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Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders mesmerize Yongsan

by Sgt. Opal Vaughn
USAG Yongsan Public Affairs
Dec 27, 2010

GARRISON YONGSAN, Republic of Korea – Dubbed “America’s Sweethearts” the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are one of the most popular cheerleader squads of the National Football League.

DCC have toured throughout the military installations of the United States and overseas locations since 1979, which all started with South Korea. This year’s stop is no exception as the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders entertained Servicemembers and their families for the Christmas holiday season while visiting at Collier Fitness Center, Garrison Yongsan, Dec. 26.

“I love being able to come overseas to Korea and support the Troops. It’s just a small way of us showing our appreciation for what the Troops are over here doing,” said DCC squad member Trisha Trevino. “We understand the sacrifices that you all make and it’s really cool that we’re in a position where we can wear the Cowboys’ Cheerleaders uniform and bring the brand over here. It puts us in a position to be able to travel and actually make an impact when we arrive and we meet the Troops, when we talk to them, when we perform for them.”

Before the founding of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC), the football team’s cheer squad was a male-female group called CowBelles & Beaux in 1960. The squad was made up of local high school students. At the time cheerleading was a rookie sport of exhorting the audience to show support for a team.

“This is my very first USO tour, my first time to Korea, my first time overseas – first time everything pretty much,” smiled DCC squad member Sydney Durso. “I’m so excited. So far the experience has been amazing. The girls have been asking me ‘is it what you thought?’ Honestly, I couldn’t even imagine what it was going to be like and it’s just blown me away on how amazing it’s been so far. Hopefully, I’ll be able to visit again after this. I don’t want this to be the last time. I’ve had so many great experiences so far I would like to just keep adding to that.”

“Well being away from my family – we discussed that we’re going to celebrate Christmas when I get back – so I’ve emotionally prepared myself not to get sad. I know all the Soldiers that are away from their families so much longer than we are on this trip so it meant more for me to come here and visit them and to put smiles on their faces because I know that my family will be there with Christmas when I get home. I mean, it’s actually starting to settle in right now actually, that Christmas is almost over in my hometown. But it’s okay I’m in a great mood and I’m happy to be performing tonight,” said Durso.

Everywhere across the country or around the world that any of these ladies appear, people congregate looking for the opportunity for a photograph, an autograph, or a few moments to say hello.

“Everyone wants to make a difference and everyone wants to show their appreciation,” Trevino smiled. “It’s really cool that the DCC organization and the USO have given us that opportunity to come overseas and we can actually do it. We can actually make a difference, put smiles on their faces and really does mean a lot to us like when we sit one-on-one with the different military men and women and we learn about them. I love coming over here and meeting them and learning their stories. It’s just a really cool way that we can give back to them. It’s so small compared to what you all do for us over here.”

“This is my sixth year as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and my fourth time to Korea,” added Trevino. “It’s definitely hard to be away from our families during the holidays but we also understand that the Troops are away from their families at home for every single day of the year. We all make sacrifices and adjustments at home. Like my family celebrated Christmas before I left and it is hard, we’re all human and we like to be with our families over Christmas. But it also really helps whenever we can visit the Troops and their thanking us, overly thanking us for being here. It really helps us to be able to be away from our families because we can hang out with you all. You guys make us feel so appreciated. It definitely helps.”

Prior to the performance the cheerleaders hung out with the youth cheerleaders from Yongsan for a workshop. They also signed autographs and took pictures with Servicemembers and their families after the show.

As the saying goes, “They are often imitated… never equaled… They are the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!”

Cowboys Cheerleaders at USAG Humphreys

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Show Group visited the Humphreys Army base in South Korea on Tuesday as part of the annual USO Hope and Freedom Tour. Click here to see a few photos from their visit.

NHL Ice Girls Gallery

NBC Sports has lots of photos of NHL Ice Girls on the ice this season. The gallery includes ice crews from the Blackhawks, Ducks, Flyers, Hurricanes, Islanders, Kings, Lightning, Oilers, Penguins, Predators, Stars, and Thrashers. (Mostly the Islanders Ice Girls and Thrashers Blue Crew.) Click here to check it out.


Somers Point teacher during the week, Eagles cheerleader Tiffany Monroe is going to the Pro Bowl

Christopher Ramirez
Press of Atlantic City
December 31, 2010

A Somers Point teacher who is also a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader has been selected to the represent the team at the Pro Bowl.

Tiffany Monroe, a heath and physical education teacher at Jordan Road School in Somers Point, will travel to Honolulu to perform in the 2011 Pro Bowl on Jan. 30.

Monroe is a five-year member of the cheer team and a captain of the squad. Only one cheerleader from each NFL team is selected to participate in the Pro Bowl.

Monroe previously earned a bachelor’s degree in heath and exercise education and attended The College of New Jersey, where she was on the diving, crew, track and volleyball teams.

Earlier this week it was announced five Eagle players were selected for the Pro Bowl, including quarterback Michael Vick, wide receiver DeSean Jackson, cornerback Asante Samuel, kicker David Akers and offensive tackle Jason Peters.

Tuesday Morning Cheerleader: Jordan of the Falcons

By Shawn Donnelly

After heartbreak on Monday Night Football, some honest analysis from the Atlanta sideline on why Matt Ryan shouldn’t get the MVP, what’s with her coach punting on fourth down, when Brett Favre should hang ’em up, and just how intimidating Drew Brees can be to arch-rivals.

The alleged Sportsman human person of the Year throws two picks at the line of scrimmage in the fourth quarter and you pretty much figure everything tied up: number-one seed, home-field advantage, bragging rights, one too many “Who Dat?” puns. And so the raucous Georgia Dome crowd pretty much did. And then: 90 joyless yards, a 17-14 loss, an eight-game streak snapped, and one more defending champion back in the playoffs.

Alas, perhaps the Falcons can find a silver lining in their late-game nosedive with the help of their rookie cheerleader, Jordan. It is still the holidays (right?), and she’s been brightening the spirits of Atlanta since she was five. Seriously: she twirled a baton at the dome’s opening night. “I remember thinking, this place is huge and everyone is staring at me,” Jordan told us from the locker room after Monday night’s game. “I still think that sometimes.” Herein, the ER tech diagnoses her squad’s evening.


ESQUIRE: What’s going through your mind as Drew Brees is marching his team 90 yards down the field with six minutes left for a go-ahead touchdown?

JORDAN: I was praying that his receivers would drop his passes. He intimidates me as a fan. I think he might have intimidated some of our players, too. He just knows how to get it done when it counts.

ESQ: What about the call by Falcons coach Mike Smith to punt on fourth-and-six from his own 43-yard-line with 2:52 left. Smart?

JOR: I was actually hoping that they weren’t going to punt and that they’d go for it, but then I figured Mike Smith knew what he was doing. That’s the kind of night it was — really exciting, and then it all went bad at the end. I’m still upset. It’s like a bad dream.

ESQ: Looked like there were a few Saints fans in the Dome.

JOR: It irritated me. There are a lot of Saints fans in Atlanta. They are crazy. And they really get on my nerves.

ESQ: Your Falcons have 2-13 Carolina at home next Sunday, with a chance to lock up the NFC and home-field advantage through the playoffs. Confident?

JOR: I think our players will be a little more relaxed. I think playing the Saints, they wanted it so bad, it made them a little nervous. They’ll be ready to go against the Panthers. We beat them before and we can beat them again. I see us blowing them out.

ESQ: Falcons running back Michael Turner picked a bad time to have his first fumble of the year: on the one-yard-line.

JOR: I couldn’t believe it. I was sure we were going to score. It was very un-Michael Turner-like. But it happens, even when you’re a great player. Better now than in the playoffs.

ESQ: Matt Ryan’s numbers: 15-for-29, 148 yards, and one touchdown. Not so good?

JOR: He wasn’t so icy last night. Every player has an off night, and he had one.

ESQ: Roddy White talked a lot of trash on the Twitter before the game, calling New Orleans the “Aint’s” and overrated. Bad move, in retrospect?

JOR: He’s the best receiver in the league, but that wasn’t wise. I think he was a little too excited before the game and he put something out there for the world to see. But people have done worse things on Twitter. I think he realizes he probably shouldn’t have done that.

ESQ: So who do you see in the Super Bowl?

JOR: I see us playing the Patriots. They’ll be tough. They’re playing really well right now.

ESQ: What if the Falcons don’t make it?

JOR: Then I don’t want to watch.

ESQ: You’ll probably have to play the Saints again, in the playoffs.

JOR: I know. Which, in a way, makes it better that we lost to them last night. Because now we won’t have to try to beat them three times in one season, which is really hard to do. Also, I think a loss might be good for us before the playoffs. We hadn’t lost in so long, I think we sort of forgot what it felt like. This way, we won’t take anything for granted.

ESQ: Who’s your MVP pick?

JOR: As much as I’d like to say Matt Ryan, I’ll go with Michael Vick. He’s had a great year.

ESQ: Speaking of the Eagles, they play tonight against the Vikings. Who do you like?

JOR: Eagles. Especially if Favre doesn’t play.

ESQ: Do you think Favre will be playing?

JOR: I highly doubt it. I don’t think he’s passed his concussion test. He needs to give his body a rest. That was a really tough hit he took in Minnesota last week. Personally, I think it’s time for him to retire.

ESQ: Also a coupla bowl games tonight. Insight Bowl pits Missouri against Iowa. Who do you like?

JOR: We’ve got a couple guys from Missouri on our defense, so I’ll say Mizzou.

ESQ: Champs Sports Bowl, West Virginia versus North Carolina State.

JOR: West Virginia. I think they’ve got more talent.

ESQ: On your team bio, you say you’re a fan of Burberry Brit cologne on men. Other than smelling nice, anything a man can do to get your attention?

JOR: I’d say not being intimidated by me. For some reason, a lot of guys are intimidated by me. So I’d say just coming up to me and talking gets you points.

[Jordan at AtlantaFalcons.com]

Inland Empire 66ers Dance Team Auditions

The Inland Empire 66ers, the Los Angeles Angels affiliate, are looking for a few good girls…for their dance team.

Saturday, January 15, 2011 at Arrowhead Credit Union Park.

All interested persons 18 years and older, should arrive at the facility by 10:00 a.m. for registration.  Please bring a resume, head shot, and a swimsuit photograph.  Please wear two piece dance attire, game day ready hair and make up.

Arrowhead Credit Union Park
280 South E Street, San Bernardino, CA  92401

This audition is closed to the public.  For more information, please contact Amber Cash at ambercash66@yahoo.com.

Nicole is the Falcons Pro Bowl Cheerleader

nicolefalconsNicole is a five-year veteran of the Falcons Cheerleaders. She danced for nationally-ranked James Madison University Dukettes all four years while earning her Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance, and now works as a Financial Analyst.

Nicole also represented the Georgia Force Cheerleaders as part of the Arena Bowl XXI Dream Team.  We’ll have to check the records to see if she’s the first ever make both the Pro Bowl and the Dream Team.

[Nicole at AtlantaFalcons.com]

Beauty Queen Reveals Journey

by Rhonda Gillespie
Chicago Defender

imani2Growing up on the city’s South Side, the granddaughter of a esteemed writer, historian and journalist and surrounded by family flock that included lawyers and other professions, what Imani Josi wanted to be when she grew varied based on how old she was when she pondered it.

As a girl she set her sights on being a cartoonist or some kind of artist. Then a pubescent Josi changed her mind and was sure she’d be an astronomer.

But she ended up doing something that blew her family’s mind yet has turned out to be one of the most rewarding things in her life. Imani Josi is a trailblazing beauty queen.

“That came completely out of left field,” she told the Defender, with a hearty laugh.

Since her days at Howard University in Washington, D.C., Josi, a self-professed nerd – and her family cosigns that – has been entering pageants and capturing crowns.

“At first (my family) had no idea what I was doing or why I was interested in this whole pageant thing,” she said laughing.

But they are now some of her biggest supporters, especially after seeing the work Josi does as a titleholder and the impact it has, and the training she puts in to win the crowns.

“At first, they didn’t quite understand. Now that they get it, they’re totally on board,” she said. “They didn’t know that I was gonna be as serious about it and they didn’t know that I would be pretty good at it.”

Her father gives his input on her gowns and swimsuits for competition and her older sister, an attorney, accompanies Josi as her manager. And her grandfather, former JET magazine editor Lerone Bennett Jr., talks about her everywhere he goes.

Her appetite for pageantry was whet at Howard University.

When she watched a pageant competition at Howard, she thought it a novel – and out of the box—idea for her to compete. Still she entered the Miss Black and Gold pageant anyway. She quickly found out that being a beauty queen is so much more than being beautiful and strutting on a stage.

The Miss Black and Gold pageant was fierce and she got “a lot of really good training…they are serious about their girls being trained well.”

“I got to see a young African American woman get her moment, get the recognition that you don’t see on television. .. upholding everything there is about being a woman and celebrating it,” Josi said of the college competition that became her impetus for getting into pageantry.

Instead of staying in D.C. to compete there, she returned home and set her sights on local

Josi recalls thinking out loud, “I’m getting in Miss Chicago this year, I’m going to be in there.” She graduated from Howard in 2008 and the following year, she was crowned Miss Chicago.

“I didn’t know all I was getting myself into, it was a totally different experience. Like when I won it, I didn’t realize that it would be so mind blowing to everybody because one, I was African American and that had not happened in the last 20 years. And the other girls … had all this training in the Miss America system and here’s this random Black girl that comes in and wins Miss Chicago, out of nowhere.”

Earlier this year she was crowned Miss Cook County.


The pageants aren’t strictly about walking in night gowns, strutting in bathing suits or being a pretty face, Josi explained. There is an emphasis on community service and academic scholarship. She has won several scholarships as part of being titleholder.

“What I really like is when I get to go in my community, when I get to meet people,” she said.

To boot, “I haven’t had to pay my student loan bill for the last year … it helps,” she said, speaking of the scholarship money that won and applied to her education costs. Josi graduated from Howard in 2008 and is hoping now to get into a graduate communications program at Northwestern University.

“I really want to get more women of color into pageantry,” Josi said. She explained that she’s learned the ropes in the system and wants to pay it forward to other aspiring women.

Pageants “make you grow in levels that you didn’t even know that you could grow in.”

And she feels she’s a “better person” for it.

“I’m a nerd, I love being a nerd. … The glamour is fun, but I prefer to develop Imani as a person more so than Imani as a glamour queen. When I’m being a beauty queen I feel like I am enjoying being a role model for the young ladies that are around me.”

By day, she is fine in sash and crown, with makeup and fancy figure-flattering cocktail dresses. But when she goes home, “I know how to turn it off. … At first it was very strange trying to balance both segments of what Imani is and what I find important.”

But she has learned to find balance and stay grounded.

A dancer, she has been on a dance squad of some sort since high school. For the 2009-10 Bulls basketball team she was a member of the Chicago Bulls’ Luvabulls.

Her message to girls: Don’t be afraid to try. And then if you do try and you don’t succeed don’t be afraid to get back up and try again.

“A setback is just an opportunity for a glamorous comeback,” the petite, jovial beauty queen said.

2010-11 Phoenix Suns Dancers

Yay – the Suns Dancer site has been updated for the 2010-11 NBA season! They’ve got individual profiles, an intro video for each dancer, and tons of photos. Big ones. Photos of dancers dancing, dancers in swimwear, dancers working out, dancers with trucks. Lots of dancers doing dancerish things in dancerish outfits. Click here to check it out!

Courtney, Danielle P, Amira, Lauren, and Carla

Geminise, Bethann, and Heather







Sports Illustrated: NFL Cheerleaders (Week 16)

This week’s Sports Illustrated NFL Cheerleader gallery includes dance teams from the Cardinals, Raiders, Falcons, Rams, Dolphins, Jaguars, and Buccaneers. Click here to check it out.


2010-11 Washington Wizard Girls


Bios are up for all twenty member of the 2010-11 Washington Wizard Girls!

[Washington Wizard Girls]

Kelli is the ROAR of Jacksonville Pro Bowl Cheerleader


Kelli performs at the Jaguars game on December 12th

[The ROAR of the Jaguars]

Christmas with the Clippers

Last week, the Los Angeles Clippers went up against the Houston Rockets at Staples Center here in Los Angeles. It was just three days before Christmas, and I knew the Clippers Spirit and Clippers Fan Patrol would be all dolled up in their Santa outfits, performing to holiday music, so this was a “must be there” kind of game. I knew there would be all kinds of holiday hijinks, so I made sure to take lots of photos. I’d like to share a few of my favorites with you. (You can see the whole batch here).

Clippers Spirit. Ain’t they adorable?

Four little elves: Anasheh, Nicole, Kellie, and Recee

Snow bunnies Justene, Mandi, and Bianca

Santa’s helpers: Rhea, Brittany, Jacquelyn, and Teresa

Jacquelyn, Mandi, and Recee take the court

Ever been so excited you thought your head might explode?
Yeah, them too.

Anasheh, Brittany, Nicole, Teresa, and Kellie

Bianca, Rhea, and Nicole

One of the problems with the holiday day game is Too Much Free Time. The dancers usually change outfits between quarters. But on nights like this, they wear the same outfit all night. All that down time makes them a little wacky.

Rhea was ready to be caught before the catchers were ready to do the catching!

Moe, Larry, and Curly

All they want for Christmas is you!

Woohoo – Fan Patrol!
(Are those little red dresses foxy, or what?)

Shea and Nina escort a couple Clippers fans out on the court

Getting ready to toss some girls in the air like frisbees

Cortlin catches some air

This kinda looks like Vince just threw Melek in the air, but I think she’s coming out of orbit in this shot.

Lots of big strong men on the Fan Patrol!

First thought: Ohmigawd, that is so cool.
Second thought: Ohmigawd, I would never ever do that.

2010-11 Pistons Automotion

Individual profiles for the members of the Detroit Pistons Dance Team have been posted on the Piston’s website. Click here to learn more about the ladies on the team.

I LOVE these dancing photos. I sure wish they posted bigger versions of them.

Through the Roof!

kkheadNew Years is approaching, are you thinking about your next life goals, your new years resolution? Have you encountered an unprecedented life experiance you would like to share and inspire our next generation of cheerleaders? Kalani McClain with the Arizona Cardinals and Casey Reason Companies are creating a movement, Through the Roof!

We are looking for professional cheerleaders (current or former) from NFL/NBA sports industry, who’ve shared the passion for dance. Our mission is to inspire the next generation of young women in the dance community to accomplish their creative dreams/ideas and live extraordinary lives! Have you manifested something in your life you’d dreamed before and now it’s realty? Overcome a life challenge or illness, continued higher education, business owner, musican, model/actress, traveled to extrordinary places or creating a movement to touch others? We want to hear your stories!!


Want to share, yet busy with life to write two pages and submitt for consideration? No problem… we will be conducting Skype or phone interviews with women who are interested in Jan/Feb (Internet is require for Skype interviews). Through the Roof will be published in 2011 with a selection of your inspirational stories backed by scientific theories sharing the secrets to next-level results.

Make your 2011 be the year to inspire others by your life wisdom. For further information or to schedule your Skype/phone interview please contact Kalani McClain via email at kalanilehua24@gmail.com or http://www.facebook.com/#!/kalanilehua