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They Can’t All be Laker Games

So, while I’ve been waiting for the Lakers to post something (anything!) about this year’s audition, I did some googling to find out what the Laker Girls have been up to off the court. I found a few performance videos that were a real hoot. A couple of them are from Joe and Grace’s wedding. I have no clue who Joe and Grace are. I assume they’re Laker fans. The Laker Girls were excellent, although I very much doubt this is what they had in mind when they auditioned for the team. I’m sure those visions of purple and gold did not include dancing to the clean version of “F*** You” with a local Girl Scout troupe. For darn sure they didn’t include pumping up a lethargic crowd of partygoers in a Hilton ballroom in Long Beach. I don’t know how these Laker Girls do it. Personally, I’d be uncomfortably aware that me and mah girlz were the only thing standing between the audience and the buffet.

As a wise person once said, every gift comes with a price. Clearly this is one of those tradeoffs. You wanna ball with Kobe, you also gotta roll with gramma. And the Girl Scouts.

Bonus video:
Taylour Paige, star of “Hit the Floor” performing with the LGs two years ago, during the five minutes she was on the team. Depending on who you speak to, Taylour quit lakers because (a) she was over committed, or (b) she wanted to focus on her acting career. Either way, I’m not a fan. I’ve known too many girls who got cut from Lakers, to have much love for someone who made the team but quit because she was too busy with other things. As if Lisa Estrada didn’t explain to you in extreme detail exactly what kind of commitment you were signing up for.

If you ask me, Kyle is the best one on that show.
Sorry. That was kind of mean, wasn’t it?

But I digress.

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