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NFL Pre-season: The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders

Redskins Cheerleaders Heating Things Up!

Occasional contributor Ron and I were at the Redskins 1st pre-season game. Not only did we sit in the Redskins Dream Seats with a perfect view of the First Ladies of Football, we also managed to gain access to the pre-game Redskin’s Tailgate Party where not one, but two lines of Cheerleaders performed for the fans.

The Redskins Cheerleaders are also master of the uniform change, wearing three different outfits during the day:

Pre-game uniform

1st half uniform

2nd half uniform

Second-year veteran Charo

Line Captain Talmesha

Not only is this Allyson’s first game as a Redskins Cheerleader, it’s her first ever NFL game.

My selection for “Cheerleader of the Game” goes to second-year veteran Susan!

The selection is based on enthusiasm, energy, dance, my seat location and that she posed for the camera.

Susan is a graduate of Penn State and works as an Account Manager for a consulting firm.

[Susan at Redskins.com]

And here’s something that happened for the first time and probably the last: Group shots of each line on the field!

Ashley’s line

Jamilla’s line

Talmesha’s line

Michelle’s line

Bonus: A line of Ambassadors!

[Redskins Cheerleader Gallery]

[Washington Redskins Cheerleaders]

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