Buccaneer Cheerleaders At Veterans Wheelchair Games

Last Sunday at Raymond James Stadium the current year TBBC squad members were out supporting the 33rd National Veterans Wheelchair Games. The main event at Ray Jay was the Motor Rally where each contestant did the 40 yard touchdown dash to the end zone. Every imaginable style was implemented and some of the “spikes” would have even made Chad Ochocinco proud. I saw more touchdowns on Sunday then in 7 years of Buc ball. Fourteen Buccaneer Cheerleaders rooted on the Vets from the sidelines. One contestant actually tried to do his scoring by stopping at each and every cheerleader to introduce himself. I loved it. Touchdown Sally was my favorite.

TD Sally

Here’s a roll call of the attending gals:

Line Captain Kendell, Pirate Captain Rino and second year Kari

Theresa, Micah, Kari, Karrah, DarlaFaye and Antasia

Kasey, Kendell, Christina, Julia and Lacey



Line Captain Kasey


Check out the introduction reveal videos of the squad on Buccaneers.com

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