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Buffalo Jills Congratulatory Party

From the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog:

To introduce the 2009 squad to the public, the Buffalo Jills invaded Club Paradise in Blasdell, NY, only 8 minutes from Ralph Wilson Stadium for their annual Congratulatory Party. The party not only allowed the public to meet the Jills squad, but gave the Jills themselves a chance to celebrate their accomplishment of making the squad with family and friends. This year’s party included a chinese raffle, a 50-50 drawing, and 3 separate dance routines put on by the Jills dancers. Taking the stage to announce the event was honorary Buffalo Jill Lydia, the host of Buffalo’s CW23 TV station, WNLO.


Lots of photos and video at Phil’s blog.

[Buffalo Jills Congratulatory Party]

[Official Buffalo Jills Website]

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