On The Flipside: California Girls

It’s a special Sideline Distraction show to kick off 2010 On The Flipside! This exclusive edition features a pair of California women cheering on the sidelines of the AFC West. Host Aubrey Aquino anchors this episode from the Berkeley Marina in Northern California, where we begin with a segment on Oakland Raiderette Emily. Emily is a veteran Raiderette and line captain who upholds the law on her flipside! When she’s not donning the silver and black to cheer on the Raider Nation, she’s in court working as a criminal law attorney, and most people would never guess she can also be found cruising around the Bay Area in her very own Ford Mustang Mach 1.

After that we head south to San Diego to meet San Diego Charger Girl Marlina. Marlina represented the San Diego Chargers at the 2009 Pro Bowl in Hawaii and has also been leading her line on the field this season. On The Flipside, she is a successful businesswoman, founding and running her own “green” cleaning company. Fans may also be surprised to learn that she grew up on a farm, so she has a passion for animal rights and looks forward to one day starting her own animal rescue foundation.

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