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From NFL Cheer Director to Deployment

So we got an update from our good friend Donald Wells. Back when the blog first started Donald was directing the Redskins Cheerleaders and played in invaluable role in getting the word out, for which we are eternally grateful.

Donald started working for the Navy in November 2010 for the MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) department at the Washington Navy Yard. He said it was so awesome being able to work with our military so close and getting to bring cheerleaders out to entertainment.

And now he’s got some big news:

Yesterday I started my new job with the Navy, I am deployed to Djibouti that is located on the Horn of Africa. It was always my dream since my first AFE tour with the Redskins Cheerleaders in 1999 to work for our troops in a deployed location and now I get to do just that.

Here on Camp Lemonnaire I will be in charge of Liberty Tours (taking the troops on trips when they have a long weekend, usually one trip a month to different countries around Africa and into Europe and Asia). I am also in charge of Entertainment and Special Events. Yes, I get to bring pro cheerleaders in for a tour. And as fate would have it, in just three weeks four Redskins Cheerleaders will be coming to my camp.

The WRC were booked months ago, well before me even knowing about this position. It’s going to be great to have my first entertainment group to come in be my squad that I started on tour with over 13 years ago. Its going to be cool to see the show I developed as a spectator and not the one stressed about making is perfect, Stephanie gets that role now. Haha…

I am in shock still because just a few years ago I was working on getting routines ready for the homes games and now I get to work everyday with our US Armed Forces and try to make their lives a little better in a harsh environment.

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