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Baltimore Lady Mariner Auditions Are This Saturday

Got moves?? Want to dance for a professional team?? Audition to be a 2014 Baltimore Lady Mariner!

The Baltimore Mariners professional indoor football team is back to the Baltimore Arena! We are looking for beautiful and talented ladies to dance at Mariner home games, grace the pages of our season calendar, and responsibly represent the Mariner organization at community events. Lady Mariners will also receive fitness training, and other perks as the season unfolds!

*Dancers must be at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma or GED*
*Dancers must have technical dance training in jazz, and be proficient in hip-hop*
*Tumbling is a plus, but not required*

Audition Info:

Date: Saturday, January 4th
Time: 4:45pm Registration/Stretch; 5:30pm Audition begins
Location: A Step Ahead Dance Center, 3615 E. Joppa Road 2nd Floor Parkville, MD 21234
What to Bring: $20 registration fee, photo I.D., head/body shot
What to Wear: Two piece flattering outfit, jazz shoes or jazz sneakers, full performance hair and makeup (hair down is best)
What to Expect: short jazz and hip-hop combinations, followed by a personal interview

Email staceyr@baltimore-mariners.com

[Lady Mariners on Facebook]

Former Pats Cheerleader Alyssa on Bloomberg Tv

Eagles Players, Cheerleaders Host Playoff Pep Rally For Patients At Magee Rehabilitation Hospital

By Mark Abrams
CBS Local
December 30, 2013

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A trio of Philadelphia Eagles and a group of cheerleaders descended on Magee Rehab Monday afternoon to light up the fans for playoff football at the Linc.

There were lots of smiles, handshakes and photos, too, as linebacker Najee Good, defensive tackle Bennie Logan, and linebacker Emmanuel Acho, walked into a second-floor gathering room decked out in Eagles green.

Pam Williams, of Wynnfield, is a Magee patient and big Eagles fan.

“I think it’s beautiful that they took out the time today of all days to come down here and spend with us. Even if it’s just an hour, two hours, whatever. I really appreciate it,” Williams said.

Amanda Littman is a Magee speech therapist.

“It’s fantastic. I think it brings a lot of morale to the hospital, especially at this time of year,” Littman said.

Eagles cheerleader Mandi Moffa says sharing the joy of the team’s success with Magee patients means a lot.

“We’re actually all still wrapping our heads the fact that we’re going to the playoffs this week. We’re here, we’re pumped up, we’re so excited and we’re just so happy to have this time right now,” Moffa said.

NFL Cheerleaders, Week 16

Photos! Photos! Photos! With a former president.

The Press Democrat

Fox Sports

Sports Illustrated

New York Daily News


Oakland Raiderettes Season Finale

Reader Andrew as at the Raiders season finale and shares a few photos of the Raiderettes in Raiderville with us.

[Raiderette Gallery]

[Raiderettes at Raiders.com]

Photo of the Year – December 31

Between Christmas and New Year’s we are showcasing the year’s favorite photos from our contributors.

Rather than submitting a photo, I’m posting a video of the year. In 2013, the Texans Cheerleaders, under the direction of Alto Gary, reached out to their fans in a way no other NFL team has attempted. Their Freestyle Fridays, Cheer Chats, and HTC Social Club videos took YouTube by storm and provided fresh new costumes, props, locations, and special guests every week. It was an invitation to participate in their fun once a week, and get to know the team outside of the typical two dimensional photos, dance videos, and standard cheerleader interviews. They made this team far more accessible to fans who don’t have the opportunity to see them live and in action on game day.

A+, ladies. Well played!

Of course, all of this has me wondering, if this is what we see ON camera, what all goes on the rest of the time? All of this has convinced me that it is absolutely necessary to go to Houston in 2014 and see all of this with my own two eyes. It’s time to make some travel plans. Mwahahahahahahaha…

Brooklyn Nets Dancers to Teach Weekly Fitness Class at Fort Greene Gym

Alexa Kobylarz and teammate Amanda Robinson will take 12 to 16 women through the moves every Wednesday at the Crunch Gym, starting Jan. 8. Participants will get access to the choreography used by the NBA pros.

By Molly Friedman
New York Daily News

At this dance class, you might Net yourself an NBA gig.

Starting on Jan. 8, Crunch Gym in Fort Greene will offer a fitness class every Wednesday at 8 p.m. called Center Court Choreography with two Brooklyn Nets dancers — aka the Brooklynettes.

Gymgoers get instant access to the actual choreography used by the NBA pros, which always includes unique borough flavor.

Alexa Kobylarz and Amanda Robinson, seen teaching a fitness class at Crunch Gym, will offer a one-hour class that starts with 10 minutes of high-intensity stretching and floor work.

New Brooklynette Alexa Kobylarz started taking the class last year and now, she’s not only on the dance team, but teaching the class alongside teammate Amanda Robinson.

Alexa Kobylarz and Amanda Robinson will offer a dance fitness class at Crunch Gym for 12 to 16 women taking them through squats, jumping jacks and crunches to get their heart rate pumping.“We try to make the class so it transfers from the court to the general public,” says Robinson, who has been with the Nets for three years.

Adar Wellington is the Brooklynettes’ coach and choreographer, having spent 2005-2008 as a New Jersey Nets dancer. Wellington sits in on the class most weeks, and acts as the in-house DJ.

“A lot of dancers treat it like an audition,” says Wellington, who spotted Kobylarz in the class last year and wound up hiring her. “When you’re smiling and laughing and partying with the girls, and getting a good workout at the same time, you can’t beat it.”

The one-hour class starts with 10 minutes of high-intensity stretching and floor work. Robinson and Kobylarz lead the class of roughly 12 to 16 women through squats, jumping jacks and crunches to get their heart rate pumping.

Then the fun begins. The pros show the class a short segment from the routine they used at the Barclays Center that week. On a recent Thursday, it was set to Salt ‘n’ Pepa’s “Push It.”

“We’re throwing it back to the ’80s,” Robinson told The News before class. “You’ll see some old school moves like the Running Man. Hip hop originated here in New York, so that’s what we try to tie in. To claim the borough.”

After taking the class through the routine beat by beat, they all dance in sync to the music at full speed. Wellington wasn’t kidding about the upbeat atmosphere — instead of a group of exhausted gym rats struggling through a spin class, the students were exchanging high fives and putting their own spin on the moves.

Aside from the Running Man, Wellington says the key to dancing like a Brooklyn girl is “getting low,” something she saw a lot of in vintage hip hop videos.

“They are low in all the hip hop movements,” says Wellington. “It’s a total crazy thigh workout.”

The neighborhood vibe is present in the music as well.

“People from Brooklyn love to hear the borough name and love to chant it,” says Robinson, who recently taught class to a remix to Rihanna’s “Hard” with Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation,” all set to a military routine. “In the arena, it’s the best feeling in the world when you hear that ‘Broook-lyn!’”

[Brooklynettes Official Website]

Jackie Bob is the DCC Pro Bowl Cheerleader

From DallasCowboysCheerleaders.com

Today, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders announced fifth-year veteran Jackie Bob as this season’s Pro Bowl representative.

She was selected by her teammates and the DCC staff based on her dance ability, showmanship, poise and leadership. Fans were also invited to cast a ballot for their favorite cheerleader.

Jackie will travel to Honolulu, Hawaii, for the Jan. 26 event, joining a prestigious group of NFL representatives. She will learn over 20 new routines, perform in a nationally televised halftime, and make public appearances throughout the entire Pro Bowl week of festivities.

Jackie’s selection is very unique in that she has cheered in the NFL for nine seasons, ­ four with the 49ers and five with the Cowboys. Having represented San Francisco at the Pro Bowl in 2009, she will become the ONLY NFL cheerleader in history to make a REPEAT appearance on different teams at the Pro Bowl.

[Jackie at DallasCowboysCheerleaders.com]

2014 Pro Bowl Cheerleaders

The 26 NFL teams that have cheerleaders have made their announcements. Congratulations to these ladies, who will be representing their teams in Hawaii! (Click here for bigger photos and links to their individual bios.)

Side note: I fully expect at least one of you to hook us up with the official 2014 PBC group photo. 😉
I don’t know why it’s always so hard to get a copy of that thing. I don’t think we ever got the one from 2010…

Photos of the Year – December 30

Between Christmas and New Year’s we are showcasing the year’s favorite photos from our contributors.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader Cori

One of my favorite 2013 photo is of Buc’s rookie Cori–I had to sneak up with my 300mm lens to capture her beautiful eyes.

In her fourth season, Anne B is the perfect fit as Titans Cheerleaders captain

Titans Cheerleader Anne B during the first half of the Titans-Nibers game in October

Sometimes, using only a measuring stick just does not measure all the right components. When Titans Cheerleader Anne B worked for a year at Disney World, based on solely on height, “I was too tall to be Tinkerbell and too short to be a princess,” Anne says. Well, anyone who spends any time with Anne will find that she is a just the perfect character combination, with Tinkerbell qualities of being light, airy, along with her own special brand of pixie dust to brighten those around her, while adding the girl next door qualities with an option to pump up the glamour beyond the realm of any old ordinary princess.

UltimateCheerleaders is pleased to feature the super wonderful Anne as she and her Titans Cheerleader sisters hit the field for one last home game today. Anne is in her fourth season as a Titans Cheerleader and her first as captain. Anne is a native of Miami, but then moved to Knoxville, and attended Middle Tennessee State, graduating with a degree in Textiles and Merchandising. Anne’s year working at Disney World involved doing merchandising in the Magic Kingdom, like their store windows. Though Anne’s height prevented her from being Tinkerbell or a princess, if she had the chance, there would have been a couple characters that she would have liked to have donned the costume. “I would be Chip or Dale; that would be fun!” Anne says.

Anne’s started dance very young at age three, and Miami had the advantage of getting instruction from excellent dance teachers. “Some of my first teachers were a lot of the teachers that were on ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ Anne recalls. “Like Mia Michaels was my first dance teacher from Miami, so then I ended up dancing at her brother’s studio.”

Dance continued for Anne after she moved from Florida to Tennessee. “I danced in high school, and then in college I was in a dance company, and then I was a dance teacher for that company as well,” Anne smiles. “Dance has always been the thing.”

So does Anne hope dance will always be a big part of her life? “Yes, and that is why this is hard to give (Titans Cheerleading) up because I love the costumes and the make-up,” Anne says. “You feel like you are dressing up, and giving that up is such a hard thing.”

So did Anne make the Titans squad her first time she went through auditions? “I did, I didn’t expect it!” Anne remembers. “I had no idea. I found out about tryouts about a week before. And then I tried out, and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I am going to make it!’”

And this season, Anne was one of four brand new captains for the Titans Cheerleaders. Being named captain was also something that was a surprise for Anne. Does she like the new role and responsibility? “I do!” Anne responds. “It’s been different, just having to be in charge of everything. Now instead of relying on somebody else to know what dance to do, even though I try to rely on my girls a little, and where we need to be at a certain time, now you have to KNOW. And I really have to follow the game a little more than I did before.”

Anne not only loves her on the field time with the Titans Cheerleaders, but the unique experiences it brings. For instance, when I spoke to Anne prior to the late October Halloween game, she had just filmed a commercial along with Pro Bowl Titans Cheer alumnus Brooke. “Because of Titans Cheerleaders, I shot a commercial on Friday for Papa John’s with Brooke. It was really fun; I have never done anything like that.”

The commercial was filmed to be shown during CMT broadcasts of “Making the Team.” The eight hour shoot provided an extra unique opportunity for Anne. “I actually had a speaking role which was real cool,” Anne says. “I kick this plate out of this kid’s hands and I say, ‘Let’s make this tailgate better!’ And then Brooke says ‘YEAH!’”

How many times did Anne have to say her line? Anne responds, “I think like 30. It was a lot and then close-up ones where it was the ‘beauty shot’ and I had to say it. And then there was a dance party when the girl brings the Papa John’s pizza. There was only five of us, it was small. I liked it! I could do it again!”

For Anne, this was just part of the varied experiences of being a Titans Cheerleader. “Just the different things you get to do, like the trip we went to Seattle to Fort Lewis. It was so much fun to go visit the troops. ‘Waiting for Wishes’ is one of the appearances I did last year for critically ill children and they have all of the celebrities of Nashville,” Anne explains. “Or just the friends, just the memories. I love it.”

Due the time commitments of Titans Cheerleaders, Anne has been happy to move this year from managing a retail store to being an inside sales rep for Dell enterprise servers and such, which has more standard hours.

Anne is also very family focused. She gains inspiration from her mom and her most prized possession is her sister. But I had to ask about her super classy high end pets! A dog named Bentley and a cat named Prada. Anne starts with the doggie, “Bentley is huge! He is a Saint Bernard, so he is like the size of a car. We almost named him Captain Jack Sparrow; I am kind of a child at heart. So he was going to be Captain Jack Sparrow, and then Harry Potter, then I was like ‘Bentley, BENTLEY! We like Bentley!’”

Anne continues, “And then Prada, she was sitting next to my sunglasses, and kind of looked cute. So I was like Prada, PRADA! And it worked.”

So despite the fact that the Magic Kingdom may have found her too small to be a princess and too tall to be Tinkerbell, the magical world of Titans Cheerleaders finds the Anne is just the perfect fit in every dimension for her role. Bubbly and articulate, Anne amazingly can fit the role of girl next door or swimsuit super model glamorous. And for her last game today of her season number four, certainly it will be full of emotions for Anne, as she explained, “I still get goose bumps when I get out there and the music starts. You just never get used to that feeling.”

Best wishes for an excellent 2014 Anne! And of course, thank you to Stacie Kinder, the Tennessee Titans Director of Cheerleading/Entertainment, and Robbie Bohren of the Titans for all of their assistance!

There are more photos of Anne B from the Titans Cheerleaders Halloween game at this link, and check out Anne’s videos below at the Titans web site:



Anne during the second half, in Halloween costume, "her favorite game" of each season

It’s more than a sideline, featuring Raiderette Sarah Marie

Sarah Marie of the Oakland Raiderettes during the September home win over Jacksonville

Today, photos of the multi-talented Sarah Marie of the Oakland Raiderettes, with a few fun facts, designed to entertain and inform:

• Sarah Marie is in her fifth season as a Raiderette
• Sarah Marie recently graduated from law school and works in the District Attorney’s office
• The most famous television attorneys working in the DA’s office were Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) of Law & Order and Night Court’s Dan Fielding (John Larroquette)
• In season 2 of Night Court, the public defender was played by Ellen Foley as Billie Young
• Foley was also a singer, notably the female counterpart of Meat Loaf on the hit single “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” Also, the Clash’s hit song “Should I Stay or Should I Go”, written and sung by Mick Jones, was about the turbulent relationship he shared with Foley at the time
• Meatloaf is a dish of ground meat formed into a loaf shape, mixed with egg and breadcrumbs, then baked or smoked. The meatloaf has European origins; meatloaf of minced meat was mentioned in the famous Roman cookery collection Apicius as early as the 5th century
• American meatloaf has its origins in scrapple, a mixture of ground pork and cornmeal served by German-Americans in Pennsylvania since Colonial times. However, meatloaf in the contemporary American sense did not appear in cookbooks until the late 19th century
• Into the year 1900, most states did not require lawyers to have a university education (although an apprenticeship was often required) and most practitioners had not attended any law school or college
• Some of Sarah Marie’s favorite memories as a Raiderette have involved her father, who is in the military. One of those moments came when Sarah Marie first made the team and her dad was deployed in Iraq. She was able to call him to share the good news.
• “My dad is a huge inspiration in my life; he is very hard working and sacrifices a lot not only for his family but this country,” said Sarah Marie. “It was a great experience to be able to share the exciting news with him; I could feel how proud he was over the phone.”
• Sarah Marie is of Indian decent (her dad is from Fiji) and she speaks fluent Hindi
• According to Google Translate, “Football’s Fabulous Females” in Hindi is फुटबॉल शानदार महिलाओं
• Fiji is comprised of more than 332 islands, of which 110 are permanently inhabited, and more than 500 islets. The capital and largest city, Suva, is on Viti Levu
• During World War II, thousands of Fijians volunteered to aid in Allied efforts via their attachment to the New Zealand and Australian army units
• The country’s currency is the Fijian dollar
• Pro bono publico (English: for the public good; usually shortened to pro bono) is a Latin phrase for professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment or at a reduced fee as a public service. It is common in the legal profession, unlike traditional volunteerism, uses the specific skills of professionals to provide services to those who are unable to afford them
• In 1994, California’s 44th Congressional District was “pro Bono,” electing Sonny Bono to the US House
• In 1998, U2’s lead singer Bono played himself on The Simpsons episode “Trash of the Titans”
• 1998 was Jon Gruden’s first season as Raiders Head Coach
• Sarah Marie took a break from the busy life of a Raiderette to apply to law school and finish her first year
• Sarah Marie has also participated in various half and full marathons, including the 2009 Chicago Marathon, during her time off
• She wanted to rejoin the Raiderettes because she missed the team, the ladies, the performance, and the experience on the field
• She loves to perform on game day for the Raider fans. “My favorite part of game day is performing for the best fans in the NFL,” said Sarah Marie. “Performing for Raider fans is a one-of-kind experience. Raider fans have so much passion for their team and that always shows through at each game. Raider fans create an energy in the Coliseum that is hard to resist and always gets me pumped to perform on game day!”
• Sara Lee is the brand name of a number of frozen and packaged foods, often known for the long-running slogan “Everybody doesn’t like something, but nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee”
• In Oakland and for pro cheer fans everywhere, “nobody doesn’t like Sarah Marie”

Click on the Continue link for more photos, and even more are at this link

Continue reading It’s more than a sideline, featuring Raiderette Sarah Marie

Texans Cheerleaders Xmas

For the last game of the year, The Houston Texans Cheerleader brought out the Santa outfits and candy canes:

[Texans Cheerleaders Gallery]

[Houston Texans Cheerleaders]

Gold Rush and Warrior Girls

Thanks to Reader Andrew for sending us a couple of photos: 49ers Gold Rush at Monday night’s game and from earlier in the month the Golden State Warrior Girls at their calendar release party. More photos at the links below.

[Gold Rush Say Goodbye to Candlestick Gallery]

[Warrior Girls Calendar Release Party]

[SF 49ers Gold Rush]

[Golden State Warrior Girls]

NY Lizards Dance Team Auditions are January 18th

Join the NY York Lizards Dance Team for the 2014 Major League Lacrosse season…

Have you ever imagined yourself dancing in front of thousands of fans for a professional sports team? Now, could be your chance. The NY Lizards Dance Team, the professional dance team for the NY Lizards (formerly Long Island Lizards) will be holding auditions for their 2013 MLL season. The team will dance center field at Lizards home games and at various other public appearances.

The NY Lizards Dance Team is under direction of Paula Sanders, a former Knicks City Dancer, professional dancer and choreographer. Her credits include Pitbull, Neyo, Melissa Gorga, Prince Royce and Wisin y Yandel. Last season Paula debuted as Director and brought the heat to the field with a new vibe and a totally new team.

We are looking for dancers who are talented, versatile, attractive, athletic, personable and poised to be great representatives of the NY Lizards Dance Team.

Auditions will be held on Saturday, January 18th at 1:00PM. They will take place at Pearl Studios, 519 8th Ave. (between 35th and 36th street) New York, NY 10018. Please check in on the 12th floor in Studio A at 12:30 PM. Call backs will be held on Sunday, January 19th.


– Must be over 18- please bring valid ID
– Must have technical dance training (ballet, jazz, contemporary) as well as proficient hip hop skills
– Tumbling is a plus but not required
– Dress the part. Please wear body conscious dance/workout wear. Full hair and make-up.
– Bring Kneepads
– Bring headshots and resume

All candidates must be available to attend 7 home games and one or two weekly evening practices starting in February. Games begin in April and run through the end of August.

Professional compensation will be provided for all games, appearances and practices.

To register, candidates should email PSanders@NYLizards.com.

[New York Lizards Dance Team]