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Cheerleader of the Week: Charo

SI 2015 MDC audition
Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Auditions

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Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew Girls

SI 2015 AZC audition
Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Auditions

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Washington Wizard Girls

SI 2014 Bucs Cassie
Cheerleader of the Week: Cassie

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Cheerleader of the Week: Samantha

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Memphis Grizzlies Grizz Girls

Bucs Draft Party


TBBCs Baranes, Ingrid, Kymberli, Stephanie, Megan and Tessa (plus Cap’t Fear) Celebrate First Pick Jameis Winston

Photo of the Day – April 30

A Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader

Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders at The Gasparilla Races

I ran into the Buccaneers Cheerleaders as they were out greeting fans at the Tampa Gasparilla races. Auditions start March 22nd.

2 Stephanie


3 Baranese


4 Chloe


5 Lacy


Stephanie, Baranese, Chloe and Lacy


[Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders]


Buccaneers Cheerleader Auditions Begin March 22nd

bucsTBBC Requirements

Must be 18 years old by July 1, 2015. There is no maximum age limit
Must be a high school graduate or a G.E.D. recipient by July 1, 2015.
Must be able to attend rehearsals, games, appearances and cheerleader-related events during and prior to the season.
Must have reliable means of transportation.

Pre-Audition Prep Classes (Optional)

USF Sun Dome – The Corral – Enter through Gate D (Directions)
February 26th, March 3rd, March 5th, March 9th, March 11th, March 16th, March 19th
6:30pm – 8:30pm (Registration 6:00pm – 6:30pm)
$25.00 per class

The dance/technique classes are non-mandatory sessions that will help prepare you to look and feel your best on the day of the preliminary audition. Different choreography will be taught at each session and you may attend as many classes as you would like. Class space is limited and is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Pre-registering is advised, but walk ups are also accepted.

Audition Workshop (Optional)

USF Sun Dome – The Corral – Enter through Gate D (Directions)
March 14th
9:00am – Noon (Registration 8:30am – 9:00am)

The Audition Workshop is a non-mandatory session that will prepare you for the audition process. The workshop will cover audition tips including: audition attire, dance technique, flexibility, performance skills, interview skills, & TBBC Choreography.

Auditions – Open Call & Semi-finals

USF Sun Dome – The Corral – Enter through Gate D (Directions)
March 22nd
9:00am – Registration
10:00am – Auditions Begin

What you will need:

1) Photography (any size, b/w or color, head shot or full length).The photo will not be returned and is strictly for identification.

2) Completed application

3) Two piece aerobic/dance attire and comfortable dance shoes – No hard-soled shoes.

4) Everything will be taught on Sunday, March 22nd – You do not need to prepare your own choreography

10:00am–Noon – Open-Call
Consists of a short combination (4 eight counts) of basic dance technique.

A turn, a leap, right and left kicks and choreography will be taught & participants will perform that combination for the judges in groups of three.

12:30pm – 2:30pm – Semi-Finals
Select participants from Open Call will be selected to move on to the Semi-Finals.

Participants will be taught choreography similar to the routines performed on game day.

Participants will then perform for the judges in groups of three.

[Complete Audition Information]

Farewell from Buccaneers Cheerleader Darla Faye


Hey Bucs Fans,

darlaWow! I cannot believe how fast the last four years has flown by. It feels like yesterday that I checked the final team list as a rookie back in 2011, hoping to see name. I wanted so much to make this team after not making it two years prior. I gave it one more shot and finally my dreams came true.

Moving to Tampa at a young age, my mom enrolled me and my little brother into the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters organization. During that time, I was able to attend several Buccaneers games. It was life changing. I fell in love with not only the cheerleaders, but also the support that the Buccaneers organization showed to our community.

As a cheerleader, I never lost sight of that feeling. This experience gave me endless opportunities to reach out to our local charities, schools and various athletic events. Over the years, many people have said that I’ve changed their lives, but the truth is that they’ve changed mine.

One of my favorite memories was interacting with the junior cheerleaders. Every year the Buccaneers organization gives hundreds of girls the opportunity to practice with us, work alongside us one-on-one and then cheer at the first halftime show with us! I had the pleasure of meeting some incredible young ladies who will forever be a part of my life.

I had the privilege of being “Cheerleader of the Game” my second year at the Military Appreciation Game. The Buccaneers honored and recognized my older brother, Bryan, for his 14 years of commitment to the Navy. This was the highlight of my cheerleading career. It meant so much to my family and me that this organization cared so much. We will be forever grateful.

Thank you to my loving family and friends who never stopped believing in me. I wouldn’t have been able to get through the past four years without them. It meant the world to me knowing I had their support as they attended each and every one of my games to cheer me on. Through tryouts, intense practices and emotional times, I have always had my teammates to lean on. Each year I gained not only friends but also true sisters for life. I will always cherish the bonds that were made and for that I have my coaches to thank.

And, of course, this organization wouldn’t be anything without our Bucs Fans! You, the fans, truly inspired me to continue to follow my dream. As I have decided to hang up my boots, I will never forget this incredible journey. I’m so thankful and truly blessed.

Leaving as a Captain, I sincerely hope that I have left my mark somehow, someway to someone. I always tried to give it my best and show God’s love. No matter how tough your dreams seem, with patience and hard work you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Thank you for changing my life! Never forget… It’s a Bucs Life For Me!

God Bless,

Darla Faye

[Darla Faye Photo Gallery]

Florida’s Representation At Pro Bowl In Phoenix

It was an pleasure this year to photograph the three Pro Bowl Cheerleaders from the Florida NFL teams. Melissa of the Dolphins, Sam from the Jaguars and Cassie representing the Buccaneers.

Melissa in her fourth year was a Line Captain for two years and was lucky enough to be invited on her second overseas tour with Armed Forces Entertainment.

Line Captain Sam of the Jaguars ROAR is in her third year. I covered two of her games this season.

The Buc’s Cassie cheered for her fourth year and was selected Line Captain for the second time.

Congratulations to the ladies, being picked for the NFL Pro Bowl is a very impressive accomplishment.

Note to David Tyau—at your Pro Bowl coverage this year please see if you get a photo of these three lovely ladies together. Thanks.


Melissa, Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

2 Melissa

Melissa, Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

3 Sam

Sam, Jacksonville Jaguars ROAR

4 Sam

Sam, Jacksonville Jaguars ROAR

5 Cassie

Cassie, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders


Cassie, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders

[Melissa at]

[Sam at]

[Cassie at]

Buccaneers Use Addition by Subtraction

The Buccaneers snatch another game from the victory column when they choose to substitute freely in the second half of the New Orleans game. The Saints came from a two touchdown deficit to beat the Bucs in the season finale. No problem, by losing Tampa Bay secures the number one pick in next spring’s NFL draft which will be held in Chicago. So in this “you lose you win” case, hooray for the future. Finally a Buccaneer home game ends with a positive.

Alas—let’s present the main topic of this Blog. NFL Cheerleaders, specifically the TBBC squad. These young ladies had a great entertainment season. Their performances were technically consistent but always unique in choreography style. They saved the best for last with an amazing FIVE minute halftime dance for the fans. Great job ladies—I hope the Bucs will post that video on the web site.

There is always turnover but I hope my favorites return next season—all 30 of them.

Enjoy the photos and watch for my off season extras of the three NFL Florida squads that I covered this season.




Chelsea – Honored as TBBC Rookie of Year













[Bucs Cheerleaders Gallery]

[Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders]

A Sea Of Green Invades Tampa Bay

What seemed like a million fans from the frozen tundra invaded Raymond James Stadium for the Buccaneers versus Packers NFL contest. I expected the Sea of Green Jerseys to show up but the Ocean of Cheese Heads was surprising. Really, who goes to a football game with a head of cheese as your hat?

Forget the game, the Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders kept my attention for the day. The TBBC displayed new Christmas outfits for the afternoon and as the following photos will attest to, they were extremely popular with both home and visiting fans.

OK cheese heads take your win and get back to your 6 months of winter. Our two days of winter are almost over.

Fourth year veteran Cassie, two as line captain, will be the TBBC representative at the January Pro Bowl in Phoenix.

Enjoy the photos:

1-Cassie, Pro Bowl Representative
Cassie, Pro Bowl Representative









8-Amber and Jessica

Amber and Jessica


[Bucs Cheerleaders Gallery]

[Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders]

Photos of the Year – December 24

(As the year ends, we’re sharing our favorite photos from the past 12 months)

0-Crystale 2

Not exactly great photography art but funny episode. During preseason practice I realized at the last minute that the squad would be facing away from me. As they were going on the field I yelled to Crystale to sneak a peek back to the camera. This is the “peek a boo” look I got. Haha. The TBBC are a fun loving group, even through they haven’t experienced a home win yet they maintain upbeat spirit.

Buccaneer Cheerleaders Looking Good

In a typical three hour game at Ray Jay Stadium I follow the players for 60 minutes of game action. The rest of the time I photograph the sideline dancing of the talented Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders. I think that’s a perfect ratio for a sunny and pleasant afternoon.

The TBBC are delivering as promised, now we need the players to post a home victory for the fans. Go Bucs!!!

Enjoy the photos from last Sunday’s contest versus the Bengals:

1-Line Captain Darla Faye

Line Captain Darla Faye


Norie is in her 4th year with the TBBC


Tricia is a Student


Brittany is a Dance Company Member

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Buccaneer Cheerleaders Military Salute

Congrats goes out to the Buccaneers for a very needed and impressive victory this past Sunday at the Washington Redskins. Next up is a return visit for Lovie Smith and company to the windy city of Chicago.

The attached photo shoot is from the last home game (v. Falcons) which honored the NFL’s “Salute to Service” initiative. Stealing from the men’s saying—“a women in uniform is very sexy and beautiful”.

On Veteran’s day the TBBC and players spent the day visiting with military members at the James H. Haley Veterans’ Hospital in Tampa. Photos and gifts for hundreds of our nation’s heroes.

Buccaneer Cheerleader Jeannie Gonzalez is a Construction Mechanic Third Class , United States Navy Reserve. Check out her bio video on

Enjoy the photos from the Atlanta game.

1 Stephanie A.

Stephanie A.

2 Stephanie E.

Stephanie E.

3 Ingrid


4 Jeannie

Jeannie—U.S. Navy Reserve

5 Sydney


6 Ali


7 Norie


8 Tessa,DarlaFaye,Emily,Lauren,Sam

Tessa, DarlaFaye, Emily, Lauren & Sam

[Buccaneers Cheerleaders Gallery]

[Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders]

Photo of the Day – Veterans Day


Crystale of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders

Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders

The Bucs had another home field “GroundhogDayMovie” performance last Sunday. One play into overtime and the Viking ship was sailing out into Tampa Bay Harbor with the Buc’s carcass aboard. We’re in for the long haul with this team so we’ll keep showing up waiting for this wayward Pirate ship to raise a victory flag at Ray Jay. Keep the faith!! Next home game is against the Falcons.

The TBBC (previously known as Swashbuclers) are still performing at the top of the NFL class. Here’s the photos as proof.

1-Chelsea and Micah

Chelsea and Micah (whose brother plays for Seahawks).



3-Jeannie and Tricia

Jeannie and Tricia


Crystale (trained four summers with Radio City Rockettes).




Cassie (second year line Captain).


Precision personified.


Cori in a new outfit at 1st Q dance (SI photo–Scott Iskowitz / Getty Images)

[Bucs Cheerleaders Gallery]

[Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders]

Bucs Cheerleaders Survive Howl-O-Scream

Andrew Norton Contributor

bcusFor their seventh straight year, the Bucs cheerleaders faced their fears and braved a walk through Busch Gardens popular Halloween attractions.

It was a dark and stormy night … A cast of young women followed along a path of dim, flickering lights, a faint eerie melody drawing them beyond tall iron gates. They lock arms, pulses pounding, breathes held. Dark figures lurk behind them as ominous shadows grow just footsteps away. Six Buccaneers cheerleaders enter. But how many will last the night?

Well, actually, it was a pleasantly clear and mild Florida-October night. Also, fortunately, all six of our heroes survived, but not without a blood-curdling scream or two.

Last weekend, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders faced “the Curse” at Howl-O-Scream inside Busch Gardens in Tampa. The team braved their way through the park’s popular attraction, which this year features an all-new haunted house, roaming slash mobs and interactive experiences to test their skills when it comes to fighting through a mob of the undead. Not your usual Friday night.

For the seventh consecutive year, courageous members of the squad took on the terrifying experiences of Howl-O-Scream. They braved through Dead Fall, escaping the grasp of ghosts of long lost memories, longing to drag their unsuspecting guests into their world. The team also survived hordes of Slash Mobs roaming the sidewalks and slinking through Busch Gardens’ 300 acres of fright.

As always, after enduring plenty of hair-raising and lump-in-your-throat moments, the Cheerleaders were ready for more, anxious to find out what haunts and scares are in store for next year’s event.

“The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders had a wonderful time at Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream,” said Tara Battiato, the Buccaneer’s cheerleading manager. “It is an annual event that the team looks forward to every season. The haunted houses and scare zones were better than ever! We look forward to continuing the relationship with Busch Gardens for many seasons to come.”

Watch a video of the Bucs Cheerleaders at Howl-O-Scream here.