Winter Break–Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders

Special off-season posting. The Bucs 2013 season was disappointing to everyone but the high point of the year had to be during the three game winning streak in November. Six days after fending off the Dolphins on Monday Night Football, the Buccaneers defeated their rivals, the birds of Atlanta, at Raymond James Stadium.

We added a supplemental album to our coverage of that game. Enjoy.

Taylor – 3rd year (finally captured her beautiful blue eyes!).

Tricia – 2nd year

Antasia – 2nd year

Ingrid -  rookie

Julia  – rookie

Christina -  rookie

Karen was a 4 year Lightning Girl and now completed her third TBBC season

Kendell  – 2013 Line Captain

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Photo of the Day – February 24

Photo of the Day – February 24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader Rebecca in her first regular season game–9/11/11

Photo of the Day – February 19

Photo of the Day – February 19
A Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader

Photo of the Day – January 23 – Pro Bowl Countdown!

Photo of the Day – January 23 – Pro Bowl Countdown!
This Sunday’s Pro Bowl will feature Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader Ashlee, a four year TBBC veteran, with two as captain. Photo courtesy of our Florida Correspondent Jackson, and Jackson has more photos of Ashlee at this link

Photos of the Year – December 30

Between Christmas and New Year’s we are showcasing the year’s favorite photos from our contributors.

Photo of the Day - December 30
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader Cori

One of my favorite 2013 photo is of Buc’s rookie Cori–I had to sneak up with my 300mm lens to capture her beautiful eyes.

Photo of the Day – December 24

Photo of the Day - December 24
Santa Fear and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader helpers Ingrid and Micah

49ers Best Bucs 33-14 In Home Final

The Buccaneers stayed competitive until the 4th quarter when the instrumental song Wipe Out by the Surfaris started ringing in my sub-conscious. Two away games left to save jobs.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders dressed in their Christmas outfits and looked and performed magnificently. No halftime dance this week as the TBBC partnered with the Glazer Family Foundation in participating in the annual gift giving ceremony for area deserving children. A great and generous program–smiles galore.

Fan favorite Ashlee will represent the Bucs at this season’s Pro Bowl in Hawaii and then drift off into NFL Cheerleader Retirement. It was a great 4 years photographing Ashlee. She will be missed.

Enjoy the Photos:









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Ashlee Will Be The Buc’s Cheerleader Going Hawaiian

Lovely Ashlee has been chosen by her teammates to represent the Buccaneers at this season’s Pro Bowl in Hawaii. Ashlee is a four year veteran and two year line Captain for the TBBC.

Ashlee keeps in great shape with distance running along scenic Tampa’s Bay Shore.

Congratulations to Ashlee on your great 4 years.

Mom, Ashlee and Bucs Cheer Manager Melissa Fitzgerald.

Ashlee performing at the 49ers game.

Ashlee in the current year TBBC calendar.

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Bucs Thrash Bills In Tampa—27-6

Many Buffalo fans filled Raymond James Stadium last Sunday fully expecting a upset victory. The Bucs however, led by a surprising effective defense, froze the Bills out of the end zone under a blizzard of defensive turnovers. Sorry Buffalonians, back to the cold with you guys.

Under the hot sunny sky, the Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders performed gracefully as usual. The theme of the day was “Honor the Scout” as the TBBC welcomed family day for the girl scouts of West Central Florida to attend and participate in the NFL’s “Play60″ pledge exercise program.

The 49ers come to town (sadly without the Gold Rush) this Sunday—Ray Jay will be packed. The game should be a good test to measure exactly where the Bucs stand in their quest to build a playoff level team. Should be fun.

Enjoy the photos:









Co-Captain Karen and line Captain Ashlee

Ashley getting some TV exposure

Bobby Rainey’s record 80 yard TD on game’s second play

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2013 Bucs Cheerleaders

Individual profiles have finally been posted, although they aren’t the last team to get around to it (i’mtalkingtoyouramscheerleaders). Click here to learn more about the team!

Captain/4th year veteran Ashlee F.