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Gotham City Cheerleaders in High Spirits, Despite Sad Start to Giants’ Season

Big Blue’s unofficial dance team proved they’re still on top of their game Wednesday night, as the Daily News joined them for a 60-minute cycling class at Revolve Fitness, the squad’s last workout before tackling the Tough Mudder obstacle course race this weekend.
By Rheana Murray
New York Daily News

A sad start to the Giants’ season can’t keep these girls down.

Packing pom-poms and bedazzled sports bras, The Gotham City Cheerleaders — Big Blue’s unofficial pep squad — proved their spirit is still high during a sweaty spin ride Wednesday night at Revolve Fitness in Union Square. It was the team’s final workout before they tackle the grueling Tough Mudder obstacle course race Saturday in Englishtown, N.J.

“We want to show everybody that cheerleaders are tough,” team captain BriAnna, 21, told the Daily News. “It’s more than just shaking pom-poms and being pretty. We’re in great shape and we take pride in that.”

The team, founded by former Washington Redskins Cheerleader Ana De Villegas in 2011, doesn’t perform inside MetLife Stadium, but they’re outside every Sunday home game, amping up the tailgating crowd.

BriAnna, the team captain for the Gotham City Cheerleaders, at Revolve Fitness Wednesday night.

“We dance for three hours straight, so you need to be in top physical condition,” said BriAnna, who’s in her second season with the GCC. “You have to have the stamina to keep up. I remember my very first game ever, after that home game I couldn’t even walk — I was so sore!”

The cheerleaders practice twice a week for three hours — mostly running, cardio, lots of arm work and dancing.

Is part of a cheerleader’s job to look great at all times? GCC’s Kaitlyn is all smiles before an indoor cycling workout.

Christianne Phillips, a master instructor at Revolve, said indoor cycling — which she sets to bumping soundtracks packed with Rihanna and Kanye West hits — is a natural addition.

“Dancers and cheerleaders are inherently motivated by music,” she said. “And we’re music-based, we use it to get you through the drills. So I think our style resonates with them.”

The Gotham City Cheerleaders pose at Revolve Fitness in Union Square on Wednesday night. The squad dances at every Sunday home game.

Classes like Revolve’s high-intensity, 60-minute Rip Ride are also perfect training for grueling mud runs like the Tough Mudder.

“We use resistance, so your body is going to work. And we do drills,” Phillips said. “That kind of interval training is what improves your strength and your cardiovascular endurance.”

It was enough to exhaust an entire cheerleading squad Wednesday night.

Emerging sweaty but with eye makeup still intact, the team kept up the pep through one last photo shoot — proof they’ve got the perseverance to see the Giants through the season.

And one day, they hope to break into MetLife stadium.

“Even though we can’t be on the field, the Giants’ management is well aware we exist and that we are at every single home game supporting them,” BriAnna said. “Hopefully, one day we’ll be on the field.”

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