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Virginia Warriors Cheer & Dance Team Auditions

[Virginia Warriors Cheer and Dance Team]

Texans Cheerleader Finalists at the Draft Day Party

Thanks to Scott who was at the Texans Draft Day Party on Thursday night. Scott tells us fans had a chance to vote for their favorite finalists, and each set of twins counted as one vote.

[Scott’s Texans Cheerleaders Photos]

SI.com: Oklahoma City Thunder Girls

Click here to check out the latest action photos of the Thunder Girls on SportsIllustrated.com.

More Scenes from Sea Gal Open Call Auditions

Click here for more photos from the first day of Sea Gal auditions!

Dream Team Voting is Open

After a year off the Arena Bowl Dream Team is back. Each team will have a representative at Arena Bowl XXIV. Hopefuls have been narrowed down to two dancers from each team, and now the fans get a chance to have their say.

Cassie - Orlando Predators Prowlers

Cassie - Orlando Predators Prowlers

Gizelle - Orlando Predators Prowlers

Gizelle - Orlando Predators Prowlers

See all the candidates and cast your votes here.

Eileen Miyoko Olszewski: Ballerina, NBA Dancer, Champion Boxer

Champion boxer, Eileen Miyoko Olszewski, began her career in New York City as a ballet dancer and then a Knicks City Dancer. Now, Olszewski is a championship boxer and trainer at Midtown Manhattan’s Sykes Boxing Gym at Sportslab. Next up for the fighter is a chance at the New York state flyweight title this summer.

Nishimura, 22, becomes youngest Japanese NFL cheerleader

Akio Harada, Staff Writer
April 29, 2011

Twenty-two-year-old Kisato Nishimura will become the youngest Japanese NFL cheerleader after she earned a spot on the Oakland Raiders cheerleading squad for the 2011-12 season.

Nishimura has been cheerleading for 10 years. She served as vice captain and captain of the cheerleading squad at Tokyo’s Tamagawa University, where she graduated last month, and led her team to second-place finishes at the U.S. national collegiate competition two years in a row.

She was the only Japanese woman trying out for the Raiderettes. More than 300 women tried out for the 41-member cheerleading squad. The tryouts included tests in speech, dance and other topics in addition to an interview.

Of the 16 Japanese women who have served as cheerleaders in the NFL, Nishimura is the youngest.

“I had some job offers lined up for me (noncheerleading jobs in Japan), but I wanted to take on this challenge while my body was fit,” Nishimura said upon her return to Japan on April 21. “I would like Japanese people to know more about the NFL through dance.”

Nishimura will return to the Bay Area and the cheerleading squad as soon as her visa is issued.

Leading cheers for the Pats

The Sun Chronicle
April 29, 2011

NORTON – A Norton High School graduate who honed her skills cheering on the Lancers has been named a captain of the New England Patriots cheerleading squad.

Kayla Vernaglia, 21, a 2007 Norton High graduate, was named one of four captains of the squad for the 2011 season, capping off her three-year career with the team.

“I had always hoped for it,” Vernaglia said of being named captain. “But really, I just feel very fortunate that I can be a part of such a great team.”

Vernaglia, who still lives in Norton, first decided to audition for the Patriots’ cheer squad three years ago to use her dance skills in a new environment.

“It just seemed like a really fun job,” she said.
Since then, she has enjoyed every minute, whether it’s helping out in the community or cheering on the team from the sidelines on Sundays. “It’s the best seat in the house,” she said.

The 2011 season will be Vernaglia’s last. The Patriots only allows cheerleaders to serve for a maximum of three years.

“You definitely don’t realize three years flew by,” she said.

As she enters her final year with the team, Vernaglia said she’s hoping to cap her career with a trip to Indianapolis next February for Super Bowl XLVI.

“I’m 100 percent sure (the Pats) can do it,” she said.

2011 Sea Gal Semi-Finals

Check out photos from the Sea Gal Semi-Finals here. And don’t miss the live webcast of the Finals this Sunday at 1pm PDT.

TopCat Video

Couple new videos of the Carolina Panthers TopCats:

[Top Cat Semi Finals Auditions]

[TopCats promote NFL Draft Party]

On The FlipSide: Wynwood

The 30th episode of On The Flipside is comes to you from Miami’s Wynwood District, where host and our good friend Aubrey Aquino is hanging out at the art-filled, “Wynwood Walls.” Plenty of sports stars and celebrities along with the NBA‘s 2011 ″Best in the West,” Sacramento Kings Dance Team! Co-captain and veteran Katie talks about her purple reign, as we get an inside look at this Sideline Distraction. It’s all going down, On The Flipside!

[On the Flipside]

AFL Goddess Danielle Provides 21st Century Choreography for Cleveland’s Jr. Goddesses

Goddess Danielle and some of the Jr. Goddesses

At eight-thirty in the morning on a Saturday in downtown Cleveland, the streets were quiet and unoccupied, with the exception of a group of people gathered outside an entrance to the arena. It was one of those Cleveland spring days, rotating sun and sudden rainy downpours, with one constant, wind! So, the waiting girls, plus a sprinkling of parents, huddled in circles, but with eyes wide open wondering what the morning would bring to prepare for a performance that night. All were happy when the arena doors opened and the wind swept them into the arena’s entryways. The group of pre-teen and teen young women was starting a long, busy, and exciting day at Quicken Arena. It was the morning of the Jr. Goddesses Clinic, which would prepare these girls to perform on the field later that night with some of the Goddesses, the dance squad for the AFL’s Cleveland Gladiators. Three of the Goddesses, Danielle, Heather, and Angela, plus Dance Team Coordinator Kristen Bickel, braved the early morning winds to lead the clinic which prepared the Jr. Goddesses for their performance at the Gladiators game against the New Orleans Voodoo, on April 16th.

Rather than to the field, the young dancers were escorted to the Cavaliers’ practice court. It was also a very busy day for Quicken Arena and its staff. On the previous night, the “Q” hosted a concert, then a hockey playoff game was inserted for noon on Saturday, overlapping with an Indians game across the street at 1 pm. Then the arena football set-up would follow to prepare for a 7:30 kickoff between the Gladiators and Voodoo, only then to prepare for another hockey game for noon on Sunday. Over a couple days, the arena changed as much inside as the weather varied outside.

Danielle (left) and the Jr. Goddesses begin morning practice on the Cavs practice court

Once they arrived at the court, first, the Jr. Goddesses received the tops that they would wear for the performance. Afterward, the girls took to the court, and Goddess Heather started them stretching, and then some initial movements. Although she is from an area of Ohio without sports teams near by so that she had this type of opportunity when she was younger, Heather has taught dance before and was a natural at easing the girls out of their initial early morning induced quietness, with a conversational style and some activity to get their blood flowing. It wouldn’t be long before the Jr. Goddesses were relaxed and talkative. The Cavs practice court probably felt initially warm and cozy, but it did not take long for the active dancers to feel the reality; it was HOT in there! At one point when asked if there were any questions, one Jr. Goddess asked the obvious, “Is there any air conditioning in here?”

Ready to rock the beat, the Jr. Goddesses were anxious to start practicing the routine, and Danielle of the Goddesses began showing them the steps with short segment by segment instructions. Danielle choreographed the routine that the Jr. Goddesses would perform, and selected the song, Willow Smith’s “21st Century Girl.” Looking for inspiration, Danielle went to Radio Disney to listen for songs and selected Willow’s for the performance. The Jr. Goddesses interest in dance and performing is mirrored in Danielle’s interest in being a Goddess, as she says, “I tried out for the Goddesses because I love to dance and I thought this would be a great experience. I was so happy and excited when I made the team. Performing is my favorite thing to do.” And the people around her are pretty happy about her being a Goddess too, as Danielle related, “My family and friends were excited for me when I made the team and everyone asks for tickets.”

Angela, Danielle, and Heather instruct the Jr. Goddesses

Danielle is a college student, balancing school with her responsibilities as a Goddess, “I study psychology and sociology at The University of Akron. I also work on campus. I have scheduled my classes around practices and games. I am also able to make my work schedule so that it does not interfere.”

On this day, Danielle was teaching while the clinic participants paid close attention. Danielle went through each of the segments which was followed by the Jr. Goddesses doing a few run-throughs. Not only were the girls being junior dancers, a few were also “junior choreographers,” with lots of their own ideas for the routine. Danielle and Heather performed in front so the Jr. Goddesses so they could keep their eyes on their moves, and Angela eased into the back rows of the formation so she could help out and watch the progress. Angela could identify with their day, as she had the opportunity to perform at a Cavaliers’ NBA game as a high school freshman with her cheer team.

Heather shows the Jr. Goddesses the moves

Danielle was a nice match to be Jr. Goddess choreographer, because she shared some attributes with the younger squad. Danielle can relate to the experience that the Jr. Goddesses were having, as she also danced from an early age, saying, “My mom put me in dance classes with my cousin when I was three years old and I have been dancing ever since. I cheered and danced in high school, and before doing Goddesses, I had been on my college dance team.” And Danielle’s personality matches some of the Jr. Goddesses, saying, “I may be outgoing while in my uniform, but outside of the team I am pretty shy.” Danielle said that right before the performance, some of the Jr. Goddesses were quite talkative, but that some of that may have been nerves, another feeling she can relate to, as Danielle says, “I am always nervous right before a performance. The nerves are what gives me the energy I need!”

Danielle and the Jr. Goddesses are ready for their performance

Continue reading AFL Goddess Danielle Provides 21st Century Choreography for Cleveland’s Jr. Goddesses

Vixen now an Eagle

Congratulations to Cat one of the newest members of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders. She survived a nearly month-long audition process and multiple cuts culminating in the Finals last Wednesday night.

Cat was a Captain on the 2009 Philadelphia Fight Vixens Dance Team.

Cat was a Captain on the 2009 Philadelphia Fight Vixens Dance Team.

Go here to see a video of the thirty-eight ladies of the new 2011-12 squad. They will make their official debut at the Eagles Draft Party at Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday. Photos from Finals coming soon.

Atlanta Chiefs Auditions This Friday

Atlanta’s hottest Minor Professional Football team, The Atlanta Chiefs, will begin their second season of play in June 2011. We are a full contact minor league football team & a proud member of the Gridiron Development Football League and we are looking for you to complete our 2011-2012 squad!!

Friday, April 29, 2011
Registration from 6:00 PM- 6:30 PM
Fee: $30, non-refundable

Small Snack

Flattering two-piece dancewear
Dance (Biker) shorts (Optional)
Appropriate footwear

Come prepared to learn choreography.

Hammond Park Recreation Center
705 Hammond Dr NE Atlanta, GA 30328

Sunday, May 1, 2011
(15-Minute Intervals)
Location: The Lenox Building
3399 Peachtree Rd NE Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30326
404-751-5100 or 404-863-5543

Business attire.

(Present and prepare yourself as if you are participating in a corporate interview.)
FINALS: Tuesday, May 3, 2011 (CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC – No Exceptions!)
7:00 PM Registration
Location: TBA

Ladies 18 years and older by April 18, 2011 (Bring Photo ID – i.e. Drivers License/State ID)
Dance and/or Cheer Background
Must be a high school graduate or have a G.E.D.

To learn more about Chiefs Cheerleader Auditions, visit their website at www.atlantachiefsfootball.com

Tony La Russa’s Daughter is an Oakland Raiderette

By Chris Chase
Yahoo! Sports

The Oakland Raiders were playing in Los Angeles when Tony La Russa managed the Oakland A’s, so it’s likely that the famed baseball manager didn’t get to see the silver and black play too much at the Oakland Coliseum. He’ll have a reason to go watch the team this year.

La Russa’s daughter, Bianca, successfully tried out for the team’s cheerleading squad last week and will be a Raiderette in the upcoming season. (If there is an upcoming season, that is.)

She tweeted the news last week: “A goal and a dream come true- I’m a 2011 Raiderette! I’m so excited to rep an organization that does so much good.”

[Bianca on Twitter]