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2011 P-R-O Convention All Star: Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Talmesha

In my experience, most professional cheerleaders are not only talent dancers, but goal oriented individuals.  I suppose you have to be if you want to become a professional dancer, but that drive and determination also serves you well in other endeavors, such as in education or in your career.  I guess what I am saying is most of these “pretty little cheerleaders” are really multifaceted and goal oriented young women who will have successful careers after they hang up their pom poms.  One such woman is Talmesha of the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders.  As James told me, Talmesha is in graduate school working on her doctorate in cellular and molecular medicine…Johns Hopkins Medical School to be precise.  Wow!  Beauty and brains.  For this and her on the field dance talents, Talmesha is a definitely a 2011 P-R-O Convention All Star.

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