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What’s Silver and Blue and PINK all over?


One feature of the new DCC website is video of their game day performances. First off, they are fun to watch. Second, they show what these women can do far better than any still photo ever could.

The latest video is a must-watch. I was absolutely blown away by their endurance. Now I understand why conditioning is so important. It is one thing to do 4 hours of sideline routines, with plenty of breaks in between. It is quite another to do a marathon halftime routine like the one they did for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

If I may digress for a moment – the DCC are all about the uniform. Maybe it’s different if you live in Texas, but speaking for those of us outside of that state, it’s the uniform that’s the celebrity. Not the girl wearing it. Where other teams are integrating alternate uniforms and game day costumes, the DCC have – for the most part – kept to what works for them and best represents who they are. From what I’ve seen, they don’t fiddle with it a whole lot. (Although I have seen them wear chaps over the uniform sometimes.)


And then there was that mermaid thing.
What was that about?


So when October came around, and other NFL dance teams appeared on the field with pink poms, pink legwarmers, pink armbands, and pink shirts, I wondered what the DCC would do. I couldn’t see them wearing the pink shirts like everyone else. And without the shirt, the legwarmers would look kind of strange. I figured they’d probably go with pink poms. (And thought how cool it would be if they replaced their blue blouses and stars with pink ones just for that game – as if.)

Well, in their usual DCC style, they put a little twist on it to set them apart from the other dance teams, while honoring such an important cause. I didn’t realize that at first, though. The first photo I saw, showed them in their regular uniforms. A second look revealed that they had new poms – same as the old poms – but with a few discrete pink strands tucked in here and there.

Falcons Cowboys Football

I’m not going to lie. My first thought was “Wow, that is so incredibly weak.” I mean, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. This is a big deal, not just for the Cowboys, but all across the league, and this is the best they could do? Really?

I should have known it was part of something bigger. It is, after all, Texas.

At halftime, the DCC threw aside the pink shirts and legwarmers, and did it one better. Pink polka dot dresses with those little white ankle socks you wore when you were little. (The ones with the lace on the cuff that you only got to wear on special occasions.) They also had sparkly pink poms, and pink accents on their sneakers.


I also discovered later on, that they did, in fact, alter their uniforms for the occasion. Instead of wearing pink breast cancer awareness ribbons, they wore one pink star on their vests.


But the pinkness of it all was a distant second to the actual performance.

Which brings me back to my original point: the video.

It was seven solid minutes of dancing, tumbling, stunting, jump splits, partner moves, formation changes, and everything but the kitchen sink. Who knew the DCC could tumble?

What amazed me most was the shear stamina it takes to pull that off. Seven minutes is longer than you think. 45 seconds into it, I would’ve been laid out on the ground with the edges of my vision going black.

If you think this is no big deal, do me a favor. Stand up and do jumping jacks as fast as you can for seven minutes. I think you’ll come around to my point of view. Cripes, those girls are in good shape.

Go watch the video. You’ll see what I mean. (Click here)


Eagles Friday Night Party

Rita and Jessica at the Eagles Friday Night Party. I confess I don’t remember the name of the restaurant/bar this was held at, but in was on Route 30 in Ardmore.

Jessica shows off her calendar page.

Get the Eagles Cheerleaders Calendar here.

Whats Happens If There is a Strike or Lockout?

Not to be a worry wart, but the collective bargaining agreements for the NFL, NBA and the NHL all expire in 2011. I would think the economy would doing better in two years, but who knows what’s going to happen.

I got to thinking about what would happen to Pro Cheer Squads if a league were on strike. Would there still be practices? Would demand for appearances go down?

All three leagues have had labor stoppages before so there are Cheerleaders and Dancers who’ve already lived through this. If you’re an NBA Dancer from the 1998-99 season, an NFL Cheerleader from 1982 or 1987, or an NHL Ice Girl from 2004-05 (or 1994-95, were there even Ice Girls back then?), leave a comment or email us how your team handled the disruption.

An Interview With Ben-Gals Jennifer and Alyson

Outkicking Our Coverage: An Interview with the Ben-Gals
October 27, 2009 – Dr. Pancake
The Pigskin Doctors

The finer things in Cincinnati: Skyline Chili, Montgomery Inn, Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream.

The finest: Ben-Gal Cheerleader’s Jennie and Alyson.

jennie-sm alyson-sm

The beautiful and talented Ben-Gals are both 3 year veterans of the Cincinnati cheerleading squad. Jennie (left) is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and works full time as a financial analyst. Alyson graduated from the University of Cincinnati and teaches elementary school. The girls met in 2007 and have become great friends with similar interests in traveling, dancing, and rooting on their Bengals. The lovely ladies were generous enough to take a moment out of their busy lives to answer some burning questions we just had to know.

1. What part of your uniform is most uncomfortable?
Jennie: I have to pick just one part?? I guess the top. The design feels restrictive of shoulder movement, and the (Bengal) “B” in the cleavage can kind of stab you throughout the game. And the boots are no walk in the park!
Alyson: The pantyhose! They make our legs look great, but when we sweat they are disgusting.

2. What is the craziest thing you’ve seen on the field on game day?
Jennie: Our game against the Bronco’s this year had an unfortunately crazy ending, but I’ve also seen a “hurricane” hit Paul Brown Stadium. We almost blew away!
Alyson: Last year there was a wind storm during a game. There was lots of debris everywhere and I saw a twenty dollar bill floating in the wind.

3. Which team has the sexiest mascot?
Jennie: The Bengals! Who Dey is so muscular this year!
Alyson: Us! Aren’t bengal tigers sexy?

4. Who would win in a fight, Chad or Rey Maualuga?
Jennie: Maualuga, that guy is ferocious! But Chad would win an argument.
Alyson: Chad could talk a big game, but Rey would definitely win!

5. How does your dad like your calender pic?
Jennie: He says it doesn’t look like me. He’s mentioned that it’s very awkward for his friends, though.
Alyson: He’s proud of whatever I do. He got a signed calender from all the girls for his birthday and absolutely loved it!

6. What position would you play if you were on the Bengals?
Jennie: Wide Receiver, and I’d have a choreographed dance for each touchdown celebration!
Alyson: Punter. I think Kevin Huber has a fun job and he doesn’t get tackled.

7. Are men intimidated by you when they find out you’re an NFL cheerleader?
Jennie: I wish they were. It’s very uncomfortable to refuse giving out your number.
Alyson: I don’t think intimidated. Their personality changes when you tell them though. They try to act cool, ask if you have a boyfriend, try to impress you, etc.

8. Is it a turn-off if a guy tells you he plays fantasy football?
Jennie: Yes. If it’s coming up early in conversation, it’s probably a big part of his life. Every once in a while it’s nice to sleep in on a Sunday without him stressing about finalizing who’s in and who’s out.
Alyson: No way! I like guys who know their football. Plus they know facts about all players, not just the Bengals!

9. Which football player would be most reliable in paying his child support?
Jennie: Carson Palmer. He’s a stand up guy!
Alyson: I hope all of them are. If you can drive around in a car that’s $50,000 (or more), then you can pay your baby mama!

10. Which player creepy hugs the cheerleaders most often?
Jennie: No brainer on this one… But no comment!
Alyson: Haha. No comment. We have a no fraternizing rule.

11. Which player would be super cool to hang out with?
Jennie: Does it have to be a Bengal? Because I’d love to hang out with Peyton!
Alyson: I would like to hang out with Chad Ochocinco and twitter all day! I also think Roy Williams is funny. We worked a charity event together and he seems like he would be fun to hang out with.

12. What is your least favorite word, besides moist?
Jennie: Steelers.
Alyson: Kicks. Like when our coaches say, “It’s time to work on kicks!” (referring to the kickline)

13. Who is the best looking player in the NFL?
Jennie: Brady Quinn
Alyson: Tom Brady, hello!

14. Dumb and Dumber is the best movie ever right?
Jennie: It’s up there!
Alyson: Yes! Jim Carrey is a genius.

15. Worst movie you have ever seen?
Jennie: Anchorman… it’s just really not that funny!
Alyson: The Blair Witch Project. I think I got motion sickness during that movie.

16. Who would play you in a movie about your life?
Jennie: Alicia Silverstone
Alyson: Holly Madison (Hugh Hefner’s ex from Playboy’s “Girls Next Door”) She’s a successful blonde with big boobs! Who wouldn’t want her to play them?

17. What is your Favorite Beatles song?
Jennie: I don’t like the Beatles.
Alyson: Come Together. It was in a dance routine when I was little.

18. Are you the right girl for Tim Tebow?
Jennie: Absolutely not! I’m a Volunteer!
Alyson: Nope! O-H!

19. Can he play quarterback in the NFL?
Jennie: No, he’ll get hurt. Then he’ll vomit on the sidelines.
Alyson: Yes, but not for Cincinnati!

20. What’s your go to Karaoke song?
Jennie: Michael Jackson, Man in the Mirror or Elton John, Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Alyson: Britney Spears, Toxic, hands down!

21. Who is your favorite character on The Office?
Jennie: Jim
Alyson: Pam! She has a similar love story to mine.

22. What are you going to be for Halloween?
Jennie: I haven’t decided yet!
Alyson: I am going to be in Cancun, Mexico for Halloween. We are still dressing up in authentic Mexican clothes and Sombreros to celebrate!

Pool or hot tub?

J: Hot tub
A: Hot tub after practice please.

Joey or Chandler??
J: Chandler
A: Chandler

Pina colada or whiskey neat??
J: Southern Comfort
A: Pina Colada (Miami Vice variation) I bet Jennie said Whiskey!

Rather be an assassin or an astronaut?
J: Astronaut
A: Astronaut, assassin is way too much pressure, and you can do flips in space!

Brad or George ?
J: George
A: George

Shave or wax??
J: Shave
A: Shave sometimes, Wax sometimes depending on my time schedule.

Ben or Casey Affleck?
J: Ben
A: Ben!

Conan or Dave?
J: Conan
A: Dave

Slap Chop or Sham Wow?
J: Sham Wow
A: Sham Wow

Andy Samberg or Adam Sandler?
J: Adam Sandler
A: Andy Samberg. Im on a Boat!

Audrina or Kristen?
J: Kristen
A: Neither. Team Heidi

Jon and Kate plus 8? or Heidi and Spencer plus Heidi’s sister?
J: Speidi + Holly
A: I like Kate plus 8.

Mario or Luigi?
J: Mario
A: Both. It wouldn’t be Super Mario Bro’s without both of them. I remember playing that on Nintendo when I was 8 and you would have to blow on the game to get it to work!

Megan Fox or Olivia Wilde?
J: Megan Fox
A: Megan Fox, I liked transformers.

Will Ferrell or Jim Carrey?
J: Jim Carrey
A: Will Ferrell is my favorite actor.

Steak or Sushi?
J: Steak
A: Both

Kobe or LeBron?
J: LeBron
A: LeBron, go Cavs!

For your guy:
Harley, Pick up, or Benz?

J: Benz
A: Harley for my guy, I’ll take a Benz though!

Clean shaven or scruff?
J: Clean Shaven
A: Both, clean for work or meeting the parents. Scruff for weekends and vacations

V-neck or collared shirt?
J: Collared shirt
A: Collared shirt, no chest hair please!

Tats or no tats?
J: No Tats *Note- these questions make it seem like I like a metro kind of guy… but keep in mind that I hate men with hair gel and designer jeans!
A: He can have 1 or 2. I like good little boys though!

NFL Week #7 – Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

Reader Kevin and his wife were at the Saints-Dolphins game on Sunday. Kevin’s wife told him he could have watched a pretty good game, if he hadn’t spent his time photographing the Dolphins Cheerleaders. Thanks, Kevin!











[Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders]

Eagles Cheerleaders Around Town

Photos from a couple of recent Eagles Cheerleaders appearances.

Michelle and Eric and a beer distributor in South Jersey.

At Lincoln Financial Field last Sunday it’s Erica and Devan.

Calendar Cover Girl Devan

Former Philadelphia Soulmate Erica

[Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders]

NFL Week #7: Carolina Panthers TopCats

Carolina Correspondent Rick reports:

Panther fans were feeling pretty good coming off of two straight victories. No one expected the debacle that ensued against Buffalo. Luckily for Panther fans we always have the TopCats! They were at their best on a cool, blustery fall day in Charlotte.


Dana, Erin, T’fani


Kimberly, Shelby

Kristen, Leslie

T’fani, Dana, Kimberly

Kimberly, Lisa, Shelby

Melanie, Kalya

[Carolina TopCats]

UFL Cheerleaders?

The United Football League is halfway through it’s inaugural season. Last night the New York Sentinels played their home opener hosting the California Redwoods.


Of course, the cheerleading squads are our main interest. Last week at a Florida Tuskers game the Orlando Predators Dance Team (from the now defunct Arena Football League) performed at halftime.


So who cheered at the game last night? Young ladies from the Varsity Cheerleading Squad at Becton High School in East Rutherford.

Normally we don’t feature high school squads, but they did cheer during a professional football game at Giants Stadium, so we’re happy to feature them on the blog.

SI Gallery Update

Where do we begin with this week’s NFL cheerleader gallery on SportsIllustrated.com? There was a lot going on last weekend. The Bucs and Pats Cheerleaders were in London. Back here in the States, there were all kinds of specialty performances for Halloween, Military Awareness Day, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This week’s gallery includes teams from the Bengals, Chiefs, Dolphins, Buccaneers, Patriots, Texans, Rams, and Panthers (who debuted a new look on the field.) Click here to go there now.

It will be so weird next week, when everything is back to normal.


Meet the Rhythm and Blue Dancers

The Cowboys have posted individual profiles for the inaugural Rhythm and Blue Dancers. Click here to find out more about the ladies on the team.


2010 Minnesota Swarm Performance Team

By Alec Schimke

Tryouts for the Swarm Performance Team (SPT) were held last weekend at CorePower Yoga in Minneapolis, where a competitive field of over 40 dancers gave it their all for a chance to represent the Swarm in 2010. In the end, ten women were selected to join the squad, which enters the sixth season in Minnesota this winter.

“We had a lot of talented girls out here tonight and there was a lot of subjectivity to the scoring,” said Head Coach and Coordinator Tami Krause. “We really had to figure out which ten were going to be the best both individually and collectively to represent the team.”

The final ten were announced after dancing for nearly four hours in front of the judges. Krause explained that this year’s team has a great mix of both veteran and fresh talent.

“It’s a nice ratio because we brought back some staple girls that have been here before and can help lead the way. We also have some new faces that the fans are going to love to meet and watch perform this year.”

Another face joining the squad this year is Co-Coach Allison Drusch, who will enter her first year of coaching after spending time as an SPT member.

alt Allison talks about her return to SPT.

“It will be a joy and an honor for me to share my experiences as a performer and I’m excited to transfer that to coaching,” stated Drusch.

Drusch alongside Krause faced the difficult task of narrowing a very deep field.

“The talent keeps growing every year for the girls who come audition. It really is harder to select than any other professional team because there are only ten spots,” said Drusch.

The steady increase in SPT hopefuls captured the attention of French National Television, who were on hand covering the event for a documentary that will air early next year. Krause explained that it was nice to see an outside group show interest in the organization.

“It added some excitement for the girls that were here tonight, knowing that they are going to be featured on a television program. I think the Swarm brand name is starting to reach beyond Minnesota and that is exciting.”

The SPT are partnering with CorePower Yoga in 2010, with members of the team practicing and working out in some of the locations across the Metro.

Krause announced that the team will sport new uniforms this season, which will be unveiled during the home opener on January 15 against the Calgary Roughnecks. The team will also produce its first ever calendar and take its first road trip. The SPT join the Swarm for their exhibition game against the Colorado Mammoth in Des Moines, IA on December 5 at Wells Fargo Arena.

Krause expressed that Swarm fans should be excited about this year’s team.

“I keep saying it every year, but I honestly want them know that this is going to be the best SPT we have ever had. We just got the best of the best here tonight.”


Back Row: Ginger (Timberwolves vet), Brianna (MVC Vet), Betsey (Lawyer) , KC (Swarm Vet and MVC Training Program), Carrie (6th year vet and original team member)
Front Row: Acacia (MVC and Swarm vet), Beth (MVC Training Program), Katie (MVC vet, also currently coaches the MVC All Stars), Laura (MVC Vet), Jes (3-year Swarm Vet)

Head over to the Swarm website for videos from the auditions.

Monday Tuesday Morning Cheerleader: Jamilla of the Washington Redskins

By Steve Mazzucchi

Some honest answers (“The blooper reel isn’t a good look on national TV”) about a 2-and-5 team and its on-the-rocks coach after a Monday-night loss to the Eagles

Seven games into the season and the Redskins finally faced a team that wasn’t winless. Considering they’d triumphed in only two of those first six, no one was exactly shocked when Philadelphia’s DeSean Jackson torched them for 136 yards and two touchdowns last night. All this as Washington committed four turnovers — including a fumbled snap on fourth-and-goal — in a 27-17 loss that wasn’t as close as it looked and might put the ‘Skins in the cellar for good.

Indeed, these are dark days in D.C., but we found a beacon of hope in cheerleading captain and premium season-ticket executive Jamilla, who performs for U.S. soldiers across the globe (“I really hope we can bring our troops back soon”) and pursues a hobby that’s, um, sparkling (“I’ve rhinestoned all the girls’ boots, my boss’ nameplate, and the fax machine here in the office”). She talked about key injuries, a struggling young O-line, and how the Skins can still, say, win out and make the playoffs.

ESQUIRE: Okay, so first game with former senior center bingo caller Sherman Smith sending in plays instead of Jim Zorn, and the ‘Skins score 17 points, matching their best offensive output of the season. Thoughts?

JAMILLA: I’ll be honest, I’m glad that they actually got into the end zone. It was just good to see that we are able to do that. Even though one of the scores was really late and a lot of fans had already left, it might be a step in the right direction.


ESQ: Were you anywhere near Clinton Portis when he chucked his helmet?

J: No, I wasn’t, which is probably a good thing. That might have hurt a bit. The guys are fired up, and that shows in their frustration.

ESQ: Well, an interception, fumbles, dropped passes, six sacks, a ball bouncing off Antwaan Randle-El’s facemask into Philly’s hands — it’d be a pretty funny blooper reel if it weren’t your own team. Hard to watch from the sidelines?

J: When the Eagles scored in the first two minutes, I was like, “Wow.” We have a lot of key players out, like pro bowler Chris Samuels on the offensive line and now tight end Chris Cooley. This is a good time for a bye week — hopefully we can regroup and get back to playing Redskins football at Atlanta. The blooper reel isn’t a good look on national TV.

ESQ: Despite all the mistakes, the ‘Skins only lost by 10 points. The other losses have been by 6, 5, 3, and 8. Do you feel the team’s tantalizingly close to having a lot better of a record?

J: Definitely. With some of the scores being so close, that’s kind of heartbreaking. The defense has been holding the team together — defensive end Andre Carter is having a phenomenal year. If the offense could stay on the field just a little more, that would make the difference. With about half the season left, we can still be successful. We’ll see the Eagles again.

ESQ: What are the keys to turning it around?

J: I think the offense is starting to gel, although Jason Campbell gets sacked more than we’d like to see. Thanks to injuries, our offensive line is young — this is only Stephon Heyer’s second season — but guys need to step up and keep other teams off our quarterback.

ESQ: With five minutes left, down by 17 and facing fourth and goal, the Redskins botched the snap. One of the MNF commentators said, “And that… summarizes the Washington Redskins.” Agree or disagree?

J: Disagree. That may have come from a lack of focus and frustration, but I don’t think that characterizes us as a team. What does characterize us? Well, the cheerleaders are the sexiest ladies in the NFL — a very sophisticated, classy, highly educated group that loves to dance and loves the Redskins. As for the football team, I do believe our players have a lot of heart. We just need to get everyone’s heart in the same place.

ESQ: The oft-criticized Jason Campbell was actually 29 for 43 for 284 yards and two TDs, with a passer rating of 91.6. What’s the feeling about him around the team?

J: That he’s the quarterback. A lot of times people point fingers at the quarterback, but overall he’s done a good job. Him having a different coordinator every year hasn’t helped. He’s more of a silent leader, as opposed to being very outspoken and in your face, but I think he encourages everyone around him by how hard he works and how he plays, things we don’t always necessarily see.

ESQ: On a related note, head of football operations Vinny Cerrato says Jim Zorn’s job is safe until the end of season. What’s the feeling about him?

J: I met Coach Zorn when he came here last year, and he’s a really nice guy who coaches with a lot of heart. It’s a tough situation going from quarterbacks coach to head coach, especially here in D.C. where the fans are so into the team. I’m sure walking down the street, the pressure is always on. But around here we still support him, and I don’t see why the average fan wouldn’t.

ESQ: Your final nine games include only one against a team with a losing record, and match-ups with the undefeated Broncos and Saints. You’re the cheerleader. Give ‘Skins fans a reason to be optimistic.

J: We’ve had some tough starts in the seven seasons I’ve been here. This is probably the roughest, but late in the season we are often able to turn things around. We’re gonna cheer hard and smile pretty, and I believe the team could rally, win every last one of the games and go to the playoffs. Stranger things have happened.

[Jamilla at Redskins.com]

KCD Courtney Galiano on the Flipside

Former Knicks City Dancer and So You Think You Can Dance Finalist Courtney Galiano is the Sideline Distraction in Aubrey Aquino’s latest edition of On The Flipside.

[On The Flipside]

Jills at the Bills-Panthers Away Game Party

Kristen and Keisha

Phil’s photos here.

Full report here.

North Texas Stampede Dancers Auditions


Here are the details:


[North Texas Stampede Dancers]