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Congratulations 2011 ChivaGirls!

Check out their solos from the final evening of auditions.

West Coast Pro Dance Convention

Are you a current, former or prospective professional dancer or cheerleader? Does your team need fresh choreography? Would you like to meet others in the industry or hear about audition opportunities?

Then get ready for the West Coast Pro Dance Workshop in Danville, CA on Saturday, March 12, 2011!

** Learn choreography from elite alumni and directors
** Representing the NFL, NBA, AFL, MLS, and MLB
** Get tips from the pros on fitness, nutrition, makeup, attire and more
** Network with other performers from the west coast (and beyond!)
** Receive giveaways from sponsors including attire and cosmetics

** Morning (9:00am-12:00pm): $45 Register Now!
** Afternoon (1:00pm-4:00pm): $45 Register Now!
** Full day (9:00am-4:00pm): $79 Register Now!
** Discount: 15% off early bird registration before March 2!
** Directors: Bring 2 or more squad members and receivecomplimentary admission.
** Refund Policy: 75% of registration fees may be refunded through March 9.


Our choreographers are top alumni and directors of dance and cheer teams in the NFL, NBA, AFL, MLB and other sports leagues. They will teach 6 sidelines and 2 routines in length of 45-60 seconds, representing all major sports leagues. Read choreographer bios and view photos here!

**Aubrey Aquino, NBA Dancer – Sacramento, NFL Cheerleader-Oakland and Arizona, TV Reporter and Host – Miami, Author of Pro Cheer and Dance, in The Ultimate Guide
to Becoming a Pro Cheerleader. Erin Salvetti

**Robin Delaney, NBA Dancer – Warrior Girls, San Jose Saberkittens, NFL Cheerleader – 49ers and Raiders, NFL & NBA Choreographer

**Jada Law, NBA Dancer – Sacramento and LA, TV Personality & Host for Lakers TV

**Erin Salvetti, NFL Cheerleader – San Diego, Awarded “Top 10 Professional Cheerleader” in 2005


Featuring experts in the area of fitness, hair, makeup, and interview skills.

**Cole Martin, former Raiderette Cheerleader will be giving awesome hair/makeup techniques to put your best “face” forward at auditions.

**The Director of Crunch Fitness will be knocking our socks off with a specialized bootcamp and fitness presentation geared specifically to dancers.

**Patty Herrera Slone, former Raiderette Cheerleader where she was a Pro Bowl Representative and Captain. Currently the Director of Multicultural Initiatives for the Raiders. She will be giving insightful techniques on how to submit the best resume and give an impressive interview.

**Laura Jollay has nearly 3 decades Dance Team experience on teams such as the CBA’s San Jose Jammers, San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush, Golden State Warrior Girls, and the Oakland Raiderettes. As a Raiderette, she was captain for 3 years, named “Dancer of the Year” and was on the Cabaret Performance Team. She has been the director/choreographer for the San Jose State Spectrum Dance Team for 10 years and the Assistant Choreographer for the Oakland Raiderette for the past 5 years. Laura will be providing us with a question and answer segment from the “Director’s” Perspective.


3464 Blackhawk Plaza Circle
Danville, CA 9450

[Complete Event Information]

‘Big Sister’ helps teen get her life on track

By Natalie Angley

By the time Leikia Reynolds was 12 years old, her life was heading down the wrong path. Her grandparents took her in when she was 11 months old. She didn’t know her mother, and her father was serving a 16-year prison sentence.

Her grandmother, Dorothy Reynolds, saw the warning signs.

“She was getting into fights. She saw other kids with parents, and she felt left out. She called me ‘Mama’ and my husband ‘Daddy,’ ” she recalls. “She didn’t feel good about herself. She was failing in math … she didn’t have good grades.”

Nicole Marchand, left, and Leikia Reynolds. "She helped me focus on the important things in life," Reynolds says of Marchand

Nicole Marchand, left, and Leikia Reynolds. "She helped me focus on the important things in life," Reynolds says of Marchand

Looking back, Reynolds agrees. “I’d just be outside every day until 12 [at night]. I’d be outside playing and being rough.”

Her grandmother saw an ad for Big Brothers Big Sisters on TV and knew she had to do something. “Leikia needed somebody in her life who was younger. … I’m kind of sickly, and I couldn’t get out with her a lot to take her places,” she says. “I saw a need for her to have a Big Sister to show her a better life.”

Reynolds was matched with Nicole Marchand, a chief assistant district attorney in Atlanta, six years ago. Marchand learned early on the importance of giving back by watching her mother mentor co-workers and other women at their church. After graduating from law school, Marchand was ready to do the same for Reynolds.

Marchand spent time with her twice a month and talked to her about making better choices.

“When you’re in an environment where that’s what you see, you don’t know you’re doing anything wrong. Leikia was reacting and behaving based on her surroundings,” Marchand says. “I tried to give her a different perspective by letting her see the big picture. She was doing things and not evaluating what she did. … I would make her answer some tough questions and give her some alternatives.”

Reynolds quickly learned to walk away from fights. “When I begin getting into it with people or females, I’ll call Nicole and we’ll start talking about it. She’ll say ignore it. Don’t worry about it. Don’t listen to it … don’t be feeding into that kind of stuff,” she says.

Marchand also helped Reynolds turn her grades around. She sat down with her early on to work through math problems, and she encouraged her to get tutoring and get involved in activities at school.

“I was headed down the wrong path,” Reynolds says. “She helped me focus on the important things in life. … I need to focus on school. At the end of the day, all I have is school to fall back on to take care of myself.”

Along with finding time to impart knowledge, Marchand tried to expose Reynolds to things she otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to. She took her to her first concert, to sporting events and even to Disney World. In 2009, when Marchand was an Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader, she also encouraged Leikia to get involved in the Falcons Junior Cheerleader Program.

“It was fun to look across the field and see her,” Marchand says. “I would tell all the girls on my team, ‘That’s my mentee right there! That’s Leikia!’ … It was very special for me.”

But more importantly, Marchand wanted to create a special bond.

“She’s more than a Big Sister. She’s like my friend, my mom, everything,” Reynolds says. “I feel like if I was to start doing the wrong thing, I could call on her. Or she would probably call me first to get me back on track.”

Now a junior at Tech High School, Reynolds has brought her grades up, she goes to tutorial to get help with biology, and she’s the point guard on the basketball team.

“She’s a very energetic young lady. She’s a diligent worker on and off the court,” says Brian Jones, her basketball coach and physical education teacher. “I can tell there’s a sense of accountability as it relates to her Big Sister. … She has somebody that she’s looking up to that she respects very much.”

Reynolds sees how far she’s come and has watched other teens get pregnant, drop out of school, get into fights and even spend time in jail. She knows her life could have gone in a similar direction if she hadn’t met Marchand.

“I’d probably be at Crim [an alternative school] and just probably doing bad things, being ghetto and getting into a lot of fights all the time,” she says.

Instead, Reynolds has dreams of going to college and becoming a forensic pathologist. She’s been on college tours with Marchand and with CREW Teens, a college and career readiness program.

If she continues on this path, Reynolds will not only be the first in her family to go to college, but the first to graduate high school.

“I have big dreams for myself,” Reynolds says. “If my grandma took care of me for so long, it’s time for me to return the favor. And since my dad is incarcerated, when he comes out, he’ll see that I’ll be the first in our family to go to college. And that I’m really doing something with my life.”

Flight Crew Auditions Enter Facebook Era

From Jets.com

For the first time ever, interested candidates who “like” the team on Facebook will have the opportunity to advance directly to the final round of auditions. One of the candidates who creates a video based on the criteria outlined on the team’s official Facebook page will be selected by the team to bypass the preliminary round on April 16 and the semifinal round on April 17 to compete for a spot on the 2011-12 Flight Crew cheerleading squad on May 7.

All rounds of this year’s auditions will be held at New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

“The squad’s caliber and profile continue to grow by leaps and bounds every year,” said Flight Crew director Denise Garvey. “In 2011, we are turning to social media to again raise the bar and ensure that we field the best cheerleading squad in the NFL.”

As many as 40 spots will be up for grabs in this fourth year of open auditions for the cheerleading squad. Applications are now being accepted for this unique opportunity to be a part of a New York football franchise. Walkup registrations will be accepted on April 16 at New Meadowlands Stadium.

In addition, the team announced a series of prep classes being offered in advance of the auditions. These classes are not mandatory but are designed to help candidates prepare for the auditions. Visit newyorkjets.com for details.

The candidate selected via Facebook for a spot in the final round of auditions will be announced on April 11. Visit facebook.com/jets for details.

About the Flight Crew Cheerleaders

The New York Jets Flight Crew was created in 2007 to enhance the overall fan experience by infusing additional energy and enthusiasm in each home game. Members of the multitalented, multipurpose entertainment team are dancers, athletes and active participants in the Jets community. Whether they are performing a choreographed dance routine or appearing at New York Jets charity events, all members of the New York Jets Flight Crew are committed to excellence and serving as role models for Jets fans across the globe.

[Flight Crew Auditions Information]

Project Cheerleader

[Redskins Cheerleaders Auditions]

FC Dallas Girls Auditions: This Sunday!

FC Dallas Girls

FC Dallas Girls

So many auditions to keep track of. Here’s one more and some photos courtesy of FC Dallas Girl (and former Washington Wizard Girl) Nina.

After moving to Dallas last year, former Washington Wizard Girl Nina joined the FC Dallas Girls

After moving to Dallas last year, former Washington Wizard Girl Nina joined the FC Dallas Girls

Nina & Cheri

Nina & Cheri

Best friends Nina and Cheri danced together at Texas A&M. Cheri was also a Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Dancer.

[FD Dallas Girls]

Orlando City Girls Dance Team Auditions

[More at OrlandoCitySoccer.com]

LA Kings Ice Girls Profile: Gabby

Kings Vision was on hand for the 10-11 Ice Crew calendar and studio photo shoots! Check out this special profile on Miss June, Gabby!

[Gabby at the Kings Website]

Sacramento Mountain Lion Auditions This Saturday

The 2011 Sacramento Mountain Lions cheerleader auditions are this Saturday and if you have the talent and the desire, the Mountain Lions are looking for you.

Preliminary Auditions
Saturday, February 26, 2011; Registration begins at 11:00 am
Sacramento Youth Football Training Center
5845 Dry Creek Road
Rio Linda, CA

To sign up for the auditions, please visit the Sacramento Mountain Lions web site.

To register for either the February 26 or March 12 Preliminary Audition please complete and print out an application.  Please include the audition fee of $25 as either cash, check or money order made out to the Sacramento Mountain Lions.  This fee is to cover audition costs and will not be returned.

Audition FAQs

What Are You Looking For?

We are looking for 32 Lady Lions with a passion for football. Essentially we need physically fit, attractive and confident young women with great personalities who love to interact with fans. Previous dance/cheer experience is a plus.

What Should I Bring To the Tryout?

Participants need to bring a non-returnable resume and headshot. Because the first audition is a potentially long day, performers should bring plenty of snacks, water, towel, curling/flat irons, and make-up to re-fresh throughout the day.  A state-issued Driver License, Identification Card or Passport.

What Should I Wear To the Tryout?

Dress should consist of a half top (sports bra, crop top) and shorts (hot shorts, dance trunks or briefs preferred, stomach must show) with dance or non-marking sole tennis shoes. Flesh colored nylons or dance tights are required!  Keep in mind, the judges will want to see what you would look like in the Lady Lions Uniform.

A special audition outfit is not required, but if you would like to order a costume or see examples of what to wear you may go to our Facebook page or visit:

www.angelakingdesigns.com, www.dadesignsdancewear.com, www.thelineup.com.

How Should I Wear My Make-Up?

Make-up should be worn.  We recommend stage make-up in shades that compliment you.  The Lady Lions wear a red lipstick in uniform; we highly encourage candidates to do the same at auditions.

How Should I Wear My Hair?

Hair should be worn down in a current hairstyle, make sure it is not in your face. Hair does not need to be your natural color, but no extreme colors like red, blue, purple etc.

What If I Have a Tattoo?

If a tattoo is visible in your audition attire, please cover it with makeup.  Members of the Lady Lions cover all tattoos visible when interacting with fans and on game day.
What About Jewelry?

Lady Lions are allowed to wear one-stud in each ear and an engagement and/or wedding band. No other jewelry is allowed.
Please take all visible piercings out before auditions. This includes tongue rings and belly button rings.

What Should I Not Bring?

Family, friends and fans. The preliminary audition is closed and limited to participants only. The finals are open to the public.

What Will The Audition Process Be?

Preliminary auditions will be a multi-step process.  Candidates will start the day with a short warm-up.  A short across-the-floor routine will be taught and candidates will perform in group of 2.  If needed, judges will deliberate and the Director will announce the numbers of those moving on to the next round.

Candidates will then learn a short dance routine that is similar to what Lady Lions perform on game days.  Candidates will be given a short amount of time to go-over the routine and then broken up in groups of 2.  When it is a candidate’s turn, she will give a short speech about herself and then perform the dance routine twice in front of the judges.  After all candidates have auditioned the judges will deliberate and the Director will announce the numbers of those who are Finalist.

Finalist will receive information regarding the Final auditions at the end of Prelims.

Is there a minimum/maximum age limit?

You must be 18 by June 1, 2011. There is not a maximum age for tryouts

2011 ChivaGirl Finalists

Finals are over. Now comes the waiting. Tomorrow night, we’ll find out who made the team. Which of these ladies will make the cut? Click to view full size.

SI.com: Anaheim Ducks Power Players

The latest addition to Sports Illustrated’s NHL Ice Crew galleries features the girls from the Pond at Anaheim. Click here to check out the Power Players on the ice!

Philadelphia Fight Vixens Dance Team presented by CaRu Entertainment Announces 2011 Auditions

Date: Sunday, March 13
Time: 6-9 p.m.
Location: Suburban Sports Training Center, 1032 Conshohocken Road, Conshohocken, PA 19428
Wardrobe: Two piece dance wear and sneakers

CaRu Entertainment presents the 2011 Fight Vixens Dance Team auditions on Sunday, March 13 from 6-9 p.m. at Suburban Sports Training Center.

Cassie Russo, CaRu Entertainment’s artistic director and NYC choreographer, is set to host the try-outs. Fight Vixens coach, Heather Grasso, will be teaching a combination to be performed in front of a panel of judges, which will include Fight representatives and sponsors. Judging will be based on dance technique, showmanship and overall appearance.

The Philadelphia Fight Vixens Dance Team is the second of only two dance teams in the U.S. for USA Rugby League – one of the top three fastest growing sports in America. This is your chance to be at the forefront of a rising trend.

Interested candidates should register by sending a bio, resume and photo to auditions@caruentertainment.com with FIGHT VIXENS in the subject line. Candidates must be 18 years or older and physically fit. Dance experience preferred.

To learn more about the Vixens visit: www.fightvixens.com
More about CaRu Entertainment: caruentertainmentllc.blogspot.com or www.caruentertainment.com

Questions? Email emily@caruentertainment.com.

Former Dolphin Cheerleaders Return for ‘Amazing Race’ All-star Edition

By Tom Jicha

Sun Sentinel

The redheads are back!”

This is the war whoop of Jaime Edmondson and Cara Rosenthal as they roar off the starting grid for their second odyssey on “The Amazing Race.” It’s an opportunity the former Dolphin cheerleaders dreamed of but never thought would come to pass.

“We heard they weren’t fans of all-star editions,” said Rosenthal, who lives in Boca Raton. “That was a bummer.”

When they got the invitation, there was no hesitancy to re-up.

The subtitle of the season, which begins Sunday in HD for the first time, is “Unfinished Business.” It could have been coined with Edmondson, 32, and Rosenthal, 28, in mind. They will be competing against other teams that have gotten close to the $1 million grand prize. But none came as close as the two redheads.

The big payoff seemed within their grasp in the final leg of Season 14 when a confused cabdriver in Hawaii cost them the time that relegated them to second place.

“That was really frustrating because we’re such competitive women,” Rosenthal said. “In many ways we have been haunted by the second-place finish. We were convinced we were going to win.” At the time their first runner-up finish was the best ever for a two-woman team.

It’s the what-if’s, such as “What if we had chosen a different cab driver,” that make the loss so hard to shake, said Edmonson, of Fort Lauderdale. “Thinking about that is more difficult than if we had made a mistake ourselves.”

There’s really little advantage to having had the full experience, Edmondson said. “There’s only so much you can do to prepare because so much of it is luck.” One thing they did pick up: “We learned we didn’t need such heavy backpacks.”

Though they share the same intense competitiveness, they are opposites in many ways, Edmondson said. “Cara probably has more fun than me. She tries to make friends with everyone and is laidback. I’m so not that way. I’ll harp on the smallest detail and beat myself up on it. It’s just my personality.”

“I think that’s what makes us a really good team,” Rosenthal said.

They’ve also taken dramatically different career paths. Rosenthal is studying to be a lawyer. She said she is grateful to her professors and the administration at Nova Southeastern for working with her to allow her to participate in another “Amazing Race.”

The CBS reality show opened an unanticipated door for Edmondson. A former cop, then a model, she was approached by Playboy to appear in the magazine. “I thought I was being punked,” she said. “I was a 30-year-old redhead. I thought that ship had sailed for me a long time ago.” She had no compunctions about posing, and became the January 2010 Playmate of the Month.

Rosenthal had the same opportunity. “They asked us both originally,” she said. It just didn’t feel right for her. But she’s not being judgmental toward her traveling partner. “I thought it was great. I bought the first issue that came out on the newsstand.”

Edmondson now lists her occupation as Playboy Playmate. It’s a full-time job, she said. She just got back from appearing at the magazine’s Super Bowl party in Dallas. “There are events like that all year long. It has been a great adventure.”

Just like “The Amazing Race.”

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Year End Awards

From WeAreVikingsFans.com:

On Friday, February 4th the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, MVC Staff, and sponsors gathered together for the annual Year End Banquet. The banquet is a night everyone looks forward to, and was a great way to celebrate this unforgettable season . It was also the perfect opportunity for the MVC to catch up with one another during the off-season.

This year, the banquet was held at the Minnesota Valley Country Club in Bloomington, and it was a wonderful location! At the beginning of the night, everyone gathered together to enjoy dinner, while watching the Year End Video – graciously provided by Ted Kopacek and Chad Ryburn. After that, there were special presentations by each of our 5 small teams, Team Captains, Head Coach – Tami Krause, and the MVC staff. It was so great to reflect on a year that included more than 400 appearances in the community, 3 trips overseas to support the U.S. Military, the “Dome collapse,” which led to our trip to Detroit, the MNF game held during a blizzard at TCF Bank Stadium, and countless other memories on and off the field. Our 2011 Pro Bowl Representative, Kristina, had just arrived home from Hawaii earlier that morning, and was able share her experiences at the Pro Bowl.

At the end of the night Coach Tami Krause had the opportunity to present the team with awards. The awards were voted on by the team a few weeks prior to the Banquet. A few of the awards include:

Most Valuable Cheerleader – Kristina

Most Valuable Cheerleader – Kristina

Rookie of the Year – Elizabeth

Rookie of the Year – Elizabeth

Best Overall Dancer – Peyton

Best Overall Dancer – Peyton

The “Angel” Award – Andrea

The “Angel” Award – Andrea

Community Service Award – Laura

Community Service Award – Laura

The Whole Package – Meghan

The Whole Package – Meghan

The MVC Glamour Award – Kristina (Again!)

The MVC Glamour Award – Kristina (Again!)

Vikings Children Fund Support Award- Sarah

Vikings Children Fund Support Award- Sarah

The banquet is always a bittersweet evening. It’s fun to reflect on the season and all the amazing times spent together, but it is also the final time the 2010 MVC would be together as a whole. At least the MVC can walk away knowing we had a fabulous year, have 33 great friends, and memories to last a lifetime! We can all agree that the 2010 season is one we will truly never forget!

ChivaGirl Finals Tonight!

Auditions for the 2011 Chivas USA dance team kicked off on Saturday morning. After two rounds of dance cuts and an interview with ChivaGirls Director Aimee Edmundson, choreographer John Peters, and stylist Gina Castillo, there are 35 women still in the game. Tonight’s finals will determine which of these dancers will join the 19-member ChivaGirls team. Look for an announcement on Thursday. Good luck tonight, ladies!

Photos from Sunday’s interview session

Carolyn, Brittney R., Linette, Jolene, Jenn, Whitney

Ancell, Caitlin, Lucy, Brandi

Brittany V., Bernadette, Mika, Bailey

Christine, Simonne, Jenny, Rosie

Jolene, Brittney R., Sabrina, Ashley G.

Jordan, Amber, Denise, Elizabeth

Megan, Cameron, Chandra, Crystal, Brittany V.

Sarah, Keely, Heather