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Choreographer Sought

Got a message from Misty Phillips:

I am really involved with the Friendswood (TX) Lady Mustangs Cheer/Drill program and we are 6 weeks away from our Drill competition and our choreographer quit and we need 2 more dances. If you or anyone you know could help us out. It would be wonderful. It is a group of 9 girls ages 7-13. If you need more info, please call: 832.367.8538, I get off at 5pm and am free to talk at that point. Thanks either way.

Redskinette Named New Cheerleading Coach

By Sam Oshinsky

chrisiredskinsVarsity cheerleading has a new coach who plans to push the squad to new heights. The new coach, Christi Weems, won awards cheering at Virginia Tech and now cheers for the Washington Redskins.

Weems started cheering in high school and immediately knew she wanted to take it to the next level, setting her sights on professional cheerleading. Last year, she achieved her goal when the Redskins hired her to be a Redskinnette.

“It’s so exciting to see how energetic and crazy the fans get,” Weems said in a Gameday magazine story.christi weems “It’s kind of overwhelming, but it’s so fun to know that you can help get everyone excited about their school and sports.”

Weems hopes that being a Redskinette and a high school coach will help her achieve her ultimate goal in the sport.

“Ever since I started cheering, I knew that I wanted to continue on to higher and higher levels,” Weems said. “Someday I hope to coach in college.”

When Weems heard that last year’s coach, Jennifer Hyson, had left because she was accepted into graduate school in Minnesota, Weems jumped at the opportunity to coach and quickly got the job.

Team captain Natalie Vernigor said the team members are excited to have Weems lead them. Weems has been a huge hit with the team, already greatly improving the quality of the squad.

“We’re lucky to have Christi,” Vernigor says. “We’ve gotten so far in such a short time, and we’re already putting up difficult stunts.”

Weems uses the experience she gained from Virginia Tech, one of the nation’s top cheerleading schools, and from cheering with the Redskins to help improve the team.

Senior Kimya Farivari appreciates the experience and dedication Weems brings to the team.

“She’s different because she makes us work a lot harder than the other coaches,” Farivari says.

Last year, the squad won its spring competition, and with Weems’ experience, the team members have high expectations for the year.

“I really like how the team is coming together and I really look forward to this year.” Weems says. “We have a great squad, everyone works together so well.”

[Christi at Redskins.com]

Buffalo Jills Calendar Release Party

The Buffalo Jills had their Calendar Release Party this past weekend and our friend Phil was there:

Club Paradise in Blasdell, NY was the place to be Saturday night as the 2009 Buffalo Jills held their annual Calendar Release Party. As if a calendar that hot actually needed any help getting sold, the Jills pull out all the stops for this event every year. In addition to raffles and getting to mingle with Buffalo’s Beauties, fans got to see a hot dance performance that featured many of the Jills dancers in a group of dances that took over 3 minutes in total. Keep in mind that most performances are generally about a minute in length so the Jills put a bunch of regular performances together into one big one. But to top that all off, the big attraction is basically seeing the calendar in 3-D as the Buffalo Jills came out on the Club Paradise dance floor to model the swimwear from the calendar.


Photos and video at Phil’s blog.

On The Flipside: NFL Cheerleader Calendars

This episode of On The Flipside is all NFL Cheerleaders. Aubrey Aquino follows the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Oakland Raiderettes on their calendar shoots.

[On The Flipside]

[Aubrey Aquino]

Eagles Cheerleaders at Maxim.com

davanmaximThis week the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders are at Maxim.com

See the photos here.

[Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders]

Monday Morning Cheerleader: Brandi of the Houston Texans

By Steve Mazzucchi

She may be a rookie pom-pom shaker, but Week Three’s expert has plenty to say about getting better angles than the referee, recovering from bonehead plays, and the secret success behind the color of a football jersey.

Talk about a seesaw battle. All nine scores in yesterday’s Texans-Jaguars clash resulted in lead changes. And while Jacksonville’s last touchdown came with a full fourteen minutes left, Houston squandered its final three possessions in a 31-24 loss with two punts, a touchdown negated by an offensive pass-interference penalty, and a goal-line fumble. We asked Brandi, a skydiving, weight-pumping Louisiana native, for her take on the Texans’ last stand, the key to a turnaround (“It’s about time we put it together”), and her not-so-ho-hum day job (“I run a sixteen-bed neurological rehabilitation center — a very courageous group”).

ESQUIRE: Rough loss. What was the team’s biggest problem on the field?

BRANDI: It’s hard to pin down one thing. I thought we put in a good effort, but we made a lot of simple mistakes here and there. The pass-interference call that cost us a touchdown and the fumble that cost us the game really stand out.

ESQ: What was going through your mind during that fumble, with just two minutes left on the clock?

B: Oh, wow — a lot of emotions. We challenged the call. I’m not sure if that was wishful thinking or nerves, but I just knew there wasn’t indisputable evidence. Waiting for that ref to come back, I was biting my nails I was so nervous. The fans made their opinions very clear, but it’s hard to say if they were upset about the call or the play in general. A fumble at the goal line is a sticky situation; no one likes to be there. We’ll move on from that. Hopefully we learned something from it.

ESQ: Going into the game, the Texans were 7-2 when wearing their Battle Red uniforms. Do you think the color makes a difference?

B: There’s been a lot of research about that. In college I studied psychology, and we did a study about whether the color of a team’s jersey affects a referee’s calls. We found that a dark-colored jersey, like black, is associated with being the bad guy, so you may get more flags than a team wearing white jerseys. But winning in red uniforms, I think that’s probably a coincidence.

ESQ: Maurice Jones-Drew, whom Jaguars cheerleader Kelli Schaible told us last week was a fantasy-football stud, rushed for 119 yards and three TDs. How can the Texans bottle him up when they face the Jags again in Week Thirteen?

B: That’s a tough one. I have to give credit where credit is due. He’s good. He’s fast. We need to fill those holes and not let him get that initial break. Once he gets through to the secondary, it’s tough to catch him.

ESQ: Did you see any encouraging signs from the Texans?

B: I thought Matt Schaub came out more aggressive — it was encouraging to see him move out of the pocket and run if necessary. Andre Johnson, we love him — he’s a favorite. And Steve Slaton is ready to break out — I think we’re going to see more and more from him. We need balance in our offense, and he’ll do that for us.

ESQ: Got a fantasy sleeper for next week?

B: Jacoby Jones. Johnson keeps the defense guessing, and when opposing teams double-team him it opens up opportunities for Schaub’s other options. Jones has two touchdowns in his last two games.


ESQ: While we’re dropping names, your squad has three Ashleys, identical twins Larisa and Marisa, a Randi, a Candy, and a Brandi. Ever get mixed up?

B: Well, the three Ashleys go by their last names. Larisa and Marisa, some of the girls who’ve been on the squad a long time can tell the difference, but I can’t. I just say, “Hey, Twin!” or “Larisa!” and judge by the girl’s face if that’s right or wrong. With Randi, Candy, and Brandi, we just have to listen a little closer. But when I go to appearances with Candy or Randi, I can feel people looking at us funny, like, “Come on, are those really you all’s names?” We get a Sandy and a Mandy, that’ll be half the squad.

ESQ: Before the season, a lot of people were again saying this was going to be the year the Texans finally broke through and made the playoffs. Did they over-hype the team?

B: I wouldn’t say we’re over-hyped. We have the potential — that’s what the hype is about. It’s just about tapping into it. We’re still a relatively new team, but it’s about time we put it together and make it happen.

ESQ: The team’s 1-2 and at home against the Raiders next week. Is that a must-win game?

B: It’s a must-win for me. I would love to go 2-2, get back to .500, and go from there. I don’t think the season’s over if we don’t win, and I wouldn’t discount the Raiders — they’re a good team — but this is it. No more losing at home.

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Survivor Contest

Voting in the The Fifth Annual Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Survivor Contest is underway.vikesvote1

First round balloting ends October 10th.


Stephanie and her 2005 MVC Survivor Award

Cast your vote here.

Previous winners here.

[Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders]

SI Gallery Update

New stuff on SportsIllustrated.com!


2009 St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders

Bios and profiles are now online. Go here to read up on the ladies.


Q&A with the Boston Blazers Sparks Director

The Boston Blazers are a relatively new team in the National Lacrosse League, starting play in the 2009 season. The Blazers Dance Team, The Sparks, are under the direction and choreographed by Jennifer. Jennifer graduated from Franklin & Marshall College with a degree in Psychology and a Dance Minor, before going on to earn her Masters from the Harvard School of Public Health.

As the Sparks second season approaches (tryouts were this past weekend), Jennifer took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few of our questions.


Q: What was it like building the Sparks Dance Team from the ground up?

A: It truly was an amazing once in a lifetime experience. It’s really exciting to create a vision and see it come to reality in a way that is much better than I could have imagined. The Blazers management has played a key role in our early success through their support and recognition of the dance team’s efforts. I cannot say enough about the talent and dedication of our Sparks dancers, it’s really an honor to be directing them and the friendships we have made and times we have shared through this experience are invaluable to me. It all culminates when we actually get to show off our hard work and get in front of the Boston Blazers fans, they are the best fans in the NLL (National Lacrosse League) and we want to make them proud!

Q: You’re a Senior Financial Analyst with a Masters from the Harvard School of Public Health. What’s the reaction from people when they learn you Direct and Choreograph a Pro Sports Dance Team?

A: I think the reaction is primarily surprise because they may have a stereotypical image in their head about cheerleaders/dancers and then curiosity about the Blazers and indoor lacrosse along with how I have the time to do it outside of work. I am now a finance manager so people tend to see me in a certain context at work which may be very different from my role as a dance team director/choreographer. The reality is that most dancers and dance team directors may need to have full time jobs outside of dance but we dance because we love it and love to perform. I’m happy to do anything I can to help reshape the stereotype and represent today’s dancers and cheerleaders in a new light as both talented and intelligent individuals so thanks to Ultimate Cheerleader for the opportunity to do that!

Q: What does your day job entail?

My typical day at work involves negotiating financial deals with companies who want to do research at our hospitals and making sure my team is running smoothly to provide our core services. As a manger, my role is not unlike my role as the Sparks director/choreographer. While they are totally different content, the roles have similarities in managing your team to provide the best end product for your customers. As you can imagine, it can be pretty intense working in finance at this time but that’s all the more reason I look forward to our Sparks practices and games!

Q: What’s one thing potential members of the Sparks Dance Team should avoid at auditions?

A: Hmm, that’s a tough one and I might turn the question around a little bit to what I would advise for girls to do at auditions, which would be bringing their “A” game and showing us their individual personalities through dance and what they can bring to the table. Show us your “SPARK!”

Q: Anything special you’ve got planned for the fans this season?

A: The Sparks want to build on our success from our first season and keep working hard to provide both new and existing fans with top quality entertainment and raise the bar for the in-game experience. We have a couple surprises in the works that I can’t reveal at this time but I promise we’ll be hard at work all pre-season and hopefully we will see you at the games!

[Boston Blazers Sparks Dance Team]

St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders Return from Afghanistan

From FOX2NOW.com

Five St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders have returned from a goodwill trip to Afghanistan. It was the group’s second overseas trip in six months. They visited troops in Iraq and Kuwait last February.

Kate, one of the cheerleaders who made the trip, appeared on FOX 2 News in the Morning where she talked about the trip, what the women did, and just how safe they felt in a war zone.

The tour lasted eight days. The cheerleaders signed autographs, posed for pictures and performed for soldiers at their various stops.

[St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders]

NFL.com gallery update

Lots of new stuff has been posted from the last two weekends. The collections feature dance teams from just about every team in the league. Click here for week 2, and here for week 3.


Chargers Win Makes The Dolphins An Endangered Species

It was another hot, hot Sunday at Qualcomm Stadium.  Fortunately, the temperatures on the field only reached the low 90’s, but for the Miami Dolphins it must have seemed like they were in hot water when the Chargers launched an aerial attack in the third quarter to take control of the game.  Eric Weddle’s interception return for a touchdown sealed the victory for the Chargers, who went on to prevail 23-13.  With the loss, the Dolphins start the season with a 0-3 record and I don’t have to tell you how many teams that started the season with three losses and made the Super Bowl.

This Sunday, I headed down to the Bud Light Power Party to pass out some photos to the Charger Girls and to get a calendar signed for our fearless publisher, James.  While there I met up with an acquaintance and fan of the blog, Jeff, who gave me a copy of Raiderettes: Forty Years of Pride, Poise and Personality, a slick book documenting the history of the Raiderettes.  Apparently, these books were given out at a Raiderette reunion many years ago.  Jeff and I both attended Raiders games in Los Angeles, before becoming Charger converts when the Silver and Black skipped town.  Thanks, Jeff.

The Bud Light Power Party is where the Charger Girls sign autographs and pose for photos with fans of both teams.  For those who have never been to a Charger game, it’s a great opportunity for fans to meet the Charger Girls and soak up the NFL experience.

But enough of this small talk; let’s get on with this week’s coverage of The Hottest Dance Team in the NFL, your Charger Girls.




As is custom, let’s start this week’s coverage by introducing the Line Captains: Ashlie, Marlina, Marisa and Tonya.


This week’s Charger Girl of the Day is truly an international beauty, Giselle.


Last week, we did not get a chance to properly introduce Tonya’s line.  Let us rectify that by getting to know her line in more detail.  Brittany R. was born and raised in California.  She was a member of Orange Coast College’s nationally acclaimed dance team and aspires one day to become a doctor.


Vanesa, a second year Charger Girl, was born and raised in San Diego, California.  She was a four year member of SDSU’s cheer team and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction for Elementary School Teachers.


Andrea is originally from San Antonio, Texas and graduated from SDSU with a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Fitness, Nutrition and Health.  She tells me that the most rewarding aspect of being a Charger Girl was being able to honor our military by performing at MCAS Miramar for Military Appreciation Day.


Kimberly, an aspiring writer, is currently taking dance classes and studying Literary Journalism at UC Irvine.  Her parents are from Southern Louisiana and her southern heritage has influenced Kimberly’s love for art, music and spicy food.


As I mentioned last week, Emily was raised in South Pasadena and attended San Diego State University.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Art with an emphasis in Interior Design and was a member of the SDSU Cheer Team.


Ashley is a 6th year veteran Charger Girl who was born and raised in San Diego, California.  I chatted with her two weeks ago at the Power Party and she tells me that she’s only three years shy of the record for most years as a Charger Girl (which is held by Kathy Perez at nine years, so I am told).  Personally, I’d love for her to break the record…then again, I like seeing Ashley on the sidelines on Sundays.


Now that introductions are complete, let us turn our attention to some of the more memorable images of the week.  Let’s just call this next section, Katie’s section as I have several notable photos of the peppy Charger Girl.




Heather, Casie, and Nicole L. are three Charger Girls that always make for a beautiful and interesting photograph.



Four rookies that always leave a positive impression are Lauren, Belinda, Melanie and Natalie.


And let’s end this week’s coverage with a few photos of Brittany W., Giselle, Jacquelyn and Carly N.





Well, that’s all for this week.  Next week, I’ll be up in the Bay Area to visit my nephew and take in a 49ers game, where I hope to get some photos of the 49ers Gold Rush.  And what’s coming up in the next few months?  Marisa tells me that the Charger Girls have special throw back uniforms for the 50th Anniversary AFL game, Halloween costumes for…Halloween and the venerable blue velvet uniforms for Christmas.  Can’t wait!

For more Charger Girl articles and photos, please visit my blog: TheHottestDanceTeam.wordpress.com

Eagles Cheerleaders Alumni Reunion

Saturday night on The Moshulu at the Penn’s Landing, five decades of Eagles Cheerleaders reunited to celebrate the past and to kickoff the start of the NFL Alumni Philadelphia Cheerleaders organization.

Alumni Media Relations Director Monica Devlin (left) with former teammate Allison. Monica promised me I’d see a lot of familiar faces and she wasn’t wrong.

Kate Osman (left) and Theresa Vitelli. Theresa was the cover girl for the 2004 Eagles Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar. You may remember Kate as the right fielder for the LaSalle University Softball Team. The very charming Kate is now a travel agent and part-time model.

Erin Stetser Goga was from the next town over from where I grew up, and it was quite a thrill to meet her. Here she holds up her calendar photo. (I had that calendar once)

Another alum I was thrilled to meet: Nicole Garis McCarthy. Nicole was featured prominently in the Eagles Cheerleaders segment in the 1992 Polygram Video Pro Football’s Hottest Cheerleaders. She was also Miss Delaware USA in 1995.

But there was more to the night than seeing old friends and making new ones. There was a silent auction held with the goal of raising $10,000 for youth charities.

Sharon Sweeney (left) and Marylou Tammaro received Achievement Awards. Sharon was the last coach of the Eaglettes in 1977 and the first director of the Liberty Belles in 1978. Marylou was a Cheerleader, Choreographer and Director in a career that spanned more than 20 years.

Quarterback Joe Pisarcik, was with the Eagles the year they went to Super Bowl XV. He’s now President of the Philadelphia Chapter of the NFL Players Alumni, and he spoke to the audience to about the important work that the Players and Cheerleaders Alumni organizations do.

Plus, over forty years worth of memorabilia, from uniforms to old news stories were on display.

[Eagles Cheerleaders Alumni Photos]

Washington Wizard Girls Visit the Caribbean

Back at the end of August the Washington Wizard Girls jetted down to the Caribbean to shoot their 2009-10 Swimsuit Calendar. Their destination was the Nail Bay Resort on the island of  Virgin Gorda. In addition to shooting on Virgin Gorda, the dancers also visited the islands of Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Peter and Anegada. Not 100% sure, but I think this is the first time an NBA Dance Team has gone outside the country to shoot their calendar.

Assistant Director Brianne Ritzert sent us a few photos from the trip. Most of the shots are just fun and action shots from their adventures around the islands, but there are a few sneak peaks of the girls being prepped during their actual calendar shoots.

Fans can get their first look at the new calendar on November 6th when the Wizard Dancers hold their calendar release party.

Showing off the new 2009-2010 uniform at “The Baths” of Virgin Gorda




Clowning around



[Wizards Girls in the BVI]

[Washington Wizards Girls]