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SI.com: NFL Cheerleaders (Week 8)

The Ravens and 49ers cheerleaders show off their costumes! Click here to go there now.

NFL.com gallery: Week 8

This week’s NFL.com cheerleader gallery is a bit of a surprise. On the day before Halloween, I expected every team to take the field in costume. Not so. It looks like the Rams, Jills, Texans, Broncos, Eagles, and Seahawks gave it a pass this year. But never you mind, the Titans, Ravens, and 49ers cheerleaders gave a strong showing. Click here to go to the gallery.

Former DCC Is Crowned Mrs. Petite United America 2011

Cynthia Trinidad, former NFL Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader (1989), former NBA San Antonio Spurs dancer, director of the San Antonio Roses Independent pro-cheerleaders for the past thirteen years and the MPFL San Antonio Warrior Cheerleaders since 2007, was crowned Mrs. Petite United America 2011 at the Wyndham Garden hotel in Austin on Sunday, October 23, 2011.

Cynthia also won talent performing a jazz dance routine to the song “Black and Gold “ from the 2009 “Fame” movie.

Cynthia also won talent performing a jazz dance routine to the song “Black and Gold “ from the 2009 “Fame” movie.

Cynthia represented the state of Texas at the pageant as the current Mrs. Petite Texas United America and only stands a mere 5’-0” tall . She is  proud to represent all the petite married ladies of this great nation.

Cynthia represented the state of Texas at the pageant as the current Mrs. Petite Texas United America and only stands a mere 5’-0” tall. She is proud to represent all the petite married ladies of this great nation.

She's a 5th dan Tae Kwon Do Black Belt instructor

She's a 5th dan Tae Kwon Do Black Belt instructor

Her platform is “Sanding up against Bullying” and she’s passionate about this worthy cause, and will be making appearances and speaking engagements throughout her reign to promote this cause.

[Mrs Petite United States]

[San Antonio Roses]

Philadelphia Soulmates Auditions are This Sunday

[Solumates Auditions]

TopCats Treat Us to Halloween Memories

TopCat Captain Courtney can't mask that she adores candy corn

The October 30th home game against the Vikings was filled with tricks and treats for the TopCats, the Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders. First, it must have felt like a trick to practice at 8 am in temps barely above freezing, but it was a treat that game time was sunny and generally warm enough not to shiver. Then the TopCats were treated to a last minute rally, as Cam Newton completed a 44-yard pass on fourth and 15, which, at worst, certainly would allow a Panthers field goal to tie the game. However, the Panthers missed the 31-yard field goal, which felt like a very mean trick to the enthusiastic Panther fans. TopCats coordinator/choreographer Richelle Grant felt like the game was a bad dream that certainly she would awaken from.

But the one thing Carolina fans can count on is that they will always be treated to seeing the great performances by the TopCats. Certainly if you have seen their leg kicks, you would know any of them would have nailed a 31-yard field goal.

Though not exactly scary, having that Elvis sneak up behind you is, well, creepy

And to help us get into the holiday spirit, the TopCats graciously shared some Halloween memories. They note their favorite and least favorite Halloween “treats” that they found in their trick-or-treat bags, and certainly they know what not to hand out: raisins, whoppers, dots. But perhaps Lindsey is mistaken, listing Milk Duds as her least favorite, since Milk Duds are probably the most delectable foodstuff ever concocted. Perhaps Lindsey confused them with Mounds. Read on to learn about the TopCats candy preferences, scary movies, favorite costumes, and embarrassing scary moments, which will teach us that if gorilla masks must be used, please use them responsibly!

Laura B

Laura B:
First Costume: Parrot
Favorite Childhood Costume: Ninja Turtle
Favorite Thing to Get as a Treat: Snickers
Least Favorite Thing to Get in Your Bag: Dots


First Costume: A Smurf
Favorite Childhood Costume: Dumbo the elephant
Favorite Thing to Get as a Treat: Chocolate covered strawberries
Least Favorite Thing to Get in Your Bag: Anything with peanuts
Favorite Scary Movie?: The Exorcist
Any embarrassing stories of you scaring someone or someone scaring you?: My brother hid in my linen closet wearing a monkey suit and handed me the iron.
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Video: Sea Gals Halloween Halftime Show Preview

Patriots Cheerleaders Halloween Costume Photos Offered on patriotsproshop.com

You know, I’d feel a little better about this kind of thing if the Cheerleaders got a piece of the action…~sasha

October 28, 2011

For the first time ever, the patriotsproshop.com is offering 8×10 photographs of each of the Patriots Cheerleaders in their 2011 Halloween costumes! These full color shots can be personalized for you by the cheerleaders of your choice.
For the first time ever, the patriotsproshop.com is offering 8×10 photographs of each of the Patriots Cheerleaders in their 2011 Halloween costumes! These full color shots can be personalized for you by the cheerleaders of your choice.

October 16 was the last home game before Halloween so at half-time, the cheerleaders quickly changed outfits and surprised the fans by taking the sidelines at the start of the third quarter, each dressed in an individually chosen Halloween costume. Though some costumes were purchased, many were hand-made. In fact, eight were made by Stephanie S.’s very creative and talented mom! The planning began in early September when the cheerleaders began submitting their ideas for what they wanted to be for Halloween, to ensure there would be no duplicate costumes. After ideas were approved, the cheerleaders began working on their costumes. Two weeks before the game, a mandatory dress rehearsal took place to make sure the ladies could dance with their butterfly wings, duck bill, cowboy hat, ninja turtle shell, etc. Adjustments were made and finally it was game day! The “Halloween Game” has become a tradition and has historically been a “fan favorite”. So check out the photos now available and enjoy! [Click here]

North Shore native Rachel Welch joins Boston Bruins ‘Ice Girls’

By Christopher Hurley
October 28, 2011

Boston Bruins Hockey is more than just about the action on ice these days.

Between all the breakaways and body checks, the atmosphere at the TD Garden remains fully charged, thanks to a dedicated group of young women. It’s a new and exciting arena that Rachel Welch is proud to be a part of. The West Newbury native, Bishop Fenwick graduate and Merrimack College sophomore is the newest member of the Boston Bruins Ice Girls.

One of five rookies to make the team, Welch was chosen from a field of more than 900 applicants over the summer. She’ll spend the winter cheering on Zdeno Chara, Patrice Bergeron, Tim Thomas and the rest of the defending Stanley Cup champs, in front of sellout crowds of 17,565, on a nightly basis.

“I’m really excited,” said Welch, 19. “I look forward to getting to know the girls and getting more opportunities to interact with the fans. I’m hoping for a great season.”

Lending their support to the Black & Gold since the 2002-03 season, the Bruins Ice Girls have become a familiar fixture around the TD Garden. From handing out rosters, signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans, to revving up the crowd with their ever-popular t-shirt toss during TV timeouts, the Ice Girls always seem to keep the fans on their feet.

“The T-shirt toss is my favorite part,” said Welch. “You go into the stadium, run around and throw T-shirts to the crowd. Some of the girls go on the ice. Right now I’m in the process of getting qualified to go onto the ice, but there is a lot of off-ice interaction that we also do during intermission.”

Welch got her first taste of game action Oct. 6, during a historic opening night ceremony as the Bruins hoisted its 2011 Stanley Cup championship banner to the rafters. It was a moment she’ll never forget.

“Opening night was absolutely amazing,” Welch said. “The ceremony took my breath away. I was so nervous the whole time, but all the fans were really great. It was a different experience, but it was really awesome.”

A diehard hockey fan, Welch first took notice of the Ice Girls while attending her first Bruins game at the TD Garden last season.

“I really didn’t know what they were all about, so I looked into it,” Welch said. “When I found out there were auditions over the summer I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.”

She was called in to tryout for the team over the summer, after the Bruins narrowed the field of 900 applicants to 30 young women. The group was then put through the paces during a challenging audition process, which included an on-camera interview, some modeling and spirited round of Bruins trivia.

The tryouts wrapped up following a long photo shoot, with the team choosing the five top just moments later. Welch was thrilled when she realized she made the cut.

“I was really surprised,” Welch said. “I obviously knew my Bruins trivia, so I wasn’t too nervous about that, but there were a lot of amazing girls there and I’m just really lucky and honored to be on the team.”

According to the Bruins, Welch brought something unique to the table and had the personality that fit well with the rest of the team.

“I think they looked for the all-around American girl,” Welch said. “They didn’t want you to be based so much on modeling, a lot of girls thought it was about modeling, which its not. It’s really about how well you get along with others, your ability to really get into the crowd and make a difference.”

In addition to her duties at the rink, Welch will also be making several personal appearances with the Ice Girls throughout the course of the season.

A lifelong sports enthusiast, Welch is no stranger to athletic endeavors. She played varsity lacrosse and soccer at Bishop Fenwick, while serving as captain of the Crusaders hockey and football cheerleading teams.

“I was really into hockey in high school,” Welch said. “So to be a part of the Ice Girls is definitely something that I was used to.”

Recently crowned National American Miss Massachusetts Teen 2011, the psychology major remains active within her school and community. She is involved with many organizations including St. Jude’s Research Hospital’s awareness and fundraising program. Welch aspires to raise awareness and continue her efforts by creating an organization that promotes teenagers positive self-esteem.

After an uncharacteristically slow 2-4 start, the Bruins bounced back with a vengeance last week bombing the Toronto Maple Leafs, 6-2, Oct. 20. Welch hopes that it’s a sign of things to come.

“That game was absolutely insane,” Welch said. “They had so much energy on the ice, which was really good. At the beginning of the season I felt a lot for them, because they didn’t have that [break] in between seasons, but I think they’re getting into it now. I hope the best for them this year. Maybe we’ll see another Stanley Cup.”

And the Bruins can count on Welch to be cheering them on every step of the way.

Philadelphia Flyers Ice Girls in Action

Click here to check out a few photos of the team working on the ice.

Marlins Mermaids 2011 Highlights

[Florida Marlins Mermaids]

Best Cheerleader Moments in the Indianapolis Colts’ History

Sadee on the sidelines

By Maryam Louise
Yahoo Contributor Network
Oct 24, 2011

Each year, there are a lot of articles discussing the “Five Best Moments in Indianapolis Colts History.” However, it is often the work of the team’s cheerleaders that gets overlooked. 2011 marked year 28 for the Indianapolis Colt’s cheerleaders and their work outside of Lucas Oil Stadium is just as important as cheering for the team.

According to the Colt’s cheerleader application for 2011, “Colts cheerleaders participated in approximately 300 community events throughout Indiana last year, logging more than 1,500 hours of service.” Will this year’s cheerleaders have what it takes? Chosen for their ability to “donate their hearts to the community,” the Colt’s cheerleaders this year already have dozens of best moments in civic service that define who they really are.

Colt’s cheerleaders help change blue to pink

This year, the NFL logo is proudly displayed with the pink Susan G Komen breast cancer awareness ribbon. Next to the ribbon is written, “why pink?.” As part of the “A Crucial Catch” campaign, NFL players will be wearing pink items to remind fans they should get a mammogram each year if they are over the age of 40. Normally, during the Indianapolis Colt’s football season, today would have been “Blue Monday” because on the night of the game. However, to raise awareness about breast cancer, the Colts cheerleaders work to designated the October game as “Pink Monday.”

60 minutes of play a day

Since June, the Colts football players and cheerleaders have shown they care about kids by being on hand for events like Zup’s BBQ for Kid’s. They have also been a part of the team that installs play rooms and playgrounds for children. The focus on kids and fitness is part of the NFL campaign to encourage children to get physically fit.

Called Play60, the Colt’s cheerleaders take this initiative on as a group. During the Colts six week Play 60 Challenge , the cheerleaders will be on hand for live video conferencing with select schools. This means students and teachers will be able to talk with them about tips for staying fit.

Cheerleaders show support for Indianapolis Colts

While they have championed a few causes of their own, the cheerleaders are always out supporting the football players at their charity events. For example, over the past few months, Colts have been working at food bank events and handing out free books to foster kids. Each time, the cheerleaders show up to sign autographs or perform.

Other combined efforts include the Bleed Blue Blood Drive and the Go Blue for United Way fundraiser. However, this is only one of fifteen community service programs and initiatives taken on by all parts of the united Colts team. While they do not spearhead the efforts, the Colts cheerleaders are also active in the upcoming 2011 Holiday Outreach program.

Colt’s 2011 cheerleaders just like to have fun

Selected in April of 2011, the Colt’s Cheerleaders still have many months to show off their community spirit. In the meantime, they took the opportunity in September to start a cheer-style flash mob at the Circle Center Mall in Indianapolis. What were they cheering about? According to one fan, “They must be cheering about the new TSA-style ‘pat downs’ before all NFL games.” Nonetheless, you can expect to hear more from the giving spirit of Colts cheerleaders at their website.

Kids NewsDay: Chargers help raise money for Children’s Hospital

Tuesday was the San Diego Union-Tribune’s annual “Kids’ NewsDay.” The annual event is a fundraiser organized by the San Diego Union-Tribune for Rady Children’s Hospital – San Diego. Local celebrities, including members of the San Diego Chargers and and Charger Girls, took to the streets to sell special $1 editions of the paper, which included articles about the hospital’s major advances and successes over the last year. This was the 22nd annual Kids NewsDay.

[Video on Chargers.com]

Photos from Chargers.com:

Make-A-Wish and Breast Cancer Survivor Day

On October 16th, the squad had the honor of meeting Kyle Pepin, who’s request of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of MA and RI was to meet the Patriots Cheerleaders. The ladies then had the privilege of sharing the player tunnel with amazing breast cancer survivors.
Oct 23, 2011

On Sunday, October 16th, when the Patriots Cheerleaders were finished practicing, dressing and ready to head over to they field, they formed their “unity circle” as they do every game. In addition to getting motivated and generating spirit, the purpose of the circle is to talk about all of the things we have to be thankful for. Performing on the sidelines of Gillette Stadium and meeting our supportive fans in the clubs and suites is something to be grateful for every game. But on this particular day, the squad was being afforded two unique and wonderful opportunities they were really looking forward to.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Massachusetts and Rhode Island had phoned several weeks before stating that a young boy, Kyle Pepin, had chosen his wish, and that it was to meet all of the Patriots Cheerleaders! The ladies couldn’t have been more honored or excited! He was the cheerleaders’ number one fan and we instantly became his. After introducing themselves to Kyle one by one, the cheerleaders presented him with a personalized jersey, hat and a fun gift bag. I think Kyle’s favorite part was the photo op! His smile was bigger than the cheerleaders’. After meeting the squad he watched the game from his own viewing room at the stadium with his family and two cheerleaders. Kyle had a great day and the cheerleaders enjoyed every minute spent with him!

To make the day even better, as October is recognized by the NFL as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the cheerleaders were wearing pink jerseys, pink wrist bands and proudly holding pink poms. Twelve amazing breast cancer survivors would be sharing the player tunnel with the squad for team introductions! As soon as the cheerleaders headed outside, they introduced themselves to the women and one gentleman who would be joining them, shared one of their poms and led them all the way to the 30 yard line to the cheers of supportive fans. For anyone who’s ever had the privilege of being on the field for a game, you’ll probably agree when I say that other than scoring a needed touchdown or winning a game, there’s no part of the game that’s more exciting than player intro’s. I’m thrilled that the survivors were able to participate in of the best parts of the game.

So back to the unity circle… not only did we remember to be thankful for being a part of game day and for our fans, on October 16th, the Patriots Cheerleaders were reminded to be thankful for their health, for having the opportunity to meet Kyle and the amazing breast cancer survivors, and maybe most of all, to appreciate that on that day, they all made a difference in someone else’s life. It doesn’t get any better than that.


Titans Cheerleaders Jena and Clair are Tickled Pink to Honor Their Moms and Promote Awareness

Jena (left) and Clair (right) honor their moms at the October 23rd Titans-Texans game


For Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders Jena and Clair, this past Sunday’s game against the Texans was a special day of recognition and remembrance. Throughout October, the NFL’s “A Crucial Catch” campaign, in partnership with the American Cancer Society, emphasizes the importance of annual screenings, especially for women who are 40 and older. During the game in Nashville, part of that recognition of breast cancer survivors included Jena and Clair’s moms, both named Debbie, who are now cancer free.

Jena is an accountant and graduate of the University of Memphis. She is a three sport dance star, cheering for minor league baseball, the Predators of the NHL, and now in her third season with the Titans Cheerleaders. Clair is also in her third season with the Titans, and also part of the musical trio, Danger Love Saint.

For Jena’s mom, this was going to be a complete surprise, and Jena’s main concern was that Jena would be a blubbering mess on the field. Clair was calm and cool pre-game, but said that she her mom was probably a bit nervous about being on the field. After Titans Cheerleaders performed their routine during the break between the first and second quarters, Jena and Clair’s moms were escorted onto the field, and presented with gifts as the public address system introduced them to the fans. Upon the statement that the two TTC moms were cancer free, the throngs of LP Field cheered with monumental volume.

The recognition of breast cancer survivors actually started during player introductions, as women from the area lined up on the field during the introduction of the Titans players. Then at kickoff, pink ribboned the entire stadium as the Cheerleaders and fans all held up pink cards. Pink was the color of the day, for poms, mascots, and in the jerseys the Titans Cheerleaders wore throughout most of the game.

Jena and her mom Debbie in the tunnel prior to the game

Clair and her mom Debbie during the recognition

The Titans Cheerleaders are joined by breast cancer survivors for player introductions

Jena leads the way as LP Field supports the fight against breast cancer.

From Bri's pink poms to mascots going pink, awareness was in the house

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Photos from Cowboys vs. Rams

This guy Doug has some great photos from Sunday. Click here to go there now!