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Broncos Kick The Chargers While They Are Down

Last time, I speculated that the Chargers were at a crossroads and that the path that they were on was to mediocrity.  This week, speculation turned into confirmation.  The Chargers are a mediocre team…and that is being kind.

This past Sunday, the Denver Broncos came to town sporting a 4-1 record under new starting QB Tim Tebow.  This game was supposed to be a cake walk, or so Charger fans thought.  After all Tim Tebow couldn’t complete a pass if his life depended on it.  The Broncos, in fact, rush for more yards than they pass, so beating the donkeys is simply a matter of stopping the run.  And against a team so uni-dimensional as the Broncos, this should have been fairly straightforward…stack the box against the run and blitz the hell out of Tebow if he tries to pass.

Well, a funny thing happened on the road to victory.  The Chargers, who were able to move the ball against the Broncos, for the most part, failed to put it in the end zone and had to settle for field goals…or should I say field goal attempts.  Four to be exact.  Charger kicker Nick Novak made two and missed two.  The two missed field goals would turn out to be decisive.  The first miss would have extended the lead against a Bronco team that could barely make it out of their own end of the field.  And the second, a potential game winner in overtime.

But let us give credit where credit is due.  The Chargers were not able to put the Broncos away, letting them hang around.  And the boys from Denver made the most of their opportunities with two key drives that lead to field goals in crunch time, one to tie the game and one to win it in overtime.   Yes, Tim Tebow can’t pass for poop, but he can sure run the ball.  He’s not an “NFL” quarterback, but he’s a winner and for the Broncos, that might be more important that throwing the ball.

And what was the final score you ask?  Broncos – 16, powerless Chargers – 13.

This season is going south real fast with the Chargers losing six in a row.  They went from a potential Super Bowl contender to mediocre real fast.

Hey, at least we have the Charger Girls…and there’s nothing mediocre about them.

I will say this, that the Charger Girls are worth the price of admission.  They are absolutely gorgeous, great to look at in the uniform, and very nice in person.  So let’s begin our weekly cavalcade of absolutely fabulous Charger Girls with the Line Captains: Natalie, Lauren O., Katie and Tiffany.

And now, we turn our attention to the Charger Girl of the Week.  This week’s recipient hails from Detroit, Michigan and was a former dancer in the NBA, introducing our star of the moment, Starkesha!

Late November in Southern California is usually nice…quite nice in fact.  The weather was warm, 81 degrees to be precise.  Very nice.  But the one thing I don’t like about this time of year, is the harsh lighting conditions at Qualcomm.  In the first half, the background is in bright sunlight and the foreground, where the Charger Girls perform, is in shade, so you can get some very contrasty lighting conditions.  In a few of these photographs, you can see these conditions, so my apologies for the dramatic look of some of the photos.

So let’s begin our regular coverage of the Charger Girls in the order that they appeared before my section.  First up, Natalie’s line. Here’s Tawnie, Ariel, Kimberly, Katelyn, Culture and Alexis.

We continue our coverage with Lauren O’s line:  Courtney, Hannah, Anjelica, Aussie Emma,  Jacquelyn, and Clarisse.

In the third quarter, the harsh back lighting gave way to a more subdued light, just in time for Katie’s line: CGOTD Starkesha, Melissa, Nina, Marissa, Hayley, and Angela.

We conclude our coverage with Tiffany’s line: Lauren P., Kara, Nicole, Jennifer, Emily, and former Jets Flight Crew cheerleader Christie.

What can you say.  The Chargers are 4 – 7, three games behind AFC West leading Oakland.  While there is still a mathematical possibility that the Chargers can make the playoffs, unless they figure out what’s wrong with this team, you can expect more of the same.

Well, I still have the Charger Girls to look forward to on Sundays and that is saying a lot.

*               *               *               *               *

For more Charger Girl photographs, please visit my blog: The Hottest Dance Team in the NFL.




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