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The Adrenaline Rush Dancers’ Reunion Celebrates a Decade of Cheer

Neither searing heat nor flood producing rains could prevent the ten-year reunion of over fifty Adrenaline Rush Dancers. The ARD have been part of the entertainment at AFL Chicago Rush games since 2001, and their current Director Gloria Esposito celebrated the event with a ten-year reunion featuring a halftime performance and the participation of the alumni in the game break entertainment. The July 23rd game against Milwaukee was also Adrenaline Rush Dancer poster night.

Outside the Allstate Arena, the combination of heat and sudden rains left some roads impassable and about 70% of the traffic lights were not functioning. The Chicago Tribune’s front page headline read, “Sweltering heat, then rain. Repeat.” But inside the Arena, the current and former ARD were focused on performance and reuniting. When asked if the returning alumni would be more or less nervous than during their days on the squad, Gloria speculated that they might be more nervous performing for the reunion, since some had not danced in this type of setting since 2001.

Gloria performs at halftime

But prior to halftime, alumni Wynne (in the red ball) and Dee (in the blue ball) participated in the “Hamster Ball” race. Wynne was also an NBA dancer and captain in both Chicago (four years) and Milwaukee (one year), and now is the director of the NHL Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew and the IFL Chicago Slaughter Dancers, and Dee also danced for the Luvabulls. Wynne jumped out to a big lead, and in Tortoise and Hare fashion, became a little cocky, running backwards in the hamster ball. But with mascots and event staff around, Wynne was blocked in her tracks and Dee caught up. Mascot Grabowski then gave Dee a little hold back, which gave Wynne a small lead to plunge to victory at the goal line.

Then alumnus Kelly was one of two participants in the Sing for Your Supper competition, in which she had to sing “Sweet Caroline” in front of the thousands in attendance. Kelly won the competition, as the ARD were un-beatable on this night. The football side of the coin was not so winning, with the Rush, already in the playoffs with their position locked in, trailing the entire night.

Finally, it was time for the Adrenaline Rush Dancers from the start of the millennium until now to hit center stage for their reunion performance. With a medley of songs from AC/DC until today, the ARD, both current and former, hit their stride, with smiles as wide as a linebacker’s shoulder. And it wasn’t some simple steps and routine either, Tricia and Tina even threw in some flips. After the game, Gloria was beaming with the success and camaraderie of the reunion, saying she and the rest of the women had so much fun.

Many thanks to Gloria and Erin Herrmann, the Rush’s Media and Community Relations Coordinator, for allowing UltimateCheerleaders to witness this wonderful reunion of talented and dedicated women! Here are some more photos, click on them to see the entire photo, then click again for full size.

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    Can I purchase a copy of the article with pics of the Adrenaline Rush Dancers reunion?