Reading Express Smokin’ Hot Steam Team
With a Bonus Appearance from the Baltimore Mariners Cheerleaders

Back in the late 1970s, professional cheerleading, especially in the NFL, exploded. Lots of squads were added, or “modern” cheerleaders replaced the older pom squads.

It was a sort of crazy time. Because it was so new, there was much experimenting going. One of my favorites was having the visiting team’s squad performing in uniform on the field. The Philadelphia Eagles Liberty Belles even traveled to Tampa to cheer at a playoff game.

This idea died off after a couple of seasons, probably around 1980. And now outside of the Super Bowl or the Hall of Fame Game, you don’t see it all. (One exception is in the CFL where provincial rivals the Edmonton Eskimos Cheerleaders and the Calgary Stampeders Outriders will cheer on the road once a year.)

Actually there’s another exception: this past Saturday night at the Baltimore Mariners-Reading Express game, where the Mariner’s Cheerleaders and the Express Smokin’ Hot Steam Team performed together during halftime.

Steam Team in silver. Mariners Cheerleaders in blue.

Steam Team Captain Laura and Mariners Cheerleader Director Liz Guardalo

Steam Team as Briefcase Babes

Rehearsing in the tunnel before halftime



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