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UPDATE: Who is the First-ever British Cheerleader in the NFL?

UPDATE: An astute reader has emailed me to let me know that there was another cheerleader from Britain who preceded Holly in cheering for the NFL.  Her name is Angela G. who cheered for the San Diego Charger Girls in 2014.  As luck would happen, I photographed Angela and here’s a photo of her as proof.


I was referencing information from the Daily Mail article linked below and it was erroneous.  My apologies to Angela and Holly for the error.

The NFL is going international.  No, not the football teams.  The cheerleaders.  We have had dancers who came from Japan and Australia make NFL cheerleading squads, but we have another first.  The first cheerleader from Britain to make a NFL cheerleading squad.

So who is the first ever British cheerleader in the NFL?  That would be Holly Warden, 25, from Bristol, who auditioned in Mexico earlier this year and beat out hundreds of hopefuls to become one of the 2016-2017 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.


Mexico City Finalist Holly

Holly was the subject of an article in the UK’s Daily Mail.  You can read about Holly and her journey here.

1 comment to UPDATE: Who is the First-ever British Cheerleader in the NFL?

  • Jimmy Jam

    Sweet research!!! Now update all the other articles that say Angela was first. Give credit where it’s due.