2011 Minnesota Swarm Performance Team Selected

By Jessica Baltes

With the 2011 season quickly approaching, the Minnesota Swarm have selected the members of the Swarm Performance Team (SPT) after six hours of evaluations at CorePower Yoga in Highland Park. The event kicked off on Saturday at 5 p.m. with 29 girls in attendance.

Head Coach and Coordinator Tami Krause and Coach Allison Drusch welcomed the SPT hopefuls to the tryouts, along with their panel of judges.

“It’s very nerve racking as a contestant, but most of all it’s a lot of fun. They learn a quick routine and then they come and audition. It’s really a pretty condensed night,” said former SPT member and Coach Allison Drusch. “It is very difficult with only ten spots. There is so much talent there we could literally take almost every girl that is coming here to audition.”

Carrie and Krisandra, two former members of the SPT, were on hand to teach the girls the audition routine. The girls were then split into groups of three to perform the routine to JET’s “Roll Over DJ” for the judges.

Back Row: Jenna, Kara, Kristin, Annalisa, Kayla
Front Row: Betsy, Ginger, Jessica, Kelly, Beth

In addition to being able to perform at a high-level, SPT members have to be able to interact with fans and generate excitement. “We are looking for professionals that will be ambassadors on behalf of the organization. They represent the organization at appearances, out in the community, on game days doing suite visits, on camera elements and also being a marketing tool for the organization,” said Head Coach Tami Krause.

For the second year, the SPT is partnering with CorePower Yoga. The SPT members will be working out and taking classes at CorePower Yoga locations across the Twin Cities area.

The team will unveil their new uniforms at the home opener on Jan. 8 against the Rochester Knighthawks. The team will also produce a calendar for the second year in a row, which will feature an element of charitable cause.

“After a very tough decision making process we have selected what will surely be the best Swarm Performance Team to date! We have five veteran team members and five rookie team members – rounding out the perfect blend for the upcoming season,” stated Krause. “We couldn’t be more excited with the talent and can’t wait for the first game!”

Season ticket holders will have the opportunity to meet the members of the 2011 SPT at the Holiday Bowl on Sunday, Dec. 5 at Brunswick Zone XL in Lakeville.