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Bucs cheerleader calendar

Tampa Bay Online
July 29, 2010

Jennifer Leigh (WFLA): “Summer is about to get much hotter literally and figuratively and Larry (off screen here) is about to get much happier. The Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders are about to unveil their new swimsuit calendar. As Cloe Cabrera reports, this year’s calendar will add an extra splash with swimwear by a local designer. Check it out.”

Cloe (Tampa Tribune): “Think the Buccaneers are the only ones who know how to work up a sweat? Think again. The Bucs Cheerleaders are busy working out the final details of their upcoming swimsuit calendar. And if twelve months aren’t enough, this calendar gives you sixteen months of cheerleaders starting with this September 2010. You may wonder which lucky lady will land this year’s cover. Sorry, the Buccaneers guard that secret like a Cornerback covering a Receiver. Next year’s calendar will give double exposure, to the Buccaneers cheerleaders and to a Bay Area designer that created all of the swimwear. The Bucs drafted local designer Essence Flowers, who met with each squad member before establishing her running game.”

Essence: “I kind of sized up each girl, looking to see what their personal style was, and I asked certain questions about which type of suit they preferred. I had to make sure that they fit the needs of being remarkable, then being sexy, and
still carrying through the image of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.”

Cloe: “As far as this team is concerned. There were no flags on these designs.”

Cathy Boyd (Bucs Cheerleading Manager): “The quality was great. It was the right kind of style, kind of sexy, classy, NFL Cheerleader, girl next door, but still sexy kind of look.

Rochelle Williams (Bucs Cheerleader): “She did such a good job on really capturing all of our personalities and make something unique for each of us.

Lisa Banspach (Bucs Cheerleader): “I love it. I mean, I love the style and it’s actually a swimsuit that you can really wear out to the beach.”

Cloe: “And squad captain Jeni Somers says her throwback style scores extra points.

Jeni: “I like to think that I’m feminine and flirty and just girly-girl and I feel like the ruffles on it, with the corset, with the laces, totally fits my personality.”

Cloe: “I’m Cloe Cabrera for News Channel 8.”

Jennifer Leigh: “Yeah, there are girls that live next door to me, and they don’t look like that. The Buccaneer Cheerleaders will unveil their calendar and sign copies starting at 9:30 Saturday morning during Bucs training camp at One Buc Place. It’s unclear to me whether they’re going to be wearing swimsuits or not. The calendar will sell though for $15. Flowers can also custom make any of the swimwear pieces shown in the calendar. You can go to TBO online, keyword ‘Hot Pursuits’, for more info.”


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