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German-Japan Bowl Scheduled for 24th April 2010

Germany (Düsseldorf): The countdown is running. Next month the countries German and Japan will fight for the German-Japan Bowl-in the ESPRIT arena in Düsseldorf .

This is the first meeting of both national teams. Both have supremacy of their continents. Japan is a twice world champion and Germany has the best results of all European countries with two bronze medals.

International friendship games between American Football nations are not so often. Therefore the German-Japan-Bowl will be the indicator of two dominant national teams.

For the players are the starting positions in the next international championships very important. Meanwhile who Germany is preparing for the European championship July 2010 in Frankfurt. Japan is concentrating for the World Championship 2011 in Austria.

The Blue Lightnings and the NRW Allstar Team will cheer at the  German-Japan-Bowl.

The Blue Lightnings were launched in 2003 by the former Rhein Fire Cheerleader Anke Dabels (formerly Drosten).

Anke assigned her trainer position to Katharina Kreth and Vanessa Neus in 2005.

Anke came back in 2008 but as Blue Lightning Cheerleader and does photo support. She is an excellent photographer.
In the meanwhile, two junior teams were installed – the peewees “Blue Twinkles” and junior team “Blue Sparks”. We are now a big cheerleader dept.
In 2008 The Blue Lightnings was the vice champion of cheerdance in the German state North Rhein Westfalia and one of the top ten German cheerdancers of  2009.


The Blue Lightnings are a part of the NRW All-Star team (red costumes)



Blue Lightning at  a Harley event


Anke Drosten Blue Lightning Cheerleader and photographer


With Stitch, the team mascot


A Blue Twinkle with  trainer Carina





Blue Lightnings at a football promotion in the city of Duisburg


More NRW All-Stars

[Official Blue Lightning Website]

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