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2009 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Cover Model Voting Continues

Vikings.com: Once again, Vikings fans will help determine the cover of the 2009 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar. Eight ladies will be vying for a spot on the cover, and their fates will be determined by fan voting on Vikings.com.

The third matchup features Krisan vs. Annalisa. To vote for who you think should advance, click here.


Redhawk Becomes Sea Gal


By Katie Farden
The SU Spectator

With four wins and 12 losses last season, the Seattle Seahawks ended 2008 leaving most of their fans with dim hopes for next year. Seattle U students and alumni still have cause to head down to Qwest Field, however, even if it is only for the half-time show.

Senior criminal justice and forensic psychology major Pia Gillan recently earned a spot on the Sea Gals, a professional dance team that performs at Seahawks football games.

When Gillan first found out she made the team, she was in disbelief.

“You have to wait for an hour to find out, and that’s the worst part,” she said. “When they first called my number I was in shock, I had to double check to make sure it was me.”

Gillan has been a member of Seattle U’s dance squad, SU Dance Team, for the past two years. Her dance coach, Kate Kelly, wasn’t surprised with Gillian’s success at the Sea Gals tryout.

“She is one of the best performers I have ever coached,” Kelly said. “She just has that air about her.”

Performing in front of a large audience is one aspect of her new job Gillan says she is most excited to take on.

“I’m really excited just to be in the stadium interacting with the crowd,” said Gillan who was born and raised in Guam and danced competitively in high school for Skip Entertainment Studio. Before dancing on the SU Dance Team, Gillan spent her freshman and sophomore year playing rugby for Seattle U.

“Rugby was a lot of fun, especially because we played it a lot in Guam,” she said. “But I really missed dancing. It’s not that I didn’t like rugby, but I do wish I had tried out for the dance team earlier.”

The most unforgettable moment of her two years on Seattle U’s dance squad, she said, was her initial audition.

“I had never really auditioned before, and I was nervous choreographing my own dance,” she said of her 2007 tryout. “But I got through it.”

Gillan auditioned for the Sea Gals in late April at Qwest Field. The try outs, which held three rounds of cuts and personal interviews, proved to be far more overwhelming than the Seattle U dance team auditions.

“At the SU audition, there are about eight girls there, and everyone knows your name,” she said. “At the Sea Gals audition, there were over 200. You’re just a number.”

Gillan’s number, however, drew the coaches’ attention. She was selected along with 27 other women for the 2009 Sea Gal’s roster.

“My mom called everyone she knew. And my family keeps checking the [Sea Gals] Web site,” she said with a laugh.

The Sea Gals practice every Tuesday and Thursday at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton, Wash.

“Practices start at 6:30 p.m., and they don’t give you an end time because you don’t know when it will get over,” Gillan said.

She said while it’s often challenging, she works to strike a balance between school and her new job as a Sea Gal.

“It’s pretty stressful,” said Gillan, who also works 15 hours a week at Super Copy. “I just seriously have to time-manage.”

Still, the Sea Gal practices, which usually run for about two and a half hours, offer her time to unwind.

“I look forward to those practices because it’s a chance to put school behind me.”

Although Gillan is now a professional dancer, her former coach said she still retains her humility.

“She is probably one of the most down to earth people I know,” said Kelly. “She definitely deserves this.”

Titans Cheerleaders Arrive at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort


By Lindsey R.
Titans Online
May 25, 2009

Hello Titans fans from Destin, Florida!

We arrived at the fabulous Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort today at around five o’clock after a long, but fun bus trip. We all met early this morning excited and ready to go, but the rookies had a few things they had to do before getting on the bus.

This year we have eight amazing women who are new to our team and just for fun, they each had to perform one of the short routines we perform on the field in order to get on the bus. And once they got on the bus, they each had to tell one interesting fact about a veteran to receive their rookie sign. Now their rookie sign is not anything terrible. It’s a small sign they wear around their neck throughout the first month of training until they earn 10 stickers. The 10 stickers are given by the captains and the veterans when they see a rookie giving 110% and going above and beyond. It’s our way of letting them know we have noticed their hard work and to keep it up.

With such a long bus ride, the captains came up with several games to keep us entertained. One of the funniest activities we did was having each girl write down their most embarrassing moment. We then read them aloud and had to guess who it was. Needless to say, we learned a lot about each other! We also gave the rookies crayons and a piece of paper and they each had a few minutes to draw a picture of themselves. We then tried to guess who had drawn each picture and voted on who had the best artistic skills. And lets just say none of us are artists for a reason!

Throughout the drive, we also began giving hints to the rookies as to who their big sister would be during the season. Each rookie is paired with a second year member to guide her through the year. They will find out their big sister on Wednesday night, but we wanted to keep teasing them with clues until then.

Once we arrived at the resort, we all had about two hours to freshen up before meeting back up for dinner at the Marlin Grill. It was so nice to see everyone all dressed up because we normally see each other in practice clothes and tennis shoes. The dinner was amazing, complete with appetizers, a salad, and fabulous entrees. Our Director, Stacie Kinder, gave a great toast thanking all of our sponsors who traveled with us to Destin to help make our swimsuit calendar a success. And she also wished all of us good luck for when we step in front of the camera in the next few days.


The night ended with a surprise from our Director and the resort. They took us outside for a picture and then announced they had a special fireworks display for us. The sky was lit up with fireworks choreographed to go along with some of the songs we performed to last year and during tryouts. It was such a nice treat and bigger than anything we could have imagined.

Tomorrow, women will have call times as early as 4 a.m. to get hair and makeup done before heading to the beach for a sunrise photo shoot. Other women will head to the marina to take picture on a yacht and there will also be a photo session at a waterfall. It will take a lot of hard work to make sure every picture looks its best, but it will also be a lot of fun.

Well, I’m off to bed. Check back everyday for a new blog as the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders continue their trip in Destin creating the 2009 Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Swimsuit Calendar!

Lindsey R.

Behind the Scenes at the FC Dallas Dancer Photoshoot

The newly minted MLS FC Dallas Dancers recently completed their very first photo shoot in their new team uniforms. The video below gives us a peek behind the scenes at the photo session!

Find more videos like this on MyFCDallas

Luvabulls Director Celebrates 25 Years

Celebrating 25 years with the Chicago Luvabulls
Nearly 70 former Luvabulls honor Director Cathy Core for her efforts.

Chicago Bulls
April 2009


Luvabulls Director Cathy Core was recently honored for her 25 years with the Bulls organization. On April 4, nearly 70 former Luvabulls dancers were on hand as the Bulls took on the New Jersey Nets to re-unite and thank Core for her years of service.

Current Luvabulls also took part in the celebration in which Core was presented with a plaque and cake after the game.

Also on April 4, the Luvabulls and Core were presented with induction plaque into the Amsterdam Haarlem Basketball Week Hall of Fame. The Luvabulls have performed at the tournament in Holland at since the early 1990s and were inducted this year in their Hall of Fame. Click here for photos.

Buffalo Jills Congratulatory Party

From the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog:

To introduce the 2009 squad to the public, the Buffalo Jills invaded Club Paradise in Blasdell, NY, only 8 minutes from Ralph Wilson Stadium for their annual Congratulatory Party. The party not only allowed the public to meet the Jills squad, but gave the Jills themselves a chance to celebrate their accomplishment of making the squad with family and friends. This year’s party included a chinese raffle, a 50-50 drawing, and 3 separate dance routines put on by the Jills dancers. Taking the stage to announce the event was honorary Buffalo Jill Lydia, the host of Buffalo’s CW23 TV station, WNLO.


Lots of photos and video at Phil’s blog.

[Buffalo Jills Congratulatory Party]

[Official Buffalo Jills Website]

The Best Convention in Professional Cheerleading

All-Pro3 Inc, the company that produces the P-R-O Convention is excited to announce the All-Star line up of guest instructors for their 2009 Convention. Professional Cheerleaders and Dancers from all over the world travel to Atlanta to learn choreography from these instructors every year.

“We always like to add some fresh, new instructors each year to teach alongside our fabulous veteran choreographers” says Tracy Rutledge of All-Pro3. “Raquel Torres-Garcia will be joining us from the San Antonio Spurs, and Ken Martin from USA Pro Cheerleaders will also teach for us for the first time.”

The Tampa Bay Lightning Girls

Rutledge boasts “We pride ourselves in showcasing actual Directors, Managers, and Choreographers who actively run pro teams. Their choreography is always usable and fan friendly, exactly what professional cheerleaders and dancers are looking to learn.”

P-R-O Instructors for 2009:

Tami Krause-NFL Minnesota Vikings & NLL Minnesota Swarm
Sandy Charboneau-NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Raquel Torres-Garcia-NBA San Antonio Spurs
Alto Gary-NFL Houston Texans
Tamara Jenkins-MLS FC Dallas
Stacie Kinder-NFL Tennessee Titans
Ken Martin-USA Pro Cheerleaders
Brandii McCoy-NBA Charlotte Bobcats & ECHL Charlotte Checkers
Stephanie Jojokian-NFL Washington Redskins
Marla Viturello-AFL Philadelphia Soul & Philadelphia Pro Dancers
Shannon Kingsley-NFL Seattle Seahawks

Rutledge adds that “Our Convention continues to grow each year. Our sponsors such as the Line Up, Peavey hosiery, Satin Stitches, and Tech.Nitions, help make our event even more extraordinary each summer!”

The popular “Sideline Distraction Magazine” is a huge hit at the Convention. It features ‘Sideline Hotties’ from various teams and leagues in Professional Cheerleading. Last year, the coveted cover spot went to Crystal, from the NHL Tampa Bay Lightning Girls…who will it be this year? You’ll have to attend the P-R-O Convention to find out!

For more information and to register, visit www.allpro3.com or email allpro3@mac.com

Check out some galleries from last year’s convention.

DCC Behind-the-Scenes Video


KTXA: The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders visited the CBS 11 / TXA 21 Studios to talk about the upcoming tryouts on May 23. Click here to check out all the video you DIDN’T see on TV of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders hanging out in the makeup room, talking about the latest news on former cheerleader Melissa and Jay from Jay’s Bootcamp!

Honoring the Troops on Top of the World

2009ravensgreenlandsmThe Ravens’ cheerleaders took a trip to Greenland on behalf of the U.S. Armed Forces.
by Geoff Peckham

Memorial Day Weekend is a time when Americans honor their fallen heroes. The Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders took the time to honor the heroes who are still fighting.

On Thursday, May 21, members of the Baltimore Ravens Cheer & Stunt team took a DC-8 five hours up to Thule Air Base in Northern Greenland, the United States Air Force’s northern most base. They visited and performed for the troops stationed there, a rare treat for the soldiers on top of the world.

“We try to bring a touch of home to those serving overseas,” said Captain Jamie Fleischhacker, Circuit Manager for the Western Hemisphere of Armed Forces Entertainment. “Bringing in bands, cheerleaders, etc. helps to achieve this mission. These tours go to help the morale of the individuals. When morale is high it is easier to focus on the mission at hand and not get distracted from serving our country.”

The Ravens Cheerleaders have made overseas trips for the U.S. Armed Forces before. In 2002, they traveled to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, Dubai, Afghanistan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. In 2004 they traveled back to Iraq, Kuwait and the UAE, and in 2005 they went to Italy and Egypt. After a four-year hiatus, the team found itself invited to a far more unique locale.

Thule Air Base is regarded as perhaps the most remote U.S. base overseas. Nearly 600 miles above the Arctic Circle, the temperatures can go as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit. And at this time of year, there are nearly 18 hours of daylight. Needless to say, the setting is far from the comforts of home for those stationed there.

That didn’t mean the team wasn’t thrilled for the opportunity.

“It’s a great honor,” said Nick, one of the male members of the stunt team, noting that visiting troops is a side of the NFL that is rarely seen.

Once the squad arrived, they were greeted by Air Force escorts who took them on a trip to one of the region’s famous glaciers. The terrain was snow-covered but beautiful, if not a little foggy, but the team enjoyed the scenery nonetheless.

They then went on to participate in the Jail and Bail fundraiser on behalf of National Police Week, and had dinner at the Top of the World Club.

And course, the team performed one of their incredible routines before taking photos and giving out autographs to everyone on base, including Thule’s Colonel Peppard.

“The Ravens brought something different [this year] in that they are a co-ed squad,” “This appealed to the entire base population.” The Ravens are the only team in the NFL with a co-ed Cheer & Stunt team.

“The most important thing is to boost their morale,” eight-year cheer veteran Leslie said. As one of the longest tenured cheerleaders, she was among those who met with the troops in 2005. She said she has run into soldiers before who were overseas when they visited, who remarked that their visit was a highlight of their time there.

“They are in their own world up there. It’s important to take care of them, because they take care of us.”

Another of the cheerleaders who participated, Jaime A., encountered troops who met the Ravens cheerleaders before she was on the squad. They noted how great an experience it was for them, which resonated with her.

“That was when I decided to try out for the team,” she said. “I’ve been waiting five years to do this.

“It’s something I feel is our duty because of everything they do for us. It’s well deserved.”

So as beautiful as Baltimore was last week, the Cheerleaders made the trek into Greenland to give the troops there a boost, and to simply say ‘Thanks.’ Why? Because ultimately, those same troops do so much more for us.

Plainfield woman needs your vote

The Herald News

2009-colts-finalists_sarafalconer-2PLAINFIELD — Sara Falconer, 20, hopes to make the NFL Indianapolis Colts cheerleader team, but she needs your help to do it.

Part of the criteria for the judges’ final selections on Wednesday is high public response. To cast your vote for Sara, visit www.colts.com and click on “Vote for your Favorite Cheerleader.”

“Voting is only a small part of the audition process,” said Sara’s
mother, Shelley Falconer of Plainfield. “A girl ahead of her in the
votes got cut on Thursday night. But they do want to see if you can get
people excited enough to bring them onto the Web site.”

The final evaluation also includes a 45-minute interview. The final audition is in the form of a runway show on Wednesday.

A senior majoring in dance and physical therapy at Ball State
University in Muncie, Ind., Sara, who loves football, Indianapolis and
dance, learned about the cheerleader tryouts and decided to pursue it.

About 200 candidates attended the first tryout on May 9. Sara is one
of the 45 young women that remain, hoping to be one of the lucky 28 who
will make the 2009-2010 squad.

“She’s danced for 17 years — first at Shirley’s Dance Studio in
Crest Hill and then for 14 years when it became Times III Performing
Arts Academy,” Shelley said. “She really likes performing.

Sara currently dances with a company team at Ball State University.
Previously, she belonged to the Plainfield Junior Cat Poms, as well as
the Cougarette dance team at Plainfield South High School.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Tryouts


The Dallas Observer:
The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders held open tryouts for next season’s
squad at the Gaylord Texan, Saturday, May 23. Photos by Patrick
Michels. Click here to view photos

Dancing with the NBA Stars

By Justin Williams
Longmont Times-Call

krista-schneider_smAll right, all right. Stop gawking. Yes, she’s a pretty girl.

And you might be asking yourself what she’s doing on the front of the sports page. Don’t worry about it. Just enjoy and move on.

Oh, and pat yourself on the back for taking time away from the
pretty picture to actually read this — because, trust me, behind the
good looks and great dance moves, Krista Schneider has an interesting story to tell.

She was born on the edge of Longmont and raised on a ranch by a
cowboy whose rugged ways rubbed off on her. Sure, Schneider did the
dance recitals, ballets and all that other girly stuff — but you know
what they say: You can take the girl away from the farm, but …

“I was always such a tomboy. I never could have dreamed of being
this pretty girl on posters and signing autographs,” Schneider says,
almost apologizing to that inner child who can’t wait to grow up and
wrestle steer like dad.

Schneider attended Skyline High School, graduating in 2005. She was
on the school’s dance team all four years, and in her mind, that’s
where her dancing career would end.

But her first year at Colorado State was a tough one that included
the sudden passing of her father. She needed an outlet, and dancing
came calling once again.

She tried out and made the Colorado Eagles’ dance team and
eventually fulfilled the lifelong dream of many a little girl: becoming
a dancer on an NBA team.

The 22-year-old has been along for nearly every minute of Denver’s
historic ride to the Western Conference finals — and recently,
Schneider made this sportswriter’s lifelong dream by giving me a few
minutes of her time.


JW: Tell me a little about yourself, other than your dancing life.

KS: I enjoy long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners … just
kidding! I am attending Colorado State University, majoring in business
marketing with a minor in merchandising.

I don’t have much time between school and dance, but when I do, you will rarely find me resting.

I like to get out and experience life with those around me. I’m very
close with my family and enjoy spending time with them. My mom, sister,
niece and I usually are out shopping together at least once a week, and
I see my entire extended family at least once a month.

I also try to visit my boyfriend as much as possible, which can be
difficult because he is from, and currently resides in, Alberta, Canada.

JW: Dang you, Canada! First you take Roy Halladay — now this?

… All right, what are some of your favorite memories of Skyline High School?

KS: I was on the Skyline Dance Team all four years and was captain
my senior year. While I was on the dance team, I started a tradition
where any senior guy who was brave enough to sign up would get to come
learn a dance and perform at a few games with us.

I headed that up for three years, and I am sure you can imagine that
was quite the experience and probably one of my favorite memories.

JW: So how did you go from that to becoming a Denver Nuggets dancer?

KS: I had been dancing my entire life and then decided to take a
year off when I went to college. I had an extremely tough first year …
and decided I needed to start dancing again as a way to release all the
emotions I was feeling.

I was very shy, but I felt like at this point, I had nothing to
lose, so I started trying out for professional teams. I was elated when
I made the Nuggets dancers, to say the least.

Now that I am nearing the end of my rookie season, I have to say
that being a Nuggets dancer is more amazing than I could ever put into

JW: That’s a pretty competitive process, right?

KS: If I had to describe the tryout experience in one word, it would
be “overwhelming.” Hundreds of girls show up and put everything they
have on the line for a shot at their dream. The process is different
for everyone but easy for no one.

I get very nervous, so tryouts are a little stressful for me, but it is worth it in the end.

JW: Did you ever imagine you’d end up as a dancer on a professional team?

KS: I actually had no idea that I could dance on a pro team, as
strange as that sounds. To me, the girls that danced for the Nuggets
were almost unreal, something that was unattainable.

Once I realized that I had similarities to a lot of the girls on the team, I immediately started trying out.

JW: So: How many times are you hit on during a game?

KS: Hmmmm … I think the last tally was at 12,987. Just kidding!

JW: Who is your favorite Nuggets player, and why?

KS: It’s a tie between Chauncey Billups and J.R. Smith.

Chauncey Billups because he is an amazing player and leader. The
change was unbelievable when he stepped out on the court wearing that
No. 7 jersey, and I don’t know if we would be in the position we are
now without him.

J.R. Smith, because you can see his love for what he does. He always
looks like he is enjoying life — plus, he is a great player.

JW: Who has the best dance moves on the Nuggets?

KS: I have to say J.R. Smith, because he is the only player I’ve caught dancing on the practice court.

JW: Of course I have to ask you: Who is going to win this Western Conference finals series between the Nuggets and Lakers?

KS: I think that the Nuggets will not only win the Western Conference finals, but I think they are going to win it all.

As Kobe (Bryant) said about the Nuggets: “They have depth. They have the toughness. They have the camaraderie. It’s no surprise to me that they’re here.”

DC Body Armor

So what Pro Cheerleading Squad performs under the most difficult conditions?

Until this year the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders had to endure the brutal August heat for pre-season games at Texas Stadium.

And the Buffalo Jills have to break out the thermal packs in December and January when the wind whips through Ralph Wilson Stadium.

But how about the Body Armor, the Dance Team for the AIFA DC Armor?

Consider this: Washington DC, Memorial Day weekend, Indoor Football, NO AIR CONDITIONING!


They bring some portable units into the DC Armory, where the team plays its home games. But the conditions are still tough, though the Dancers manage to smile through it all.


Body Armor Directors Bea Codjoe and Jane Said. Bea works for a DC non-profit, sort of like a “community kitchen,” while Jane works on the helpdesk for the Department of Labor.

Jess is a graduate of Princeton University. (More on Jess later this week)


Shawni has her Bachelors and Masters from the University of Maryland. She helps keep the country safe working for the Department of Homeland Security as a Criminal Research Specialist. She danced at the University of Maryland and has coached high school and all-star cheerleading squads.

Ten months ago she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Sanai. Shawni says she was a little self-conscious about trying out for team so soon after giving birth. But with hard work, determination and the support of her Directors, she made the team and she look great.


While the holiday weekend might have reduced the crowd, the fans who turned out made up for it with their enthusiasm. Kids scrambled for the football when it went out of bounds, and where ever the Body Armor went they were greeted with high fives and requests for photos.



Nicole is a graduate of James Madison University and a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.

American Cheerleaders Root for Indian Cricket

Bangalore renames IPL cheerleaders as White Mischief Gals


April 14, 2009

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RC) has enhanced its last year’s 14-member cheerleading team and rechristened it as ‘White Mischeif Gals’ after the owner United Spirits Ltd.’s (USL) vodka brand White
Mischief crossed sales of a million cases in the year recently.

The cheerleading team consists of a mix of 14 seasoned cheerleaders from US-based Varsity, one of the most renowned names in the world of cheerleading. The team also has 10 other international cheerleaders who have trained with the Varsity team.

Says USL Business Head Debashish Shyam, “The White Mischief Gals have been specially trained in flirty acrobatic skills for a scintillating on-field performance that sets them distinctly apart from any other cheerleading squad. We will hold special previews of their acts for fans at select clubs in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Lucknow.”

Fourteen of the cheerleaders team headed by Rebecca Reid will fly to South Africa to cheer on the RC team, while 10 will stay back and pick up 15 lucky and bold flirters to watch one match in South Africa. Flirt
with Michief Gals is among the contests planned by the brains at RC.

White Mischief Gals willl arrive in each city in a specially designed bus with evocative slogans for the fans. The fans have more to cheer as special on-ground promotions will get them branded White Mischief merchandise with flirtatious messages and tips.

Mischief Gal Rebecca Lee yearns for cricket in America


May 10, 2009

After Lalit Modi and Inderjit Bindra, it is the turn of the Mischief Gals, the American cheerleading squad that is cheering for Bangalore, to push for cricket in America.
That’s right. Mischief Gal Rebecca Lee wrote in her blog last week: “Heard somewhere that they are planning to launch Twenty20 cricket even in America. That would be cool. Over the last two weeks I have quite started to love the game. It is exciting and definitely can have a good following in the US.”

This ringing endorsement from IPL’s most visible American supporters came a week after Inderjit Bindra, ICC’s Principal Advisor, suggested that USACA should copy the IPL model and look at private ownership for teams, each of which can have a mix of foreign and local players.

In fact, the gals have been so smitten by cricket that they watch it on the television even when they are not in the stadium. It is not just cricket, the gals have taken a liking to that other British export that is everybody’s favorite in the commonwealth – Cadbury’s!

“At home we don’t have the same candy that they do here. It is odd to see so many different candy bars made by Cadbury, as we usually only see Cadbury candy at Easter time in the US.”


You think of cheerleaders as airheads and other such unflattering cheerleading stereotypes, cease and desist immediately. Rebecca Lee went to Florida State University and Cumberland School of Law and is a
practising attorney. She says, “Some people try to make us out as dumb girls, but cheerleading is on its way to become an Olympic sport, and so it’s quite a serious sport.”

Cricket, unfortunately, is not on its way to become an Olympic sport. So perhaps the cheerleaders will also push for recognition of cricket as an Olympic sport.

The American cheerleaders have figured out the ins and outs of cricket.

Rebecca says the rules are simple: “If the ball crosses the boundary along the ground, it’s a four. If it crosses the ropes without touching the ground, it is a six.”

Rebecca calls it baseball 2.0. Nothing more, nothing less!

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Tryouts 2009


Click here to view the video.

Click here to view the photos. (Note: Lots and lots of duplicates in this collection, especially after number 100.)


More than seven hundred women went toe-to-toe today for a chance to be a  Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Competition was fierce, but besides beauty, the squad is looking for brains.

The Gaylord Texan resort in Grapevine is packed wall to wall with gorgeous women. Just when you think you’ve seen the most beautiful one, five more walk by. But, the women battling for the thirty-six spots on the Dallas Cowboy cheerleader squad will let you know this about more than being hot.

Johanna Liad says, ” You are selling the Dallas Cowboys image and that is , you know and that is the business side to it and also dancing and professionalism.”

From warming up to stretching, there’s a lot of work behind the scenes before the ladies even take the stage. some say waiting to perform is the worst part.

Lauren Ragsdale says, ” I think its about looks, your figure, how you dance, how you perform, just how you put on a show.”

For others being surrounded by stiff competition helps.

Nina Greenhouse says, ” Its actually really encouraging when you see somebody, instead of thinking, oh, she might be better than me, its kind of like that drive to do better, so its just a lot of fun.”

This year the girls have a little extra pressure because they’ll be the first squad to perform at the brand new cowboys stadium.

Everybody gets their chance to try. The competition will continue tomorrow and only forty-five women will be invited to cheerleader training camp.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader? Well, it takes more than you might think, they ladies also have to take a one hundred question test.

We have a couple of sample questions: What year was the Cowboys’ first season in the NFL? 1960

How many yards are in an NFL end zone? 10