MVC at Ride For Life

By Krisan, 3-year veteran

On Saturday, July 18, 2009 the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders joined hundreds of Viking biker fans for the 15th Annual Ride For Life.


Despite the fall like, football season weather in July the turnout was phenomenal! All the fans who attended Ride For Life last year welcomed the cloudy, brisk weather this year from last year’s torrential down pours! The Ride For Life is an appearance we always look forward to every year to help raise money for the Vikings Children’s Fund Charity.

We rallied for the morning registration, breakfast buffet, and mingling at the Blue Heron Grill in Hugo, MN. We were so thrilled to share our new 2009 – 2010 Vikings Cheerleader calendar with all the fans and feel they were equally as thrilled. It was a fun walk down memory lane as we reminisced with fans about passed Ride For Life events and welcomed fans who joined us for the first time. We even witnessed a fan wearing a “purple #4” jersey.

In style, is a way to describe our traditional journey from the registration point up to the Outdoor Amphitheater in Hinckley where all the action was happening! As Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, we were treated to a limousine ride and lead the sea of bikers to our final destination. It was such a site to see hundreds of bikers who had already gathered in Hinckley and an honor to cheer with them as we welcomed the caravan of riders from the Blue Heron Grill. Todd, the owner of the spirited Vikings Bike, which you all see on game day zipping out the tunnel, was amongst our favorite bikes there!

We had an AB FAB (absolutely fabulous) time enjoying the food, prize giveaways, music from Zed Leppelin, remarks from John Heinz as the emcee with our Viking fans. Everyone who attended the Ride For Life also had the opportunity to meet Vikings Alumni players, including Benchwarmer Bob, and Viktor the Viking! There was a fun excitement in the air as we chatted with fans about the upcoming season and training camp!

What a day! We are already looking forward to next year ‘s Ride For Life event.

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