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Titans Cheerleaders Enjoy Successful Businesses Off the Field

By Desirae Webb
Titans Online
Dec 7, 2011

Titans cheerleader Brooke pictured with students at her dance studio, "Brooke Bailey Dance Addiction."

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A common misperception about NFL cheerleaders is that cheerleading is their only job or career. Many assume the ladies simply rehearse, participate in appearances throughout the community and cheer on game days. However, every Titans cheerleader has an occupation or goal-oriented career outside of cheerleading. In fact, it is a team requirement that is made known during the audition process each spring.

Titans Cheerleaders, Brooke and Jalanda take their careers very personally, each having opened their own business during the last year. In August of 2010, Brooke, a six-year veteran of the squad, opened her own dance studio, “Brooke Bailey Dance Addiction” in Hopkinsville, Ky., near her home town of Cadiz, Ky.

“My mom really inspired me to start my own school because she has owned a studio my entire life,” said Brooke, a gymnast and dancer since she was three years old. “I learned a lot about the studio growing up around it. That experience definitely had a major influence on me.”

As a teenager, Brooke began assisting her mother as a teacher at the studio. Even after her move to Nashville in 2005 to cheer for the Titans, Brooke maintained her desire to teach dance. She couldn’t pass on the chance to open her own studio when the opportunity presented itself.

“I started teaching dance at my mom’s studio when I was 13. I think that has a lot to do with my love for children and passion for dance,” Brooke said. “It has been a great experience, and I really enjoy applying something that I’m passionate about to help younger people that are interested in this field.”

Marketing the new studio was certainly aided by Brooke’s Titans Cheerleader status.

“Of course Titans Cheerleading has helped my business,” she said. “My kids love to see me on the field, on TV and at other Titans events. It’s also been great publicity for my business because my clients feel like they are close to the Titans through me.”

First-year cheerleader Jalanda pictured at Nashville's “Apricot Lane,” her boutique that specializes in trendy women's fashion.

Like Brooke, rookie Titans Cheerleader, Jalanda, is a recent entrepreneur. In August of 2011, Jalanda opened her retail business, “Apricot Lane” in the Gulch area of Nashville. Apricot Lane is a boutique that specializes in trendy women’s fashion.

“With this being the first business I’ve ever owned and operated, I’ve learned an immense amount of information and gained incredible experience that will prepare me for just about anything in life,” Jalanda said. “You have to be willing to be a student of your business but act like an expert at the same time.”

Entrepreneurship runs in Jalanda’s family. Her parents have owned and operated a commercial real estate business for over 30 years. Having graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York with a degree in fashion design, Jalanda always had a passion for fashion and art. However, relocating to Nashville for her husband’s military career made following through with her career dreams a real challenge.

“I initially found myself lost,” she said. “I tried to different ways to fill my creative void while maintaining a full-time job, but it just left me unfulfilled in the end. After countless searches for a more meaningful job, I came to the conclusion that rather than continuing to search for one, I would create one.”

While her husband is away on a two-year special operations military training program, Jalanda has taken this opportunity to pour all of her time, energy, and dedication into creating her business.

“I came here without a network of family or friends, but I’ve decided to plant a new life for myself in Nashville,” she said. “And when people started hearing I was throwing cheering for the Titans in there, many of my old friends thought I was just plain crazy!”

Being a Titans Cheerleader and going through the intense training in public speaking, media relations, and proper business etiquette – an integral part of the Titans Cheerleaders training camp — has helped Jalanda become a better spokesperson for her business. However, it’s not just an advantage from the business perspective.

“I’ve also benefitted from having some of the most beautiful customers regularly visit, that being the Titans Cheerleaders themselves,” she said.

For Brooke and Jalanda, being a Titans Cheerleader and a business owner has been a great combination. Cheerleading has benefited each of their businesses, from marketing to finding customers, to simply having the confidence to take a risk.

Putting in the time and effort, managing their businesses and mixing in their Titans Cheerleading obligations may be stressful, but they both agree it is well worth it to receive a paycheck that derives from their passion.

You can find Brooke Bailey Dance Addiction at 4449 Canton Pike in Hopkinsville, Kentucky and stay up to date with all the studio news by liking Brooke Bailey Dance Addiction on Facebook ( Apricot Lane is located at 315 12th Avenue South in the Gulch. Please visit or to see what’s new in women’s fashion!

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