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Patriots Cheerleader Spotlight: LisaMarie


HOMETOWN: Upper Saddle River, NJ
COLLEGE: Johnson and Wales University

Hello Patriots fans!

Although you may see me cheering on the sidelines on game days, my typical day at work is far different and somewhat less glamorous from what you would expect. I am studying to become a pastry chef. Ever since I can remember, my favorite times were sitting in my kitchen assisting my mother or father with cooking and baking, and of course, sampling, delicious treats. It wasn’t until my big move to New England from New Jersey last year that I realized it was my calling.

My teammates encouraged me to pursue this other talent of mine after continually baking and sharing items I had created. Before I made my career change to pastry arts, I would sit and day dream about my recipes during my lunch breaks and down time. I realize being a pastry chef and creating delicious desserts isn’t a typical career one would assume a NFL cheerleader would have. I strive to break the mold and attempt to create desserts that all individuals, both health conscious and the indulgent, can happily devour.

At work and in class my uniform is far different from what you would recognize me wearing on the sidelines. Long checkered chef pants, a white chef coat and a skull cap with all of my hair tucked in are essential when baking. Nail polish, jewelry, and makeup are also prohibited. This type of uniform and requirements are necessary in order to be impeccably sanitary when handling the food products.

The days that I have a cheerleader appearance after class you can expect me to make quite a transformation from my pastry chef attire to my cheerleading uniform. Despite the differences in my two careers, I hope to one day combine my love for both and develop something special in the baking world. Perhaps you will see my very own product brand in the store one day, or flip on the cooking show channel and recognize me! Until then, I will be in the test kitchen looking for volunteers… Anyone interested?

Cheers and Bon Appetit!

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