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New Look – Still a Work in Progress

Hey everyone! We’ve got a new look again. Thanks for all your feedback. We hope the site is easier to read and navigate now. We’re still making some changes. We’d like to hear what you think. Love it? Hate it? Suggestions?

E-mail us: james@procheerleaderblog.com, sasha@procheerleaderblog.com, ultimatecheerleaders@gmail.com

6 comments to New Look – Still a Work in Progress

  • Meghann

    I like the changes so far, but I don’t like that you have to click on every link to see the full story. I used to like scrolling down the page and seeing all the pictures, and it was easier to pick out the stories and gave me an idea of which ones I wanted to read. The site is kind of bland now with just text and no pictures on the first page. Also, clicking the link takes the whole page to the article, and maybe if you click the link it could just open up in a new tab instead. But I’m big on the pictures–I miss them!

  • Melissa

    I agree with Meghann, With site in this format, it takes a lot longer to navigate through the stories. The layout is great as far as the colors and scheme, but I feel you should put the blogs back on the first page.

  • Ashley N

    I wish you did not have to click on each and every article, this will take me forever to read them all now!

    Love the new colors!

    Is it just me, or does this layout take longer to load than the older ones?!’

    Big Fan Guys!


  • Sebastian

    Yeah this new layout is not very good in my opinion. I liked the way it used to look where you didn’t have to open each article to read the story and view the pictures. I agree with Meghann, it was much easier to scroll down the page to see the pics and articles.

  • Ashley N

    Also- Your old articles are messed up. If you search something that was before the switch, its still in code.

  • James

    We got the old content moved over, but you’re right we still have to fix the code. Thanks!