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Best Cheerleader Moments in the Indianapolis Colts’ History

Sadee on the sidelines

By Maryam Louise
Yahoo Contributor Network
Oct 24, 2011

Each year, there are a lot of articles discussing the “Five Best Moments in Indianapolis Colts History.” However, it is often the work of the team’s cheerleaders that gets overlooked. 2011 marked year 28 for the Indianapolis Colt’s cheerleaders and their work outside of Lucas Oil Stadium is just as important as cheering for the team.

According to the Colt’s cheerleader application for 2011, “Colts cheerleaders participated in approximately 300 community events throughout Indiana last year, logging more than 1,500 hours of service.” Will this year’s cheerleaders have what it takes? Chosen for their ability to “donate their hearts to the community,” the Colt’s cheerleaders this year already have dozens of best moments in civic service that define who they really are.

Colt’s cheerleaders help change blue to pink

This year, the NFL logo is proudly displayed with the pink Susan G Komen breast cancer awareness ribbon. Next to the ribbon is written, “why pink?.” As part of the “A Crucial Catch” campaign, NFL players will be wearing pink items to remind fans they should get a mammogram each year if they are over the age of 40. Normally, during the Indianapolis Colt’s football season, today would have been “Blue Monday” because on the night of the game. However, to raise awareness about breast cancer, the Colts cheerleaders work to designated the October game as “Pink Monday.”

60 minutes of play a day

Since June, the Colts football players and cheerleaders have shown they care about kids by being on hand for events like Zup’s BBQ for Kid’s. They have also been a part of the team that installs play rooms and playgrounds for children. The focus on kids and fitness is part of the NFL campaign to encourage children to get physically fit.

Called Play60, the Colt’s cheerleaders take this initiative on as a group. During the Colts six week Play 60 Challenge , the cheerleaders will be on hand for live video conferencing with select schools. This means students and teachers will be able to talk with them about tips for staying fit.

Cheerleaders show support for Indianapolis Colts

While they have championed a few causes of their own, the cheerleaders are always out supporting the football players at their charity events. For example, over the past few months, Colts have been working at food bank events and handing out free books to foster kids. Each time, the cheerleaders show up to sign autographs or perform.

Other combined efforts include the Bleed Blue Blood Drive and the Go Blue for United Way fundraiser. However, this is only one of fifteen community service programs and initiatives taken on by all parts of the united Colts team. While they do not spearhead the efforts, the Colts cheerleaders are also active in the upcoming 2011 Holiday Outreach program.

Colt’s 2011 cheerleaders just like to have fun

Selected in April of 2011, the Colt’s Cheerleaders still have many months to show off their community spirit. In the meantime, they took the opportunity in September to start a cheer-style flash mob at the Circle Center Mall in Indianapolis. What were they cheering about? According to one fan, “They must be cheering about the new TSA-style ‘pat downs’ before all NFL games.” Nonetheless, you can expect to hear more from the giving spirit of Colts cheerleaders at their website.

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