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L.A. KISS audition update

Howdy friends. I’ve got some additional information for those interested in auditioning.

Brandy Daimwood-Bouchy

Brandy Daimwood-Bouchy will be managing the dance team, and she was kind enough to provide me with some details on what to expect from auditions. Brandy, a former NBA and AFL dancer (Orlando Magic and Orlando Predators, respectively), is also involved with two other dance teams in the Arena Football League. She is Manager of the Arizona Rattlers Sidewinders, as well as Co-Director of the Orlando Predators Prowlers. I suggest googling both teams to get an idea of how Brandy runs things, and what she’s looking for in her dancers.

I asked Brandy about her vision for this team. I was interested to find out what to expect from this group, regarding overall look and feel, choreography, costuming, and style. Here is what she had to say:

“Edgy, Rock-and-Roll….hello, we’re talking KISS! We’ll be doing a little bit of everything fun….trash jazz, some hip hop, and some fun “theme” routines thrown in. Our costuming will showcase our Dancers. We are still working on specific styles, but rest assured, you’ve never seen anything like our costume designs The caliber of Dancers that we are expecting to put on the LA KISS field will be amazing, we will have cutting-edge choreography and unique, never-before-seen costuming.”

And now, on to the specifics:

Important Dates
* January 4: open call (time and location TBA)
* January 5: finalist interviews
* January 11 January 8th (tentative): final dance audition
There may also be one evening bootcamp/rehearsal between prelims and finals (date/time TBD)

What to wear/bring to auditions
* Wear dance attire that shows your midriff and legs. (No pants or capri’s.)
* They’re not sure yet what surface you will be dancing on, so bring a couple of footwear options. (I doubt you can go wrong with jazz shoes, and/or sneakers with non-marking soles.)
* Bring ID/proof of age (you must be at least 18 years old on Jan 4th)
* Bring two photos (a head shot and a full length photo)
* Bring your resume

What to expect at prelims (details subject to change)
* Dancers will learn an across-the-floor combination, one or more sideline routines, and one or two short combinations (one thrash jazz style, and the other a mix of styles such as jazz and hip hop).
* The last combination of the day will provide an opportunity for a brief solo, showcasing your special skills
* Dancers will perform for the judges in groups of 3 to 6.
* It hasn’t been determined yet how many cuts will happen during the day, but at the end of the day, around 35 finalists will be announced.
(Approximately 20 dancers will be chosen for the team.)

Also: expect CAMERAS. The entire process will be filmed for a potential tv show/special in the works.

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