compared to 44 in prior years. The ongoing stadium renovations probably stole some cheerleader field space.

Special kudos out to Jamie Quadrozzi, Ariana Aubert, and Ariann Denison for the fine work in organizing and presenting this great showcase. The choreography work by Brooke (Sorenson) Nix was excellent. Thanks to the MDC for the invitation to cover this very enjoyable peek into the inner workings of the annual showdown of candidates. Looking forward to opening night in August when the ladies lace up the boots. Fins Up.

Enjoy the photos in the attached album.

1 Alison


2 Jodi


3 raquel


4 Macy


5 Brooke


6 Jessica


7 Monica


8 Bobbie jean

Bobbie Jean–Rookie

9 Paige

Paige B.–Rookie

[Dolphins Cheerleaders Finals Gallery]

[Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders]

Day of the Dolphin: The 2015 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Auditions

On May 3rd, the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders held their final auditions for the 2015 squad at the Miniaci Performing Arts Center on the campus of Nova Southeastern University. 74 finalists were competing for one of 36 spots on the squad and judging from the finalists’ profiles, the competition would be fierce.  Candidates came from all over the country and if my memory serves correctly, there were at least three girls from Japan who flew in to try their luck at making the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.

MDC 2015 045

MDC 2015 256

MDC 2015 274

MDC 2015 292

MDC 2015 307

MDC 2015 068

MDC 2015 051

MDC 2015 143

MDC 2015 209

MDC 2015 197

MDC 2015 203

MDC 2015 164

MDC 2015 221

MDC 2015 237

MDC 2015 125

MDC 2015 230

I have wanted for the longest time, to visit Miami and photograph the Dolphins Cheerleaders, a squad that I consider to be one of the most glamorous squads in the NFL. And this year, I was able to make that happen. For me, this would be a wonderful opportunity and a chance to meet up with our Florida Correspondent, Jackson.

Continue reading Day of the Dolphin: The 2015 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Auditions

Photo of the Day – May 7


At the MDC Finals, Rachel is back for her 2nd season. She was also a Charlotte LadyCat for one season.

The Community Conduit: Pamela Silva Conde

Ocean Drive Magazine selects it’s 2015 Women of Influence. On the list is former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Pamela Silva Conde:


The coanchor for Univision’s highly rated Primer Impacto news program, Pamela Silva Conde has won six Emmy Awards, was one of People en Español’s “50 Most Beautiful People,” and has cohosted The View. She’s also a strong believer in using her platform to help shape her community.

Did being Miami-based give you a career advantage? I always wanted to do Spanish media because I wanted to serve my community. Miami’s a pivotal point. You have to be where the action is.

What role do you see Miami having in the world today? Miami has had an evolution in terms of news impact. We just built the largest newsroom in the country with a joint venture we did with Fusion, and were able to bring Univision News and ABC network [together]. It may be five or 10 years, [but] Miami’s definitely going to be a more competitive city than it ever was.

How do you pay it forward? With the [Pamela Silva Conde Scholarship], we have given six scholarships at Florida International University. I’m involved with the students because I want to maximize the impact that these scholarships have. That’s the purpose of doing philanthropic work, to build new generations of people with the same mentality.

How else do you give back to the community? I’m part of the committee of St. Jude Miami and I’m on the national advisory board for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. There’s also Amigos for Kids, which focuses on neglected and abused children. Throughout the year, we give counseling and seminars for families. We want to empower parents.

How do you manage it all? The second you start thinking, I could do this, it actually becomes manageable. Your attitude influences everything.

2015-16 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

Final auditions for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders took place last night at the Miniaci Theater at Nova Southeastern University. 81 finalists, including 34 veterans from last year’s team, competed for spots on the squad. When all was said and done, 36 were chosen: 13 rookies, and 23 veterans.

Click here to see who made the team
Click here for photos on the Dolphins Cheerleaders website
Click here for photos on
Click here photo from the Miami Herald

Congratulations ladies!

MDC 2015 selection

Here’s your rookie class:
MDC rookie class 2015
Interesting factoid: among them are four members of the now-defunct Florida Panthers Ice Dancers (Amanda, Bobbie Jean, Etta, and Paige B.)

Photo of the Day – April 28

0-1-Paige and Courtney

Sisters Paige and Courtney of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders 2015 Auditions

I was fortunate to attend the MDC preliminary & semi auditions this past weekend. As is the norm in Miami hundreds of beautiful and talented young ladies were lined up to try to attain a spot on one of the NFL’s most prestigious entertainment cheer squads. At end of day the field was reduced to 47 hungry candidates invited back to this week’s finals where they will compete with equally determined 33 veterans trying to maintain their spots. Ladies, let the fierce but friendly dual begin.

Come on out to Nova University in Ft. Lauderdale on Sunday May 3rd, the finals are open to the public. Check out to vote for your favorites.

Our “Top Gun”, David Tyau, will be joining our coverage of the Finals so be sure to check back with us next week.

Enjoy the photos.


Brooke Sorenson Nix, MDC Choreographer






Laura, Paige, Courtney, Allison, Jodi, Brittany M., Brittany C., Kristan


Megan and Alison


Use that phone as your mirror


Chillin’ between performances


Chelsea and Karlyn

[Dolphins Cheerleaders Auditions Gallery]