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P-R-O Convention: The Cheer Crab

New England Patriots Cheerleader Captains Heather and Stephanie demonstrate the “Cheer Crab”, a staple of the Patriots Cheerleaders fitness regimen. I took multiple photos of the “crab” to get the best shot. While I was snapping away, I asked the cheerleaders if they could continue to hold the pose. Their confident reply: “Oh, don’t worry, we can hold it.”

The Patriots Cheerleaders are getting new uniforms this season. Heather and Stephanie were sworn to secrecy so all we know is the new look is said to be quite glamorous.

And while she was at the P-R-O Convention, Stephanie celebrated her birthday. The four-year vet and captain has also cheered/danced for the Arena League New York Dragons, the indoor soccer New Jersey Ironmen, the NHL’s New Jersey Devils, plus a couple of minor league baseball teams. As she says, “I just love to dance.”

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