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MVC Taking London by Storm

Well, the Vikings lost won (my bad), but the Cheerleaders were winning! I bet those Brits will miss the MVC!

Photos @ The Daily Mail

More from the Daily Mail


https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMinnesotaVikingsCheerleaders?ref=br_tf” target=_blank>Facebook

2013 Sidewinders Prep Classes

Get ready, Arizona dancers!

The ROAR’s Five-point Plan

Youngest Falcons Cheerleader is No Rookie

Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader Natalie S. may be the youngest on the team, but she’s no rookie. The 21-year-old is heading into her third year with a team she’s grown up with.

By Daniela Duron

Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader Natalie S. may be the youngest on the team, but she’s no rookie. The 21-year-old is heading into her third year with a team she’s grown up with.

Performing in her Falcons cheerleader outfit in front of thousands of people at the Georgia Dome field as a 7-year-old, Natalie S. couldn’t believe where she was.

Now, 14 years later, when she goes out onto the same field on gameday to do the same thing, she still gets just as excited.

“I feel like I’ve literally grown up with the team,” Natalie said. “I was a baby when I first started this team. I’m always in awe when I go out on gameday. Like, how am I standing here?”

If anyone knows what it’s like to be a cheerleader for the Falcons, it’s Natalie. For three seasons from 1999 to 2002, she was a Junior Falcons Cheerleader and then transitioned into an Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader when she officially joined the squad in 2011.

“When I did Juniors, it became a dream to be with the Falcons,” she said. “The Falcons cheerleaders were there for every practice so they mentor you. They’re very inspiring because they all have these amazing careers and were all very educated. They were just a great influence on younger girls. It was awesome to be around them and be surrounded by them, so it kind of made me want to be that.”

Although Natalie grew up as a dancer and did it competitively for six years, Kim Holland, a former Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader and a coach at her dance studio, encouraged her to try out for the cheer squad after she graduated.

Once she turned 18, Natalie went to try out for a spot on the Falcons cheerleading squad and was the youngest to audition. Now, three years later at the age of 21, she’s still the youngest on the team.

Despite being considered a veteran, she still looks up to the rest of the cheerleaders, just like she once did as a 7-year-old.

“Being around these women that have these great careers, it’s helped me grow as a person,” she said. “It’s been such a phenomenal experience.”

Just like they still inspire her, she realizes that there are Junior Cheerleaders who now look up to her the same way and dream to be where she is. Although she encourages them to pursue their dreams, she also wants them to realize that being on the team goes beyond what you do on the field, despite what age you are.

“Just stay in school and get an education because cheerleading for the Falcons isn’t just being pretty and being physically fit and your ability to dance,” she said. “It’s about what you do outside of that, outside of the performance aspect of it. So be career oriented and get your life together before you audition because it’s so much more than a performance.”

[Natalie S at AtlantaFalcons.com]

Cap City (DC-Area) Lady Seahawks Auditions

[Lady Seahawks on Facebook]

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Photo of the Day – September 30

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Charnei and Cat

Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders—Part 2 from Saints Game

We added an 100 photo batch to our album of the last Bucs home game versus the Saints. Enjoy.


Rain Troopers–Baranese, Darla-Faye, Lacy, Kendell, Megan, Nori


Kasey A.


[Bucs Cheerleader Gallery]

[Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders]

Going Pro Expo Philadelphia Event – November 2nd

[Going Pro Philly Event Registration]

Join the 2013-14 SF Bulls Cow Belles

The San Francisco Bulls Professional Hockey Team, proud affiliate of the San Jose Sharks, are looking for energetic ice skaters and dancers to help excite the crowd for the 2013-14 season. SF Bulls Cow Belle (ice girl) tryouts are taking place at the Cow Palace on Saturday, October 5, beginning at 8:30 am. Both the Cow Belle Dance Team and The Ice Crew (skater) auditions will go from 8:30-noon. You may choose to audition for both positions, but can only be selected to one. The Bulls are searching for six skaters and six dancers for the upcoming season.

The Bulls are seeking energetic women that can ice skate or dance proficiently and are not shy in front of large crowds. The SF Bulls Cow Belles are a key component to the in-game entertainment at the Cow Palace during stoppages of play and in between periods. They also help to shovel the ice during TV timeouts, while ice skating. In addition, they will take to the stands to assist the in-game promotions. New to this year, the Arena Crew may be asked to perform dance routines. The Cow Belles also serve as representatives of the organization at community events throughout the year.

Tryouts for the SF Bulls Cow Belles will consist of interviews with the judges, on-ice skills (for the Ice Crew) and a dance performance (for the Arena Crew). Hopeful Ice Crew members are asked to bring their own skates to the audition.

To sign-up for the Cow Belle auditions, please fill out the following form. Upon completion, you will receive an e-mail shortly after with further information regarding the tryout.

The Cow Palace is located at 2600 Geneva Avenue in Daly City.

[Cow Belles Audition Registration]

[Cow Belles on Facebook]

Felicia has it covered; Detroit Pride Cheerleaders 2014 calendar release party

Felicia and some Lions Super Fans celebrate her selection as calendar cover girl

Felicia and some Lions Super Fans celebrate her selection as calendar cover girl

Saturday night, the Detroit Pride Cheerleaders held their calendar release party, which showed their continued growth and prominence in Detroit’s sports scene. The unofficial cheerleaders that cheer on the Detroit Lions presented a Caribbean theme for the party. Most of the calendar was shot during a cruise to the Bahamas, St Maarten, and St Thomas, with some additional photography performed locally. Also, the party was held in their brand new 8,000 square foot studio, complete with multimedia capabilities. Andrea Wilamowski founded the Pride, which is now part of her Woodward Entertainment Group, which also now grown to also manage some of the Lions super fans..

Andrea is joined this season by Director of Cheerleading Megan Agrusa, who previously danced for the Pistons for four years and was part of Andrea’s other venture, the Motor City Kitties.

After the Caribbean drummer departed the stage after cocktail hour, the stage belonged to the Pride. Three sets of Cheerleaders performed, each in different uniforms that the Pride have incorporated through the years. Then each member walked in swimsuit as Andrea talked about each one. Then, it was time to see the photos for each month, and eventually, learning Felicia was calendar cover photo!

Felicia's 2014 Detroit Pride Cheerleaders Calendar Cover

Felicia's 2014 Detroit Pride Cheerleaders Calendar Cover

Four year veteran Sierra has been part of the squad since their first season

Four year veteran Sierra has been part of the squad since their first season

Director of Cheerleading Megan Agrusa and Pride founder and Director of Operations Andrea Wilamowski

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Kristina’s Story

It’s Friday, Y’all!

I keep waiting for them to run out of ideas, and they keep not doing it!!

Can we have a new rule? No stray objects on the dance floor. I was worried about those tennis balls the whole time.

Actually, can we also have a second rule? Morgan should not be allowed to throw things. (Caitlin, it wasn’t your fault, sweetie. You weren’t ready.)

2013-14 San Francisco 49ers GoldRush

This may be new, or it may be old news. The 49ers changed their layout and I got all confuzzled. The GoldRush used to have their own header, but when that disappears, I started checking the link at the bottom of the window. Silly me, now they’re under the header “More+”. All this time, I’ve been looking here and seeing old stuff, when I should’ve been looking here and seeing the new stuff. My bad.


Audition Alert for Vancouver Dancers

The National Lacrosse League’s Washington Stealth has pulled up stakes and moved about 100 miles north, to Vancouver, BC. Now they need an all-new group of dancers to liven up game days and represent the team!