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UNGL Team Cheerleading/Dance Auditions

unglThe United National Gridiron League is gearing up for the 2010 Season. In January, the UNGL will hold team Cheerleading/Dance auditions to select the best performers to staff our eight dance teams. The second of these auditions will be held on Saturday, January 23rd & Sunday, January 24th.

Have you always had the desire and drive to perform at highest possible dance level? Then this is an opportunity that you don’t
want to miss! The United National Gridiron League (UNGL) is hosting its second team auditions for cheerleading/dance candidates to fully staff five (5) of its eight (8) teams.

The UNGL is the “First-of-its-kind” national minor league for professional football. Headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut, league play is scheduled to begin this March 2010 in 8 markets. Their goal is to have 22 teams nationally. The league model is similar to what triple AAA baseball is to the MLB, the D-League is to the NBA, and the AHL is to professional hockey. With all of the anticipation of the players in position for kickoff of our 2010 season in March, our cheerleaders/ dancers are pumping it up and
preparing for auditions. They are EXCITED and ready to “Bring It!”

The UNGL intends to supply a talented and glamorous group of professional cheerleaders/dancers whom soon will be ready take on an ELITE position as a dancer in our action pack football league. The experience alone will embrace each cheerleader/dancer in every way, individually and as a team. With continued success, there is no doubt in my mind that these women will be ready to broaden their horizons and will prosper into “Top Notch” full fledged, dance performers. By being a part of our prestigious cheerleader/dance teams, you will feel that you can deliver the highest level of competitive cheerleading/dance within the UNGL in all aspects of dance, public relations, and spectacular representation.

As our players are sweating it out on the field, this an opportunity for all of you talented and beautiful women to showcase, entertain, and capture your magnificent presence in front of our local, regional, and nationally audiences. As part of a DYNAMIC dance team for our 2010 inaugural season you will be the pioneer teams of the league starting off the new year with a bang!

The second of our team cheerleading/dance auditions will held on Saturday, January 23rd & Sunday, January 24th. We will be looking for talented cheerleaders & dancers to staff five of our eight teams.

Those five teams will be:

* Dallas Bluestorm – Sunday, January 24th
* Miami Scorchers – Sunday, January 24th
* North Carolina Comets – Sunday, January 24th
* Ohio Marauders – Sunday, January 24th
* Virginia Swarm – Saturday, January 23rd

I would like to extend an invitation to you to participate in the UNGL
Cheerleading/Dance tryout audition at the early registration rate of $20.00 (be sure to register by: January 5th to receive this special rate).

Cheerleading/Dance Eligibility Rules:
– Candidates must be the required minimum age of 18 years old on the date of auditions.
– No dance experience is required to audition for the UNGL Cheerleader/Dance teams. All candidates have equal opportunity to participate in our auditions.

Ladies of cheer and dance, this is an exciting opportunity for you to get maximum exposure at the professional level. As part of our elite/glamorous dance team, you will be involved in a “sorority type” environment with other positive women, in which will motivate you as well as uplift your spirits. Team members will also participate in a professional photo shoot, plus be featured exclusively in our national swimsuit calendar. “Top Models” will soon be discovered! Our calendar shoot will also take place at a tropical location, at the end of our season in 2010. So stay tuned, the BEST is yet to come!

Are you ready for some cheer and dance? To become that “Superstar” you are cut out to be? The UNGL is looking for unique and charismatic women who possess outstanding talent, beauty and dance ability/performance. If you have what it takes then we want to see you! Up close and personal at our upcoming auditions is where you want to be. Utilize this experience as a launching pad, or a road map to become a professional dancer, acting, and/or the start of a modeling career.

At this audition, you will:
– Learn a very modern and up-tempo Jazz/Pom routine that will showcase and highlight your cheer/dance technique.
– Learn an exciting/upbeat Hip-Hop routine that will get the crowd hyped! (We want to see you “work it with all of your swag and energy!)
– Perform to the highest level & be evaluated in front of a professional
judging panel of current/ former pro cheerleaders, choreographers, and directors. (Yes, we will crack a warm smile and give much support.)
– Meet an entire new network of friends and dancers to share this exciting experience with and talk about some great cheer/dance stories.

Please note: A professional photographer will be on hand to shoot LIVE-ACTION photos of your performance and other fun stuff. So look your VERY best and make sure you are “camera ready” on “audition day”. Pictures also will be available to purchase on our website within a few weeks preceding the auditions. My support and encouragement from me to you is this: “Bring ALL the energy and passion you have”…Just Bring it…you will all ROCK! Good luck… Cheers…hope to see you there!

So please be first and sign-up ASAP, ALL DANCERS GO TO:
http://www.ungleague.com/cheerleaders.php and register now!

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